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Fincorp -  Investment Bank - Egypt Fincorp - Investment Bank - Egypt Presentation Transcript

  • CORPORATE PROFILE Investment banking and strategic advisory services March 20110
  • Table of Contents Page Overview of FinCorp 2 Mission Statement 3 Affiliation 4 Range of Services 5 Experience of FinCorp Professionals 26 Management & Staff 32 Contact us 36 This corporate profile serves as a reference for the investment community and other interested parties. It provides an introduction to FinCorp and offers a simple yet comprehensive handbook of relevant information to assist anyone wishing to analyze us.1
  • Overview of FinCorp FinCorp ultimately depends on maintaining long term client relationships through l li l i hi h h FinCorp these 4 key values that act in a continuous circle A fully licensed Investment Banking firm that was originally established in Egypt in 1998 with a paid-up capital of LE 20 million. Long Term Client Relationships FinCorp is owned and managed by a group of highly qualified professionals with excellent track record in Corporate Finance and Asset Management. Professionalism FinCorp operates on a regional basis through a network of sister companies located in the following important locations: Quality output Cairo Riyadh y Doha Dammam Innovation We also have strategic alliance with financial advisory firms in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Specific Tailoring y , g , , Libya, Algeria, Sudan, and France.2
  • Mission Statement To provide our clients in the Middle East with integrated investment banking and g g strategic advisory services that meet or exceed their expectations in i terms of quality and value added f li d l dd d3
  • Affiliation • Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) FinCorp Investment Holding (S.A.E.) is registered with EFSA and is authorized to provide the following integrated investment banking services: Financial advisory services; Promotion and underwriting; Portfolio Management; Venture Capital; and Establishing new companies • Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) Founded in 1996, the Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) is Egypt’s first non-government, Egypt s non government, not-for-profit professional organization in the securities industry. It is dedicated primarily to providing a forum for all capital market participants in their efforts to set high professional standards for the industry, adhere to the ethical conduct of business and the rules of fair practice, and uphold the integrity p of the marketplace.4
  • Range of Services Investment Banking I t t B kiCorporate Finance Asset Management Financial & Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions g q Business Valuation Private Placements Fairness Opinions Portfolio Management Feasibility Studies Initial Public Offering Strategic Business planning Issuance of Corporate Bonds p Financial & CorporateArranging of Loans Restructuring Corporate Governance Investor Relations Treasury Management T M t5
  • Range of Services … g 1. Mergers & AcquisitionsWe work closely with our clients to: Understand the objectives of their acquisition or Manage the acquisition process (including the divestment strategy (or can assist with the raising of finance where required); development of the strategy); Sell-side Advisory; Establish acquisition or divestment criteria and Buy-side Advisory; identify potential candidates; Mergers/Spin-offs/Sales of Divisions, Departments; Initiate discussions and obtain information; Management Buy-Out/ Buy-In; Advise on value; ; Arranging of cooperating partners; Structure and negotiate terms; Arranging joint-ventures and alliances; and Co-ordinate due diligence investigations; Post Merger Integration.Through our strong links to FinCorp network in the Middle East, our M&A specialists are capable of identifying g g p , p p y gopportunities and executing cross-border deals for clients. The M&A team can also provide clients with broaderstrategic advisory services.Our awareness of the trends and issue within the local and regional industries allow us to advise clients on a range ofstrategic alternatives for improving the performance and value of their company. g p g p p y 6
  • Mergers & Acquisitions … Ascertain Client Target/ Buyer Needs Valuation Assess Integration Deal Structuring & Post Announcement Idea Generation Issues Negotiation Positioning Due Diligence Identifying Id tif i Evaluating E l ti Executing Making deals Deals Deals Deals Successful Monitoring Deal Evaluation of Structure & Assess Market Flow Target/Buyer Arrange Financing Reaction Position Analysis of Synergies7
