Funding Allocation Metrics Jobs 10.22.09


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Funding Allocation Metrics Jobs 10.22.09

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE METRICS EECBG CITY OF SHREVEPORT $1,977,900 Renewable Eligible Funds Funds No of Jobs No of Jobs Energy Energy Activity Program Allocated Leveraged Created Retained Saved Generated STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Develop Strategy w/Citizen Group Steering Committee $250,000 $700,000 15 Retained Consultant BUILDING ENERGY AUDITS Initially perform baseline energy audits on largest consumers $300,000 $3,000,000 64 & RETROFITS of energy for the City owned properties (Building Energy Efficiency) Determine best practices after energy audits are complete and retrofit known deficient equipment Adopt new energy codes. Promote tax credits for residential solar & geothermal systems. Promote citizens getting into State HERO Program FINANCIAL INCENTIVE Provide financial incentives for energy efficiency retrofits in $200,000 $2,000,000 42 PROGRAMS the private sector, assist small business receive grants from (Green Business Incentives/ USDA to perform audits, assist City in obtaining rebates Workforce) for energy efficieny appliances through State program ENERGY EFFICIENCY & Initiate green-energy efficiency program for City residents $200,000 $10,000,000 216 CONSERVATION PROGRAMS and businesses, establish high performance building (Energy Education/Outreach) practices, leverage HUD and Weatherization Programs Educate the save $20 a month on utilities - generate $20 M per year Promote contest for most energy saved program DEVELOPMENT & Develop employee Flex time, promote satellite offices $100,000 $900,000 20 IMPLEMENTATION Establish alternative fuel policies, CNG fueling stations TRANSPORTATION PROGRAMS -collaborate with Parish; (Transportation/landuse) BUILDING CODES & Provide advance training for inspectors, provide for $100,000 $300,000 6 ENFORCEMENT new permitting and enforcement methodoligies (Building Energy Efficiency) Residential / small business energy efficiency demo projects
  2. 2. PERFORMANCE METRICS EECBG CITY OF SHREVEPORT $1,977,900 Renewable Eligible Funds Funds No of Jobs No of Jobs Energy Energy Activity Program Allocated Leveraged Created Retained Saved Generated ENERGY DISTRIBUTION Develop policies & Incentives to implement District Combined $200,000 $432,000 8 TECHNOLOGIES cooling, heat and power (CHP) for Downtown & other areas (Clean & Renewable Energy) explore solar/wind/geothermal initiatives Use tax credits for renewable energy resources for Gov't Plaza Combine natural gas with leveraged resources for clean energy programs MATERIAL CONSERVATION Implement zero waste initiative, coordinate waste pickup $50,000 $100,000 8 PROGRAMS effort with all collectors, outreach for recyclables (Waste & Pollution Reduction) Create incentives for commerical recycling programs. Form Private - Public Partnership with Pratt Industries/Recycling Focus on low income education on benefits of recycling Waste oil and grease trap recycling and reuse programs Include schools in recycling programs Reinstitute compost program - community gardens/urban farming REDUCTION & CAPTURE Connect power sources and use energy derived from $147,100 $300,000 12 METHANE GAS treatment plants; (Clean & Remeable Energy Sources) TRAFFIC SIGNALS & Replace traffic lights with LED if ROI is justified $150,000 $250,000 10 STREET LIGHTING Urban Forestry Program - tree ordinance (Transportation/Land Use) RENEWABLE ENERGY ON Initiate installation of renewables on building to include $150,000 $1,800,000 36 GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS solar and geothermal. (Building Energy Efficiency) OTHER ACTIVITY Support Alternative Energy/Energy Efficiency R&D $130,800 $5,000,000 108 (Other) Incubator Programs Develop working group to guide project strategies using tax credits GIS for all activities $1,977,900 $24,782,000 545