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How To Profit From Teleconference Calls

How To Profit From Teleconference Calls



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Canadian financialplannerrevealsteleconferencesecretstosuccessandprofits Document Transcript

  • 1. Financial Planner Finally Reveals Closely Held Secrets On How To Quickly and Easily Build A Thriving Business By Using Teleconference Calls Marketing YOU - Your Products And Services - Through Teleseminars - Special Audio Report – “Click Here” to listen to the ―streaming audio‖ recording of this report – (your media player will open in a new window)Mark Huber, CFPHello and Welcome!Overview:Because of the Internet: It’s never been quicker or easier to either establish abusiness or grow your business! Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -1-
  • 2. As a certified financial planner with over 22 years of experience I have not onlyembraced the Internet – I adore it!As a financial planner – I pride myself in knowing ―a thing or two‖ on how to makemoney and present those opportunities to my clients…as well as myself!However, think about this for a moment – what is it that I actually ―sell‖?It’s basically the desire for ―financial security with peace of mind‖…It’s a concept – a notion – an idea!It’s basically something that is very ―intangible‖!However, at the end of the day – if I articulate my philosophy, strategy andprocedures better than ―the planner down the street‖ – I am awarded the account– and then get paid for it!So, essentially I have nothing to ―sell‖ other than that! It’s big! It’s important!But it is ―intangible!Of course, once the initial paperwork is taken care of I begin the process ofbacking everything I have said with the necessary actionable steps and strategiesso that the clients have a way of measuring the progress we are achieving bymoving closer to their stated goals and timelines and provide them with the toolsto measure my ―value added‖ by…However, before a sale is either contemplated or made I must create anenvironment where I am ―known, liked and trusted‖…Because sales only happen with people that are known, liked and trusted…Years ago that happened over numerous appointments after a successful ―coldcall‖, fax broadcast or ―live‖ seminar event…Now, all of this happens on my websites…I have spent hours and hours developing the reports, eBooks, audios and videosthat articulate my investing philosophy - which, for ―branding‖ and ―namerecognition‖ purposes I call ―The UnCanadian Way‖… Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -2-
  • 3. In fact, you can see and hear what I am talking about at the two financial planningsites I have authored and maintain:http://HowToBeSetForLife.comandhttp://HowToGetRidOfYourMortgage.comWhat has really worked for me is that I learned quickly on that to appear as evenmore of an expert in your field– ―interview an expert‖…You gain ―status‖ in the eyes of your clients or prospects just by talking to andassociating with those individuals.And by far the best, fastest, easiest and cheapest was to do this is through ateleconference call!In fact, the easiest way to get going in your chosen business niche or industry orto ramp up your business to the next level is to use the power of your own voice…Utilizing your voice as a tool is the most powerful yet overlooked way to createand promote a ―brand‖ which is YOU: What you stand for and what you have tooffer and/or are promoting.Through the Internet, there are now many tools, opportunities and strategies thatare available to you to accomplish what it is that you want to do.The Internet also offers you many avenues through which you can ―broadcast‖your message…and in turn – how prospective clients can find you!Currently, you may have some ideas for a business but don’t know how to begin…Or, you may be having a difficult time marketing your products or services throughthe Internet, especially if there aspects to your products that you cannot explainwell enough just by writing about them.For example, imagine just how hard it could be to market your services if you areyou a massage specialist, hair stylist, or a professor or lecturer - let alone like afinancial planner like me?It can be very difficult to convince people to take advantage of your services if youdo not have concrete proof of your abilities, and of course so much harder if youcannot speak with them personally. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -3-
  • 4. You must begin to think in terms of creating the element of trust and ―social proof‖(credibility) so as to establish yourself as the ―expert‖ in your field or the ―go to‖person in your industry.The more well known you are in your market the easier it is to sell somethingbecause there is a level of trust from peopleWebsites can be great in featuring products and how they look, but they can bequite impersonal when you need to talk to people and address their needs.In my experience, THE best way to get over this hurdle is to conduct a teleseminar– or series of teleseminars.Teleseminars And How They WorkEvery kind of business can benefit from teleseminars – including you!But what really is a teleseminar?If you have not already experienced a teleseminar, essentially a teleseminar is anaudio seminar that is broadcast live and usually recorded. It is a great way toeducate your customers and clients about a certain topic, product or service thatyou know about or that you are promoting.It is one of the most economical, easiest, fastest and fun ways to boost your salesandbuild your credibility on your subject area.Teleseminars can be an excellent source of information, update and news about –well, just about anything.Teleseminars are often also called telecalls, teleconferences or teleclinics.That being said, by whatever name you wish to call them – teleseminars areexceptionally convenient – and profitable!And that’s why you are here! Wanting to learn how teleseminars can help you.Right?Of course…These are the two main reasons why many people nowadays are into this type ofseminar format – including myself... Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -4-
