Industry and university cooperation



Presentation for the Hanza Parliament in Pori, Finland; september 2012.

Presentation for the Hanza Parliament in Pori, Finland; september 2012.



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Industry and university cooperation Industry and university cooperation Presentation Transcript

  • Kom verder. Saxion. industry – university cooperation University: 100 years old child of industry Matthijs Hammer Senior lecturer Entrepreneurship
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Outline • Introduction on Saxion • Introduction on the Twente Region • Kennispark Twente – Activities – Examples • Results
  • Kom verder. Saxion. About Saxion Universities Apeldoorn Enschede Deventer
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Schools and academic programmes • School of Business Engineering & Entrepreneurship • School of Governance & Law • School of Health • School of Applied Psychology and Human Resources Management • School of Social Work • School of Education • School of Creativity & Technology • School of Finance & Accounting • Hospitality Business School • School of Life Science, Engineering & Design • School of Marketing & International Management • School of Environmental Planning & Building 12 Schools: •125 Bachelor / Master programmes in Dutch. •27 Bachelor / Master international programmes in English. •Various Bachelor / Master programmes in German •Non-degree programmes
  • Kom verder. Saxion. The Region of Twente
  • Kom verder. Saxion. The Region of Twente
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Learning from doing • The results from today, are born in the past. • Exploit the resources and talents available. • Based on the industrial activities in the past, we educate our population. • Industry takes their responsibility for future success. • Government is intermediating with resources (€) and policy .
  • Kom verder. Saxion. History of the region 1830 Initiation of Textile industry - King Willem I 1833 First textile school - 25 pupils on weaving 1861 Esteblishment regional facilities - Sporting and leisure facilities (parks) - Twensche Bank now: ABN-AMRO Bank 1918 Establishment Higher Textile education - Later: Saxion University of Applied Sciences 1950‟s Decline textile sector, - loss of 40,000 jobs (80 %)1 1 Hammer, Hospers & Van der Sijde, 2005
  • Kom verder. Saxion. 1961 Establishment research university - 3rd Technical University in The Netherlands 1983 The Entrepreneurial University - Vice Chancelor Harry van den Kroonenberg: entrepreneurship as a career option, for academics 2006 Kennispark Twente - Province, Cities, Universities Today Innovation campus of national interest - > 1,700 spin-offs - 10% of Benelux Technology Fast 50 - 300 companies with 6,000 commercial jobs on site History of the region
  • Kom verder. Saxion. HEI‟s in the region
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Employment in the region
  • Kom verder. Saxion. R&D –salary cost /fte
  • Kom verder. Saxion. So……. • Knowing from who we are, where we come from. • Realising that education and public research must serve the (their) industry. • Aware that government is over structured. • Given the fact that industry has limited free resources. • Universities and government are pointed to take initiative to share their harvest with their parents (Industry)
  • Kom verder. Saxion. How to act in puberty? • Growing-up results in new roles. • Not only „getting‟, but „sharing‟. • Reciprocal exchange of resources (knowledge, money, infrastructure). • Both remain to their core business: Education & research / „economic value creation‟ New world created: Kennispark Twente
  • Kom verder. Saxion. How to act in puberty?
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Start: self reflection 2005 Self evaluation report on the contribution of Higher Educational Institutes to regional Development, initiated by the OECD/IMHE2 (p91): Conclusion: “development themes for Twente: - Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity - Regional focal areas - Knowledge infrastructure - Strengthening of HEI‟s” 2 Sijger, Hammer, ter Horst, Nieuwenhuis & Van der Sijde, 2005
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Activities • Entrepreneurship: stimulate startups and growing companies • Innovation: stimulate innovation and knowledge transfer • Area: create an inspiring location for innovative companies
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Targets • Ecosystem and innovation campus of national strategic interest • Location and support for innovative companies • Foundation: – Stimulating entrepreneurship – Goal: 10,000 new jobs for the region • Founders: City of Enschede, Province of Overijssel, University of Twente, Saxion University and the Region of Twente
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Approach: a complete ecosystem Starting and growing firms – Talent – Idea – Financing – Awareness – Incubation, etc. Industrial links – SME portals – Research Joint Ventures – Building Clusters Quality of the area – 150 events per year in talent, knowledge, risk capital, facilities – Physical area development program
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Starters and Growers 1.Talent 2.Idea 3.Risk capital – ~ 15 funds Awareness Incubators • Work on individual cases • 30 years of experience, culture • Serial Entrepreneurship
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Innovative Enterprises • SME Portal • Research Joint Ventures –Jointly run with industrial partners –TPRC –Boeing, ten Cate, Stork, … –CMI –Siemens, UMCG, … –High Tech Factory –20 nano companies –Centre4Cloud –Google, IBM, KPN, …
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Inspiring Environment • Events/flow (150 per year) – Talent – Risk capital – Knowledge – Information – Partners – Facilities • And Square Meters – University Campus – City Campus to FC Twente stadium – Incubator BTC
  • Kom verder. Saxion.
  • Kom verder. Saxion.
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Employment in the region
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Start-ups and growers Innovative companies Inspiring Campus Awareness, communication, positioning Education, training, coaching Soft Landing Business Development and IP Financing networks Financing SME portal to knowledge R&D Open Innovation joint ventures Events: interaction, flow of talent, knowledge, money, information Area development Equipment, labs, incubator services, entrepreneur/legal support Our agenda
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Example: High Tech Factory • Redevelopment of former university cleanroom • Shared production facility • >20 micro- and nanotechnology companies • Hightech Fund
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Partners U-Needle
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Example: Venturelab Twente • 1 year business development programme • For startups and growing companies • Hightech, high ambitious people • >200 participants in 3 years • Focus on the team, skills and knowledge
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Example: Powered by Twente • 150 events per year • Focus on entrepreneurship and innovation • Flow of ideas, talent, money • Independent foundation
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Financial ecosystem
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Results • Regional engine for innovation • 330 companies on site – 5,900 commercial jobs • University of Twente and Saxion University: – 9,000 and 24,000 students – 4,000 scientists UT and 2,200 at Saxion • 1750 spin-offs (40 -50 startups per year) – 6,500 jobs – Many students with a company (>100)
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Results • 10% of the fastest growing tech companies in the Benelux – Winnaar 2010 Service2Media • 50 M€ invested by private and public parties in 2010 • International benchmark
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Why this works: • It is an ecosystem • Top technology at the universities (nano, bio, ICT) • 100 years of history with Industry – university cooperation in the region • A shared vision with the local governments and industry (HTSM; High Tech Systems and Materials) • The Kennispark gives a boost, it is not the goal • Coach, conscience and supporter in the field
  • Kom verder. Saxion. Video of Kennispark Twente, 5 minutes
  • Kom verder. Saxion. For more information, suggestions or cooperation, do not hesitate to contact: