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Michael Hutchinson
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Michael Hutchinson


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  • 1. Michael HutchinsonJourney to Careers2nd PeriodNovember 18, 2012
  • 2. 3848 W. Lakeshore Drive Baton Rouge, LA70808(225) 578-3202
  • 3. History• Flagship University of Louisiana• Founded in 1853 • Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana • Largest in Student Enrollment• During WWII, LSU was one of 131 colleges nationwide to take part in the v-12 College Training Program, which offered a path to Navy Commission• Officially integrated in the early 1950’s• After Katrina, LSU admitted 2,300 displaced students
  • 4. Undergraduate Fees• On Campus: $2,185 with fees, housing, and a dining plan per school year.• Off Campus: $9,079 for rent, food, clothing, laundry, cleaning, books and school supplies, transportation, entertainment, and incidentals.
  • 5. Degrees Offered• Bachelors degrees are offered in 72 major fields• Masters degrees are offered in 76 major fields• Doctoral degrees are offered in 54 major fields
  • 6. My MajorBachelor of Music  Concentration of Piano Performance  128 Credit Hours, 38 of which are General Education Requirements
  • 7. Music Curriculum• Freshman 1- 2 Intro to Music History I; 4 Music Theory I; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 Gen. Ed. ENGL 1001; 3 Gen. Ed. MATH• Freshman 2- 2 Intro to Music History II; 4 Music Theory II; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 Gen. Ed. Analytical Reasoning; 3 Gen. Ed. Natural Science• Sophomore 1- 4 Music Theory III; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 Gen. Ed. Humanities; 3 Gen. Ed. Natural Sciences; 2 Free Electives• Sophomore 2- 4 Music Theory IV; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 ENGL 2000; 3 Gen. Ed. Natural Science; 2 Free Electives
  • 8. Music Curriculum• Junior 1- 3 Music History I; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 Piano Lit 1; 2 Conducting; 3 Gen. Ed. Humanities; 1 Free Electives• Junior 2- 3 Music History II; 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Major Ensembles; 3 Piano Lit II; 3 Counterpoint; 3 Gen. Ed. Humanities• Senior 1- 3 Applied Piano Lessons; 1 Accompanying; 3 MUS 4710-21; 3 Methods and Materials I; 3 Gen. Ed. Social Sciences; 2 Approved Music Electives; 1 Free Electives• Senior 2- 2 Applied Piano Lessons; 2 Senior Recital; 1 Accompanying; 3 Methods and Materials; 3 Gen. Ed. Social Sciences; 3 Approved Electives; 2 Free Electives
  • 9. Other Information• Shaquille O’Neal earned his degree in General Studies in 2000• Elizabeth Ashley- Actress• Joanna Woodward- Actress• Pleasant Hall- • There have been reported murders and suicides, but none more profound that that of room 312. • A School girl found herself to be pregnant, let her boyfriend know he was the father, and he left her. She took matters into her own hands and shot him twice, before running to Room 312 and taking her own life. There are said to be strange noises, and unexplainable sightings of the deceased lovers.
  • 10. Why LSU?• LSU Was the college/university my father wanted to attend. It is close to home, and is diverse ethnically, culturally, politically, and economically.
  • 11. References/Sites•••