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See over 100 companies from Government, High Tech, Manufacturing, Financial, Retail, Health Care, Research and Technical, Information and Media, Telco and Service Providers, Transport, Education, Legal, Energy and Entertainment and their challenges regarding their storage challenges and how NetApp helped to resolve them

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    Skills required:
    OS - Some Hands-on experience and Knowledge on Unix, Linux
    NetApp -
    Hands-on experience on::
    FAS3000, FAS6000
    Snapshot, SnapMirror,
    Good Knowledge & understanding on
    V Series, Virtual Filers
    SnapVault, SnapRestore, SnapLock, SnapManager, OnCommand
    OnTap Upgrade
    Hitachi -
    Hands-on experience on VSP, AMS2000 Series, USPV, USPVM, HUS100 Series, HCS, Hi-Track, SNM2,
    Good knowledge & understanding on HTNM, HDLM, HDP
    Knowledge & understanding on Storage Migration, Transition.

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  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
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  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Goal of Slide: TransitionKey Messages:Lets talk about what you can do to get started now
  • Storage Efficiency Customer Success Stories Sept 2010 power point

    1. 1. NetApp Storage Efficiency Success Stories September 2010
    2. 2. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 22 Government
    3. 3. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 33 City of Hartford Challenge  Reduce desktop, server, and support costs while improving end-user support Solution  NetApp storage system cluster with FlexVol and deduplication technologies Result  Savings of over $37,000 in 12 months within production and development environments  Over 50% space savings with deduplication  8x performance gain for financial applications  Single storage system and one point of contact “NetApp has features like thin provisioning and disk deduplication that allow us to conserve as much storage space as possible. That allows me to put as much as I can in the space I have. Both in terms of our city’s green initiatives and in these economic times, stretching the dollar is of paramount importance.” Jonathan Shevis, Server Systems Manager Metro Hartford Information Services (MHIS) is dedicated to support the development and implementation of a unified, reliable and cost effective information technology environment for the city of Hartford, the largest metropolitan area in the state of Connecticut
    4. 4. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 4 City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Challenge  Support rapid growth in city population and city services  Eliminate risk of single-point failure in a growing standalone VMware® environment Solution  Pair VMware with NetApp® solutions for better reliability and faster data protection and restores  FAS3050C and FAS3020 system, FlexVol®, Snapshot™, SnapRestore®, and SnapMirror® technology Result  Reduced multi-hour tape backups and restores to minutes, or even seconds  Implemented reliable turnkey remote disaster recovery  Reduced time to provision storage from 6+ hours to 5 to 10 minutes “We have to be very efficient with the staff we have. That’s why we have VMware®. It’s also why we have a SAN from NetApp that’s easier to manage. We just don’t have a lot of staff to manage all those different components otherwise. . . NetApp® has really been a burden off our shoulders.” - Monte Watembach, Data Center Supervisor, City of Sioux Falls, S.D. The City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a population of over 154,000 people and over 22 city department and 1,100 employees. The City’s data center staff supports city clerk’s office, library, health department, city parks, public works, and police and fire departments
    5. 5. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 5 Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General Challenge  Implement a one-year plan to overhaul the IT infrastructure and move to a virtualized environment. Solution  Consolidation, virtualization, high availability  FAS3020, SnapRestore®, SnapMirror®, SnapManager® for Microsoft® Exchange with Single Mailbox Recovery, SnapManager for SQL Server™, SnapDrive® Result  More than $430K savings and cost avoidance  Cut energy use 40%  Reclaimed 35% storage capacity  Manage 5x more data without more people “Ask our users about the new infrastructure and they’ll most likely tell you that when they need data, it’s there. The NetApp® solution works, and it’s transparent—that’s what makes it a great technology and a great deployment story.” - George White, Chief Information Officer Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General The OAG serves as a commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer and is organized into four major divisions: Public protection, Criminal law, Civil law and management services.
    6. 6. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 6 Satellite Tracking of People LLC (STOP) Challenge  Find a cost-effective solution to maintain constant access to data at all times while supporting massive business growth Solution  NetApp FAS6040HA and 3020HA storage systems, NetApp SnapManager and NetApp FlexClone Software Result  Ability to manage 14-fold increase in company growth over 24 months  Improved access to offender-tracking data provides competitive advantage  Optimal system availability improves law enforcement  High level of data integrity increases ability to leverage offender data in a court of law “Data integrity is critically important to our business. Our development team relies heavily on NetApp FlexClone to give us the freedom to perform dry-runs when we upgrade…. Now we can create a clone and test the upgrade first to ensure we’re getting the desired results.” - David LeJeune, system architect, Satellite Tracking of People Satellite Tracking of People LLC (STOP) is the premier provider of the global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking system and service used by corrections and law enforcement agencies for offender monitoring.
    7. 7. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 7 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Challenge  Wanted to add iSCSI capabilities, obtain flexibility, and improve scalability without increasing costs Solution  Clustered NetApp FAS series solution delivers multiprotocol support, high performance and availability, and 8X capacity with no increase in footprint or administrative costs Result  Simplified management with single-pane-of-glass view of storage  Reduced admin costs  Multiplied storage capacity 8X, increased scalability  Achieved fast recovery  Reduced mailbox-level backups from 12 hrs to 10 minutes “NetApp technology lets you walk up to the box and pour yourself some data, no matter how you want it – iSCSI, FC SAN, and NAS. And it can all be automatically protected with NetApp Snapshot technology. But perhaps most importantly, the NetApp solution is one that the Turnpike can manage itself. That’s the huge advantage over competitive offerings.” - Steve Taylor, CTO, Plan B Technologies Penna Turnpike manages 530 miles of roadway travelled by almost 190 million vehicles annually. Engineered for driver safety and comfort, the Turnnpike is a key transportation route in the state of Pennsylvania.
    8. 8. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 8 Täby Municipality Challenge  Streamline backup and restore while enhancing security and accessibility Solution  NetApp SAN solution, utilizing NetApp Snapshot technology Result  Saved one full-time salary by transforming the backup and restore process  Reduced backups from up to 60 hrs to just 15 minutes or less  Freed up data center space and saved on electricity and cooling by handling more storage through a smaller number of virtual servers  Improved flexibility and ability to deliver higher quality services “With NetApp’s solution, we’ve achieved efficiencies in our processes and large savings in terms of ROI.” - Ingvar Alander, IT Operations Manager, Taby Municipality Täby Municipality, north of Stockholm, serves 60,000 residents and is in many ways a forerunner in the area of technology (
    9. 9. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 9 Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI) Challenge  Proliferation of file servers and direct-attached storage, inconsistent availability of files Solution  Deploy NetApp file services solution including Virtual File Manager to consolidate file storage and provide continuous user access even during disaster recovery Result  40% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for file data management  Consolidated storage on NetApp systems for improved management and availability  Migrated mission-critical files to more robust storage without disturbing users  Gained ability to add and manage storage without disturbing users  Gained comprehensive disaster recovery plan to provide uninterrupted user access, even during disaster “Using NetApp® VFM®, BMI has reduced TCO for managing file data by more than 40%. - Roman D’Alessio, Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) Responsible for public security throughout Austria, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI) oversees divisions of Central Management, Central Police Command, and Austrian police. Its IT department supports >32,000 users across 100 remote offices.
    10. 10. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 10 Herne Municipal Utility District Challenge  Provide more efficient enterprise storage for CIFS services, Microsoft Exchange, and SQL Server data-bases, with Microsoft SharePoint as a common work platform Solution  NetApp unified storage deliverables flexibility and efficiency Result  Improved data availability and performance  Reduced database test time by 30%  Gained ability to restore servers in hours/minutes instead of days  Simplified migration from Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange and File Service “NetApp offers incredible flexibility. It is always surprising how simple and convenient the data management is for Microsoft® File Service, Exchange, SQL Server®, and SharePoint®. We’ve also come to appreciate NetApp as a reliable partner that keeps its promises.” — Thomas Lohr, Director of Data Management Stadtwerke Herne AG The Herne Municipal Utility (Stadtwerke Herne AG) ensures the supply of electricity, natural gas, heat, and water to the town of Herne, Germany.
    11. 11. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 11 Canton of Basel-Landschaft Challenge  Cost reduction and standardization of data management in cantonal head offices; strategic goal to centralize 95% of storage and server resources by 2012 Solution  NetApp FAS unified storage for primary data, backup and disaster recovery Result  Efficient data management through consolidation  Foundation for the canton’s Information lifecycle management strategy  Simple implementation of a disaster recovery scenario with NetApp MetroCluster  Flexibility and adaptability to new developments in public administration  40% savings in operating costs through server and storage virtualization  90% energy savings through high storage density “Server virtualization requires a solid and fail-safe platform – just like NetApp MetroCluster which gives us peace of mind.” — Thomas Wenk, Head of ZID, Canton of Basel-Landschaft The Canton of Basel-Landschaft is an important employer in its region of Switzerland with several thousand employees and provides the population with a broad range of services, including information technology.
    12. 12. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 12 Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Challenge  Protect data with backup and recovery and disaster recovery solution; provide flexible dev/test environment Solution  Implement NetApp FAS storage systems with NetApp SnapManager for Oracle SnapMirror and FlexClone software Result  97% improvements in RPO and 88% improvement in RTO  30-minute database copies for test purposes versus 8 hours previously  Five-figure expense averted for separate boxes to handle CIFS and NFS storage  Up to 30% disk space saved with NetApp deduplication  Avoided hiring another full-time employee “FlexClone is superb. It takes up no storage space, so each time we clone a 600-gigabyte database, we’re saving more than half a terabyte of disk space.” — John Lovato, Sr. Database Administrator, ABCWUA The ABCWUA is responsible for keeping the water flowing to the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico and its surrounding metropolitan area. The authority has 500 employees, 172,000 customer accounts representing 520,000 water users, and more than $1 Billion in assets.