  • Mergers & Acquisitions … Thorough analysis of strategic alternatives Carefully selected potential partners Choose optimal path or appropriate action to Controlled flow of information achieve Client’s objectives Analysis Confidentiality Through Fincorp is prepared preparation: no for immediate surprises execution Value Accurate, regular Momentum and Speed Maximizing Certainty feedback urgency from Strategies (communication is engagement to deal key) closing Market Deal Achievement of Minimize Management Burden forecasts Develop investment case/ marketing story p g y Dedicated and focused team of experienced Convey Client’s compelling story senior transaction professionals at every step Create competitive tension Constant communication and effective Effective management presentations dissemination Primary Fi Pi Fincorp access point i8
  • Range of Services … 2. Private Placements Assist in Preparation of Prepare Valuation of Assist in preparation of offering memorandum company road show presentation Develop marketing Transaction closing strategy to potential investors Contact potential Coordinate all activities investor groups and required to close schedule read show transaction meeting Drive negotiation of Provide follow-up Supervise and value and appropriate information to investors i f ti t i t coordinate investor due transaction structure as requested diligence meetings9
  • Range of Services … g 3. Initial Public Offerings (Stocks / Bonds) Supervise the preparation of necessary financial, marketing, managerial, technical and legal studies to identify the company’s major areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as the identifying major opportunities and threats. Conduct necessary financial projections to determine the company’s expected cash flows and to determine the fair market value of the company and its shares using different valuation methods. For corporate Bonds: we assess the ability of the company to meet its long-term obligations and ensure that it meets the minimum requirements to obtain an acceptable credit rating. Assess the prevailing economic clients and prevailing market conditions to identify the right time for the offering. Assist in finalizing all formal requirements needed for the planned offering and in obtaining all government approvals required.10
  • Range of Services… 4. Structured Finance Define the projects short, medium and long term financing needs. Measure the projects expected level of cash flows under different operational conditions. Determine the most suitable financial instruments that could be used and the financial institutions that could be approached in order to raise the finance which conforms to and matches the project’s conditions project s (In accordance with Islamic Sharia). Identify the guarantees and collaterals that could be submitted to those financial institutions willing to finance the project. technical, Prepare a complete Credit file (which includes all technical marketing and financial studies in addition to other documents pertinent to the project) and have it submitted to chosen financial institutions. Approach financial institutions to raise the required finance. Prepare and conduct necessary presentations to selected financial institutions to highlight the project’s major areas of strengths, opportunities and risks and assess th project’s expected returns i addition t j f t th t iti d ik d the j t’ t d t in dditi to providing necessary clarifications as may be needed. Evaluate offers received from different financial institutions and participate with the client’s management in the negotiations with them to obtain the best financing terms. Participate in P ti i t i reviewing th contracts with such fi i i the t t ith h financial i tit ti i l institutions.11
  • Range of Services … g 5. Business Valuation FinCorp provides valuation services for a broad range of purposes and including: Business sales, purchases, and mergers. Corporate planning and strategic alternative agreements. Cross-fund Cross fund investments for venture capital and private equity investors investors. Dispute resolution, litigation support, and expert opinions and testimony. Equity placements and financings. Intellectual property/intangible asset valuations. Management compensation and stock-option programs. Portfolio valuation and strategic alternative assessment for venture capital and private equity investors. Recapitalizations, restructurings, stock repurchase, and spin-offs. Valuation services are provided for M&A transactions in which FinCorp has been the investment banker as well for transactions (both buy-side and sell-side) where we have structured the deal. FinCorp has extensive experience working with shareholders, stakeholders, boards of directors, and other valuations, opinions. interested parties with valuations appraisals and fairness opinions12
