M hussain a day in the life

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  • 1. “ A Day in the Life” By: Mariam Hussain
  • 2. Common/Lunch Area When you first walk in to the school, you will see the commons area and the courtyard where lunch happens.
  • 3. Additional Things. Guess what?! We also have two TV's in the commons area to watch the morning announcements and additional things. FACT: When it was first added, everyone thought it was really cool!
  • 4. Vendo Lane It’s called vendo lane since there’s a line of vending machines to use for the whole school.
  • 5. Different Houses The school is divided by the houses. There are 5-6 houses in the school. Depending upon what you want to be and what you’re doing in high school determines your house.
  • 6. The Library We have a big library for the whole school to access filled with books and computers.
  • 7. The Staff There are about a 200 staff members which includes teachers and deans and other members! And they’re all very nice.
  • 8. Athletics department There are a lot of sports for students to join.. We have every sport that is played. We even have our own swimming pool!
  • 9. Student Parking Lot We even have our own parking lot for the students. Many students choose to drive themselves to school and go off campus during.
  • 10. Fine Arts We have many levels on the dance classes so everyone has an opportunity. And if you love music you join choir, band, orchestra and etc.
  • 11. Westside is Friendly Westside is a friendly campus so anyone can make friends here.. And everyone is very nice and kind so everyone get along well here.