    13. 13. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 13 Pierce County Challenge  Improve Storage utilization and data recovery capabilities: archive e-mail to comply with state requirements Solution  Deploy NetApp storage at data center and disaster recovery site  Use Iron Mountain’s Mimosa NearPoint to archive e-mail and NetApp SnapMirror to replicate critical data Result  Projected 70% reduction in TCO for storage for unstructured data  $1.9 million over 5 years in projected savings by consolidating direct-attached storage from distributed file servers  26 hours of staff time reclaimed per week formerly spent handling e-discovery requests “Our recent cost analysis indicates that we will see at least a 70% reduction in total cost of ownership as we consolidate our distributed file server data onto NetApp storage systems. We also have vastly improved e-mail compliance via NetApp and NearPoint.” — Systems Engineer Supervisor, Pierce County Information Technology Department Pierce County Information Technology Department provices IT services to the county’s 3100 plus employees, witih the continued goal of centralizing and standardizing technology resources among the various departments to optimize processes and reduce costs.
    14. 14. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 14 City of Regensburg Challenge  Optimize storage management and establish failsafe administrative processes Solution  Implement NetApp unified storage with data replication at a second location Result  Established up to 100% availability  Accelerated performance for data-intensive applications  Improved management efficiency of rapidly growing data volumes  Simplified storage landscape administration  Saved up to 60% of disk space through deduplication  Secured savings and cost control through leasing “The citizens appreciate it when thanks to the powerful storage system, they can access this data and use interactive e-government applications, even on the weekend.— Dr. Thomas Krenert Director, Officer of Information and Communication Technology, City of Regensburg The city of Regensburg is the capital of the Bavarian district Oberpfalz, and with its 150,000 residents, is one of the largest cities in the Free State of Bavaria.
    15. 15. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 1515 Government (Military)
    16. 16. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 16 US Army North Challenge  Enable critical communication for a fleet of mobile emergency-response-command-and-control centers Solution  Turn mobile command-and-control vehicles into full tactical data centers with NetApp Business continuity solution for Microsoft Exchange Result  Reduced time to deploy from days to minutes  Enabled critical communications capabilities for emergency responders with no downtime  Delivered enterprise functionality and reliability in a small footprint  Created self-sufficient field operations with no training “NetApp delivered the capability and the size we needed in our platform. There was just no comparison to the ease of administration that NetApp could deliver. — Chris Miller, Chief of NetWork Operations Branch, U.S. Army North As the U.S. Department of Defense’s premiere land-based homeland defense reponse force, U.S. Army North is a team of highly skilled professionals that interoperate with federal, state, tribal and local partners to respond to America’s security and civil support challenges.
    17. 17. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 1717 High Tech
    18. 18. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 1818 Cisco Systems Challenge  Disk failures and intense database growth needs began costing Cisco significant time and money Solution  Implement NetApp storage for added reliability and extreme capacity savings Result  Achieved over $8 million in NetApp TCO savings in just 8 months  Reduced the storage footprint and power needed by more than 60%  Can now provision 100TB of storage in 30 minutes instead of several days  Reduce refresh time for many large Oracle Database environments from 60-80 hours to under 8 hours “The NetApp system has done more than pay for itself. It’s just been really impressive.” Rich Harper, Storage Domain Design Architect, Cisco Cisco Systems is a leading provider of IP-based networking technologies. Today, with over 67,000 employees worldwide and revenue of over $34 billion, Cisco remains true to its vision: change the way people work, live, play and learn.
    19. 19. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 19 Xilinx Challenge  Respond to storage demand from growing product complexity while achieving faster time to market simplifying costs and management across all company storage needs Solution  Standardize on NetApp unified storage architecture to support all aspects of critical software development and business data Result  Implemented robust development infrastructure  Accelerated time to market  Achieved significant cost savings  Obtained ability to perform native multiprotocol testing  Gained ability to support long-term growth “NetApp storage is a technological enabler of the Xilinx software development architecture, allowing us to compile 25 million lines of code daily. That performance helps accelerate product time to market for Xilinx and, ultimately, for our customers.” -Thomas Weis, Senior Director, Design Software Division, Xilinx. Xilinx supplies 51% of the world’s programmable logic devices (PLDs), making it he leader in this fast-growing segment of the semiconductor industry. The company employs 35000 people, with more than 50% of them dedicated to software development.
    20. 20. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 2020 Oracle Corporation Challenge  Maximize asset utilization, increase storage availability, decrease management overhead, and improve TCO Solution  Oracle relies on NetApp to support internal operations, OEBSOD, multiple product development organizations, and other functions Result  Reduced overhead of storage-related management by 50%  Implemented high storage availability  Enabled 3X scalability  Gained the ability to quickly provision systems  Increased QA productivity  Achieved faster time to market “NetApp has reduced the overhead necessary to perform storage-related management activities by 50%.” Bill Weils, Sr. Director, Oracle Global IT Services Command Center Oracle Corp is the world’s second- largest enterprise software company. With revenues exceeding $22 Billion, it was 75000 employees worldwide.
    21. 21. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 21 Oracle Global IT Challenge  Minimize downtime and IT costs, improve management of critical ERP and CRM applications Solution  NetApp Fibre Channel (FC) SAN Result  Projected savings of US$2 million over three years  Improved alert processing by 80%  Accelerated response time by 88%  Gained ability to monitor twice as many targets (10,000 versus 5000) and scale seamlessly  Slashed storage management overhead by 50%  Enhanced long-term planning and trend-spotting capabilities The world’s largest enterprise software company, Oracle has offices in more than 145 countries around the world with 68,000 employees. “The reduction in administration time has freed up the equivalent of three IT staffers. Because we’re spending less time on break-fix lssues, we can focus on more strategic projects.” -Bill Tarbox Director of Tools and Architecture Services, Oracle
    22. 22. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 2222 SAP Co-Innovation Lab Challenge  Implement flexible, scalable storage to enable rapid provisioning of SAP development environments, or ‘landscapes’ to support dynamic co-innovation projects Solution  Standardize on NetApp storage and use NetApp FlexClone software to thin provisioning landscapes Result  80% less storage space required with thin provisioning  2:1 LUN utilization ratio with NetApp deduplication  Reduced time required to provision SAP landscapes from days to hours  Support 40+ concurrent projects “The use of NetApp thin provisioning and optimization technologies by SAP Co- Innovation Lab allows the lab to use less disk and therefore conserve power and cooling, thus contrubuting to SAP’s green IT initiatives.” - Axel Henning Saelck, VP, SAP Co-innovation Lab SAP Co-Innovation Lab offers a hands- on environment where SAP and its customers and partners can collaborate on new business applications and technologies. The lab is supported by HP, Intel, Cisco and NetApp.
    23. 23. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 23 Siemens IT Challenge  Reduce costs, simplify administration, and improve service with a streamlined, virtual infrastructure Solution  Deploy VMware on NetApp FC SAN solution  NetApp FAS3020 system, NetApp FlexVol technology Result  Achieved faster, non-disruptive storage deployment and provisioning (hours vs. days)  Reduced backup times by 50%  Gained ability to recover in minutes rather than hours  Saved 50% on headcount, able to reassign staff to other needs  Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by 52% Siemens IT Solutions and Services China is a leading international provider of IT solutions and services. It covers the entire IT service chain—from consulting to system and software development to system integration and the management of IT infrastructures—all from a single source. “The VMware infrastructure with NetApp’s storage gives us an unprecedented ability to serve our customers. We expect average annual savings of E 2,000 per virtual machine for 5 years. With plans to transition 50 machines the first year and another 100 each year thereafter, our five-year savings should exceed E 2.5 million.” -Li Xiao Yi, Data Center and Infrastructure Team Lead, Siemens IT and Services, Siemens Ltd, China
    24. 24. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 24 CSR Challenge  More complex chip design goals needed new ways to boost storage performance, recovery and availability Solution  Achieve zero downtime and peak performance with NetApp Data ONTAP GX Result  A 300% performance boost lets IT support three (instead of one) simultaneous tapeouts  No more service disruptions in the face of planned or unplanned downtime  Added IT confidence to meet exceed CSRs business goals “Since [NetApp® Data ONTAP®] GX is a scalable solution, it gives us aadded advantage: We’re pretty confident we can triple our simultaneous tape-out capabilities now with ease. And, if tape-out bottlenecks are likely, we can simply add more compute capability with new nodes. It allows us to do more and stay ahead of the competition.” -David Mountford, Vice President of Information Technology, CSR CSR delivers single- chip products that appear in much of the world’s mobile and wireless devices, from cell phones and laptops to automotive and mobile GPS systems.
    25. 25. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 25 NetApp Challenge  Support rapid adoption and data growth and data management of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for improved collaboration across the global enterprise Solution  NetApp SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server facilitates powerful content management and recovery options and supports rapid company adoption of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Result  83% faster new-hire training  300% productivity gains via improved collaboration and information sharing  Reduced TCO via automated backup and restore processes  Ease of data management NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that help customers achieve outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. “As I started to explore Office SharePoint Server, a light bulb went on in my head. I realized this wasn’t just a document management system. It was a full application framework that would enable me to quickly and easily build what I needed to manage our business. -John Hanna, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, NetApp
    26. 26. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 2626 Manufacturing
    27. 27. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 2727 Organic Valley Family Farms Challenge  Increase storage capacity and enable disaster recovery while reducing management costs and conserving data center resources Solution  NetApp unified storage systems with SAN and NAS protocols, FlexVol, deduplication and SnapManager Result  Reduced provisioning from 13 hours to seconds  $200K increase annual sales/employee ($1.2M up from $1M)  Reduced storage administration to less than 25% of a full-time employee  Realized over $500K capital savings  Avoided $250K expansion + 90% higher energy costs “Success in our business is delivering a competitive and sustainable pay price to our farm families. NetApp efficiency helps us compete, and NetApp® solutions deliver value as promised—not value if you just buy one more thing.” George Neill, Director of IT Organic Valley is a leading organic brand and America’s largest organic farmers’ cooperative. Organized in 1988, it represents over 1,340 farmers in the U.S. and Canada. Independent and farmer-owned, Organic Valley achieved revenues of $526 million in 2008.
