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Pizza Friday 209
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Pizza Friday 209


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A big ad in Big D, a D cup in a big book, book recommendations of the AVC, and boy meets girl in Mike's Top 5. It's Friday. Time for more pizza and such.

A big ad in Big D, a D cup in a big book, book recommendations of the AVC, and boy meets girl in Mike's Top 5. It's Friday. Time for more pizza and such.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. numantra.com214.635.2300
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  • 4. AdWeek: How Nike+ Made Just Do It ObsoleteStefan Olander on building a new ecosystem of engagementNike and R/GA used a forum at the Cannes Lions festival here today to celebrateFuelBand, their latest collaboration in a growing set of workout-measurement servicesthat are completely changing the formerly product-focused companys approach tomarketing.In a masterful presentation-no Facebook freakouts here-the companys vp of digital sport,Stefan Olander, traced the history of Nike as a business and as a marketer, and saidNike+ is completely revolutionizing its relationship with consumers."Nike is becoming a company that isnt just focused on products, but is focused onproducts and services," he said. "It used to be that when you bought a product, that wasthe end of the relationship. Its classic marketing. Great, you bought the product. See youin a year, when the next campaign comes along. That thinking has flipped on its head.Now, the purchase of any Nike product needs to be the beginning of the relationship wehave with the consumer.” numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  • 5. Electronics Retailers Scramble to Adapt toChanging MarketEven as Best Buy insists it can get out of its current predicament, competitors are circling, aseveryone tries to prove one point: that electronics stores can thrive.Best Buy is closing 50 of its big-box stores, and its sales at stores open at least a year are falling.Brian J. Dunn, its chief executive, recently resigned after the board found he was having aninappropriate relationship with a subordinate. Richard Schulze, who founded the company in 1966,said this month that he would leave the board immediately, a year ahead of schedule, and is trying tosell his 20.1 percent stake in the company.Now, Walmart is running ads going after Best Buy consumers; a Chicago-area competitor isexpanding amusement park attractions in its store to lure shoppers; and Target is selling Appleproducts - all in an effort to make buying electronics in a store appealing again. The trends are notfavorable. People are increasingly buying electronics online, even if they go to stores to examineproduct features. The price of televisions is sliding, and CDs and DVDs are not nearly as popular asthey once were. Retailers are stuck with lots of space as products shrink or go digital. And becausemany manufacturers are not allowing retailers to advertise below minimum prices for their products,stores cannot publicize sale prices the way they once did. numantra.comLink: 214.635.2300
  • 6. Beneath Microsofts SurfaceNew iPad Competitor With Keyboard to Rival Laptops TooMicrosoft Corp.s first-ever homegrown computer has created confusing new battle lines in the techsector, turning longtime allies into rivals and underscoring a philosophical split over the purpose andfuture of tablet-style devices.The Surface tablet, unveiled by Microsoft Monday, has an unusual keyboard-enhanced design thatmakes it a standout rival to Apple Inc.s iPad and conventional laptop computers as well.Microsofts tablet alters its longtime role as software supplier to computer makers. But more broadlythe move underscores a debate with Apple over what a tablet should be: a new category of consumerdevices, or a traditional PC in a slimmer, on-the-go package.Steve Ballmer, Microsofts chief executive, argued Monday that tablet users want to be able to usetheir gadgets both for passive activities such as watching a movie, and for creating spreadsheets orother workplace functions. The Surface, to address those goals, includes screen covers that doubleas clip-on keyboards.Link: 214.635.2300
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  • 27. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing thelatest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Our founders each have spent decades working for some of the largest ad agencies in the world. It was experience that was invaluable, ultimately, because it taught us that we just can’t keep following years of tradition if we want to have an impact in today’s marketplace. So we got together for a lot of serendipitous reasons and formed Numantra. Ka-boom! The forever-new marketingbraintrust that maximizes client resources with fresh insights, accountable solutions and kick-ass results was born. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. 214.635.2300
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