  • 5. It’s convenient!Many of my younger clients or prospects have kids so coming to a physicalseminar would entail getting a baby sitting service – this is not only anunappealing consideration for them – but ultimately would be an expense for themas well...Older clients would have a different challenges but still valid ones that would meanthat they would ultimately probably not be attending as well…So, the difference of teleseminars to physical seminars is that it is broadcast in―real time‖ and the audio recording is always available for ―replay‖ .The other big advantage is that setting up a teleseminar is simple andinexpensive!All that you need is a bridge line to allow a lot of people to listen to you.Remember, it’s all about leverage! Speaking once for the maximum advantage…Teleseminars deliver on this.Think back to the last time that you went to a ―live‖ seminar…Once you left the hotel room you had forgotten half of what you learned and evenif you were interested in a follow up you had to search your plastic bag crammedfull of other marketing pieces for the business card.As human beings, we are all ultimately lazy – so, what did we do – nothing!It could have been the best information in the world or the best product of servicepresented – but, if we were not passionate about being engaged in the program orservice – we did nothing…With a teleconference call that all is changed!Those interested in your teleconference call need only a telephone number as wellas an access code in order to listen to your seminar.Additionally, as the call will be (must always be – in my opinion) recorded - makesure that you make it available for everyone that was not able to make the ―live‖call and as a ―replay‖ for those that attended the ―live‖ call but may wish to listenagain as a ―refresher‖…You can give this ―option‖ away free as a ―courtesy‖ OR you can charge for it!Both options have merit and only you can decide which one will work best for you. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -5-
  • 6. Furthermore, if you are going to market a product or service a teleseminar is byfar the most cost effective and time efficient way to go.All teleseminar calls can be ―hosted‖ on not ―hosted‖. With ―hosted‖ calls youhave an operator handling the ―technical‖ side of the call.Living in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada – as I do - we have a great phoneservice provider here called Telus which I have used for years for my ―hosted‖calls.The operator takes care of all the ―participants‖ as they phone in over the bridgeline and will ask them for their name and phone number if I wish this informationto be made available to myself later on after the call has ended. Of course, whywould I want this type of information? Well, to follow up with these individuals tosee if there may be interest in setting down and exploring whether there may be apersonal and business fit together…to make a sale and get a client is what it’s allabout! And for that you need at a minimum and name and phone number.Of course, these days with the ―do not call‖ legislation it is even more importantthat these individuals are made aware that they agree to hearing from me or mystaff…No one has ever said no to the operator. Why? Because they want theinformation that the teleconference call will be providing to them and so whywould they not want to hear from me to ask further questions, etc…Of course, as long as it is always handled in a professional manner and the―permission‖ that they are giving you is NEVER abused by you or your staff thenyou are ―good to go‖…Furthermore, with ―hosted‖ calls the operator handles the tasks related to the Q &A.When the time for the Q & A comes the operator introduces the ―mechanics‖ ofhow to alert her via a ―touch tone‖ phone pad of someone is interested in asking aquestion.The operator then introduces the person by name when it’s their turn in the queue– it’s really slick and very convenient because it allows you to focus on the eventand what is being said rather than having to deal with a self hosted ―moderator‖panel and worry about clicking the right buttons at the right time … Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -6-
