Pizza friday 128


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Lou Ferrigno, George Lopez, and Benji. Add a little Southern Comfort and voila! You got Pizza Friday.

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Pizza friday 128

  2. 3. AdWeek: iPad Hits 1 Mil. Sales Mark in a Month The iPhone took twice as long to reach the same milestone For those wondering if the iPad would take off the way the iPhone did, Apple answered that question by revealing that it has sold 1 million iPads in less than a month. By way of comparison, the iPhone took twice as long to reach the same milestone. And if you're thinking these sales are merely indicative of only the Apple faithful buying up their new toys, two new developments point to additional sales success in the coming months. First is the introduction Friday of the iPad 3G, which features both WiFi and wireless access to the AT&T network. It's not clear how many of the 1 million iPads sold were for the initial WiFi-only verion and how many were for the iPad 3G. While more expensive, many fans have indicated their intent to wait for the more versatile iPad 3G before pulling out their wallets. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster this morning estimated that Apple sold 300,000 iPad 3G devices this weekend.
  3. 5. Adage Why Long-Form Ads Are the Wave of the Future Short Films, Music Videos Featuring Products Engage Viewers With Brands by Providing Entertainment Since Lady Gaga's nearly 10-minute video "Telephone" made its debut a few weeks back, it's garnered 28 million views on YouTube, been watched on nearly 500,000 times and shared on Facebook and tweeted directly from the pop star's site some 150,000 times. The video-slash-short film is easily one of the most-popular pieces of longer-form content in recent times, boosting visibility for brands like Miracle Whip and dating site that made appearances in the video. But it's also just one in a growing batch of examples that signal marketers' desire to engage with consumers for longer than the standard 30 seconds. "We've definitely seen an upswing in longer-form ads," said Matt Miller, president and CEO, AICP. "While advertisers are looking for efficiencies in short-format/multiple platforms, they are also looking for new ways to engage consumers. ... One way to do that is through short films and fun pieces that create awareness of the brand, and reward consumers."
  4. 6. Mead Johnson's Flavored Toddler Formula Faces Outcry Chicago Tribune Some mommy bloggers and nutritionists are critically targeting Mead Johnson Nutrition's Enfagrow Premium toddler formula, which comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, Julie Wernau reports. Rebecca Unger, a pediatrician at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, says the Enfagrow chocolate or vanilla formula is similar to adding three teaspoons of sugar to a glass of milk. "For a healthy child who doesn't have medical problems affecting growth and behavior and development, I don't think it's necessary," she says. "What's next, genetically modifying moms to produce chocolate breast milk?," one blogger posted on Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University, says the flavored formulas could lead children who drink it to crave sugary beverages. "The toddler years can be particularly challenging since food preferences may be erratic and unpredictable," responds a Mead Johnson spokesman. "Products such as Enfagrow Premium can play a role in helping children achieve a more balanced, healthy daily diet."
  5. 7. Adage Calif. County May Ask Kids to Choose Between Fries and Toys In Response to Childhood Obesity, Santa Clara Considers Ban on Giveaways for Meals High in Calories and Sodium Reasoning with a child, especially when toys are involved, is a tough proposition. But California's Santa Clara County might be about to make it tougher with a proposal that takes on major kids-meal franchises at fast feeders such as McDonald's by banning toy giveaways with meals high in calories and sodium -- a move that could lead to regulation in other places in the country. "This ordinance levels the playing field," Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Ken Yeager said in a statement. "It helps parents make the choices they want for their children without toys and other freebies luring them toward food that fails to meet basic nutritional standards." As a state, California has adopted health regulations faster than other areas. California has already banned trans fat at restaurant chains and mandated calorie counts. Earlier this month, Santa Clara County also proposed a ban on "single-use" carryout bags. The proposed guidelines for healthier options require kids' meals to have fewer than 485 calories and 600 mg of sodium to come with a toy