  • Range of Services…… g 6. Feasibility Studies Studying different aspects of the project and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses through the following: Supervise the preparation of detailed marketing studies / market research to identify marketing opportunities available f th project. t iti il bl for the j t Supervise the preparation of technical and engineering studies required to estimate the project’s investment cost. Conduct a financial appraisal for the project to identify its key financial indicators. pp p j y y Estimate the project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Conduct necessary sensitivity analyses to assess the project’s sensitivity to changes in key assumption used for financial projections. Identify risks associated with the project (whether related to market, operations, management or finance) in addition to assessing how such risks could be mitigated. Advise clients on possible methods to finance their projects and estimate the expected returns using different methods of financing financing.13
  • Range of Services…… g 7. Strategic Business Planning Perform diagnostic analysis to identify company’s major areas of strengths and weaknesses especially with regard to the organizational, managerial, financial, marketing and technical aspects. Perform external analysis to identify prevailing market conditions projected trends and identify major conditions, opportunities and threats. Establish the company’s mission statement and corporate values. Identify and agree with the management the company’s strategic objectives and directions over the coming period. i i d Identify and evaluate available options to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. Recommend the option which achieve the best results. Prepare an Implementation Action Plan (which includes the steps and procedures that has to be procedures, followed to achieve the company’s strategic goals, in addition to identifying who is responsible for implementation, target competition date, success criteria and additional human and financial resources required). Assist in the Implementation of the Action Plan. p14
  • Range of Services…… g 8. Financial & Corporate Restructuring Conduct detailed analysis of the different financial, marketing, technical, managerial and legal aspects that led to the company’s delinquency. Evaluate the E l t th company and it surplus assets using i t d its l t i internationally recognized valuation standards. ti ll i d l ti t d d Prepare detailed cash flow projections to identify the expected performance of the company. Identify possible options for restructuring the company. Negotiate with financial institutions and creditors with the purpose of restructuring the outstanding debts. Cooperate with the company’s legal advisor in drafting the restructuring agreement before it is signed b the client. i d by h li Provide periodical consultancy to the client and follow-up his performance until full settlement of the outstanding liabilities.15
  • Range of Services … g 9. Portfolio Management In Egypt, FinCorp is licensed to provide Portfolio Management services. Clients can chose between a Discretionary or Advisory Portfolio Service: Discretionary portfolio management – where client wishes to delegate the day to day management of his portfolio to a professional investment manager. FinCorp’s highly qualified an experienced investment professionals take full responsibility for all investment and administrative matters relating to client’s portfolio including undertaking the following tasks: Defining Clients’ Investment Strategy and assess their level of acceptable risk Clients risk. Structure the Client’s Portfolio in a way that would conform with agreed upon strategy. Ensure that selected stocks are of the highest quality and have growth potential. Monitor the performance of the portfolio on a timely basis and issue periodic reports to clients. Advisory portfolio management – where clients wish to retain control over investment decisions and play an active part in the decision making process. FinCorp’s team of qualified and experienced investment professionals will keep clients informed of market trends and stock movements but the final investment d i i will always b under th control of th client. i t t decision ill l be d the t l f the li t16
  • Range of Services … 9. Portfolio Management … We offer two distinct mandates to clients, both of which benefit from access to research supplied by various securities houses: Long-Term Portfolio mandate - The Long-Term Portfolio provides exposure to local equity, bonds and cash. This investment approach is best suited to investors seeking performance in the long term through a more conservative portfolio management style. g p g y Our investment philosophy focuses on assessing and reassessing recognized market leaders, and identifying the growth shares of tomorrow. We encourage open and honest debate throughout the investment process. Diversification in these portfolios helps to reduce the threat of increased volatility seen in the local market and better absorbs any shocks that may occur, providing a level of investment consistency. y y p g y Opportunities Portfolio Mandate - The Opportunities Portfolio provides the opportunity of enhanced returns by focusing on sectors showing out- performance or turnaround potential and identifying the growth stocks