  • 7. Now, the ―hosted‖ calls are recorded by the phone company and typically I wouldget the CD with an excellent sound quality .mp3 file recording of the call the verynext day – for a cost of course…On the other hand a ―no hosted‖ call means that you do those chores along withmoderating the call. While this is not really problematic it does mean that youmust be on top of your game so that you appear credible and professional as well.For my, ―no host‖ calls I use an excellent FREE service called The BasementVentures at: on them later…The length of the Teleseminar call is totally up to you! After all- it’s your call!But ―at the end of the day‖ the subject matter, the interest that it generated, andother factors will determine if it lasts for 30 minutes or for 2 hours. However,you DO have control of all of this…Furthermore, bear in mind, that studies have show that the human mind starts toloss interest on whatever is being subjected to around the 45 minute mark…That’s why I always market my teleseminars as ―47‖ minutes in length. (From a―marketing‖ and ―stickiness‖ point of view that is why I use this number – myteleseminars go either shorter or longer – and I ultimately end up with whoever Iend up with - on the lines because of it…)I have ALL my teleseminar calls recorded and than ―transcribed‖. Which isessentially the written version of what was talked about on the teleconference call.Additionally, a ―transcript‖ of the call should be made available to all the callparticipants at a later date.Again, you can give this transcript away free as a ―courtesy‖ OR you can chargefor it! Both options have merit and only you can decide which one will work bestfor you.Teleseminars bring a lot of advantages to business owners.No matter what industry you are in as a business owner you want a continualstream of prospective customers to generate new business AND to ―reconnect‖with existing customers for repeat business.Teleseminars are especially great for this! And do you know why teleseminars area great income generator? Here are some reasons: Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -7-
  • 8. You will be able to charge less for your teleseminar because you’re speaking to alarger audience. Your prospective clients will be able to have access to yourexpertise at a lower price.And this is a huge perceived and real value in their minds!Another advantage of teleseminars is that many of your prospective clients whoare interested in your product or services will be able to ask you questions duringthe Q&A portion of the call.This is ideal because it creates or solidifies the reputation as being ―an expert‖ inthe industry.The teleseminars will let you earn more money in less time!For example, you may charge $300 dollars an hour for a ―one on one coachingcall‖. However, if you are charging $50 per person per hour on a teleseminar and10 people take advantage of the opportunity, you’ll be earning $500 an hour; thisis larger than the physical seminar but with similar length of time!This is ―leverage‖ working for you again…Teleseminars are a great tool to earn money via your expertise.The convenience and cost savings alone make it a ―win-win‖ situation both for youand your clients.When you begin marketing by using teleseminars here are a few tips that youshould be aware of:Have you ever heard the expression that if you smile, you can tell over the phone?Keep this in mind as you conduct the seminar. You want to appear enthusiastic(but certainly not overeager). Because if you can’t be happy because of your ownproduct or the product or service that you are offering, who else can be madehappy by it?Companies with a sales force often use teleseminars for training purposes.Remember this aspect of the teleseminar for not only in selling your product atfirst, but in building a potent sales force that will sell your product or service onyour behalf.Use your teleseminars to train the people that you hope will in turn ―sell‖ yourproduct. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -8-
  • 9. In my view, this is where the utilization of teleseminars and the Internet from an―affiliate marketing‖ point of view totally blow the ―old school‖ MLM (multi levelmarketing model) out of the water…For instance, if your product requires special training to be used, then you mightconduct a teleseminar in order to get people to learn how to use it. You may alsoconduct follow up training for all the updates that you make to your product.Sustain your sales by having teleseminars on a regular basis: this can allow you tokeep in touch with your customers, and I guarantee that it will increase yourreputation as someone who cares about their customers.Remember, what we said earlier about increasing your factor of ―know, like andtrust‖?Craft the content of your teleseminars so that they are useful to your targetmarket, but without appearing like a hard selling salesperson.Always! Always! Always! Provide information on where people can buy yourproduct, and whatthey can get out of it. Moreover, be enthusiastic and persuasive in telling peoplethat they should get the product!Now, that all being said, there is a certain methodology in the preparation,development, marketing and delivery that goes into successful teleseminars.So here goes…The 7 Essential Elements for Ultimate Teleseminar Success!Here are a few things you can do to guarantee the success of your teleseminar.#1: Plan Your PresentationBefore sending out invitations or emails, make sure you’ve already a clear idea ofwhat your presentation will be for your teleseminar. Figure out the link betweenwhat you’re offering and what your target market needs, and you’ll have the besttopic for your teleseminar.Make an outline on how you wish to make your presentation. Be diligent in writingyour ideas and make your outline as detailed as possible. You might think you’llremember everything, but believe me when I say that when the big day comesnearer, stress and pressure can cause severe memory problems.It’s always a good idea to practice your presentation and hold a general rehearsala few days before the actual teleseminar takes place so that you can ―iron out thekinks‖. Do a ―run through‖ with your spouse or a staff member… Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved -9-
