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American Eagle spoof ad promotes “skinny, skinny” jeans, Cher fans are easily confused, and a song about the importance of cancer screening. See that and more in this week’s Pizza Friday!

American Eagle spoof ad promotes “skinny, skinny” jeans, Cher fans are easily confused, and a song about the importance of cancer screening. See that and more in this week’s Pizza Friday!

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  • 1. numantra.com214.635.2300
  • 2. numantra.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr7DKXXfCWI 214.635.2300
  • 3. SOCIALMEDIA &MOBILE numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 4. Facebook to Debut First TV Ad to PromoteHome for AndroidFacebook is making a big bet that people want to be surrounded by content from their friends eachand every time they look at their phones, and its teeing up a marketing campaign that will include itsfirst-ever TV advertising.With its new experience for Android, "Home," Facebook has introduced an appealing new mobilecanvas that could potentially cause its mobile revenue to soar -- if it can find a way to serve ads ontothe lock screens of peoples phones without bothering them. And also if enough mobile consumerswant to be able to see a constantly updating stream of updates from their Facebook friends and to beable to message anywhere on their phones with those friends (depicted by icons of their profilescalled "chatheads.")CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that "Home" is a means of making Facebook more engrossing andalso referred to the size of the opportunity in terms of the captive audience available. He referenced astatistic that the average mobile consumer looks at their lock screen 100 times per day.(Click link below to view video.) numantra.comLink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Lep_DSmSRwE 214.635.2300
  • 5. One Year Later, Half of Instagrams 100M UsersCome From AndroidWithin a year after launching its Android app, nearly half of all Instagram’s user base comes fromthe Google-powered operating system.Instagram revealed this statistic in a blog post celebrating its one-year anniversary Wednesday. Thepopular photo-filtering and -sharing app currently has 100 million monthly active users."Instagram for Android has helped make this community more global than ever," said Philip McAllister,an Instagram engineer. "Major events such as Brazil’s Círio de Nazaré festival, the 85th birthday ofThailand’s King Bhumibol, and a streak of severe thunderstorms throughout Malaysia have beencaptured by Android Instagrammers and shared to global audiences like never before.“Co-founder Kevin Systrom unveiled Instagrams long-awaited Android app at last years South BySouthwest. The app, which officially debuted on April 3, 2012, saw over a million downloads inless than a day. numantra.comLink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Lep_DSmSRwE 214.635.2300
  • 6. Nokia Closes Shanghai Flagship Store, But NobodyNoticesOn April 1, Nokia announced its closing its flagship Nokia store in Shanghai, and this was no April Fools joke.It’s the latest in a series of shutdowns of the phone-maker’s failing retail storefronts. The Shanghai store wasits largest remaining shop.Unfortunately for Nokia, not many people really noticed or cared that the shop is closing. The Nokia FlagshipStore SH account on Sina Weibo has had only 938 reposts of its “Goodbye Shanghai” post in the past threedays. Trending Weibo posts generally get tens of thousands of interactions. However, the account only had4,251 fans.The Nokia Shanghai store opened in 2007, one of about 10 worldwide. At that time, Nokia was still China’s topphone-maker with its Symbian platform. Then Android and iOS happened. While Symbian still has asurprisingly large user base in China, all the traction is behind Android. There will be an estimated 300 millionactive Android users in China by the end of this year.In contrast, Nokia’s stats for 2012 were disastrous in China, with sales down 79% throughout the year. NowNokia is pinning its hopes on the Windows Phone OS, but it’s growing slowly. Apple has three major stores inShanghai and has rapidly expanded to eight Apple Stores in four cities across mainland China.Link: http://mashable.com/2013/04/04/nokia-shanghai-store/ numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 7. Twitter Music App is Launching FridayGet ready to rock. Twitter is about to launch its long-rumored standalone music app Friday, according toa report.The apps existence was rapidly becoming one of the worst-kept secrets in social media, especially afterAmerican Idol host Ryan Seacrest randomly tweeted about its existence earlier Thursday.When we asked Twitter whether the app existed, they pointed us — rather meaningfully — to the We AreHunted announcement. Now AllThingsD is reporting that the music app will launch Friday, citing sourcesfamiliar with the matter.We Are Hunted focused on the top trending music on social media, and the Twitter Music app willlikely do the same — plus suggest what other tunes you might like based on what youve listened to,and allow you to buy tracks via iTunes.A streaming-only service, it will feature Soundcloud clips you can listen to from within the app and musicvideos from Vevo, according to AllThingsD. CNET previous reported that the app would be divided into foursections, including "#NowPlaying", and that a Twitter account would not be necessary to use it.What we dont have a lot of details on is what platform the app is launching on. CNETs report said it would beiOS only; AllThingsDs sources dont specify. numantra.comLink: http://mashable.com/2013/04/11/twitter-music-app-launch/ 214.635.2300
