Art 109 Blackboard Orientation


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Brief orientation on the Blackboard learning environment

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Art 109 Blackboard Orientation

  1. 1. A Brief Tour of the BlackboardLearning EnvironmentProfessor Melissa HallSpring 2013
  2. 2. Homepage Your Blackboard course opens by default to the Announcements page
  3. 3. Homepage I will use this page to make announcements to the class
  4. 4. Course MenuThe Course Menu is thegray panel on the leftIt includes links toCourse Information,Content, and Tools
  5. 5. The CourseSyllabus Syllabus can be accessed from the Course Menu
  6. 6. Syllabus You should read it carefully -- it contains important information about course objectives and policies!
  7. 7. Course Schedule The Course Schedule lists weekly topics and corresponding textbook pages
  8. 8. Course Schedule You should print a copy and keep it handy for times when Blackboard is not accessible!
  9. 9. Course Guidelines The Course Guidelines includes detailed information about quizzes, exams, and discussion posts
  10. 10. Course Guidelines You are required to read all of these materials carefully, so that you are fully informed about course policies and expectations!
  11. 11. Course Guidelines OK, I’m ready! How do I get started?
  12. 12. Learning Modules Click on the Learning Modules link to access course materials
  13. 13. Learning Modules Folders are organized by weekly topics, with the closing date prominently displayed
  14. 14. Learning Modules Click on the module folder topic to access contents
  15. 15. Learning Modules Each module folder begins with an overview of the week’s learning activities
  16. 16. Learning Modules Each module folder begins with an overview of the week’s learning activities
  17. 17. Learning Modules After reading the overview, follow the links in the order provided
  18. 18. Learning Modules The first two links are to external web resources
  19. 19. Learning Modules They will open in a new window
  20. 20. Learning Modules The next two links are to the web lectures on my Wordpress course website
  21. 21. Course Website course website will be accessible,even when Blackboard is down
  22. 22. Course Website You should bookmarkThe course website will be accessible, the page to make sureeven when Blackboard is down you can always access it easily!
  23. 23. Course WebsiteThe lectures on the course website arefully illustrated
  24. 24. Course WebsiteThey include embedded videos thatyou are expected to watch
  25. 25. Course WebsiteMost of the videos come from theSmarthistory web book
  26. 26. Course WebsiteMost of the videos come from theSmarthistory web book If one of my videos is not working, you are expected to look for it here
  27. 27. Learning Modules The Video Lecture folder is optional
  28. 28. Learning Modules Here, I provide a link to a recorded video lecture at
  29. 29. Learning ModulesWhen the Screencastvideo is fully loaded,just click to play
  30. 30. Learning Modules I also include the Smarthistory videos that are embedded in the Wordpress lectures, just to make sure you don’t miss them if you choose to use this format
  31. 31. After you have readall the assignedcourse material, youare ready to move onto the gradedlearning activities
  32. 32. The first activity is theDiscussion Forum.Click on the link toaccess the DiscussionTool
  33. 33. Discussion Forum Start by clicking on the thread title
  34. 34. Discussion Forum Click reply to post your response
  35. 35. Discussion Forum Compose your message, and hit submit
  36. 36. You can findDiscussion Forumguidelines and tips inthe Course Guidelinesfolder
  37. 37. It also includes agrading rubric
  38. 38. Assignments Assignment instructions can be accessed from the Course Menu
  39. 39. Assignments I will provide instructions about how to upload assignments – but it is too early to talk about assignments just yet!
  40. 40. Assignments That’s true – we haven’t even learned anything yet, so it’s a little scary to start thinking about papers!
  41. 41. The course menu also provides links to mycourse website and tothe Smarthistory webbook (since we will be using both a lot)
  42. 42. And under course tools you will find links to the course email, Discussion Forum, calendar, MYWCC, MyGrades, and Blackboard Help
  43. 43. You will get a chance to practice using all of these tools in the first Learning Module
  44. 44. So are you ready to get started?
  45. 45. Yeah, let’s go!
  46. 46. Start by going to thecourse Announcementpage
  47. 47. Click on LearningModules
  48. 48. Click on Start here, andfollow the instructions
  49. 49. After you havecompleted theBlackboard courseorientation, click on“Start Here Next” foran introduction to arthistory