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EECS Document

  1. 1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY & CONSERVATION STRATEGY MEETING MINUTES MHSM #0907.00 NOVEMBER 5, 2009 Steering Committee: • Greg Coates • Ian Webb • Jeanne Hamming • Stuart Crichton • Joe Pierce Jr. • Lee Jeter Sr. • Wes Wyche • Tim Wachtel Committee Members Absent: • Roy Griggs • Leia Lewis • Jeff Welborn Other Attendees: • Kim Mitchell • Bruce Hoffman (by phone) • Patti Trudell • Murray Lloyd • Caroline Majors • Lola Kendrick Cc: • Sharon Swanson • Richard Lane • Gala Daftary • Mike Strong Caroline convened the meeting at 4:10 p.m. The minutes of the October 29 meeting were approved, with one change made by Jeanne which she had posted to the website. Bruce reported on the trip to Washington. He and Kim met with the VanNess Feldman law firm and with DOE officials, including Joanna Zetterberg and Mark Johnson. He reported that DOE was impressed with the City’s approach to the EECBG program and that Shreveport was the first city to request such a meeting with the DOE. He said that
  2. 2. they have been given access to the website. He noted that they offered the DOE’s “technical assistance program” to the City, which could be beneficial to the City and which is not readily available to most communities. He will provide access to scientists at the various DOE labs such as the National Energy Research Lab, Oak Ridge Lab. Bruce noted that he was putting together a program to be submitted for the DOE’s Retrofit Ramp-Up grant program. The program would be a collaboration with St. Tammany Parish, and would include the development of the Petroleum Tower into a “net-zero” energy project. Rachel described the Safe Routes to School grant program offered by the DOT. She said the grant would award up to $300,000 ($25,000 of which for infrastructure). No match is required. Grant applications will be due March 1. Caroline noted that the grant could be used to implement the bike master plan, which is one of the projects recommended for EECBG funding by the committee. Rachel noted that anybody can apply, but a government body must sponsor. Patti noted that she and Rachel will be working on finding grant opportunities to leverage funds for EECBG projects. Caroline distributed the draft EECS and noted that the committee’s final report to the City was due on Friday, Nov. 13. Caroline asked the committee for assistance in language for the Executive Summary. Jeanne offered some suggestions for the opening paragraph that Caroline noted. Stuart suggested some historical context language be included in the Executive Summary. He provided a sentence to be included in the introductory paragraph. The Committee decided to hold a meeting next Thursday, November 12, 2009 to review the final draft. Stuart suggested bolding some key points in the Executive Summary. Ian suggested some language discussing the support of the City Council and Mayor and the new direction this program provides for the city. Stuart suggested that some pictures should be included (e.g., azaleas from Norton, bicycles, tree lined street, or others.) Bruce presented his recommendations for allocating the EECBG funds Bruce asked for additional input from the committee about the bike/ped master plan and the urban agriculture program. What are the metrics related to energy that Bruce should use? What are the energy impacts? We don’t have number of riders, and other metrics. Both urban agriculture and the bike master plan metrics will come from smart growth examples.
  3. 3. Caroline and Kim will help Bruce research metrics for each of these activities. Joe mentioned how we could increase the benefits of tree canopy by more underground utilities and common trenching. Bruce reviewed the remainder of the suggested allocations. The revolving loan program ($400,000) will likely be leveraged up to 10 times. Caroline reviewed the updated draft of the CEECP Framework. She asked for review and additional comments from the committee. Comments should be submitted to Caroline by Monday, November 9, 2009. Ian suggested that we explain how and where the 14 eligible activities fit in the 7 focus areas. Stuart suggested that colors should be warmer and friendlier. Jeanne suggested that color pallet of graphics be more consistent through the document. The language in the current document is to lofty. It needs to be friendlier and easier to understand. Ian suggested that the graphics and language should be more integrated. We should also attempt to explain in simpler language. Joe suggested that the listings should be bulleted to read more clearly. Lee asked that the final report be posted online and be made fully accessible to the public. There was a suggestion that a power point and a more accessible “How to” document should be developed. Caroline requested that the committee carefully review the roles of participants to make certain we are clear in expressing the roles. Caroline also requested that the committee review the stakeholders list. We need to categorize the list of names currently under “other.” Ian suggested that we have more description of public involvement. Ian suggested that the participants section be moved closer to the front between 1 and 2. We should include more language to describe how citizens will get involved. Explain that stakeholders list is an initial list and will be expanded as more people learn about the process and networks are expanded.
  4. 4. EECS STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING AGENDA DATE: Thursday, November 12, 2009 TIME: 4:00-6:00 P.M. LOCATION: 333 Texas Street, Suite 1200 MHSM Office AGENDA ITEMS: 1. Review minutes of November 5, 2009 meeting. 2. Discuss feedback received on the EECS draft. 3. Review materials to be submitted & approve to the city on 11/13/09. 4. Revise/finalize proposed Stakeholder List. 5. Discuss next steps.