    28. 28. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 28 Emmi Challenge  Secure a flexible, expandable storage solution to address data growth Solution  Implement unified storage systems along with centralized backup Result  Increased availability for virtualized server environment  Centralized backup at production sites  Reduced costs, maintenance, and support  Saved 60-70% storage space through deduplication  Improved storage efficiency for better data growth management Emmi is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium diaries in Europe. In Switzerland, Emmi’s main area of business is the development, production, and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products. “ With NetApp, we have had the best experience and know that we will be in good hands in the future.” Stephen Luthi - System Engineer, UNIX and Databasee, Emmi
    29. 29. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 29 Tasty Baking Company Challenge  Establish storage strategy to support high standards of quality manufacturing  Build redundant, easy-to-manage infrastructure for business applications; simplify SAP® test/rollout Solution  Implement VMware® on NetApp®  NetApp FAS3020HA system  NetApp FlexVol® and FlexClone® technologies  NetApp SnapRestore®, SnapMirror®, SnapManager® for Exchange, Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR), and SnapDrive® software Result  Achieved ability to more-effectively respond to business needs with:  40% faster SAP upgrade  24x7 operations with fast backup/recovery  Reduced rack space requirements by >75%  Reduced energy costs by 70% Headquartered in Philadelphia, Tastybaking is one of the country’s leading bakers of snack cakes, pies, cookies, and donuts. The company bakes 4.8 million products daily to generate annual revenue in excess of $250 million
    30. 30. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 3030 Burt’s Bees Challenge  Achieve a more sustainable IT approach to resource usage and address rapid company expansion and 100% annual data growth Solution  VMware® server virtualization and NetApp storage Result  Reduced data storage capacity needed for virtual machines by at least 50%  Gained greater use per VMware ESX server  Achieved shorter recovery times for core systems  Accelerated provisioning of new computing resources to support the business  Aligned with Burt’s Bees processes and culture of sustainability “We decided to look for a storage vendor that was sustainable in its own right and had technology that thought about the environment first.” -Tres Vance, Manager of Technical Infrastructure Burt’s Bees is one of the most successful natural personal care product manufacturers in the world with 2007 retail sales topping $250 million. Burt's Bees remains true to its original beliefs: to fulfill "the greater good" with products, processes, and philosophies that are good for consumers, the company's employees, and are also good for the environment.
    31. 31. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 31 Sealy Challenge  Improve IT infrastructure provisioning agility and scalability while reducing data center costs Solution  Deploy VMware on NetApp to maximize infrastructure value-add, conserve resources, and protect investment.  NetApp high-availability FAS6040, FAS3070, NearStore on FAS3170 solution, FlexClone, SnapManager for SQL server, SnapDrive, SnapVault software, SnapShot and deduplication technologies Result  Provision storage in minutes  Reduce refreshes/backups from eight to <0.25 hrs  Reclaim >20TB capacity in dev/test  Avoid $150K in new purchases  Achieve 99.99% storage-related uptime  Manage approximately 200TB with one FTE “Being a make-to-order business creates a culture of flexibility and quick reaction. That same culture cascades over to IT. Server virtualization and NetApp storage have proven to be invaluable technologies in helping Sealy create a very efficient and responsive data center.” - David Twine, Senior Vice President, IT, Sealy Inc. With sales of $1.5 billion (FY08), Sealy is the largest bedding manufacturer in the world. Sealy sells products through more than 7000 retail outlets, including furniture stores, national mass merchandisers, specialty sleep shops, department stores and warehouse clubs.
    32. 32. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 32 Polysius Corporation Challenge  20% to 30% annual storage growth prompted too frequent investments in additional storage capacity Solution  NetApp’s unified storage solution, FAS3020  NetApp deduplication to significantly reduce the required storage footprint Result  Defer new capacity purchases six to eight months  Doubled the archival period for retaining backup data on disks  Reduce size of data volumes by 47% to 70%  Slash SQL Server report run times 75%  Gained easier, more flexible data management “Since I began using NetApp’s deduplication technology, it’s deferred the need to purchase any additional storage hardware by at least six to eight months. - James Krochmal, Manager of IT, Ploysius USA Atlanta-based Polysius designs, supplies and installs and improves the performance of new or existing cement plants and equipment for processing raw material and minerals for such industries as the refractory, lime and chemical markets.
    33. 33. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 33 Cascade Corporation Challenge  Upgrade storage, consolidate SANs and standardize on one vendor for efficiency Solution  NetApp FAS3040 storage system, plus five DS14mk4 shelves and NetApp Virtual File Manager (VFM) software  Enterprise edition software, NetApp CIFS, HTTP, SnapMirror, and NFS software Result  Gained efficiency by consolidating enterprise storage onto one platform with plenty of room to grow  Simplified the migration from three SANs to one with NetApp Virtual File Manager software  Reduce storage cutover time by 86% (one night versus the seven nights required in the past) Cascade Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of materials-handling equipment and related technologies, including forklifts. “NetApp’s replication model really shone for replicating over the WAN. Its low bandwidth requirements for updating over the WAN convinced me that even if we weren’t already a NetApp shop, NetApp definitely had the edge in WAN replication of SAN data.” -Scott Larsen, Network Administrator, Cascade Corporation
    34. 34. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 34 Bimba Manufacturing Challenge  Build a virtual infrastructure with centralized storage to expand application services and simplify administration  Make better use of server and storage resources and assure availability  Enable faster response to always-evolving business needs Solution  Combined Citrix and NetApp® solution for continuous application services, single-console manageability, and reduced data center costs Result  Accelerated company-wide upgrade to Exchange 2007.  Eliminated 16 servers with DAS that will result in hardware cost savings of $70K  Cut yearly energy costs by $16K  Assured simple scalability for growth, new applications “By standardizing on NetApp storage, we can be certain that no matter which ERP product—or other business applications, for that matter—we ultimately deploy, we will have the storage performance, capacity, and scalability to support it.” Matt Nantais, Network Manager, Bimba Manufacturing A forward-thinking innovator of actuation technology, Bimba Manufacturing specializes in cutting- edge solutions for engineering challenges. Bimba products, used in machinery and automation, are sold to OEMs and end users throughout the world in an expanding variety of industries,
    35. 35. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 35 Mazda Challenge  Isolated storage islands were difficult to manage. Wanted to simplify fragmented backup processes and reduce risk to mission- critical data Solution  Replace all networked storage, direct-attached storage, and tape backup systems with NetApp FAS for primary storage. Create new DR solution using SnapVault and a NearStore system Result  Improved performance, flexibility  Achieved comprehensive data protection  Implemented rapid backup and reliability recovery  Achieved significant TCO improvements  Streamlined management Mazda North American Operations is responsible for sales and marketing, parts and service operations, and research development in the United States. Its customers include 700 dealerships throughout America “Our NetApp unified storage deployment paid for itself in just 10 months while providing immediately, identifiable cost savings.” -Kai Sookwongse, System Manager for LAN Services, Mazda North American Operations
    36. 36. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 36 Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG (PWO) Challenge  Handle data growth with shared storage pools using easy-to-manage solution with synchronized mirroring Solution  NetApp MetroCluster with two NetApp FAS3020 storage systems providing redundant, virtualized storage for scalable and highly available business processes Result  Migrate to NetApp SAN with no interruption in operations  Achieve 100% uptime for 30 months  Deliver high performance for business-critical PDM system  Enable easy expandability  Maintain competitive cost structure PWI is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated metal components and subsystems for security and convenience in automobiles. They are reliable partners and supplying companies to Bosch, Ford, GM, Volvo, BMW, Dialmer and VW. “ Beyond the high cost efficiency, NetApp also offers significant advantages for small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, there is a fitting solution for every need.” - Roland Siefermann Director of System and Network Administration, PWO
    37. 37. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 37 Sulzer Challenge  Optimize and centralize storage to support virtual server infrastructure Solution  Consolidate data on NetApp unified storage for high availability and centralized backup Result  Flexible and reliable storage for virtualization  Continuous Availability with Metrocluster and performance for business critical applications  Centralized data protection for branch offices  Optimized backup and recovery, simplified administration  70% savings on disk space for VMware environment through deduplication Sulzer has transformed latest engineering know- how into innovative solutions to serve customer needs. Today, Sulzer has 12,000 employees in more than 120 locations. “ Using NetApp deduplication, we were able to save 70% on disk space with virtual machines; with the file shares, 25-40%, depending on the type of data. This allowed us to use our resources more efficiently and reduce costs.” - Pius Galwiler - Systems Engineer, Corporate IT, Sulzer Management Ltd
    38. 38. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 38 Albany International Challenge  Reduce costs associated with outsourced infrastructure  Accommodate data growth in a more scalable manner Solution  Migrate storage to NetApp storage for VMware environment  Enable efficient remote management and backups with NetApp management software Result  Reduced storage expenses by $110,000 per month, paying back the original investment in NetApp storage systems within five months  Reduced risk and data protection costs by speeding backups and restores from hours to 5-10 minutes  Increased total storage managed by 140TB without adding headcount  Converted 140 virtual machines to the new platform in a single month, far ahead of schedule. Founded in 1895, Albany Intl. Corp, is a global advanced textiles and materials processing company. Its core business is custom-designing fabric and belts essential for production of paper and paperboard. They have 4,700 employees. “ Any one of these NetApp or VMware products can pay for itself, but it’s when you integrate them – that’s when you can really save time, effort, and stress.” - Joe Pardi - Manager, Enterprise Data Services, Albany International Corp.