  • 10. #2: Prepare Your ToolsMake all the necessary arrangements to have the proper tools ready for thescheduled date. Be sure that your bridge line is functional and other importanttools and equipment are in working order. It may be human to err, but technologyis not always perfect so be sure to have a back-up plan ready in case of anytechnical glitch. (This is really important and I can personally attest to theimportance of having a ―back up‖ plan!)#3: Send Invitations Early and Send It Far and WideInvitations must be sent out as early as possible and follow-up mails and callsshould be made at regular but adequately spaced intervals. You want as manypeople as possible to participate in your teleseminar.This is where sequential autoresponders really shine…All you have to do is load up a series of email messages to go out at the intervalsof your choosing and your done! The emails are then broadcasted to your list ofnames without you having to lift another finger. In fact, automate all of your precall and post call (follow up) email messages. Again, utilize the tools that areavailable to continue to ―leverage‖ your time and expertise…I use an excellent autoresponder service called AWeber. In fact, most of the topInternet Marketers use this service. They are a ―Cadillac‖ service but extremelyreasonably priced at something like $19 a month for unlimited usage. When youare building a business or credibility you must make sure that you are using thevery best services available so that no element of your business goes down.And ultimately, it all reflects back to you. You can open up a trial account byclicking here at AWeber now…Use all the means available to get a hold of your target. Submit links in yourinvitational emails, podcasts, and articles to the appropriate directories. Use socialnetworking and bookmarking to gain greater exposure for your teleseminar. Tryboth free and paid advertising strategies, as long as you can stay within yourbudget. …(for more on this see the ―resources‖ section at the end of this report)Oh, and don’t forget to incorporate ―off line‖ methods as well. People still do readnews papers and trade journals, flyers and ―post cards‖ work really well…#4: Reward Early BirdsTry to think of various benefits to encourage people to sign up early for yourteleseminar. If your teleseminar comes with a participation fee, you can givereasonable discounts or other incentives to those who sign up early. Ebooks and Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 10 -
  • 11. other gifts you may give for free are also an excellent way of increasingattendance for your teleseminar.#5: Make Smart Use of Your Q & AOn your Web page’s ―opt in‖ form allow people to give you their most burningquestions right then and there in the online registration process. Once you receivethese questions, scan these questions and incorporate them in your presentation.Your presentation should also include Q & A segment and you can start byintroducing questions that had been raised in your initial survey but you hadn’tbeen able to address in your presentation. To get the ball rolling for the liveportion of your Q & A segment, offer rewards for the first five persons to voice outtheir questions.#6: Take Care of Your VoiceYour entire teleseminar hinges on your voice so remember to take good care of it,especially on the few days leading to your teleseminar. Have warm water onstandby at all times and make good use of the breaks allotted in yourpresentation.#7: Make Them Informed ListenersYou will waste less time introducing the topic if you send your guests referencematerials prior to the teleseminar. The materials must contain enough informationto give them a clear understanding of what you’re about to offer, but not too muchthat they won’t have to listen to you.Last but not the least, keep a positive outlook for your teleseminar. Don’t letanything get you down. If you believe your products and services are truly whatyour target market needs then go all out in proving it!Types of teleseminarsThere are many different types of teleseminars you can be involved with - it reallydepends on your goals and your market.For example, as a financial planner I will often host an educational informationpacked teleseminar for my clients on a topic that I know is (or should be)important to them.Now, all of a sudden I go from possibly being perceived as ―sales person status‖ toone that is viewed as being ―a valued and trusted resource and advisor‖.One that I did recently was with a mortgage broker that I use: Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 11 -
  • 12. You can see how the ―opt in‖ page and resulting request of ―tell a friend‖ (to makethe call more ―viral‖), the ―download‖ page, etc. all works here at: examples of professionals and the type of calls they might make…A mortgage broker could host a teleseminar on ―what to look for in a goodmortgage broker‖…Actually, if you go to my Website you will see that I interviewed the mortgagebroker that I use and how it lends credibility to what I do…its part of my ―Ask AnExpert‖ series which drives traffic and inquiries my way – and that’s what it’s allabout! realtor could host a teleseminar on what to be aware of in purchasing your firsthome.A dog trainer could host a teleseminar on how to select a dog from the shelter.Teleseminars can be perfect for authors who want to sell more books.You could be a small business owner who wants to attract more business orpromote a live event.Or you have a training course you want to sell seats to.You can do business-to-business, business to consumer, you being interviewed,you going solo, you interviewing other experts to name just a few.Also teleseminare can be:Free sessionsPaid sessionsOpen to the publicPreview callsFAQ callsExpert interviewsAffiliate training callsPrivate sessionsMembership benefit sessionsCorporate trainings Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 12 -