  • 8. CollegeHumor Creates Breakout AmericanEagle Ad—For a Fake ProductThis weeks April Fool’s video from American Eagle Outfitters. The clip, produced by IACsCollegeHumor, showed real shoppers being ambushed by sales folks peddling spray-on skinny jeans.That clip followed up on a bogus commercial for "skinny skinny" —i.e. jeans for people who thinkjeggings are just too baggy.Since CollegeHumor posted that video on Mar. 21, it generated 1.5 million views on YouTube andother outlets, outdoing many of the sites originals by a wide margin. It was quickly highlighted onNBCs The Today Show.Link: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/collegehumor-creates-breakout- numantra.com american-eagle-ad-fake-product-148395 214.635.2300
  • 9. ASKING FOR DIRECTIONSLink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE1H31FmHV4&list=PL5FD9E602B90506E2 numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 10. WHAT’S NEW numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 11. Dos Equis Moves Cinco De Mayo to May 2Is Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday really that bad a thing? After all, St. Paddys Day did this year,and we didnt count a discernible drop in drunken debauchery. Still, Dos Equis seems to think its areally bad thing, so its enlisted "The Most Interesting Man in the World" to start a movement to switchit to May 2, "Dos de Mayo.“An online video asks fans to mobilize everyone they know to spread the word. The company is alsohosting a Dos de Mayo party in L.A., and fans have a chance to win a trip at this Maxim site. numantra.com http://adage.com/article/creativity-pick-of-the-day/dos-equis-moves-cinco-de-mayo-2/240714/ 214.635.2300
  • 12. Pepsi Unveils First Bottle Redesign Since 1997 Previous Design New Design numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  • 13. Researchers Replace Passwords With Mind-Reading“Passthoughts”Remembering the passwords for all your sites can get frustrating. There are only so manypunctuation, number substitutes and uppercase variations you can recall, and writing them downfor all to find is hardly an option.Thanks to researchers at the UC Berkeley School of Information, you may not need to type thosepesky passwords in the future. Instead, youll only need to think them.By measuring brainwaves with biosensor technology, researchers are able to replace passwordswith "passthoughts" for computer authentication. A $100 headset wirelessly connects to acomputer via Bluetooth, and the devices sensor rests against the user’s forehead, providing aelectroencephalogram (EEG) signal from the brain.In a series of tests, participants completed seven different mental tasks with the device, includingimagining their finger moving up and down and choosing a personalized secret. Simple actions likefocusing on breathing or on a thought for ten seconds resulted in successful authentication. numantra.comLink: http://mashable.com/2013/04/09/passwords-thoughts/ 214.635.2300
  • 14. SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT ENCOURAGES BOWEL CANCER TESTING WITH SONG ABOUT POO numantra.com http://mashable.com/2013/04/11/poo-song/ 214.635.2300
  • 15. “FAIL!” OF THE WEEK numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 16. Fans Think Cher Died After ThatcherHashtag TrendsNo, Cher fans, the singer and actress did not die. The Twitter hashtag“#nowthatchersdead” is meant to be read as “now Thatchers dead” —not “now that Chers dead.”The hashtag sparked confusion and humor about Cher, the 66-year-oldwho has amassed 1.4 million Twitter followers with her quirky andsometimes non-sensical tweets (Mashable even included one of hersin its "50 Memorable Tweets of 2012" roundup): numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 17. Mad Sausagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNFfJJBwBjY numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 18. “TWO MARK’STHUMBS UP!” OF THE WEEK numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 19. numantra.com214.635.2300
  • 20. NEXT WEEK’PIZZAFRIDAY PREVIEW... numantra.com 214.635.2300
  • 21. ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  • 22. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing thelatest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Our founders each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever-new marketingbraintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit numantra.com for more information. numantra.com 214.635.2300