Environmental changes


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Changing your environment to change your behavior -- my environmental change experiment, results & findings

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Environmental changes

  1. 1. Changes to my Environment to Change my Behavior for Better Health Mia Davis
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  3. 3. Goal: De-clutter my space to de-clutter my mind Before After
  4. 4. Problems before change: I would walk into my room and feel instantly overwhelmed No room to do my work  Did work on my bed  Fall asleep without finishing work & without getting ready for bed  get a bad night’s rest Took me a long time to pack my bag b/c I couldn’t find anything Condition of room worsened b/c no incentive to keep things clean/ organized
  5. 5. Results:  Smile when I walk into my room   Instant relief, feeling of relaxation  Can find my belongings  Keep it clean because now it is clean  Place to do my work (my desk) - Actually go to bed, don’t just fall asleep  Better rest, go through nighttime routine (put on pjs, brush teeth, wash face, remove contacts, etc.)
  6. 6. Piggyback:Cleaned up my desktop! and changed the background to something I found calming  more organized  more productive  less “noise” Before After
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  8. 8. Goal: Take time out of my day to do a little yoga Before After Yoga mat rolled up in closet Mat laid out in front of mirror
  9. 9. Problems before change: No “me” time in the day Felt guilty seeing yoga mat in closet but never bringing it out to use it Not getting a lot of exercise because too busy, and added setback of ankle injury Love yoga, but no time for it 
  10. 10. Results: Whenever I have 5-10 minutes, I can easily sit on my mat and start doing yoga, or just lie down and relax 5-10 minutes often turns into a complete yoga session  Quick and easy to do  feels relaxing and I feel good afterward Feels squishy under my feet  (I like this feeling)
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  12. 12. Goal: not be so weighed down by my backpack everyday Choose ONE: laptop or iPad
  13. 13. Problems before change: Backpack really heavy because carrying too much  Sore back! Never used both iPad and laptop anyway Couldn’t fit everything into my backpack
  14. 14. Results:  Backpack much less heavy on a daily basis  Only carry what I need  have to think about what I need, more conscious of what I am bringing with me and what I can leave at home  Get more work done because I have to choose whether I’m only bringing my iPad (best for reading) or laptop (best for typing -- writing assignments/ sending emails  Have to be decisive – a problem I regularly wrestle with  helped me plan out my day
  15. 15. Overall Findings:  Keep it simple – simple behavior change  big rewards  Identify your goal, then think about how you can solve it (okay to use various methods *think starfish* and see which works best)  Act when motivation wave is HIGH!  If you set yourself up to succeed, you will  Oftentimes, will achieve piggybacked rewards on top of intended