  • 13. Again, virtually any industry benefits from teleseminars and marketing by usingteleseminars.Virtually anyone who is making great money at hosting teleseminars has veryspecific steps they go through to have a successful event.Deciding on the best choices for a teleseminar – researching your marketThe most important thing for you to know is who exactly your market is and whatit is that they want. Otherwise, you could spend a lot of time developingsomething that nobody is interested in.Far too often people either don’t define their market or if they do, they have noclue what their market wants. They go on assumptions. Don’t do this.Again, you need to know your market. You need to know what they are interestedin.If you don’t know your target market - do research before hosting a call.Find out what your market really wantsSpend time to do some research first you will probably find out things that you didnot know before and if so you have a much better understanding of your targetmarket and how to talk to them and more importantly WHAT to talk to themabout.To begin with, you can use a great service called Survey Monkey to do this.There is the free version where you can ask up to 10 questions and get up to 100responsesback. You can also get the paid version which gives you much moreflexibility.It’s really attractively priced at $19 a month. However, just to get going you mayfirst want to do a few surveys with the free version first and decide on the paidversion later on…If you have any kind of a ―subscriber list‖ – ask them what kind of informationthey want to know more about!Now some of you might not yet have a ―subscriber list‖ and are likely wonderinghow you can get started knowing what topics to offer and what type ofteleseminars you should offer. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 13 -
  • 14. One way is to notice what people are talking about is in forums and on socialnetworks.Check out blogs specific to your market.I use the phrase ―lurch, listen and learn…‖If you want to get really good and make really great money at teleseminars, youneed to deliver on the kind of information, products and services that people wantand that are interested in – and that are willing to buy!With the right kind of information you could make money very quickly.However, you need to have all your ducks in a row.Be well prepared before hand for the call.Give high quality content to the listeners.Know before hand what your sales close is going to be.Treat any ―free calls‖ with the same courtesy and as much care as you treat your―paid offerings‖.You need to plan in advance what you are going to offer…(free or paid)How you will market to them? What you will talk about? Whether or not you offera learning guide and what you will do on the ―backend‖ (after the call) to keep intouch with people and what products and services you are going to sell - if any.Remember: Anything you put out in the market represents you. The brand thatyou are creating and building on – so make it the very best that you can!What to do before you host your first teleseminar call1. Determine what your market really wants and needs.2. Come up with a catchy title for the teleconference call.3. Prepare an outline of the call.4. Prepare a learning guide (if you are offering one) for the call attendees.5. Set up your Website ―landing page‖ also known as an ―opt in‖ page. This iswhere individuals must register and must type in their first name and emailaddress before they are given the ―call in‖ details… Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 14 -
  • 15. 6. Set up your sales page (if you are going to sell something) automate thisfeature via Paypal or Clickbank.7. Create your sequential autoresponder messages (a definite MUST) – both ―precall‖ and ―post call‖.8. Determine what your follow up programs will consist of…(for more on this seethe ―Resources‖ section at the end of this report)Note: Always, prepare your future listeners for a great experience. And don’tforget to remind people about the call. Many people who register - will forget.(Send more than one ―gentle reminder‖ message in your autoresponder ―pre call‖sequence.)Essentials for successful teleseminars.Great content!Without a doubt there is allot that you already know about your particular productor service. If there is a market need for your information you can develop yourown content from your own knowledge base - you own head.However, if you are having difficulty coming up with content for your call. Look toother experts in your field. What are these other experts talking about?If you do a quick Google search you are bound to bring up a lot of information anddiscussion on virtually any topic.Pay attention to the forums that you belong to and listen to the discussions thatare popular or start a discussion of your own to see if there is an interest in whatyou are asking.A Service to “host” the call.You need a way to host the call. There are allot of great free resources you canuse for a bridge line.BV FreeConferencing A free and robust conference calling service. I have usedthis many, many times and can personally vouch for it – and hey, it’s FREE!This ―on-demand‖ conference calling service allows for a 250-person conferencecall capacity.Be prepared. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 15 -
