Online Coursework: Making It Count - Lore Carvajal


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Lore Carvajal of Triton Community College talks about online learning and how to engage students outside of the face-to-face class model.

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Online Coursework: Making It Count - Lore Carvajal

  1. 1. Online Coursework Making It Count: Lorelei A. Carvajal Psychology Professor Department Chair, Behavioral Sciences Triton Community College, IL
  2. 2. Presenter: Lorelei A. Carvajal I am a Full-Time Tenured Psychology instructor and Behavioral Science Department Chair from Triton Community College in River Grove, IL. In addition to my chair duties, I typically instruct three sections of Introduction to Psychology (online or face to face) and one section of Abnormal Child Psychology every semester. On the average, my class sizes range between 25-30 students per section. In 2011, I won the NISOD Teaching and Excellence Award. I have been a national Digital Faculty Consultant since 2010 and truly love getting the chance to connect with faculty across the country. It has been a privilege to travel across the US on behalf of McGraw Hill and inspire, help and foster professional growth in faculty when it comes to student success, integration of technology and distance education. For these reasons, I am very familiar with the adaptive technology and CONNECT. A few summers ago, I worked on the LearnSmart updates for the Laura King 2/e “The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View” and had a wonderful experience of exploring how LearnSmart actually adapts to our student‟s performance.
  3. 3. In the next 45 minutes…. We will discuss: The importance of requiring assignments with the course, tips on how to integrate these assignments into your syllabus, and some strategies for motivating student usage.
  4. 4. DO YOU BELIEVE???  That CONNECT and LearnSmart will help your students succeed in your class? Working outside of the classroom on content makes for a more valuable classroom experience? Most of your students are not as prepared for your classes as you would like them to be? YES
  5. 5. MAKING ASSIGNMENTS REQUIRED Indicates that these assignments are not OPTIONAL Provides incentives for students to engage with the material in meaningful ways outside of class Encourages students to actually obtain their course materials (textbooks and technology requirements) Gives multiple assessment opportunities for students to succeed in your course Makes the student responsible for their learning
  6. 6. Integrating these Assignments into your Syllabus The Basic Tools of the Trade... Class time: This class is fully online– no campus visits are required. Modality of Instruction: This class will be taught completely online. Students are responsible for following the online policies of the course.. All course content, CONNECT assignments, current grades, exams and classroom announcements will be on BlackBoard. To access BlackBoard SP 12, go to: You are required to log-into the class at least 3 times per week. Required Text: King, L. (2011). The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2nd Edition. Required Technology: This class will use CONNECT Psychology as an enhanced learning component of the course. Some graded materials and assignments will be presented through CONNECT. Students have TWO options when purchasing the textbook and the technology supplement. Please see the options listed that best suits your financial situation and learning style. Student Registration and Log-In Information: Each student will need to log into CONNECT through the use of BlackBoard 9.1. To log in, simply click on the first assignment in Module 1. Follow the instructions from that point on. In BlackBoard, I have attached a Student Quick Guide for help to log into CONNECT Getting to the Point(s)... Discussions 135 pts (5 @ 25 pts ea, 1 @ 10 pts) CONNECT Activities 75 pts (5 modules counted @ 15 pts ea) 14 LearnSmart Chpt 70 pts (5 pts ea) 5 Exams (30 pts ea) 150 pts TOTAL: 430 pts Roughly 30% of Grade is based on CONNECT & LS
  7. 7. Integrating these Assignments into your Syllabus Student Responsibilities • Describe the assignment, where students can find it and what your policies are about late work and due dates. • Remind them how many points the assignments are worth!
  8. 8. Integrating these Assignments into your Syllabus • Technology Help CONNECT: Digital Care Team: 1-800-331-5094 Email directly from Site Chat Live Instructors should never feel they have to be tech support for CONNECT or LearnSmart.
  9. 9. Waiting for your Financial Aid?? Get the 21-day Free Trial of CONNECT and start now! Motivating Students to Do The Online CourseWork
  10. 10. Motivating Students to Do The Online CourseWork Other helpful hints:  Welcome to Class email with „heads-up‟ on the technology needs  First Day of Class Introduction to technology (McGraw)  Reminder emails to those who haven‟t registered after first week  Comparison after first exam on those who used and those who didn‟t *celebrate the success*  Require, Revisit, Report
  11. 11. Click here to watch this recorded presentation. Thank you!