    39. 39. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 39 Snap-tite Challenge  Upgrade aging infrastructure and eliminate costly downtime Solution  Migrate to a virtualized VMware environment on NetApp storage systems  Replicate using NetApp SnapMirror and manage backups with NetApp SnapManager Result  Reduced Microsoft Exchange backup time from six hours to 45 minutes  Eliminated downtime through improved reliability and hot backups or mirrored data  Reduced required server floor space by over 90% and cut costs for power and cooling  Achieved 50% reduction in data storage requirements thorough NetApp deduplication technology Snap-tite is a global organization manufacturing quick disconnect couplings, hydraulic valves, lay-flat fire hoses, high-pressure valves, vessels, reactors, and fittings. “ We felt up front that NetApp was the technology to go with – that it would make up more flexible, it would cost us less, and our operating costs would be lower.” Gary Clark - Chief Administrative Officer, Snap-tite
    40. 40. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 40 TRUMPF Group Challenge  Implement a high-performance, highly available storage infrastructure with the goal of automating storage provisioning in a dynamic data center Solution  Consolidate data on NetApp storage to increase efficiency Result  High availability with NetApp MetroCluster  Simplified storage provisioning  Automated backups every two hours  Less capital commitment for storage resources due to accurate planning  Proactive versus reactive processes The TRUMPF Group, based in Ditzingen, Germany, near Stuttgart, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools and power tools. It has 57 subsidiaries in more than 26 countries and over 8000 employees worldwide. “ We are benefiting from the tremendous reliability of NetApp storage, from high performance to automated storage management. Our vision of a dynamic data center has a very sound foundation with NetApp.” Gernot Schilling - Head of IT Infrastructure/CISO, TRUMPF Gruppe
    41. 41. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 4141© 2008 NetApp. All rights reserved. Financial
    42. 42. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 42 Union Bank of California Challenge  Provide a less expensive, more flexible storage solution to support an Oracle data warehouse Solution  Store data warehouse for local backup as well as disaster recovery. Deploy Netapp FAS3070 for testing infrastructure changes and upgrades without disrupting the production environment.  NetApp FAs6080, FAS6070 and FAS3070 storage arrays, NetApp Snapshot software, NetApp SnapMirror software, NetApp FlexClone software Result  Substantial annual savings in maintenance costs compared to EMC arrays  83% faster local restores for data warehouse  12-hour savings on recovery time of current day’s database “The NetApp solution has been running very well, and we were able to achieve our three requirements of gains in performance, flexibility and price point.” Claudia Ku, VP Enterprise Server Services, Union Bank of California Union Bank of California (UBOC) is a full-service commercial bank offering investment and financial management, trust services, private banking, insurance services, and global custody services.
    43. 43. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 43 Samsung Life Insurance Challenge  Support business growth with continuous access to client data  Adopt next-generation systems to support financial industry regulation compliance  Improve backup while enabling stable storage management Solution  NetApp FAS storage systems, FlexVol technology, SnapShot technology, NetApp Operations Manager, Vmware Result  Reduced time required to allocate storage from 30 minutes to just 3 seconds  Improved availability with nonstop access to data  Increased efficiency with simplified backup process  Gained ability to quickly and easily analyze storage performance in real time “By deploying NetApp’s integrated storage optimized for our VMware® solution, we have been able to significantly reinforce the server’s scalability and convenience as well as assure efficiency during backups.” - Sang-ho Yoon, CTO, Samsung Life Insurance Samsung Life Insurance is Korea’s largest life insurance company, with assets of 108 trillion won (approximately $108 billion) and revenue of 23 trillion won (approximately $23 billion).
    44. 44. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 44 Insight Investments Challenge  Upgrade IT infrastructure to accommodate 100% annual growth in sales  Reduce space, power, and cooling requirements  Streamline business processes Solution  NetApp fabric attached storage (FAS) systems to support a VMware virtual infrastructure environment Result  Tripled hardware utilization  Slashed power, cooling, and other operating costs by 65%  Reduced time for replication and recovery  Accelerated deployment of new projects “The amount of consolidation we were able to achieve was astounding. It looks like our server and storage inventory went on a huge diet. Maintenance and administration are now much easier, and we can deploy applications orders of magnitude faster and at a lower cost.” - Rob Cotter, CTO, Insight Investments Insight Investments provides services and solutions that help companies manage technology needs and financial objectives, while providing control over assets, capital, and data. Insight’s team of industry experts works closely with clients across multiple industries to develop customized financing and technology solutions that increase their clients’ profitability.
    45. 45. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 45 Virginia Credit Union Challenge  Improve member services, gain agility, and dramatically improve DR capability Solution  Standardize on NetApp for VMware®, Exchange, SQL Server™,Windows® fileshares, near-line storage, and backup/recovery; use NetApp FlexVol®, FlexClone®, and deduplication technologies Result  Fast, reliable rollout of new services  Reduced backup times by 82%  Shrank capacity needs by up to 80%  DR with <1 hour return to operations “ Running VMware on NetApp helps us deliver the best value and service to credit union members. Previously it took one week and $15,000 to deploy a server. Now we can deliver multiple, space-efficient virtual servers in 20 minutes—that gives us tremendous business agility.” Chartered in 1928, the Virginia Credit Union (VACU) serves more than 180,000 members. With assets exceeding $1.4 billion, VACU ranks as one of the 75 largest credit unions in the United States.
    46. 46. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 46 Allied Cash Advance Challenge  Implement storage for virtual server/desktop environments to gain faster provisioning, manageability, and cost savings Solution  Deploy NetApp® products for provisioning, space, and cost efficiencies  Snapshot, deduplication, and SnapMirror technologies  Operations Manager, SnapDrive and SnapVault software  SnapManager for SQL Server and SnapManager for Exchange software Result  Provision storage in minutes  Reduce VDI capacity requirements by up to 80%  Avoid two to three years of new-capacity purchases  Achieve affordable DR with one-hour RPO, 3/4-hour RTO  Administer storage in just two to three hours per week Founded in 1999 in Northern California, Allied Cash Advance is one of the nation’s largest providers of payday advances, operating 221 branches in 12 states. Headquartered in Miami, the company employs more than 500 people. “We don’t need a storage expert to manage our NetApp deployment.” – David DePillis
    47. 47. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 47 TruWest Credit Union Challenge  Consolidated storage for better performance, manageability, flexibility, and server virtualization Solution  Standardize on NetApp for fast provisioning, business agility, and efficiencies in a Citrix XenServer environment Result  Deploy imaging service twice as fast  Support 25% growth in less than half the rack space  Reduce data center BTUs by more than 27%  Shrink RPO from 24 hours to less than 1 hour  Reduce RTO from days to hours  Avoid $64K in new capital expenses Arizona based TruWest offers its members a wide variety of loan and deposit products and services. Operating through 9 branches and with more than 68,000 members, TruWest recorded $58.5M in revenue in 2008. “We’ve reduced our heat load by 18,000 BTUs (more than 27%) and we expect to achieve an overall reduction of at least 45% upon completion of our transition to the virtual-server environment. We’ll also consolidate 10 bays of equipment down to just 4.”. -Tom Gessel - Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TruWest Credit Union
    48. 48. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 48 Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union Challenge  Deliver IT infrastructure needed to support steady business growth  Save space and minimize ongoing purchases, reduce administrative costs Solution  Establish a unified NetApp storage solution to provide easy scalability with flexible provisioning and simple automated management. Result  Accelerated performance by 50% improving service delivery and business productivity  Established a robust storage environment within a limited budget and within a smaller footprint  Achieved the flexible scalability needed to accommodate immediate and foreseeable storage needs  Simplified storage management, freeing IT administrators time  Realized 100% ROI plus $35K - $40K savings to deferred in storage space with deduplication The Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union is a member- owned financial institution dedicated to anticipating and satisfying the financial needs of members and their families. The credit uniion has over $200 M in assets and serves over 29,000 members, “We can better meet our performance and scalability requirements now while maintaining flexibility. This is very important with limited IT staff.” Mathew Margosian CIO, Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union
    49. 49. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 49 General Broker Service Challenge  Consolidate and Virtualize storage for a VMware environment to enhance services, deliver 24x7 business continuity, reduce costs Solution  Consolidate on a NetApp MetroCluster solution for enhanced services and business continuity Result  Consolidate information  Achieved storage redundancy  Deliver 24x7 business continuity  Provide scalability and flexibility  Streamline backup, upgrades  Easily add new functionality such as deduplication GBS core business is insurance intermediation – that is, working as an intermediary between insurance companies and customers. GBS is among top 10 Italian insurance groups. “From the client point of view, nothing substantially changed, and we didn’t even have to work evenings, as often happens in a data centers when updating the system.” Pasquale Lionetti IT Manager, General Broker Service
    50. 50. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 50 ING Private Banking, Singapore Challenge  Eliminate manual tasks, Automate data management processes  Build a scalable, integrated, and cost efficient storage infrastructure Solution  NetApp NAS and SAN solutions Result  Reduce time taken to restore and back up data  Improve RPO and RTP  Minimize total cost of ownership  Enhance corporate compliance efforts and risk management  Increase data security ING Private banking in Singapore is the regional Asia headquarters for the company, and it offers first-class fiscal guidance, investment services, and financial planning services through a team of ING private bankers. “ We now have a dynamic storage infrastructure that allows us to implement more value-added applications to help grow the top-and bottom-line of ING Private Banking.” - Elaine Lee Head of IT, ING Asia Private Bank
