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This is a presentation that was given to our first Board of Directors to educate them on how our 19 year old non-profit runs. With a $2M+ budget, multiple departments, services and 50-100 staff and volunteers, there was much to cover.

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  • *Including city-wide festive meals at Rosh Hashana and Passover, lectures, workshops, children’s programs and events
  • $400 includes everything, all hygiene products,
  • When we took over Le Mercaz, our contract stipulated the 20 bins
  • *One program worker and half the time, a development manager
  • Challenges:Moving out “donors” garbageReceive tax receiptRefusing them creates bad PR
  • Other points:150shabbat to share meals/ weekEvery Rosh Hashanah and Passover, 7-10 days before the holiday, the Kitchen prepares 2-3,000 meals; So 1 week before these preparations begin, the kitchen prepares 2 weeks worth of food for the cafeterias.
  • Research, Cold Call, and Cultivate relationships with manufacturers and distributers in food and household products industriesGarner donations of products – large majority of companies donate because of “business sense”- product is expired, damaged, overstockEvaluate products being offered – is it worth the investment of money and resources to transport, sort and distribute the product
  • This number is likely to decrease as the board provides the call center with the right contacts in large food chains and food companies. Once we build key relationships, the food security department budget could be cut in half, allowing MADA to use $100,000-$200,000 a year for other necessities.
  • Events was smallest % of individual fundraising activities until committee pushed this down the pyramid for first time for Masterpieces for MADA.We also receive donations to commemorate family celebrations and special occasions
  • This staff must multi-task and cover additional responsibilities:Plaza ManagementEvent ManagementPR/MarketingHuman Resources
  • Also: challenges in evaluating the used goods, dealing with unusable goods, etc.
  • MADA relied on donated & borrowed warehousing to provide and additional capacity for 200+ pallets, for a total of 500 pallet capacityA constant flow of traffic between donors, borrowed warehousing locations, and Plaza Cotes de Neiges Warehouse3 times the donated space was lost and MADA had to move 200+ pallets to a new borrowed space costing $1000s of dollars and hours of overtime from staff each time
  • A new 20,000 ft2 leased warehouse in the building of Moisson Montreal – Quebec’s Largest Food Bank
  • Clients order customized food baskets; made-to-orderWe created several categories of clients, each category based on level-of-need;Each category is further divided based on family-sizeHigher-need and larger families receive more supportMany products are limited in supply; Distribution calculations are run to determine the amount available for the kitchen, and each category of clients in the food bank
  • Weekly Deliveries of Food Baskets to those who cannot come to us – CDN, CSL, West Island, Downtown,VSL
  • Following up on online donations
  • MADA Board of Directors Orientation

    1. 1. Our Vision, Today’s Reality and Tomorrow’s Goals Board of Directors, June 27, 2011
    2. 2. TODAY’S PRESENTATION May 25, 2012 MADA Overview Together We Can! Client Services Operations & Support Board Committees & Projects 2
    3. 3. OVERVIEW: MADA AT A GLANCE May 25, 2012 Registered Canadian charity since 1993 Our new charter defines us as a humanitarian organization Together We Can! Largest food bank distributing directly to individuals in Quebec and the largest kosher soup kitchen in Canada Provides clothing, furniture and other basic necessities to people in need All services free of charge Volunteer-based; relies on public support to provide servicesMADA has evolved from a small neighbourhoodcentre to Montreal’s central address for fightingJewish poverty 3
    4. 4. OVERVIEW: OUR MISSION May 25, 2012 To identify, reach out and help people in need with the basic necessities of life while preserving their Together We Can! dignity and helping them to become self-sufficient members of our community To promote a sense of one caring family within our community 4
    5. 5. OVERVIEW: OUR PHILOSOPHY May 25, 2012 Provide a caring, family-like atmosphere Together We Can! Regard recipients and donors as patrons Prevent recipients’ temporary setbacks from becoming a permanently-impoverishing situation Encourage recipients to become volunteers as a first step towards entering or re-entering the work force 5