  • 16. You must to prepared for the call to be successful. You must market the call toget people to register.Marketing.You could spend a fortune on marketing – and still get dismal results.You don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing.Actually, you can do your marketing for very little hard costs use something called―organic marketing‖. It simply means free ways of getting the message out there.If you have the time, doing any or all of the below will make sure that you have aton of people on the call with you!Or you can ―outsource‖ these ―traffic generation‖ duties to a staff member or toindividuals who do these types of things as a living…(for more on this see the―resources‖ section at the end of this report)Here are some of the ways:Media releasesBlog postingsYahoo group postingsPost Video link on blogPut a link on your websiteForumsCraigsListCalendar postingsEmail Signatur fileYour EzineSolo and classified advertisements on the InternetNewsletter ads with people you knowThere are more ways but this should get you started.Just as with anything, the wording, timing, market and offer will have a lot to dowith your success.Teleconference blunders to prevent.Not testing your market! Followed by lack of quality information.The process: pre sales, the call, post sales and post sales follow upThe call structure (not being adequately prepared) Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 16 -
  • 17. Not testing your process. Make sure your links are working, your shopping cart,your download page, your autoresponder. Test everything – then test it again!Not encouraging affiliate sales. Don’t make this mistake. You want affiliates. Theyreach a market you may not be able to reach. Don’t think in terms of giving up apercentage of the sale, but rather that you are gaining - new business that youotherwise wouldn’t have.To optimize affiliate sales you need a good systems. …(for more on this see the―resources‖ section at the end of this report)What you must do to continually fill up your teleseminars.Have a vision and constantly move towards it! Let each success build on eachother. Always analyse what went right – and what did not go so well. Keepimproving and your income will improve right along side of you as well.Keep your name fresh in your customers mind. Create ongoing value by keeping intouch, and providing incredible information that they can use. (There are countlessways to keep in touch through automation.)Continually develop your marketing ability. Read ebooks on the subject, listen inon other teleseminars to hear what they do and how they do it – you can alwayslearn something – often, what NOT to do!.Get into a mastermind group, where others like you share the same passion forsuccess.Hire a mentor.Go into more in-depth training.In Summary:Teleseminars - An obvious reason to host oneA great reason for hosting a teleseminar is to offer a solution to a problem – andget paid for providing the solution. Simple as that!Do your customers seem to be asking the same questions over and over aboutsomething your products and services could help them with? Host ateleconference call or provide a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on yourwebsite.If so, why not offer a teleseminar to address those questions. With somepreplanning you can accomplish a great deal with your teleseminars. You can solve Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 17 -
  • 18. a problem, introduce people to your products and services and build a loyal clientbase and following….However, this won’t happen by chance.It happens by you having a plan.Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your plan….1. What are the primary concerns, obstacles, problems or issues your market hasthat you have a solution for?2. Besides your current client base, who else would benefit from your solution?3. What title would be appealing to your market?4. How long a session will you offer?5. How much (if anything) will you charge for the initial teleseminar?6. How will you promote the teleseminar?7. How will people register for the call?8. What is your follow up plan for those who registered for the call?These are a few considerations for a successful call. Don’t just leap into hostingteleseminars, plan them out and you’ll likely be much more of a valued resource toyour market than someone who is simply trying to sell something.And as you begin to put all the pieces of the puzzle together – you WILL createexpert status AND make money.All the very best on your journey to Teleconference Success!Cheers!Mark HuberPS: Feel free to email me with your teleconference success stories! We’d love tohear from you!Email: Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 18 -