    51. 51. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 51 Financial Technologies Group Challenge  Improve enterprise-wide data security, availability and archival.  Provide a common platform for storage consolidation and virtualization to support the rapid growth of the organization Solution  NetApp unified storage solution FAS 2050 to consolidate SAP and WMware, SnapManager and SnaoShot for automated backups and better disaster recovery Result  Increased CPU utilization rates  Faster provisioning and backups  Huge cost savings in terms of space and power utilization  Enterprise class disaster recovery The Financial Technologies group is a global leader providing solutions for creating and operating next generation financial markets that are transparent, efficient and liquid, commodities, currency and debt. “ Data ONTAP 7G, helped our company bolster storage efficiency through higher utilization of capacity, thin provisioning and SnapShot technology.” - Keshav Savant VP and Head – Information Technology
    52. 52. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 52 The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) Challenge  Comply to the highest international security standards and develop an IT infrastructure that will support future workload expansion Solution  NetApp at both data center and disaster recovery site Result  Cost-effective solution that exceeded organization needs  Able to provide 24/7 services without any need for additional staff  Saves time and cost by reducing the use of expensive storage devices SEC was established in 1992 to act as the Thai Capital Market supervisory agency entrusted with the mission to ensure “efficiency, fairness, transparency and integrity”. “NetApp products truly and seamlessly answer the SEC’s needs and, more importantly, help us save time and cost, while improving the over usage of our existing storage devices .” - Kumpol Sontanarat Director, Information and Communication Technology, SEC
    53. 53. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 53 Open Link Financial Challenge  Expand storage options to conserve disk space; leverage and scale legacy storage without ‘forklift’ upgrade Solution  Move critical workloads to NetApp unified storage; front- end legacy /SAN with NetApp V-Series Result  Saved six figures by avoiding HP forklift upgrade  Greater flexibility by using NFS  50% savings in storage capacity for VMware with deduplication  30% savings in storage capacity for Oracle with NetApp FlexClone  2x improvement in RTO Founded in 1992, Open Link Financial is a software vendor specializing in trading, risk management, and operations processing solutions for energy and financial markets. “ We’re saving around 50% of the total storage capacity we would require for our VMware environment by using NetApp deduplication.” - Thomas Mertz - Director of Global MIS, Open Link Financial
    54. 54. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 5454© Retail
    55. 55. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 55 SPAR Challenge  Large data growth and complex storage management Solution  NetApp FAS3170 cluster in the Salzburg headquarters and NetApp FAS3140 cluster at secondary site Result  Highly efficient storage for optimized data management  Deduplication saves 6 TB of storage space  Improved data protection thanks to accelerated backup and restore processes  Reduced time and money spend because of implified administration  High availability and disaster recovery via cluster architecture  Replacement of an optical archiving system with SnapLock SPAR Austria Group is a retail giant that employs 35000 people in Austria, making it the largest, private employer across the country. SPAR operates in markets like Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia. “NetApp, of all the systems evaluated, offers the best storage efficiency and price performance ratio.” Rainer Anschober, System Developer, SPAR
    56. 56. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 56 Zumiez Challenge  Create an easy-to-manage, scalable storage infrastructure to protect data Solution  NetApp manageability software scales up to the demands of the business and protects data at three sites Result  Improved key application performance by 15%  Supported storage growth of 50% without staff increase  Reduced server stand-up time from one day to one hour  Eliminated risk to data loss  Helped reduce IT costs to less than half industry average “NetApp delivers a single software interface to the entire storage environment. I shiver to think how complex storage management would be without NetApp tools.” - Lee Hudson, Technology Director, Zumiez Zumiez anticipates and delivers the latest style trends in a fast-moving market. This retailer caters to young men and women focusing on skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, motocross, and BMX.
    57. 57. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 57 AhorraMás Challenge  Modernize storage infrastructure, manage data backup in a fast, simple, and reliable manner, and shorten recovery time Solution  Implement two NetApp FAS920 storage systems Result  Greater system and application availability  Shorter interruption times and increased performance  Better personnel productivity with higher information availability  Capability to accelerate backups and recoveries to obtain instantaneous copies “We chose NetApp because of cost, flexibility, trust and simplicity and because with NetApp we had all the technological storage solutions we needed in a single product. - Samuel Recuenco, AhorraMas Director of Information Technology AhorraMás is a commercial distribution company in Madrid, Spain. It has more than 180 stores in 4 provinces, which places it among the market leaders.
    58. 58. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 5858 Healthcare
    59. 59. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 59 McKesson Relay Health Challenge  Lacking a cost-efficient solution to maintain 24/7 access to data  Needed to minimize expenses without compromising quality and availability of services  Aging EMC system lacked speed  Existing deployment created potential for a single point of failure Solution  Replaced EMC with a NetApp FAS270C and FAS6040  NetApp provided support for over 80 Oracle databases via iSCSI  Consolidated file service via NetApp® CIFS for production, disaster recovery, user acceptance testing Result  $280,000 cost savings over three years  36% reduction in storage management costs  Improved responsiveness to the needs of the business  File services consolidation simplifies backup and recovery “NetApp offers tremendous value because it’s allowed us to centralize storage on one platform with a user-friendly system that is easy to manage. We…can now respond much faster to requests from the business and clients.” - Tracy Thompson, Senior Director of Technical Services, McKesson RelayHealth RelayHealth, based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides solutions to improve clinical communication, care delivery, and cash collection. It provides health insurance providers with a robust prescription drug benefits claims processing system to administer claims efficiently.
    60. 60. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 60 University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Challenge  Support multiple systems and protect patient information and research data with a reliable, cost-effective storage solution Solution  NetApp FAS and NearStore storage systems along with SnapManager for MicroSoft Exchange and SnapMirror software Result  Slashed full backup and recovery time by about 80%  Gained headcount savings of about 60%  Cut servers required by about 70%  Reduced database copy time by about 60% and time to restore corrupted data by 75% to 80% “NetApp has kept pace, every step of the way, as our storage requirements have grown from about 9 TB of raw data storage to approximately 250 TB.” Brian Grimm, Projects and IT Architecture, UTMB University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is an academic medical center that funds health science professionals and researchers, cares for patients, and solves biomedical puzzles through scientific inquiry.
    61. 61. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 61 Sentara Healthcare Challenge  Build a robust, scalable, reliable storage solution for EMR and other patient-care initiatives  Simultaneously fortify and simplify storage infrastructure Solution  NetApp® V-Series storage virtualization solution  NetApp V3050 system, FAS3020, SnapMirror®, SnapRestore®, SyncMirror®, SnapVault®, SnapManager® for Microsoft® SQL Server™, FlexVol®, FlexClone® Result  Accelerated Microsoft SQL Server backups  Achieved 99.999% availability for ERM system  Shortened dev/test cycles  Completed database re-indexing six times faster  Provided an highly available CIFS infrastructure “The NetApp® V-Series solution lets us leverage our high-end disk arrays for critical SQL applications, as well as environments that use the CIFS protocol, while dramatically improving storage manageability and utilization. Within two days of deployment, we were presenting storage via FC protocol to Windows® hosts.” - Joseph Rowell, enterprise Architect Solutions Manager Sentara Healthcare Sentara Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare provider serving more than two million Virginia and North Carolina residents with more than 100 care- giving sites and a full range of health coverage plans and services.
    62. 62. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 62 Toronto’s University Health Network Challenge  Provide safe and reliable data storage, minimize downtime, and improve recovery processes. Solution  Used NetApp professional services to migrate PACS data to new MetroCluster solution Result  Enabled synchronous data replication between sites located miles apart for disaster recovery  Gained the ability to respond to changing storage needs quickly and easily  Increased utilization of existing storage  Dramatically improved I/O performance and reduced bottlenecks  Minimized downtime with simple and powerful recovery processes “If you’re looking for the full package – professional, reliable performance, service, and support – then NetApp® is the right solution for you.” Luis Faustino, University Health Network University Health Network (UHN) is an umbrella organization that encompasses three major hospitals in Toronto, Canada, and a group of medical laboratories and foundations.
    63. 63. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 63 Gateway Health Plan Challenge  Support fast-growing health plan business with uninterrupted member-ship services, even during a disaster Solution  NetApp Professional Services (PS) helped build a storage solution that delivers business continuity through a redundant architecture and virtualization Result  Enabled failover resulting in nearly continuous operations during disasters  Slashed recovery time objective (RTO) by more than 98%  Saved millions in networking, hardware, utilities, and staging costs to save money and increase funds available for investment in member services “NetApp’s PS staff was doing double duty, helping ensure the solutions were tightly integrated. Their expertise with VMware was invaluable. David Guilinger, Director of Information Services Gateway Health Plan is an alternative to Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare’s Medical Assistance Program. It is rated among the best Medicaid health plans in the country.
    64. 64. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 64 ExamWorks Challenge  Implement best-of-breed cloud-infrastructure to support tripling business growth, deliver application flexibility, and slash IT costs Solution  Deploy VMware vSphere/View on Cisco UCS with NetApp storage for scalability, agility, and $ 1.%M savings Result  Avoid >$1M IT staffing costs  Achieve nearly $500K capex/opex savings  Deploy 3-rack data center to support >2000 employees business  Scale seamlessly for triping revenue growth  Eliminate high-cost PC refreshes  Eliminate helpdesk “The Cisco/NetApp/VMware infrastructure is a game changer. We can run our entire business on an integrated and verified platform that we deployed in our data center in a matter of hours. This infrastructure is where everybody’s going to be in 2012, but we’re already here.” Brian Denton, CTO, ExamWorks, Inc. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ExamWorks is a fast-growing independent medical examination (IME) and review company.