    6. 6. OVERVIEW:FOOD OPERATIONS May 25, 2012 CAFETERIAS Together We Can! - Main Cafeteria FOOD BANK - 3 Satellite Cafeterias - Mobile Cafeteria TAKE-OUT & HOME COMMERCIAL KITCHEN DELIVERIES Services cafeterias, takeout & home deliveries, community holiday New Shabbat-To-Share program celebrations 6
    7. 7. OVERVIEW:OTHER ASSISTANCE May 25, 2012 CLOTHING Together We Can! HOME FURNISHINGS DEPOT Gently used clothing depot New and gently used furniture, appliances New clothing store for a dignified and household goods “shopping” experience SOCIAL & CULTURAL CRISIS INTERVENTION ACTIVITIES* & REFERRALS 7
    8. 8. May 25, 2012 Together We Can! CLIENT SERVICES8 Helping families and individuals in a dignified manner
    10. 10. FOOD ASSISTANCECAFETERIAS – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Together We Can! Serving Main 3 Satellite 500 Cafeteria Cafeterias meals/day in total 10
    11. 11. FOOD ASSISTANCEMOBILE CAFETERIA – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 2009 – 2010: Together We Can! 3 locations were served daily 2010 – 2011: These 3 locations expanded to indoor cafeteria service 11
    12. 12. FOOD ASSISTANCEHOT MEALS: OUR VISION May 25, 2012600,000 550,000500,000 Together We Can!400,000300,000 186,000200,000 168,800 144,400100,000 15,000 0 12 1995 2008 2009 2010 2015
    13. 13. FOOD ASSISTANCEWHAT’S IN OUR FOOD BASKETS? May 25, 2012Pasta products & Jam/peanut Oil Canned Fish Breakfast cereal Flour Together We Can! Rice butter Coffee Tea Mayonnaise Canned fruit & Sugar Salt vegetablesTomato Product Dry and canned Fruit Juices Beans & Baby Food Diapers & Baby soups Legumes Wipes 13 Soap Toilet Paper and Shampoo Deodorant Toothpaste and Laundry Paper Towels toothbrushes Detergent
    14. 14. FOOD BASKETS – OUR VISION May 25, 2012 150,000 150,000 Number of Food Baskets Together We Can! 100,000 50,000 30,300 43,500 24,000 8,400 0 2005 2008 2009 2010 2015 Value in CAD$$400 $350 $225 $200$200 $150 $35 14 $- 2005 2008 2009 2010 2015
    15. 15. CLOTHING DISTRIBUTION – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Together We Can! 20+ bins for used 1 bin in MADA is clothing & personal sorted for distribution items – recycled and in the clothing depot shipped overseas 15
    16. 16. CLOTHING STORE – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 In 2009, the MADA clothing 1 Store store was added to our line Together We Can! Manager; of services 1 PT Administrator Store Staff: Poses as a store 3-4 program workers front, without MADA’s name Open 6 days a week 1 program worker Has a large storage space collecting donations in-kind; 1 PT Development Manager Patrons are invited to use complimentary gift certificates to receive new 16 clothing for the entire family
    17. 17. PEOPLE WHO BENEFIT FROM OUR CLOTHINGSERVICES – OUR VISION May 25, 201210000 9,000 9000 Together We Can! 8000 7000 6000 5000 4,000 4000 3,300 3000 2,650 2000 1000 200 17 0 2005 2008 2009 2010 2015
    18. 18. HOME FURNISHINGS DISTRIBUTION –TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Corporate Community- Together We Can! Donors wide donations supplying new of used items furniture Email process limits donation of unusable items 18
    19. 19. PEOPLE WHO BENEFIT FROM OURFURNISHINGS DEPOT – OUR VISION May 25, 20126000 5,0005000 Together We Can!40003000 2,2002000 1,900 1,5501000 300 0 19 2005 2008 2009 2010 2015
    20. 20. COMMUNITY:HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS May 25, 2012 The Food Security team spends The kitchen staff spends the the week before focusing on fresh immediate 10 days before the Together We Can! produce, and the month before on holiday preparing the meals targeted donations in-kind Every 6 months, MADA focuses on preparing 2,000 meals for 9 locations, 2-4 weeks prior to the holiday We must also reach prospective PR & Marketing must reach clientele to expand our net of donors & volunteers to garner recipients, all the while maintaining support their dignity 20
    21. 21. INTAKE ASSESSMENTCARING FOR THE COMPLETE PERSON May 25, 2012 Intake counsellors evaluate patrons’ needs with sensitivity and caring. When people are referred to MADA for a specific service, the counsellor may identify additional urgent needs. Together We Can! Patrons are given written requisitions to access suitable services at MADA. Security cards are given to patrons who require cafeteria services. We work closely with various organizations, Agence Ometz, rabbis, CLSCs, hospitals, shelters and the justice system to ensure that patrons who require special services are able to access them. 21
    22. 22. May 25, 2012 Together We Can! OPERATIONS & SUPPORT22 How do we do it all?