in these sectors. We actively manage portfolios to exploit anomalies and opportunities that exist in the market. The fundamental attraction of this portfolio is our ability to identify themes in the market and purchase growth stocks to maximize returns. The portfolio is ideally suited for risk tolerant investors looking for enhanced returns through a highly flexible portfolio. These mandates are controlled by an investment committee, which focuses on stock selection through the use of macro research and fundamental analysis, such as frequent company contact. Our investment process has evolved with the market, enabling us to identify current themes, actively seeking opportunities in the market which allow our portfolios to out-perform over the medium to long term.17
  • Range of Services … g 10. Treasury Management Treasury management is concerned with a company’s liquidity. Our team will assist the management monitoring current and projected cash flows and special funding needs, and using this information to correctly invest excess funds, as well as being prepared for additional borrowings or capital raises. We will also guide the management to safeguard existing assets, which calls for the prudent investment of funds, while guarding against excessive losses on interest rates and foreign exchange positions Our team will positions. assist the management monitoring the internal processes and decisions that cause changes in working capital and profitability, while also maintaining key relationships with investors and lenders. Treasury Management forecasting Manageme advice tionships nagement Working capital elations ranting ctivities Treasur risk rating ement ement ement Fund raising Investment ent ry Credit r agency re Credit gr manage manage manage Bank relat Other ac g Cash man Cash flow f18
  • Range of Services … g ... Treasury Management Ultimately, treasury management ensures that a company has sufficient cash available at all times to meet the needs of its primary business operations. However, our responsibilities range well beyond that single goal. We also have significant responsibilities in the following areas: Cash flow forecasting. We compile the accounting information into short-range and long- range cash forecasts. These forecasts are needed for investment purposes, so the treasury staff can plan to use investment vehicles that are of the correct duration to match scheduled cash outflows. The staff also uses the forecasts to determine when more cash is needed, so that it can plan to acquire funds either through the use of debt or equity Cash forecasting is also needed at the equity. individual currency level, which the treasury staff uses to plan its hedging operations. Working capital management. We keep aware of working capital levels and trends, and advise management on the impact of proposed policy changes on working capital levels. Cash management. We use the information we obtained from cash flow forecasting and working capital management activities to ensure that sufficient cash is available for operational needs.19
  • Range of Services … g ... Treasury Management Investment management. We provide guidance for the proper investment of excess funds. The maximum return on investment of these funds is rarely the primary goal. Instead, it is much more important to not put funds at risk, and also to match the maturity dates of investments with a company’s projected cash needs. p y p j Treasury risk management. The interest rates that a company pays on its debt obligations may vary directly with market rates, which present a problem if market rates are rising. A company’s foreign exchange positions could also be at risk if exchange rates suddenly worsen. In both cases, we can create risk management strategies and implement hedging tactics to mitigate the g g p g g g company’s risk. Management advice. We monitor market conditions constantly, and therefore are an excellent resource for the management team should they want to know about interest rates that the company is likely to pay on new debt offerings, the availability of debt, and probable terms that equity investors will want in exchange for their investment in the company. Credit rating agency relations. When a company issues marketable debt, it is likely that a credit rating agency will review the company’s financial condition and assign a credit rating to the debt. agency s debt We assist the company responding to information requests from the credit agency’s review team and providing it with additional information over time.20