    65. 65. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 65 Mosaic Community Services Challenge  Upgrade storage, backup, and recovery to accommodate large volumes of data and lay a scalable foundation for growth Solution  Install NetApp FAS2050 storage running both SAN and NAS in the primary site and replicate to NetApp FAS2020 storage off site for backup and DR. Virtualize servers with VMware to increase server flexibility. Result  Improved backup speed from an average of 19 hours to minutes  Reduced server recovery time from days to minutes  Reduced storage usage by 35% across all applications with deduplication  Enabling aging servers to be replaced with fewer, higher-quality servers. “Between NetApp, VMware, and CTI, we’re positioned where we need to be in order to provide the critical services we need to, and provide them 24x7 regardless of any scenario, disaster or otherwise.” Matt Peeling Chief of Information and Telecommunications, Mosaic Community Services Since 1984, Mosaic offers an array of services throughout central Maryland. Mosaic delivers effective, community-based, outcome-focused services that are consumer driver and flexible.
    66. 66. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 66 University of Utah Challenge  Provide students and medical staff with nondisruptive access to medical data and applications Solution  Replace 30 file servers with two NetApp V-Series units front-ending an HDS for streamlined, high-performance, scalable data management Result  Eliminated 30 file servers for reduced costs for $422,500  Zero downtime since deployment  30% improvement in storage utilization  750 man-hours of administration and troubleshooting saved per year  More efficient use of existing SAN assets The University of Utah is affiliated with academic research and education institutions, healthcare clinics, and a hospital ranked as one of ‘America’s Best Hospitals’ for 13 consecutive years. “ Comparing life before NetApp to where we are now, it’s like night and day. NetApp has solved our business challenges. When we need to scale, we simply add disk and we’re done.” - John Fagg - Manager, Storage Management Services, University of Utah Healthcare
    67. 67. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 67 OraMetrix Challenge  Develop scalable storage solution for growing databases that must be available 24x7 Solution  Implement NetApp FAS storage systems with NetApp SnapManager for Microsoft SQL server and NetApp Snapshot software Result  Instantaneous backups of growing, business-critical databases  24 times faster file restores (10 minutes versus 4 hours)  88% savings of disk storage with NetApp deduplication  Growing the business without adding headcount Orametrix uses 3- D images that are translated into custom braces that are shaped by robots from an alloy that remembers its shape and gradually pulls the teeth into its proper position. “ It was pretty clear early on that the NetApp product was going to give us what we needed at a substantially reduced cost over an EMC solution.” - Patrick Peters - Director of IT, OraMetrix
    68. 68. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 68 VAMED Group Challenge  Centralized, flexible, and scalable storage for SAP applications Solution  NetApp unified storage with a tiered data protection concept for SAP Result  Reduced administrative overhead with centralized management  Ensured uptime due to MetroCluster and on-the-fly scalability  Shortened SAP backup cycles from 4 hours to a few minutes  Extended consolidation to non-SAP applications  Achived lont-term ROI through flexibility and scalability VAMED Group is a global provider of project and management services for the healthcare sector. The company manages hospitals such as the Vienna General hospital as well as healthcare centers, day spas, and wellness hotels. “ We invested in a storage and data management platform which delivers exactly the flexibility and simplicity we need today.” - Bernhard Parr - SAP Customer Competence Center
    69. 69. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 6969 Research and Technical
    70. 70. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 70 Gilead Sciences Challenge  Meeting project timeline commitments to ensure products are released on schedule  Have reliable access to all information related to drug research and development to comply with stringent FDA regulations  Implement efficient and manageable storage infrastructure  Support worldwide deployments on Oracle and PeopleSoft applications Solution  NetApp Technologies: SnapShot, SnapManager for Exchange with single Mailbox Recovery, SyncMirror  A clustered storage system with hundreds of terabytes of data.  NetApp products deliver availability, manageability, disaster recovery, and virtualization Result  Reduced systems administration costs by $500,000  Achieved 100% uptime and complete DR solution  Met expanding needs for storage while improving system reliability and operating efficiency  Leveraged virtualization to consolidated from 300 servers to 30 machines  “Remarkably easy” – Employees recover own data – Easy upgrade, data migration – OS upgrade as easy as “Install. Download. Done.” – 99.9% faster e-mail restore In 20 years, Gilead Sciences has become one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. With each new discovery and experimental drug candidate, Gilead Sciences seeks to improve the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.
    71. 71. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 71 Apache Corp Challenge  Implement a storage solution that provides performance, reliability and scalability for a 64-bit collaborative geologic modeling and seismic interpretation application environment Solution  Install NetApp solution optimized for a 64-bit E&P application environment to seamlessly handle data growth from 500TB to 3.5PB Result  700% data growth, no additional administrative costs  Data delivered in seconds, rather than minutes  Improved decision making among geoscientists worldwide Headquartered in Houston, Apache Corp is an independent company that explores for, develops, and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids. Employing 4000 people, Apache has assets of $24.3B and operates in 6 countries. “ We have seen 700% data growth since moving to this 64-bit platform with Petrel, and solutions from NetApp have helped us prevail without additional administrative support costs.” - Bradley Lauritsen - Manager, Exploration Computing Department, Apache Corp.
    72. 72. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 72 Affymetrics Challenge  Flexibly respond to growing storage needs related to design of Affymetix’s GeneChip technology and the data-intensive scientific analysis, and processing in a cost-effective way Solution  Deploy NetApp unified storage architecture across multiple sites to support all aspects of product development and research services Result  Significant administrative cost savings due to ease of management (two FTEs)  Five nines availability in production  Reduced tape-based backup by 70%  Improved backup times from two days to 30 minutes  Backup failure rate reduced from 25% to <1%  Ability to quickly provision storage to meet customer demands “NetApp® helps Affymetrix with doing IT cheaper, better, and faster.” – Karl Konnerth Affymetrix technologies analyze complex human, plant, animal, and food genetic information to understand and improve life through the advancement of molecular technologies.
    73. 73. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 73 TNO Science and Industry Challenge  Support complex mathematical modeling with extremely high-performance, scalable storage that is easy to manage Solution  NetApp Data ONTAP GX system, NetApp WAFL file system, RAID-DP, and Snapshot technologies Result  Achieved fast multi-giga byte-per-second performance needed to support enormous calculating power of supercomputer  Gained easy scalability of storage capacity to multiple petabytes  Maintained simple, efficient management, requiring less administrative time and costs  Accelerated performance of additional scientific applications TNO Science and Industry is a core area of TNO’s organization, focusing primarily on the business community, specifically helping organizations in the processing and manufacturing sector to gain competitive edge by supporting the innovative development of products, materials and production processes.
    74. 74. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 74 Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy Challenge  DAS storage and growth produced slow research processing, ineffective use of storage, and an IT space crunch Solution  NetApp with deduplication, Snapshot, and SnapMirror Result  Deferred additional IT hardware purchase by 12 months  Gained ability to support up to 30 virtual machines per ESX server versus the prior limit of 10 to 12  Boosted research processing with effective handling of heavy data I/O workloads  Reduced storage capacity needs for VMware® by reclaiming 83% of duplicate VM data “You just can't go wrong with NetApp. NetApp's user management is tremendously better than any other storage platform I've used…I spent more time managing 60TB to 70TB of direct-attached storage than I do managing the 225TB of NetApp storage we have now.” -Jonathan Davis, System Administrator North Carolina– based Duke University is known for its growing involvement in genomic research. The university's Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy (IGSP) includes seven centers of genomic research
    75. 75. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 75 J. Craig Venter Institute Challenge  Support continual growth in critical research data with a reliable, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective storage environment Solution  NetApp V-Series storage virtualization enable JCVI to bring inactive EMC devices into its NetApp NAS and manage them like NetApp hardware. Result  Support institute mission with instant access to critical research data  Reduce TCO of storage by using NetApp functionality across NetApp and EMC arrays  Preserve investment in EMC storage, avoiding a purchase of new hardware that would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars JCVI is a world leader in discovering and exploring genomes. Formed through the merger of several affiliated organizations, JCVI employs approximately 400 people. “V-Series helps us make sure our scientists always have the data they need. It also helps us make the most of the dollars we get from our grants so that JCVI can continue to lead efforts to conquer disease and improve the environment through genomic research.” - Eddy Navarro, Computer Systems Manager for Storage, JCVI.
    76. 76. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 76 Sky Research Challenge  Handle multiple data types and protocols, enable easy access to data, protect against data loss Solution  A NetApp FAS3020 system stores geographical image data, backed up with NetApp Snapshot copies and replicated with NetApp SnapMirror software to another FAS3020 Result  Slash cost of data storage from $17/GB to $6/GB  Support multiple protocols  Increase storage utilization  Store 10 TB+ of data with nearly 100% uptime  Save cost of dedicated storage personnel “What with ease of administration, flexibility, and greater utilization, the NetApp solution slashed our cost of data storage by 65%, from $ 17/GB to $6 /GB.” -Steven Fletcher, IT Director, Sky Research Sky Research collects and processes high- quality spatially dense data on thousands of acres of land to create high-resolution imagery that will help remediation teams pinpoint danger from unexploded ordnance (UXO)— and ID where there is no danger.
    77. 77. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 77 European Molecular Biology Laboratory Challenge  Meet the needs of exponential data growth and provide an efficient and reliable cross platform integration for a heterogeneous environment while reducing maintenance costs and improving performance Solution  Implement clustered primary storage for high availability, high performance and built-in scalability Result  Streamlined storage management and reduced costs  Improved performance with faster I/O processing  Provided fast scalability  Facilitated provisioning between the hardware offering greater flexibility  Increased reliability reducing the risk of data loss and eliminating complicated restore issues “The dramatically reduced the number of storage devices by 90% and we can confidently say that this lowered overhead costs especially management by 60 to 80%.” -Dr. Rupert Luck, Head of IT Services, EMBL The EMBL’s main laboratory is based in Heidelberg (Germany) and is Europe’s flagship for research in molecular biology. With more than 1400 staff across its 5 sites, EMBLs mission extends to training programs for scientists, students and visitors.