    23. 23. MADA OPERATIONS & SUPPORT: May 25, 2012The following departments support the delivery of the above-mentioned services: Commercial Kitchen Together We Can! Donations In-Kind and Fundraising  Food & Product Donations  Clothing Donations  Private (person) Solicitations Supply Chain Management  Pickup and Transport  Warehousing, Packaging and Distribution Human Resources  Government Program Management  Staffing  Volunteer Management Technical Administration Office Administration Finance 23 Project Management & Event Coordination
    24. 24. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN: TODAY’S REALITY Staffing  1 chef, and a spectrum of volunteers preparing full- course meals fresh every day Raw Materials  Food security works to obtain the lowest prices possible while maintaining quality standards  The kitchen is the Food Bank’s #1 client for fresh produce and cooking ingredients 24
    25. 25. DONATIONS IN-KIND: THE PROCESS May 25, 2012 Research, Cold Call, and Cultivate relationships with manufacturers and distributers Together We Can! Garner donations of products – large majority of companies donate because of “business sense” Evaluate products being offered 25
    26. 26. REASONS WHY COMPANIES DONATE... May 25, 2012 Products with Surplus cosmetic or Good Will Together We Can! inventory production errors Obsolete Products thatpromotional or Sample items are near codeseasonal items dates Bulk and Imperfect or foodservice underweight 26 sized product packaging
    27. 27. DONATIONS IN-KINDTODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 5% Together We Can! 30% Smaller Distrib. & Manufacturers Moisson Montreal 65% Large Manufacturers & Food Chains 60% of donations There is a frequent come from outside product exchange of Montreal (90% of with Moisson these donations are 27 Montreal from Ontario)
    28. 28. DONATIONS IN-KINDTODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Together We Can! The food security teamA very small portion of the lacks contacts in major donations come from food manufacturers (manylarge companies and food of which have the capacity chains to regularly donate enormous quantities) 28
    29. 29. FOOD SECURITY: OUR CHALLENGE May 25, 2012 • 1 full-time staff member collected donations in-kind2009 Together We Can! • 3 full-time staff2010 • 3 full-time and 2 part-time, likely to expand2011 • 10 full-time food security managers2015 This number is likely to decrease as the board assists with providing contacts in large food 29 companies
    30. 30. FUNDRAISING: TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Government Grants Together We Can! EventsSources of limited funding Foundations & Organizations Government Work Programs Mailing 30 Private Donors
    31. 31. FUNDRAISING BUCKETS May 25, 2012 Ongoing Projects $2M Annual • Rosh Hashanah Operating • Passover Together We Can! Budget • Food Drive New Projects Events – • Shabbat to Share Masterpieces for • New Warehouse MADA Exception- UPCOMING…. Based: Urgent Appeal Capital Building 31 Campaign Campaign
    32. 32. FUNDRAISING- CHALLENGES May 25, 2012 HR Software Challenges Challenges Together We Can! Limited staff Working with dedicated to Approach fundraising This staff must multi-task and Evaluating new cover additional software 32 responsibilities
    33. 33. PICK UP AND TRANSPORT:LOCAL PICK UPS May 25, 2012 Logistics: • Incoming pick-up requests from Food Together We Can! Security Team, Clothing 2 HINO Trucks, 2 Vans travel Fundraiser, Furniture Donors, Corporate throughout Montreal, and as far as Donors, Private Donors places like Boucherville, Laval for • A custom software for managing pending In-Kind Donations pledges, completed pickups, staff of drivers, fleet of vehicles Maintaining a Fleet of 12 Vehicles – Trucks, Vans, Automobiles, Mobile homes 33
    34. 34. LOCAL PICK UPS - CHALLENGES May 25, 2012 All incoming Limitations in merchandise is Together We Can! tracking & feedback routed to its on incomingdestination on as-it- merchandise comes basis Constant Vehicle Repair Unreliable drivers • Refrigerated Truck • Mobile Home • Used Cars 34
    35. 35. TRANSPORT FOR IN-KIND DONATIONS –OUT-OF-TOWN PICK UPS May 25, 2012 Evaluate Cost-Benefit of each donation Together We Can! 5O% discounted transport from Ontario Developing transport from USA Currently unable to cost-effectively transport shipments from Western Canada Possible synergies with Robert Transport via 35 Moisson Montreal
