How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad Using iCloud?


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This tutorial aims to teach you how to transfer iPhone data to iPad with iCloud. Come in and read the guide to sync photos, music, videos, apps, etc. from iPhone to iPad by using iCloud.

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How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad Using iCloud?

  1. 1. How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad Using iCloud?All rights reserved—
  2. 2. • For some reasons, you wish to transfer music, videos oreBooks from your iPhone to iPad to get a more suitable enjoyexperience with the bigger-screen device. Or you just need tofree up your iPhone storage space for other data, sotransferring data from iPhone to the iPad is a resultive way tosolve it. iCloud offers you an easy outlet to sync data betweeniPhone and iPad. Just read this tutorial below to see how totransfer iPhone data to iPad with iCloud.• Easy Tutorial of Transferring Data from iPhone to iPad withiTunes• Things youll need: iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Apple account andpassword.• Step 1: Enter the iTunes Backup Files for Your iPhone• Enter the iTunes Store on your iPhone, all your purchasedfiles are displayed in categories here, including eBooks,music, videos, apps, photos and more. Just preview and• choose your desired files.
  3. 3. Step 2: Select iPhone Data for TransferringSelect the files you want to transfer from iPhone to iPad. Have youseen the iCloud download button showing besides the files? You cansimply click on the download button to download them to your iPad.
  4. 4. • Step 3: Transfer iPhone Data to iPad with iCloud• Once you click on the iCloud download button, you are required toenter your Apple ID and password to submit the transferringrequest. Once the account and password are correct, iCloud willautomatically sync these selected files from iPhone to your iPad.• Alternative Way to Sync iPhone Data to iPad with 3-rd PartySoftware• You can also use iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer tobackup all your iPhone Contacts, videos, songs, photos, playlist,podcasts and more to computer. Even you can use the software toexport iPhone data to iTunes on Windows or Mac computer andthen sync them to your iPad or iPad. This is really a good way tobackup your data on iDevice and share files between iPad, iPhoneand iPod.• Have a look at of the iPad/iPhone/iPod to MacTransfer interface:
  5. 5. • See Also:• Transfer Audiobooks to iTunes from iPhone 5/4S/4 onMac• Easy Way to Retrieve Deleted Notes from iPhone 4/4S/5All rights reserved—