  • Range of Services … ... Treasury Management Bank relationships. We meet with the representatives of any bank that the company uses to discuss the company’s financial condition, the bank’s fee structure, and other services. We work on building a long-term and open relationship that can lead to some degree of bank cooperation if a company is having financial difficulties and may sometimes lead to modest reductions in bank fees difficulties, fees. Fund raising. A key function is for us to maintain excellent relations with the investment community for fund-raising purposes. This community is composed of the sell side, which are those brokers and investment bankers who sell the company’s debt and equity offerings to the buy side, which are th i id hi h the investors, pension f d and other sources of cash, who b th company’s t i funds, d th f h h buy the ’ debt and equity. Credit granting. We may guide the company granting credit to its customers. This task is useful since it allows some control over the amount of working capital locked up in accounts receivable. g p p Other activities. If a company engages in mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis, then we have expertise in integrating the treasury systems of acquires into those of the company. Another activity is the maintenance of all types of insurance on behalf of the company.21
  • Range of Services … 11. Corporate GovernanceDefinitionCorporate governance is the set of processes, customs, policies, laws,and institutions affecting the way a corporation (or company) isdirected, administered or controlled. Corporate governance alsoincludes hi l d the relationships among the many stakeholders i l d and l i hi h k h ld involved dthe goals for which the corporation is governed. The principalstakeholders are the shareholders, the board of directors, executives,employees, customers, creditors, suppliers, and the community at large.Our Services Corporate governance and compliance reviews; Conducting and facilitating board assessments; Preparation of corporate governance manuals and board policies; Risk assessment and risk management; Audit committee effectiveness assessments; Financial information review procedures; Identification and monitoring procedures to control key risks; and Training courses for managers and directors.22
  • Range of Services … 11.1 Benefits of Corporate Governance Improving access to capital and financial markets. Good corporate governance ensures corporate success and economic growth. Strong corporate governance maintains investors’ confidence, as a result of which, company can raise capital efficiently and effectively. it l ffi i tl d ff ti l Empirical evidence and research conducted in recent years supports the proposition that it pays to have good CG. It was found out that more than 84% of the global institutional investors are willing to pay a premium for the shares of a well-governed company over one considered poorly governed but with a comparable fi bl financial record. i l d It lowers the capital cost. There is a positive impact on the share price. It provides proper inducement to the owners as well as managers to achieve objectives that are in p p p g j interests of the shareholders and the organization. Good corporate governance also minimizes wastages, corruption, risks and mismanagement. It helps in brand formation and development. It ensures organization in managed in a manner that fits the best interests of all all.23
  • Range of Services … 12. Investor Relations FinCorp provides a channel through which the investment community, including investors, analysts, or any other interested party can easily access information about an investee. This is particularly important for information t f i f ti transparency and f promoting a sense of i t it and t t d for ti f integrity d trustworthiness on th part of th thi the t f the investee. Our IR team is responsible for maintaining the company’s most up-to-date information with regard to its products and services. It also maintains th l t t i f d t d i l i t i the latest information about th companys operational and ti b t the ti l d financial performance in its quarterly and annual reports, as well as its performance in the securities markets,24
  • We can provide a wide array of services, including the followingFinCorp can formulate the entire range of company communication If a company conducts an investor day, where itmaterials including press releases conference call scripts, annualmaterials, releases, scripts brings an array of company managers together forreports, fact sheets, and investor presentations. we can also provide presentations to the investment community, then aadvice regarding the types of communication to use in the event of FinCorp can assist with invitations to analysts andmergers, restatements, or proxy battles. investors, as well as manage the event logistics. Communication Investor days materials FinCorp can conduct periodic surveys of The board of directors can Investor selected investors in appoint a FinCorp to be its Board advisor Investor order to obtain Relations feedback feedback about their investor relations advisor. perceptions of the company. Valuation Press releases analysis Supervise the preparation of necessary financial, marketing, managerial, technical and legal studies to FinCorp can writing press releases, or at least reviewing identify the company’s major areas of strengths and those releases written by company employees. The result weaknesses as well as the identifying major opportunities should be polished and concise releases. and threats. 25
