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Social Pres Riley Hayes 031309

  1. 1. social media/Riley Hayes march 13, 2009
  2. 2. social media/origins we use this term to describe a lot of things. perhaps too many. photo credit: D'Arcy Norman
  3. 3. social media/what is it? essentially, “social media” describes an ever- changing set of online communication channels, venues, and tools.
  4. 4. social media/what is it? you will never see or use them all. that is ok. only a fraction of these things are relevant to any given person or organization.
  5. 5. social media/why is it important? social media is important because it is communal. photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives
  6. 6. social media/why is it important? it is important and useful because it helps people publish content share things meet other people carry on conversations the currency of social media is conversation and content.
  7. 7. social media/the commune rules like any community-based activity, successfully using social media requires active participation, sharing, and mutual needs. deception is fatal and greed is not cool.
  8. 8. social media/what does it look like? social networks (facebook) online communities (yelp) virtual worlds (Second Life) blogs (boingboing) microblogging and messaging (twitter) photo sharing (flickr) video sharing (YouTube) wikis (Wikipedia)
  9. 9. example 1/Learnmore
  10. 10. example 2/3M PSD
  11. 11. Example 3/New Tactics
  12. 12. example 4/AXE
  13. 13. my role/a thoughtful approach the right plan can help companies to participate and experience digital influence through social media. in today’s online marketplace, as in the physical one, influence is neither purchased nor sold – it is earned through the relationships you build, the company you keep, and the conversations you inspire.
  14. 14. phase 1/awareness + insight take a broad look at the activities occurring in numerous venues (blogs, online communities, etc.), locate the relevant conversations and participants, and analyze them with your business objectives in mind. learn about what is happening.
  15. 15. phase 2/smart planning create a pragmatic, integrated road map for your social media effort, which outlines business objectives critical roles timelines expectations measurable outcomes pitfalls (legal department?)
  16. 16. phase 3/participate, fully join or create the conversations that further your objectives, and those of your customers. this also includes market testing, whereby you ask the community to provide feedback about what you’re sharing. it must be a dedicated effort that reflects your DNA.
  17. 17. phase 4/integration the success of your social media initiative depends on other efforts to deepen and strengthen offline relationships. connect your digital efforts to other activities. this ensures synergy and efficiency.
  18. 18. to begin/experiment internally start a twitter account join facebook share your work on flickr (Creative Commons!) use slideshare start blogging create a company wiki brainstorm with clients. call me. seriously.
  19. 19. further reading/the innovators Joseph Jaffe Chris Brogan
  20. 20. thank you/mark holterhaus mobile: 763 229 2995 twitter: mholterhaus skype: mholterhaus email: blog: HOUSEKEPT