    36. 36. WAREHOUSING2005-2009 SNAPSHOT May 25, 2012 Incorporated 2,000 ft2 Food Bank Operation from MERCAZ Together We Can! Plaza Cote des Neiges Warehouse was 1 central point of receiving goods, sorting, repackaging and distribution Grew to 6,000 ft2 and full capacity of 275 pallets, including 1,000 ft2 of refrigerated / frozen space 36
    37. 37. WAREHOUSING – 2010 May 25, 2012 MADA relied on Together We Can! 2 Points of donated & borrowed Receiving warehousing $1,000s of dollars A constant flow of and hours of traffic between overtime from staff several locations to relocate warehouses 37
    38. 38. WAREHOUSING – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012A new 20,000 ft2 1,500 pallet Together We Can! leased capacity for dry warehouse products Projected 150- Neighbors with 200 pallet Moissoncapacity for cold Montreal storage 38
    39. 39. WAREHOUSING STORAGE CAPACITY – OUR VISION May 25, 2012 2015 30,000 Together We Can! 2011 26,0002010/2011 6,000 + Borrowed Storage2008/2009 6,000 Warehouse Space in2005/2006 2,000 Square Feet 39 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000
    40. 40. PACKAGING May 25, 2012 Flour Oats Together We Can! Items donated in bulk are Rice repackaged Granola for distribution Sugar to clients Dried Fruit 40
    41. 41. DISTRIBUTION May 25, 2012 Made-to-order food baskets Together We Can! Several need-based categories of clients Higher-need and larger families receive more support Distribution calculations determine the amount available for the kitchen, and each category of client 41
    42. 42. DISTRIBUTION:SAMPLE ORDER SHEET May 25, 2012 Together We Can! 42
    43. 43. DISTRIBUTION: A TYPICAL WEEK’S CLIENTS May 25, 2012 Together We Can!Daily Orders to the Food Baskets Weekly Deliveries Kitchen Community Jewish Organizations –Non-Kosher Food Organizations – Moisson Baskets Schools, Camps, Sh Montreal, Old uls Brewery Mission 43
    44. 44. HUMAN RESOURCES MAKE UP May 25, 2012 A constantly changing pool of YMCA Together We Can! community service “volunteers” 30 Ongoing Regular Volunteers 58 Individuals on Payroll* • 17 FT Paid Staff • 4 PT Staff • 14 Government Subsidized Workers 44 • 23 Government Funded Workers**Some are paid directly by the Government, not MADA
    45. 45. MANAGEMENT HR – ORG CHART May 25, 2012 Executive Director Together We Can!Assistant Director of Departmental Project Finance Kitchen StaffDirectors Operations Managers Managers Food Security Food Bank Team Mgmt Warehouse Staff Conventional Handicapped & Volunteers Disenfranchised Minimal Paid Staff 45
    46. 46. OPERATIONS HR – ORG CHART May 25, 2012 Moshe Together We Can! Hirschhorn Dir. Operations Food Bank Food Security Roni Alkobi Daniel Amar Samuel Stenge Ossy Kashkash Jennifer AugerFood Security Food Security Food Security Food Security Food Security Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager 46
    47. 47. FOOD BANK HR– ORG CHART May 25, 2012 Together We Can! Moshe Hirschhorn Dir. Operations Robert Guttman Yoni Hetsroni Warehouse 2 ShlomoFood Security Client Service Food Bank Manager Warehouse Manager Manager Manager Danielle Danielle Ursula Mens Mike Krivorot Sorting & Womens Clothing Client Service Stocking Clothing Phillip Lemay Brad Warehouse Jeff Warehouse Sheldon Warehouse Support Support Inventory Control Support 47
    48. 48. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN HR– ORG CHART May 25, 2012 Together We Can! Rivkah Cohen Anatoli Head ChefStock boy Runner Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer 48
    49. 49. OPERATIONS SUPPORT HR– ORG CHART May 25, 2012 Together We Can! Avishay Rebibo Operations Support Samuel Oukinin Grounds & Driver Driver Driver Maint. Janitor Janitor Janitor 49
    50. 50. MADA’S HR – TODAY’S REALITY May 25, 2012 Challenges We Face  Program volunteers are not always reliable Together We Can!  High turnover leads to constant recruiting and retraining  Pushes managers down a level – They are frequently held back on their own projects  Staff needs more training Constant Growth in Services & Programs  More Volunteers are needed  More qualified people are needed  More job offers  More training 50
    51. 51. HR - GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS May 25, 2012 Employee Together We Can! Applications Reporting on Applying for Employees Grants Work and Skills LearnedResearching Reporting on Program new Administration Projectopportunities Summaries 51
    52. 52. HR – STAFFING DEMANDS May 25, 2012 Assistant Director tracks staffing Together We Can! needs of each department and matches available labor Biggest Supply Biggest – Community- Demand – service Warehouse/ hours, governm Food ent programs for Bank, Kitchen, mentally/ Cafeteria, Shab emotionally bat-to-Share challenged 52