  • Experience of FinCorp Professionals p p Our professionals have provided Specialized Financial advisory services to a large number of leading companies in the Middle East26
  • Experience of FinCorp Professionals…. p p Experience in the Manufacturing SectorGalva Metal Egyptian Intl. Co. for Aluminum Egyptian Italian Paints Co.-EuroquarzoValuation study to invite potential investors to (EIPAL) A feasibility study for the tiles production Company toparticipate in the sale of the company’s share capital.p p p y p p promote a stake of the company’s shares among potential p y gp Prepared a valuation study and financial restructuring upon investors and to assist the company in securing necessary the request of the company’s lenders (banks). bank loans and facilities.Valuation by Valuation by Feasibility study byFincorp Investment Holding Fincorp Investment Holding Fincorp Investment Holding International Co. for Refrigeration &Metallurgic Industry Holding Co. Appliances (Iberna) Sinai Cement(MIHC) A feasibility study to assess the viability of establishing a Private placement offering of a capital increase amounting to LE 10.463 million distributed among 208,676 ordinary illi di ib d diProvision of privatization advisory services to new cement production line with a capacity of 10,000 shares representing 47% of capital with an offering price ofSOFRECO. clinker per day. In addition, FinCorp was also requested LE 50 per share. The proceeds will be used to finance the to assist the company in promoting the stake of the new expansion facility that will be established in 2001 to company’s capital increase to potential investors and also penetrate the household appliances market to assist in securing the required loans for financing thePrepared by second production line. Valuation byFincorp Investment Holding Fincorp Investment Holding Feasibility Study by y y y Fincorp Investment Holding 27
  • Experience of FinCorp Professionals…. p p Experience in the Tourism Sector Akhbar El Youm for Touristic Devpt.Orascom Hotels Holding (OHH) (Radisson SAS) Oberoi Hurghada Co.Providing financial advisory services for the issuance of Feasibility study to assess the viability of establishing abonds for a total amount of LE 100 million (with a ( five star Hotel in Marsa Alam. In addition, FinCorp Conducted a valuation study for Oberoi Hurghada Co. inmaturity of seven years and a carried interest of 14.25% was also requested to assist the company in promoting order to determine the fair value of its share capital as wellpaid semiannually) to retire a part of the company’s the company’s capital to potential investors and also to as to assist it in promoting the sale of the bank’s stakeoutstanding bank debts and to finance its new touristic assist in securing the required loans. among potential investors .projectsPrepared by Feasibility study byFincorp Investment Holding Valuation study by Fincorp Investment Holding Fincorp Investment HoldingTulip Nile & Golf Hotel ( p (Luxor) ) Bonita for Touristic Invest., Fayed y Nile Hilton Valuation study to offer share capital for sale to potential Valuation study to determine the share value of theFeasibility study providing prospective investors with anoverview on the investment opportunity in the Golf City investors. hotel.Project. The feasibility study includes the establishment oftwo hotels, shopping complex and other facilities. Valuation byPrepared by Fincorp Investment HoldingFincorp Investment Holding Valuation Study by Fincorp Investment Holding 28
  • Experience of FinCorp Professionals…. p p Experience in Other Sectors Manara Holding Co.Advanced Computer Technology (ACT) (under formation) Thebes Educational GroupValuation study to invite new investors to participate in Valuation study to offer new issuance of 117,000 Initial offering of up to 40% of Thebes Educational Groupthe company’s share capital. company s capital ordinary shares at a fair value of LE 100 per share (the shares, total capital. The offered stake value is LE 28 million. p securities) for sale. The 117,000 shares will represent Private placement offering. 57% of the Company’s shares amounting to LE 20.6Valuation by million.Fincorp Investment Holding Prepared by Valuation by Fincorp Investment Holding Fincorp Investment Holding Commercial Intl Real Estate Co. German Industry Co. (GIC) Saudi Egyptian Co. (CAT) (CIRD) A feasibility study to raise a long term loan of US$ 2.6 Feasibility study for establishing a trading company in Egypt The offering of a private placement of a capital million that will be used to finance part of the for the purpose of importing and selling footwear and other increase of US$ 14.8 million representing 25% of its construction cost of The German Chamber Tower which accessories mainly under the brand name of CAT. share capital to finance the establishment of Nile would be occupied by the Gateway Office Complex, CIRD’s first project. In German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce addition to seeking a bank loan of US$ 29.3 million (GACIC), selected German, European and Egyptian Feasibility study by organizations Fincorp Investment Holding Valuation by Fincorp Investment Holding Valuation by Fincorp Investment Holding 29