  • 19. Resources: Mark Huber’s Million Dollar Rolodex! Your Business Building ResourcesCongratulations!You now have access to my private Million Dollar Rolodex!Take advantage of my years of Online experience dealing with vendor productsand services that can make or break you in the Online marketing world.I’ve spent a great deal of time and money on many things that didn’t work aspromised. I spent that money so you don’t have to. Let me point you in the rightdirection by giving you access to the people, products and services listed in mypersonal Million Dollar Resource Rolodex.Please be aware that SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises and Mark Huber do not takeany responsibility for the results that you experience using any of the listedvendors or their products or services. Also please note that while some of thevenders listed may compensate me for sending business their way, I onlyrecommend them too you because of the successes that I have experienced withthem in my own personal businesses.If you are in need a particular service that is not listed here, let me know. Chancesare I can find you a recommended resource from someone in my network.If you see an *asterisk beside a particular vender it means that I have not yetused their product or service but have heard good things about them fromcolleagues.The following tools and service providers will be of great assistance to you, youropportunity and your business… and increasing your income through teleseminars.Free MindGet organized and more effective - quickly and visually with this FREE ―mindmapping‖ program.Teleconferencing Services Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 19 -
  • 20. Each of the following resources are well known and have a good reputations.Check each out and determine for yourself which one you want to go with…BV FreeConferencingA free and robust conference calling service: This ―on-demand‖ conference callingservice allows for a 250-person conference call capacity. It also includes instantconference call access, no conference calling fees, full membership—not a trial,manage calls online—Included Free: Free Conference Call RecordingInstant TeleseminarGet instant access to the worlds simplest most powerful system to explodewebsite profits!IT is a complete turnkey marketing system for GROUP SALES EVENTS. IT attractsprospects, builds lists, and increases sales. You pick an event date and time, andIT does everything else!Get a 21-Day Trial for $1SkypeThis is telephone through your computer!EvocaRecord your Skype call with Evoca. You can even get it transcribed!Audio EditorAudacityThis FREE ―standard in the industry‖ and ―open source‖ program allows you tomanipulate your audio files. You can’t live without it!dBPowerAmp *This service will convert a fast playing or weird sounding audio file for free. Just―upload‖ your mp3 file and ―convert‖ it to: MP3 - 44.1khz – 16 bit – 128kbpsAllows you to edit your audio file for a cleaner sound – you can also add soundeffects like intro and exit music. Very versatile, the industry standard – and FREE. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 20 -
  • 21. Transcription ServicesOnlineAndOntime Virtual Transcription Services. I have used this service foryears and give it my full *Transcription rates are approx. $1.50 a minuteLead Capture Page Maker (A “Squeeze Page”)Click Here Get 10 FREE lead capture (squeeze page) templates,Website DesignHTML EditorNvu―Open source‖ I personally use this constantlyNvu TutorialsGraphics EditorGimp―Open source‖ I personally use this constantlyGimp TutorialsFTP Software – (File Transfer Protocol)Filzillala FTPSequential Autoresponder ServiceAweberMy personal autoresponder service provider of choice…Email Marketing Tutorials Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 21 -
  • 22. Website HostingKiosk HostingMy personal Web Hosting company of choice…HostGator *Another excellent Web Hosting company…Domain Name RegistrarName CheapPayment ProcessorPaypalMerchant AccountCharge Today.comSurvey ToolSurvey MonkeyMembership Site Maker – And MORE!Nanacast.comCreate your own membership sites, premium rss feeds, and podcasts in minutesAutomate delivery of digital and physical products, services, premium rss orpodcasts, including on demand print and shipment!Automate your own affiliate program, manage affiliate brokers, automate affiliatebonus offer delivery, customize promotions with coupons and more!Shopping CartEasyWebAutomation Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 22 -
  • 23. (1shoppingcart) If you have your own blog/website and you want to accept creditcards online, you’re going to need a shopping cart. EasyWebAutomation(1shoppingcart) provides this as well as autoresponders, tracking software,merchant accounts and a lot more. The #1 Automation and Shopping CartSolution…Tracking & TestingAdtrackzGreat tool to monitor, test and track your sales copy and links.Social NetworkingPing.fmA free automated social networking posting serviceThis free service automatically updates ALL of YOUR social networking sites–alerting everyone that there was new ―content‖ available from you!They currently support over 30 social networking sites and are adding more on aregular basis…Other ResourcesTalkShoe.comHave a meeting - public or private. Make a podcast. Or start your own talk show.You automatically get your RSS and iTunes feeds, so you can spread the wordabout your talk show…all for FREE!PodcastsPodclass.comLearn OR share your knowledge. With your FREE membership, you can...create anonline course, get paid for your knowledge, learn from other experts, connect withother members!RadioBlog Talk Radio Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 23 -