    78. 78. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 78 National Cooperation for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) Challenge  Increase the standard of quality in the central data center Solution  Virtualize server environment and consolidate on NetApp Unified storage architecture Result  Simplified administration with flexible volume management  Reduced energy consumption by 60%  Significantly improved availability and stability of data access  Reduced rack space requirements by 80%  Reduced backup volume by 30% with deduplication  Accelerated tape backup eight times Nagra’s more than 30 years of experience in the field or radioactive waste disposal has also been applied in other national and international waste disposal programs, as well as in non-nuclear projects. Nagra has 80 employees headquartered in Canton Aargau, Switzerland. “ With the previous environment, we had to deal with server crashes and hardware failures over and over again. Since the NetApp consolidation, everything works smoothly, which of course makes our users happy.” Benjamin Meier - IT Director, Nagra
    79. 79. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 7979 Information and Media
    80. 80. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 80 Sensis Challenge  Provisioning storage project by project was inefficient, expensive, and slow. To support Sensis’s more than 50% annual growth, the company needed a more responsive and cost-effective storage solution Solution  NetApp helped Sensis create a shared storage framework that enables the company to provision and launch new services more quickly, and provides greater data protection through backup and disaster recovery capabilities Result  Slashed time to market by provisioning in hours instead of weeks  Reduced projected staffing requirements “ The NetApp IP SAN solution has helped us reduce storage requirements and operational costs. From an IT operations perspective, we’re faster and less costly, cutting our time to provision a system from weeks to days – in some cases, just hours.” - Grainne Kearns - G.M. Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Sensis Sensis is a leading information services company in Australia with 3500+ employees and AU $1.86B in revenue
    81. 81. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 81 Thomson Reuters Challenge  Deliver innovation and responsive client services while reducing IT costs and energy usage Solution  FAS6080HA storage systems, SnapShot, FlexVol, deduplication, SnapMirror, and SnapRestore technologies; MultiStore and SnapVault software; NetApp SANScreen product suite; NetApp Global services Result  Enable doubling of storage utilization to 60%  Achieve 99.85% utilization on backup storage  Reduce annual storage CAPEX/OPEX by millions of dollars  Eliminate one year’s power growth 9=1MW or =$650K)  Defer building three data centers at tens of millions of dollars each “ The VMware-on-NetApp project will save one year’s power growth, or about one megawatt of consumption, We’re currently recovering 9.6 kilowatts per week and expect that over eight years we’ll defer building three new data centers. That’s where we save the serious money.” - Headquartered in New York, Thomson Reuters employs 50,000 people in 93 countries. The company combines expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to decision makers in financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare and media markets
    82. 82. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 82 Radio Television of Serbia Challenge  Create high performance, reliable virtual infrastructure to support real time broadcasting, and consolidate and virtualize its server and storage infrastructure Solution  NetApp FAS2020 provides a reliable and stable storage platform for critical 24x7 broadcasting data Result  Set new performance standard for content-rich broadcast  Support 3,500 users sending rich media  Flexible capacity allocation  Extreme reliability  Fast, reliable backup and recovery of audio, visual files “NetApp was simply the best choice to meet all our needs in terms of stability, disaster recovery, VDI support, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.” - Srboljub Nikitovic, Executive Director, Radio Television of Serbia As the public broadcaster in Serbia, Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) produces and broadcasts a variety of news, drama, and sports programs through radio, television, and the Internet.
    83. 83. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 83 Spin West VFX Challenge  Keep storage from negatively affecting render jobs, artist productivity, and IT support efforts Solution  Move to more reliable, flexible storage with NetApp Data ONTAP GX Result  Improved system reliability with no downtime  Easy scaling to add more storage controllers without disrupting production  Rapid load balancing with NetApp FlexVol  An economical growth path with reuse of legacy storage With headquarters in Toronto, SPIN Productions’ Vancouver, B.C.- based franchise, SPIN West VFX, has won many awards for visual effects, animation, and design work, including a LEO award for best visual effects, animation, and design work for the movie FIDO. “With NetApp global namespace, I can put files anywhere within the cluster. I can add new storage controllers. I can run NetApp FAS3050 storage controllers today. Then, if a project requires more horsepower, I can add faster NetApp FAS3070 or FAS6070 controllers.” Joel Shaikin, Director IT, SPIN West VFX
    84. 84. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 84 Vantage Media Challenge  Constantly offer new and innovative online marketing services to rapidly expanding client base Solution  The combination of NetApp FlexClone and VMware enables Vantage to quickly create an infinite number of software development and test environments Result  Cut time to create test environments by 98%, accelerating time to market of new software functionality  Maximize innovation through a 100% increase in projects in simultaneous development  Save $100,000 in staffing costs by simplifying the creation of test environments “NetApp FlexClone software helps us create as many test environments as we want, so we can develop and test multiple ideas in parallel before they get anywhere near our production systems. That’s how we stay on the leading edge without being on the bleeding edge.” - Dave Ross, Director, NetWork Operations, Vantage Media Vantage Media is one of the largest performance search marketing firms in the U.S.
    85. 85. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 85 Corelio NV Challenge  Virtualize storage to unify NAS/SAN for manageability and reduced costs; provide continuous availability. Solution  Implement NetApp V-Series and MetroCluster solution for high availability, cost savings, and simple storage admin Result  Achieve four years (and counting) uptime  Pool storage for fast provisioning  Add capacity without adding IT staff  Reduce help desk calls  Reduce cost of growth with admin, capacity, bandwidth savings  Deliver flexibility for new apps, VDI, and more “The V-Series maximizes our efficiency and flexibility in using and assigning storage. With pooled storage resources, we can easily provision capacity wherever its needed for file shares or databases or to the VMware environment. It’s easier to accomplish, five times faster, and we’re making the maximum use of existing capacity.” - Jan LaFosse, Information Communication Technology Manager, Infrastructure, Corelio NV Corelio NV is Belgium’s largest newsletter publisher, selling nearly half a million copies daily. Their multimedia products and services touch some 58% of the Belgian Population.
    86. 86. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 86 Kelley Blue Book Challenge  Guaranteeing reliability, performance, and support for Kelley Blue Book’s extreme expansion and growth needs Solution  Expand NetApp storage to support Kelley Blue Books production, development, QA and staging activities driven by VMware Result  Boosted storage utilization for virtual servers by over 200%  Improved storage system performance by up to 400%  Postponed $ 100,000 in new disk acquisition costs by 12 months or more  Avoided $300,000 in upfront storage purchases with ‘just- in-time’ scalability  Rapid provisioning with easy maintenance to resolve ‘final hour’ development requests  Granular Exchange mailbox recovery in minutes instead of a day or more “NetApp allowed us to scape up and grow our infrastructure modularly on a ‘just-in-time’ basis without having to make huge forward looking guesses about capacity.” - Grant Leathers, - Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Kelley Blue Book Since its emergence on the web in 1995, has become the number-one automotive web site among new and used car vehicle shoppers. The site averages more than 13M visits a month and generates over 35M monthly vehicles pricing reports.