  • Experience of FinCorp Professionals…. Experience in the Banking SectorCommercial International Bank Misr International Bank Export Development BankTotal Assets Amounted to: L.E. 16633 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Assets Amounted to: L.E. 11305 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Assets Amounted to: L.E. 6460 Million as at2000 2000 Dec. 31st 2000Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 1463 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 905 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 514 Million as at Dec.2000 2000 31st 2000Bank Valuation by Bank Valuation by Bank Valuation by Fincorp’s professionals Fincorp’s professionalsFincorp’s professionalsEgyptian American Bank gyp National Societe General Egyptian Commercial Bank gypt a Co eca aTotal Assets Amounted to: L.E. 6268 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Assets Amounted to: L.E. 5474 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Assets Amounted to: L.E. 2058 Million as at Dec.2000 2000 31st 2000Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 525 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 473 Million as at Dec. 31st Total Equity Amounted to: L.E. 191 Million as at Dec.2000 2000 31st 2000Bank Valuation by Bank Valuation by Bank Valuation byFincorp’s professionals Fincorp’s professionals Fincorp’s professionals p p30
  • FinCorp’s Most Important Asset … People p p p FinCorp’s Experienced Executives and Staff: Provide better understanding of current issues and high quality advice. Single source for integrated advice on a wide range of financial services. Offer independent advice reinforced by long standing technical experience. Have strong relationships with numerous leading private & public sector bodies. Have access to exceptional industry knowledge and business process experience.31
  • Management & Staff gName : Mohamed Hamdy Salem Name : Mohamed El Sharnouby Abdel Aziz AhmedPosition : Chairman & Managing Director Position : Board MemberQualifications : Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, 1967, Cairo University, Qualifications : Bachelor of Commerce, Alexandria University. Post Graduate Studies in Economics, Financial Planning and Mgmt Accounting, McGill University, Montreal, Canada Experience : * General Manager Board Member of Banque Misr 2000/2002. Member of the Institute of Mgmt Consultants, USA * Board Member of Cairo and Alexandria Stock ExchangeExperience Mr. Salem joined FinCorp in January 2000 as Managing 1997/2000. Director and CEO. Previously Mr.. Salem was Head of * Board Member of Extracted Oils Co. 1998 - to date. KPMG Hazem Hassan’s Corporate Finance practice as well as coordinator of KPMG’s Corporate Finance network in * Board Member of Delta Fertilizers and Chemical Industries the Middle East, and has accumulated over 16 years of Company 1999 – to date. experience in Senior Corporate Finance positions. Mr.. Salem has worked and lived in both Canada and Egypt. He * Chairman and C.E.O. of Misr Exchange Co. (an affiliate has gained a wide range of financial expertise in mergers company of B f Banque Misr). Mi ) and acquisitions, private placements and fund raising, business * Participated in the privatization of the first company in Egypt in valuation, financial restructuring, privatisation, feasibility studies and project appraisal, corporate restructuring and strategic planning. 1993: Misr Chemicals Co. * Participated in most of the privatization processes of the public Mr. Salem directed, coordinated, led and conducted a multitude of sector companies (Food industries – Chemicals – Engineering – assignments, comprising of multi-disciplinary teams of Metallurgical). professionals in many sectors in Egypt several Arab countries and Egypt, Africa such as : banking, capital markets, tourism, manufacturing, real estate and construction. 32