  • 24. Host your very own Internet talk radio show – for FREE!Other FavoritesOpen Office *Free alternative to Microsoft!Google Docs *Create ―slide shows‖, ―online‖ calendars and a ton of other useful things – all forFREE!Neevia.comFree online document conversion to .pdf format (I use this constantly…and madethis report with it!)BVID.comThis firm is a ―fulfillment house‖ for creating ―physical‖ products of your audio orvideo recordings – CD’s, DVDs, etc. – no minimum orders! Shipped directly toyour clients doorstep! (Ask for ―Charles‖)Disc MoJo *Converts your digital information products into physical productshttp://99designs.comDesigners from around the globe will submit design concepts to compete for yourbusiness.―Royalty free‖ materials for you to use. Search from over 3 million photographs,vector illustrations, video footage and Flash files.Royalty FREE musichttp://www.trakax.comhttp://www.royalty-free.tv Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 24 -
  • 25. http://downloadsoundeffects.comhttp://www.musictrackslibrary.com Finding An Expert Online – To Do What You Wanthttp://Guru.comhttp://eLance.comhttp://ScriptLance.comhttp://RentACoder.comhttp://GetAFreelancer.comhttp://Workaholics4Hire.comCelebritiesContact Any Celebrity * (great for endorsements) Authors To InterviewRTIR.comMiscallaneousToll Free Numbers *Self PublishingAardvark Global *ISBN and BarcodesBack Up Your Hard Drive (automatically)Mozy *Help Desk Software Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 25 -
  • 26. OS TicketTeleprompterRemember, the true power of leverage is to do the work once and get ―paid‖ for itover and over…this is the power of your opportunity – and the services showcasedabove…More ResourcesIf you enjoyed this product, here are some other products you might like:How To Blog To Make Money – FREE ReportWhy YOU NEED Twitter To Grow Your Business! – FREE ReportThe Affiliate Marketing Success Formula – FREE Membership SiteTalk And Make Money – FREE Membership SiteLearn How To Create Your Very Own – Income GeneratingMembership SitesHow To Effortlessly Automate Your Online Business – FREEAudio InterviewFor more resources and reviews feel free to visit us athttp://SucessOnTheFly.comTo increase your chances of “online” success - follow us in the “virtual”world…Follow Us: (Twitter)Like Us: (Facebook Fan Page) Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 26 -
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  • 28. Who Is Mark Huber?Mark Huber, CFPMark Huber is a proud Canadian living in scenic Richmond, British Columbia,Canada.Mark enjoys sharing cutting edge marketing ideas and practices with those whoalso share a passionate vision for creating true wealth and living their dream lives.“It’s Your Life! Plan For It! Then Live Like You Mean It!”The purpose of this site is to share the tips, tools and strategies to help individualsbecome financially and personally - Set For Life!My #1 passion is (and always has been) helping people to accomplish theirpersonal and financial goals.With over 22 years of experience in the financial services industry my 9-5 ―dayjob‖ is running my successful financial planning practice.Even though I have been ―online‖ since 1999 my really big successes began over 3year ago…and were directly attributable to the ―Internet Marketing‖ industry.My financial practice ramped up incredibly when I began to put into place thetools, ideas and strategies that I was learning – and continue to learn andimplement…Furthermore, I subscribe to the ideal that when we discover something of greatvalue it is our obligation and pleasure to share it with others…. Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 28 -
  • 29. To the point that now, my 8pm-2am ―night job‖ is crafting, refining andbroadcasting MY message with my mouth and my mouse…as Alex Mandossianwould say…Alex Mandossion and Mark HuberPicture of Alex Mandossian and I at the Canada Internet Marketing Summit, heldin Vancouver, Canada in March, 2009.I have gotten into both industries respectively because I’ve long recognized thatmy role is not only to partner with individuals to assist them in creating prosperityand financial peace of mind for themselves and for their family but also to workproactively to bring the most innovative planning tools, strategies, ideas, productsand people to the attention of my clients on an ongoing basis.One of my long time frustrations as a financial planner was that I felt I was onlyaddressing one part of my clients ―formula for success‖…While advising on their investments, insurance, estate and financial needs andplans was important and rewarding enough – I often felt limited and ―impotent‖because of a families lack of financial resources to really make more of ameaningful impact on their life as collectively they planned and saved for theirfutures and personal and financial goals in life…The bottom line was that I had no way to show them how bring more money intotheir lives!Until now that is!Now, while I still can’t give individuals or families a salary increase I can show howto get ―online‖ and to make money with the tools and resources and ideas thatthey have.This has been a very enriching and rewarding experience!I am now really and truly making a real and meaningful impact in the lives ofmany individuals today!This is a personal journey of mine that I am pleased to share with you. So withthat said: Copyright Mark Huber 2011 All Rights Reserved - 29 -
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