    53. 53. HR – CLASSICAL VOLUNTEERS May 25, 2012 • Serving meals Together We Can! • Cutting, Peeling fruits and vegetables Typical • Serving produce, food baskets Volunteer • Student class projects Positions • Rosh Hashanah and Passover • Shabbat-to-Share boxes 53
    54. 54. TECHNICAL ADMINISTRATION May 25, 2012 1 Part-Time IT Staff Member Together We Can! • 24/6 Technical support • Network, Hardware and Software Maintenance – Offices @ 6700 CDN, 6600 CDN, 6880 Cote de Liesse • Web site design and maintenance • Social Media Administration – Facebook, Twitter 54
    55. 55. OFFICE ADMINISTRATION May 25, 2012 Fundraising Reception & Together We Can! Data Entry Support - Admin MailingsDonations and Clothing Store Event Receipt Administration Coordination Processing Public Finance Purchasing Relations 55
    56. 56. FINANCE May 25, 2012Donations and Receipt Processing Together We Can!Administer PayrollProvide data to chartered accountantMaintain hardcopies of transactionsRevenu Québec Administration 56
    57. 57. EVENT COORDINATION May 25, 2012 Planning & Logistics Together We Can! Fundraising, Ad Book Volunteer/Committee Coordination Liaison with Community’s Schools Marketing and Advertising Day-of-Event Management 57
    58. 58. May 25, 2012 Together We Can! BOARD COMMITTEES & PROJECTS58 Advancing the Future of MADA
    59. 59. COMMITTEES GOALS May 25, 2012 Preserve MADA’s unique culture, which is based on the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – do everything you can to help Together We Can! your fellow friend Reach out to as many Develop regulations to recipients, donors and implement volunteers as possible to create a sense of one caring family, community- wide Increase efficiency in Increase and enhancelabor, donations and time service 59 Create financial transparency
    60. 60. OUR VISION - DEPARTMENTS WILL BE ASSISTED BY 6 COMMITTEES May 25, 2012 Development: Development: Fundraising Donations In-Kind Together We Can! Audit ManagementMarketing, Public Relations & Board of Volunteers Promotions Directors 60
    61. 61. SUBCOMMITTEE: MARKETING, PUBLICRELATIONS & PROMOTIONS May 25, 2012 Enhance MADA’s image, including communications with the press. Together We Can! Identify potential donor and client markets Promote MADAs services to these markets and to the community at large Create networks and tools, utilizing traditional and social media 61
    62. 62. SUBCOMMITTEE: AUDIT May 25, 2012 Ensureaccurate tracking, monitoring and accountability for funds Together We Can! Help to prepare budgets and business plans 62
    63. 63. SUBCOMMITTEE: FUNDRAISING May 25, 2012 Create new ways, methods and events to raise funds Together We Can! Lobby federal and provincial offices Identify and solicit funds from other external sources for MADA’s ongoing services and for capital campaigns 63
    64. 64. DEVELOPMENT: DONATIONS IN-KINDSUBCOMMITTEE May 25, 2012 Create a network to identify manufacturers and solicit donations Together We Can! Develop public awareness for donations in-kind 64
    65. 65. SUBCOMMITTEE: MANAGEMENT May 25, 2012 Review and suggest methods to improve efficiency of operations and for recruiting and Together We Can! training personnel 65
    66. 66. SUBCOMMITTEE: VOLUNTEER May 25, 2012 Develop a strong awareness and involvement in community needs through MADA’s programs Together We Can! Recruit a network of volunteers to join and help develop the “MADA family” sense of community 66
    67. 67. IN FOCUS:FILLING OUR NEW WAREHOUSE May 25, 2012 The new warehouse is the lifeblood of our food services Together We Can! Capacity is 1,500 pallets Need thousands of pallets of in-kind donations per year to maximize capacity and continue to meet demand for food service 67
    68. 68. IN FOCUS:SHABBAT-TO-SHARE May 25, 2012 Shabbat-to-Share is creating an exciting new momentum for caring, community-wide Together We Can! We currently reach150 patrons with this service; goal is to reach 1,000 patrons this year Help to identify and involve suitable patrons, volunteers and sponsors 68
    69. 69. IN FOCUS:BUILDING MADA’S FUTURE May 25, 2012 Space limitations continue to severely challenge us, despite renovations and new warehouse space Together We Can! Government is willing to help finance new premises We have a property in mind but must continue to investigate other properties Need ongoing capital building campaign in order to negotiate an eventual purchase 69