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Eric and amanda

Eric and amanda






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    Eric and amanda Eric and amanda Document Transcript

    • “Look at them Genieve their such a perfect couple”, Stevey said Eric and Amanda are friends and are sometimes seem more than friends. They haveknown each other since high school. They had feelings for each other for a long time now. Theylike each so much that it won’t go out. Eric is 22 years old, tall with spikey hair and kind youngman. Amanda is 21 years old wears glasses and she has long brown hair and is beautiful younglady. Then one day later, on January 16, 2008 Eric asked asked Amanda out. Amanda wassurprise and didn’t know what to say. “Will you go out with me?” Eric asked. “Yes”, Amanda said. “So that’s a yes?” Eric asked. “Sure”, Amanda exclaimed. They been going out for some time now and were okay with it. They didn’t even showtheir love, even though they liked each other. Valentine’s Day was coming up soon so Eric hadthey idea to ask Amanda if she would like to be his valentine. “Hey, Amanda would you like to be my valentine?” he asked. “Sure sounds good”, she said. There were few days before Valentine’s Day and Eric had got Amanda a gift. Amandahadn’t got Eric anything. Valentine’s Day had come and Amanda didn’t get Eric anything and hegave her a huge teddy bear with a box of chocolates. The next week later, he took Amanda on a date. It was under the stars and Amanda wasimpressed, but once they were enjoying the stars the clouds began to cave in. Began to rain,they ran to the car Eric opened the door for her. As he was running to the drivers side heslipped and fell. She was laughing so hard. They were drenching wet and Eric put the heater on. “You okay? I saw you fall.” She asked. “Yeah I’m good”, he said. “Okay that was funny”, Amanda said as she was laughing.
    • Right before they were leaving she noticed a small black velvet black box at her feet. Shepicked it up and asked. “What is this?” Amanda questioned. Eric grabbed it as fast he could. “Nothing it’s from work”, Eric said. On the way to her house it was quiet. He was hopping she didn’t know what it was. Hedropped her at her small apartment. An gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight”, he said “Goodnight” she replied back. When she got inside her apartment, she thought about it for the longest time, thinkingwhat it could be, until she had got it. “He was probably going to propose to me”, Amanda thought to herself. She felt excited and also scared, thinking “I’m ready to get married yet?” she thought. Four months had passed bye and Eric never proposed to her. She felt confused, shedefiantly thought he was going to ask her. Then, she thought again he was probably nervous toask me. On the weekend Eric took Amanda on other date it was to the movies to see paranormalactivity. She was hoping to have a good time with him. A few months had gone bye and it was few days before summer. It was their sixteenmonth anviserry dating. Eric wanted to make it special so he called up Amanda. “Happy anniversary!” Eric exclaimed “let’s go out tonight.” “Happy anniversary to you too. Sure, sounds good!” Amanda exclaimed. Amanda was shocked that he remember there anvissery. She was also thinking. “Hemight propose to me tonight, I’m worried.” Amanda thought. He picked her up and told her we are going to the mall. She thought the mall, why themall? Once they got there it didn’t look like a mall, it looked like a dump, but once they gotinside it was beautiful and so huge. It was like Las Vegas at night in a building, its light wereshiny so bright. He let her buy anything she wanted, she fell in love with him all over again.
    • That night Amanda had a bunch of bags from Chanel to Vera Wang. They had left andEric dropped her off. “Did you enjoy it?” he asked. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “I’m glad you did, bye”, Eric said. “Thanks, bye”, she said. “No problem, bye”, Eric said back. The next day Amanda went over to Stevey’s house to show her what Eric got her. Whileshe was showing Stevey Eric called her up and her phone rang. “Hello”, she answered. “Hi sweetie, I’ve made plans for us tonight”, Eric said. “Where at?” Amanda asked. “Somewhere special for us, get ready and ill pick you up at eight.” He told her. “Okay, bye.”Amanda answered back. That night Eric picked her up and Amanda looked beautiful in a blue silk dress with blackhigh heels. He took her to a fancy Mexican Restaurant, it was called Rosa’s Marias. While theywere enjoying their food Eric wanted to say something to Amanda. “Amanda, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marryme?” Eric asked. Amanda was shocked, she knew he had the small velvet black box but didn’t know whenhe was going to ask. It was huge ten caret ring it was perfect for her. She didn’t know what tosay, her heart was beating so fast as lighting. “Oh my gosh, um……. YES!” Amanda exclaimed. She jumped up and kissed him. Theyfinished up there food and left. They got to Amanda’s house and called her parents and they congratulated her. Fewweeks later she packed all her stuff and moved in with Eric. That day Amanda got her stuff inand went go see the wedding planner.
    • They planned there wedding on February 28, 2010. She had a traditional white weddingand it was unlimited for her. She had a huge cake and beautiful ceremony in. On her weddingday she was scared and excited that she was getting married. She walked down the illy and abeautiful Vera Wang dress. With a kiss Amanda and Eric was husband and lived happily after.