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  • 1. How to Speak English Fluency
  • 2. Questions?
  • 3. Do not , right?
  • 4. A child may have talent to express themselves, but having much talent can not match to an adult of over 30 trained , simply because the adult takes many more years practicing
  • 5. well but I'm not a child, I can learn a second language faster than a child learns to speak in their own language. Yes, certainly. An adult to have greater ability to reason and experience can learn the grammar rules by heart. But what about the repetition?
  • 6. The Child The child is repeating phrases from start to talk to two years. At seven years will be repeated the same constructs thousand times.
  • 7. What to do then ? Other solution is to work hard to take advantage. So of course , if you do not work hard will not get it ; speak as a child of three years, you will speak hesitantly and with a very simple vocabulary.
  • 8. Good!! If you have a chance to speak to anyone in English during the day
  • 9. this is my recipe: 1) Listen every day at least one hour daily audios : movies , radio , mp3, CDs, etc. . Pay especially attention " to the rhythmic tapping " . It is you get used to the sound of English. Although you do not understand , you must be a background sound which fits you . At first they are noise, and gradually , as you 'll learn vocabulary words differentiating .
  • 10. 2) After hearing any audio , repeat , at least for half an hour , like a parrot - phrases, quotes , expressions that have caught your attention .
  • 11. • 3) Read English daily transcripts of movies or any text you like in a dictionary. Starts with simple texts and see, gradually increasing the level . New words that you learn , review them daily.
  • 12. • 4) Be disciplined. Not "one day every other which deserve me little rest . " It's every day. Or is it that if you leave one day to speak Spanish ? When you give lazy and not putting yourself succumb to think how hard and boring it is , do what you have to do without question you anything. The will is very easy to break . Do you know?