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  • Introduce myselfToday we are going to discuss MobileIgniter – an Application Management System (AMS) for the development of cross platform, native mobile applications.
  • Native mobile development takes too long and is far too expensive. Businesses wanting to engage their customers through mobile products can expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars and months waiting. Hundreds of hours of development for one platform still leaves many more to port to a second. While mobile has been gaining steam as a marketing tool, these costs leave many businesses out in the cold. Where can they turn for a mobile solution that won’t break the bank? 
  • MobileIgniter is arming marketing, advertising and web development professionals with a cost effective way to develop mobile apps for their customers. Not only is our solution a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile development, but it also addresses additional pain points:Cross platform - create the app once for both iPhone, iPad and AndroidInstant feature updates - want to make a small change to a traditional native app? Pay a developer and resubmit to to each marketplace. With our AMS, add, update or delete a module or design element and deliver changes to users instantly.Constant core native updates - when Apple releases a new operating system for its devices, we test and deploy updates to keep apps running smoothlyAnalytics - How many downloads? How much use? Out of the box, the AMS provides a drag and drop interface with a growing list of customizable modules. For advanced functionality, users can create their own modules and leverage our API to interact with the native layer. Every MobileIgniter module has been written using this API.Leverage lower cost resources to develop and deploy solutionsAccelerate time-to-market from 6 months to 6 days
  • The market is poised to explode.Over time it is going to change. Nearly 100% of app development costs today are associated with design and coding. Over the next few years, app services like UrbanAirship for push notifications and Kinvey for back end services will account for 30% of the growing spend.
  • There are dozens of outfits that allow one to create a native mobile app via a website. The offerings fall into one of two camps:inexpensive, but overly simplistic (AppMakr, BiznessApps, SwebApps)Robust and elegant, but expensive (MobileRoadie, AppMobi)With the exception of AppMobi, neither group provides the ability to extend their products through an API. You get what you get, and there is no easy way to differentiate your mobile app based on what your business does best. With AppMobi, development starts from scratch - you still end up paying to develop a full application. 


  • 1. MobileIgniter { A no code solution for native mobile development
  • 2. The problemNative mobile dev = slow + expensive• $30,000 and months to develop• Mobile development resources are difficult to identify, mobilize and retain• Repeat for multiple platforms• Updates = more time and money• OS updates can derail apps
  • 3. The solutionArm marketing, advertising and web dev proswith a cost effective solution• Leverage lower cost resources• Go to market in days, not months• iPhone, iPad and Android• Instant feature updates• Constant core native updates
  • 4. The marketSMBs and the companies that serve them• The overall market for mobile development was $10 billion in 2010• Set to hit $100 billion in 2015• 66% of app dev is currently outsourced - expected to riseResearch2guidance.com
  • 5. CompetitionDozens of existing offerings fall into one oftwo camps • Inexpensive, but overly simplistic AppMakr, BiznessApps, SwebApps • Robust and elegant, but expensive MobileRoadie, AppMobi
  • 6. TeamTimothy Nott CEO Dominic DiMarco CTO Robert Kunz Investor-Advisor
  • 7. Milestones• August 2011 - inception• September 2011 - functional prototype• October 2011 - beta product• November 2011 - first apps in the App Store• December 2011 - first paying customer
  • 8. info@mobileigniter.com@mobileigniterz.mobileigniter.com/beta(720) 505-3505