How to convert pdf to ipad epub ebook for leisure reading


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Want to convert PDF to ePub format files to have better reading experience on iPad mini? The solutions here rightly tell you how to convert PDF to iPad ePub ebooks to enhance your reading experience on any iPad.

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How to convert pdf to ipad epub ebook for leisure reading

  1. 1. All rights reserved— to Convert PDF to iPad ePub eBook for Leisure Reading?With the help of various apps, handling PDF on an iPad can be very easy now! But, no matterwhich tool to use, the display effect of a PDF file on iPad cannot compare with that of an ePubformat file. This is because the page dimension of a PDF file cannot fit to iPad display perfectly asePub. As a result, PDF sometimes may look rather crappy on iPad.So, once you want to enhance your reading experience on an iPad, the best solution would bechanging PDF into ePub format books. No matter you want to read PDF on iPad mini ortraditional iPad, this way can make your PDF easy to fit on the display of any iPad. Then, how toconvert PDF to ePub for iPad so as to enhance the reading experience?Have no idea about how to change PDF to ePub? Dont worry. Here we will introduce two waysfor you to convert PDF to iPad eBooks as ePub format files. If you once want to gain a betterreading experience of PDF files on your iPad mini, iPad 4 or any other iPad, dont hesitate tochoose any solution below to enjoy yourself now!Method 1. Convert PDF to ePub for iPad Online from 2epub.comThis is an online solution for you to convert PDF to ePub. You are allowed to upload up to 5 PDFfiles (25MB max) from your local folder to the online service for the iPad ePub creation. As youcan see from the following pic, it only needs three steps to convert PDF files to ePub.Pros: This is a complete free way for you to convert PDF to iPad ePub. One click to download theePub files after conversion.Cons: As an online service, you can only use this method with a stable network support. Besides,it works very slow when uploading and converting files. It comes with restrictions on the uploadedPDF file quantity and size, so you can only comply with the limitation to convert PDF to ePub foriPad.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— 2. Convert PDF to iPad Ebook with PDF to ePub ConverterThis solution is more suitable for you once you have lots of PDF files need to convert. Comparedto the above free online solution, the professional PDF to ePub Converter here provides you amore effective way to convert PDF to iPad ePub files. It can help to convert piles of PDF files intoePub at one time with fast speed. This will save time and efforts for you. The conversion can alsobe finished in three easy steps as well as import PDF files, set output folder and start conversion.Tip: With this desktop app, you can also select the exact PDF pages to be converted to ePub.Pros: Convert PDF to iPad eBooks in a lightning-fast way. Able to convert exact PDF pages.Cons: The trial version has the limitation of converting only 3 files. The full version without anylimitations needs to be paid.Ok, thats all about the solutions of how to convert PDF to iPad ePub books. No matter which wayyou choose, you can read PDF on iPad with better experience once after conversion.Extended TipsHow to Transfer Books to iPad mini for ReadingHow to Read Kindle/Nook/iPod touch books on iPad Mini