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Building the Service Centered Firm
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Building the Service Centered Firm


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The slides from my recent presentation in Duluth, MN to the Minnesota CLE Solo and Small Firm Conference.

The slides from my recent presentation in Duluth, MN to the Minnesota CLE Solo and Small Firm Conference.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The Service Centered Firm by Matthew Homann LexThink LLC
  • 2. If you had to change everything about your practice, where would you start?
  • 3. Slay your sacred cows.
  • 4. Be more curious.
  • 5. The practice of law depends upon precedents. The business of law does not.
  • 6. Don’t be chicken.
  • 7. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right.
  • 8. Just because everyone else isn’t doing it doesn’t make it wrong.
  • 9. Your peers dismiss your best ideas because they’re afraid you’ll change better than they will.
  • 10. Speaking of change...
  • 11. The things that change fastest aren’t always the ones we expect.
  • 12. How many of your clients still wear a fedora?
  • 13. Your clients have less attention to pay than ever before.
  • 14. Proximity to information is now irrelevant.
  • 16. Your clients compare the service they receive from you to everybody.
  • 17. We trust ten strangers more than one friend.
  • 18. Target your best clients with everything you do.
  • 19. The best client I’ve ever ser ved is:
  • 20. Do you even know who your best clients are?
  • 21. Your best clients aren’t always the ones who pay you the most.
  • 22. Their work lights your fire.
  • 23. What clients like you best?
  • 24. Give your worst clients the boot.
  • 25. Don’t bet that bad clients will get better.
  • 26. “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -- Henry Ford
  • 27. What keeps your best clients up at night?
  • 28. One thing your clients want to buy from you is more sleep.
  • 29. Measure time the way your clients do.
  • 30. ... with a calendar.
  • 31. Answer 80% of your clients’ questions before they meet you.
  • 32. The technology your clients wish you’d get better at using is the telephone.
  • 33. Your clients need great communication more than they need great technology.
  • 34. Give your clients bite-sized chunks.
  • 35. Communicate no more than three things at once.
  • 36. Survey better.
  • 37. Give yourself a grade.
  • 38. Listen better to your best clients.
  • 39. Grow your favorite clients into your best ones.
  • 40. Then depend upon your best clients to grow your business.
  • 41. Ask your best clients, “How can I find more clients like you?”
  • 42. Know when your best clients need you the most.
  • 43. Be certain they think of you when you want them to.
  • 44. Speak to their influencers.
  • 45. Never underestimate the value of a nice surprise.
  • 46. Listen to your gut. It is usually right.
  • 47. n t. cl ie h is t e tak n ’t o D
  • 48. One size doesn’t have to fit all.
  • 49. Client Worthiness Index
  • 50. Firm Report Card
  • 51. Model Client Survey
  • 52. People don’t tell lawyer jokes because they think they’re funny. They tell them because they think they’re true. Spend your career proving them wrong. © Matthew Homann 2010 All Rights Reserved
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