    87. 87. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 8787© Telco and Service Providers
    88. 88. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 88 Terremark Challenge  Provide robust, secure cloud-based DR services that are cost effective for customers and for Terremark. Solution  Deliver cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions built on a NetApp storage infrastructure including NetApp FAS6040 and NetApp FAS3020 storage systems running the Data ONTAP operating systems Result  Reduced data storage capacity needed for virtual machines by at least 50%  Reduced administrative time and costs two-to threefold  Reduced customer RPO and RTO from days to hours to minutes Terremark is a leading IT infrastructure service provider providing managed hosting, colocation, networking, and security services. In 2009, Terremark was named VMware Service provider of the year. “With NetApp, we also have a trusted partner that is committed to our success and is constantly providing operating system upgrades, dedplication, and other powerful new functionality at no charge. -Mike Fink, Director of Cloud DR Solutions, Terremark Worldwide
    89. 89. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 89 Siemens IT Services, Germany Challenge  Simplify management, reduce costs, and improve availability of MicroSoft Exchange Services Solution  NetApp FC SAN Clsutered FAS Series systems, NetApp SnapManager for Exchange with Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR), NetApp NearStore systems, and NetApp SnapVault software Result  Maintained zero downtime  Achieved fast D2D backup and recovery  Improved utilization of storage assets  Gained competitive edge with lower cost per mailbox Siemens IT Solutions and Services is a leading international provider of IT solutions and services. The group employs 43,000 people and posts annual sales of about 5 B Euros “After comparing solutions for our Exchange consolidation project, we chose a NetApp FC SAN for performance flexibility scaling and availability. NetApp SnapManager for Exchange software was also a high factor – no other vendor had a equivalent management tool at that time.”-Andreas Huber Senior Systems Engineer and Planning Manager for Exchange, Siemens IT Solutions and Services
    90. 90. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 90 Razor Technology Challenge  Implement best-of-breed infrastructure to uplift functionality and drive down costs of external cloud-based backup/recovery, hosting, and IT services Solution  Standardize on NetApp for MB to TB services scalability, enterprise-class features, and maximum efficiency Result  Spend 50% less, save 50TB with deduplication  Shrink dev/test refreshes from days to minutes  Provision resources on the fly  Precisely meet customer IT needs – deliver ‘no more, no less’ Razor Tech is an IT solutions provider focussed on end-to-end enterprise infrastructure solutions. Razor designs, plans, delivers, and support high- performance, integrated solutions for some of the most demanding data centers in the world “With NetApp deduplication, we use 50% less storage on internal systems – that’s a 50TB savings. Withiut it, we’d need 100TB to do the same business.” -Tyler Britten Director of Cloud Solutions, Razor Technology
    91. 91. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 91 Databasement Challenge  Provide enterprise-class data protection and other services at an affordable price Solution  Safeguard client data with a cloud-based, service- oriented infrastructure built on NetApp unified storage systems and software Result  Supported diverse customer needs, applications and budgets  Built tiered service model on unified storage platform to support StaaS model  Managed four petabytes of storage with two administrators  Instantaneously recovered customer data  Reduced TCO while improving service levels Founded in 2002, Databasement was among the first companies to deliver storage as a service (STaaS). Today, operating out of 8 data centers, the company is a top provider of data protection services “NetApp gives us our key differentiator – the ability to provide our customers with SLAs that are appropriate for their businesses at reasonable costs.” -Rob Christ, Founder and Director, Databasement
    92. 92. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 9292 SAP Hosting Challenge  Replace decentralized local storage and optical media for e- mail, R/3 documents, and archiving with a centralized, highly available solution Solution  Data consolidation on redundant NetApp storage and synchronous mirroring access Fiber Channel with MetroCluster software provides fail-safe operation  SnapManager for Exchange protects e-mail data Result  Delivers high-availability access to e-mail and archive files  Streamlines administration and increases scalability  Provides ability to restore individual e-mails “The archives of our customers alone are growing by around 1TB per year, and capacity must be increased accordingly. The simple scalability of NetApp storage reduces administration to the absolute minimum and contributes to high availability.” Christopher Hermann, Director, Business Systems Services, SAP Hosting AG SAP AG is the world’s leading provider of e- business software solutions. Today, more than 18,800 companies in over 120 countries run more than 56,000 installations of SAP software
    93. 93. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 93 Swisscom Challenge  Manage data growth of up to 40%  Decrease long runtimes for backup jobs  Control increasing costs and space shortages in computing centers while efficiently meeting customer SLAs Solution  File service backup optimization through NetApp® V- Series and NetApp SnapVault® software  NetApp V-Series: V6070, V6080, V3070, GF960, GF940, GF920; SnapVault; SnapRestore®; MultiStore®; MetroCluster; Snapshot™; Operations Manager; Protection Manager Result  File backups in minutes at 2.5 times lower cost  Utilization of 8 times less disk space  Return on investment (ROI) in weeks  Enhancement of competitive strength Swisscom IT Services is a leading Swiss IT service provider whose core business is the integration and operation of complex IT infrastructures for full and partial outsourcing. Swisscom employs 2,600, has 14 locations, and has sales of over 900 million CHF (U.S.$800 million)
    94. 94. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 94 Porsche Holding Challenge  Implementation of a powerful, highly available storage infrastructure for thousands of users across Europe Solution  NetApp Unified storage and MetroCluster software in combination with flexible and efficient NetApp data management Result  Cost benefits in operation, scalability and licensing  Wide range of options for storage virtualization  High level of flexibility in connectivity, data recovery and quality assurance  Seamless scalability and upgrade options  Predictability and investment protection “With our decision for NetApp, we have not only introduced a new storage architecture but also a philosophy of data management.” - Anton Spitzer, Manager Infrastructure Services, Prosche Informatik GmbH Porsche Informatik GmbH, is responsible for continuous IT operations of the holding company and serves as an application service provider for the company’s subsidiaries and the dealership network.
    95. 95. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 95 San Diego Data Processing Challenge  Enable more timely delivery of server/storage resources while simultaneously cutting IT costs Solution  Implement VMware on NetApp for fast resource deployment, better capacity utilization, and lower costs  NetApp FAS6030 and FAS 6040 systems, NetApp deduplication and FlexClone software, FlexVol, SnapMirror and SnapRestore technologies Result  Achieved up to 60% capacity savings  Attained within-minutes storage provisioning  Streamlined database backup/recovery  Enabled seamless DR for SAP San Diego Data Processing Corporation (SDDPC) is a not-for- profit provider of government information technology solutions. SDDPC provides a wide range of phone, data, and IT services for city, county, and other clients, including 71 law enforcement agencies. SDDPC employs more than 250 people and is actively involved in over 150 projects. “NetApp FlexClone and Snapshot technologies help us meet aggressive deployment deadlines, such as those imposed on us by the city’s SAP project, where we’re supporting 24x7 development processes. Worth mention in is that NetApp backup, cloning, and recovery processes can be done with space efficiency and negligible performance impact.” - Rick Scherer, VMware Infrastructure Architect, SDDPC
    96. 96. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 96 Reliance Communication Challenge  Build a cost-effective, scalable system to support rapid customer growth and data-intensive business Solution  Deployed NetApp for active-active clustered primary storage system over NAS (NFS) to improve performance of mission-critical applications and backup processing Result  Over $4.25 million in total cost savings  Reduced overall server utilization from 99% to 35%  Increased subscriber capacity by 47 million  Additional 1 million call data records (CDRs) processed per day  Increased backup speed by 8x  Eliminated six- to eight-hour lag for downstream systems’ CDR receipt  Eliminated 24-hour delay in business intelligence reporting  Reduced backup time by approximately eight hours Reliance Communications Ltd. is India’s largest integrated telecom service provider and one of the fastest growing service providers in the world, with a base of >50 million subscribers “Having it perform flawlessly has given RCOM the opportunity to rearchitect other pieces of our systems and infrastructure and continue to beat our own TCO benchmarks”. - Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, CIO, RCOM
    97. 97. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 97 Avanade Inc Challenge  Support rapidly growing service offerings with scalable storage solutions  Reduce data center costs while improving IT service recovery and availability Solution  Combine Hyper-V™ with NetApp® solutions for faster delivery of IT services and easy hot-site failover  NetApp FAS3040 and FAS3020 systems, Snapshot™, SnapMirror®, FlexVol®, deduplication Result  Ease off-site disaster recovery deployment  Supports rapid provisioning of added child partitions  Speeds ongoing test and development  Extends green IT savings from servers to storage “With my previous experiences with tape, I would have never thought about being part of a backup project before in my life. Now, with data protection features like NetApp® Snapshot™ and SnapMirror® — combined with Microsoft® Hyper-V™—I’ll go for it.” Andy Schneider, Senior Systems Engineer Avanade With 8,000 global consultants and a growing client roster, Seattle- based Avanade is a leading global technology integrator that helps companies achieve success using a Microsoft® enterprise platform. The company is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture.
    98. 98. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 98 AISO Challenge  Complexities to host additional clients, lower server and storage utilization  Higher cooling costs and additional footprint  Build high-availability infrastructure for world-class web-hosting services  Reduce energy consumption to stay 100% solar powered Solution  Implement VMware on NetApp to maximize uptime, conserve space and shrink energy usage Result  High server and storage utilization  Reduced power consumption by 60%, cooling costs and footprint  Scale to support 20% Y/Y growth: Remain 100% solar powered, Energy use shrunk 70%  Reduce capacity 8x: complete protection using minimal storage  Increased reliability, more responsive to clients  Capability to seize new and expanded service opportunities Founded as the country’s first solar- powered hosting company, Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc. (AISO) runs its data center and office 100% on solar energy. As a reliable and responsible green Web-hosting company, AISO strives to deliver world-class customer service while simultaneously protecting and preserving natural resources
    99. 99. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 99 Cartika Challenge  Implement fluid storage architecture to handle unpredictable loads of on-demand cloud services Solution  Deliver enterprise-grade elasticity, scalability, and high availability with NetApp storage for Citrix-based CartikaCloud hosting services Result  Deliver around-the-cloud availability  Provide seamless, no-waste scalability  Use 50% less capacity for virtual machines  Automate processes to manage heavy demand  Increase admin efficiency 100% Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in May 2000, Cartika, Inc. is a leading open- source application service provider. “ NetApp technology, combined with low TCO, helps us offer advantages that our competitors don’t have or can’t deliver as efficiently.” - Andrew Rouchotas CEO, Cartika, Inc.
    100. 100. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 100 Tiscali Challenge  Grow revenues by offering hosted e-mail services, provide business continuity, and increase competitiveness by minimizing IT costs Solution  Storage infrastructure 100% on NetApp, deployed on a full range of NetApp software for storage efficiency, ease of management, and DR Result  Achieve 99.997% uptime for e-mail services  Achieve 80% storage utilization rate  Manage 1PB of storage with 4 FTEs, accommodate 60% annual growth with no increase in IT staff  Reduce storage by 48% with deduplication Tiscali Italia S.p.a. is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Italy. Tiscali has about 704,000 customers in Italy, of which more than 570,000 were ADSL customers. “ NetApp has a culture of commitment to the success of its customers. NetApp storage systems are highly reliable and flexible and provide great value to Tiscali.” - Michele Fadda - IT Manager, Tiscali Italia S.p.a
    101. 101. © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 101 Consonus Technologies Inc Challenge  Provide enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity to customers at an affordable, predictable price Solution  Securely archive customer’s e-mail and file data and provide virtual business continuity with cloud-based infrastructure built on NetApp storage systems and software Result  Guaranteed 100% data recovery SLA  Saved 40% of required storage capacity using NetApp deduplication  Scaled to accommodate service growth of 50%  Provide customers with low TCO and high service levels Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Consonus offers world-class data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity services for more than 850 customers throughout the United States “ It’s a game changer: With NetApp, we can deliver a better service more quickly and cost effectively than with any other vendor I know.” - Michael Overton - Director of Consulting Services, Consonus.