  • Management & StaffName Fahad Abdullah AlKassim Name : Dr. Mohsen SalamonyPositionP iti Executive P id t Al K i E ti President, Kassim Position : Vice PresidentQualifications Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, 1986, King Saud Qualifications : Bachelor of Commerce, Major: Accounting, Faculty of University - Ryadah Commerce, Cairo University, Ph.D. in Investment Banking, Expert in GCC Commercial Arbitration Center London. Chairman of Al Nokhba Recruiting Experience : Dr. Salamony joined FinCorp in December 2003 as a Vice President. In addition, Dr. Salamony is currently theExperiance Mr. AL-kassim is currently the president of Al-Kassim Managing Director of IBG International Brokerage Group Consultants. Mr. Al-kassim joined Al-kassim Consultants in in Cairo. He has gained wide experience in the area of January 2001 as a senior partner. capital market development, corporate finance, and financial advisory services through his past work experience that Mr. Al-kassim started his professional career in Al-Rashed audit spans a total of 29 years.He has acted as a Senior Vice p y firm, then moved to Al-Grid and partners audit firm (Delloite & President, in the Saudi Finance Banking Corporation in Touche). Geneva , and in Chase Manhattan Bank., preceded by his employment at the Bank of Oman in the posts of Assistant Mr.Al-Kassim established his own audit firm in 1990, and then Chief Manger and Deputy General Manager- Investment he became the Managing Director of Dallah hospital. In 1995, Banking respectively. he joined KPMG – Ryadah office as a Senior Partner and then he joined El Othim Commercial Group in 2000 as the group’s j p g p General Manager. During his career Mr. Al_kassim has acquired a wide experience in different aspects such as: finance, investment, managerial and financial consultancy in addition to promotion of commercial opportunities.33
  • Management & Staff gName : Salwa Hassan Mansour Name : Usama Mohamed Abd AlazizPosition : Vice President Deputy Managing Director Position: P iti Executive M E ti Manager Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce, Major: Accounting, Faculty ofQualifications : Bachelor of Commerce 1968 Commerce, A Ain Shams University, Egypt. Banking Diploma 1972 High Studies in Economics, Ain Shams University, Egypt. Pre-MBA, University of Dallas, U.S.A.Experience : Mrs. Mansour has over 35 years experience in banking sector where she held several executive management positions in Experience: Mr.. Usama is currently the Executive Manager of FinCorp some international and local banks. She worked with Banque Financial Consulting Qatar. His experience covers over Misr, CitiBank, Misr America International Bank, and twenty years when he started as Financial Consultant with Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE). In EDBE she Arthur Andersen Co. the a Credit Officer with Riyadh Bank, held the position of General Manager and Member of the K.S.A..He later joined Deloitte & Touch Co. as Senior Board of Directors. Ms. Mansour is a highly qualified expert Manager for more than ten years where he gained g y g in financial management, t i fi i l t treasury, project fi j t finance and d Investment. distinguished experience in the field of financial advisory services including, feasibility studies, project financing, IPO, financial restructuring and valuation in the various banking, touristic, industrial construction and real estate sectors.34
  • Management & Staff g Name : Rania Abdallah Said Name : Khaled M. El Jaouni Position : Principal Manager Position : Manager, Corporate Finance Qualifications : Masters in Economics, American University in Cairo, Jan. 1991. Qualifications : Bachelor of Arts, Major Economics, American Bachelor Degree in Economics & Political Science, Cairo University in Cairo, 1993; Higher Diploma in University, 1986 Investment Management, American University Experience : Senior Consultant at Makary Consulting (March 1999- August in Cairo, 1997. Currently enrolled in MBA Programme, 2005) ) Sheffield Hallam University. y Senior Financial and Economic Analyst (Free Lance), Assistant Dr. Samir Makary, Consultant & Professor of Economics at AUC Experience : Mr.. Jaouni joined FinCorp in February 2001 in the Corporate (March 1995-To Feb. 1999) Finance department. Previously Mr. Jaouni was employed Assistant and fellow at the American University in Cairo (AUC) for in KPMG Hazem Hassan Management Consultants in the graduate courses in econometrics and mathematical economics Corporate Finance department and was involved in a wide (January 1989-January 91) range of consulting assignments covering corporate Financial and Economic Analyst at the Arab International valuation, debt and equity finance, financial restructuring Consultant (ARICON), (July 1987- August 89) and financial feasibility studies. Mr.. Jaouni has over seven Assistant to Dr. Nader Fergany at the National Population Council years experience in the above fields and his area of expertise (NPC) (July 1986-June 87) extends to different service and industrial sectors, such as Mrs. Said has been involved in the consultation business with financial institutions, tourism and hotels, real estate and special reference to market and financial analysis and economic various i d i industries. i policy issues since 1986. During the whole period she handled more than 150 studies for almost all sectors and sub sectors in Egypt including tourism, textile, processed food, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, housing, and agriculture. Mrs. Said has joined FinCorp since Dec. 2005.35
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