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  16. 18. Adage Latest Hot Kid Trend: Brand Bandz Social Media Sparks Shortages for Playground Status Symbol Forget LiveStrong bands. The hottest thing for kids are Silly Bandz, ZanyBandz and Crazy Bandz -- and now brands are getting involved. The latest kid craze is virally setting off retail madness, skipping from state to state aided by social media, instant messaging and texting. &quot;It's akin to what happened with Beanie Babies and Webkinz across our stores,&quot; said a spokeswoman for Hallmark, which is having trouble keeping Silly Bandz in stock. &quot;They're a very big seller right now.&quot; She said the brand is featured at the 390 corporate-owned Hallmark Gold Crown stores, as well as some of the independent Hallmark stores, where -- like in the era of Webkin collecting -- many stores have put &quot;We have Silly Bandz&quot;-type signs on their doors. Silly Bandz, marketed by Brainchild, claims to be the creator of the themed packs of the thin silicone bands that kids wear up their arms and trade among their friends. The brand has a Facebook page with more than 163,000 fans and a Twitter feed with more than 1,500 followers. The company got a national media boost when the young girl who got lost in the Everglades mentioned them in her &quot;Good Morning America&quot; interview. (One of her friends gave her a green frog band when she returned to school.
  17. 19. General Motors Has Its Own People Actually Trying Out Its Cars Detroit Free Press General Motors North America president Mark Reuss has a new program he calls &quot;knothole drives&quot; that is based on his belief that every new vehicle should pass through &quot;a small knothole of excellence&quot; and intense scrutiny. The drives are conducted by 8 to 10 of the company's top engineers and executives, who spend several hours a week tooling around in models in development -- a concept that was &quot;unthinkable&quot; at the old GM, Mark Phelan writes. &quot;A bunch of us realized we need to have the true car people looking at our cars and the competition to see what we have to do to beat them,&quot; Reuss says. Yesterday, for example, Reuss, vice chairman Tom Stephens and other executives test drove the Chevrolet Cruze, which will compete against the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Mazda 3, on the winding roads around Ann Arbor, Mich. Later they compared notes in a parking lot. &quot;When top management takes half a day out of their schedule every week to drive our cars, you can tell they're serious about being winners,&quot; says development engineer Nichole Dean.
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  19. 21. Apps As Customer Acquisition Tools by Mark Walsh At the appalooza that is OMMA Mobile 2010, one of themes that emerged early in the day is the role of mobile apps in expanding a company's customer base. The idea is to think of an app not just for branding or reaching existing users but reeling in new ones. &quot;The fact that we've been able to untether people from the computer has been incredibly helpful,&quot; Ted Hong, chief marketing officer at Fandango, said. Among the untethered is Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who Hong revealed had used the Fandango app 60 times in the last year to get movie tickets. How did he find that out&quot; &quot;We peaked,&quot; he confessed, half-jokingly asking everyone in the room to please not blog, Twitter or post to Facebook about its Jobs-tracking.
  20. 22. New York Times More Americans Are Paying for Television Tired of costly cable bills, many Americans have talked about &quot;cutting the cord&quot; and relying on the Internet's patchwork of streaming television and movie services. Decoder admits it's a tantalizing proposition. But a new report reminds us that more people than ever are forking over monthly payments for TV. The so-called &quot;multichannel video market&quot; counted nearly 100 million subscribers at the end of 2009, up three percent from the prior year, the research firm SNL Kagan said Monday. In a report that was released at a cable trade show in Los Angeles, SNL Kagan said that traditional cable companies had lost market share to satellite and newer telecommunications companies. Regardless, more people are paying for TV: 99.9 million at the end of 2009, up from 97 million at the end of 2008. The gain can be explained in part by the nation's gradual population growth, but also by the enduring popularity of television in a fragmented media marketplace.
  21. 23. Social Media
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  23. 25. Become a taste bud bounty hunter. Got any Facebook friends who haven't tried Domino's? Track them down for the pizza joint and get them free pies in the process. He or she with the most captures will get free pizza for an entire year. <ul><li> </li></ul>
  24. 26. Going Green
  25. 27. Brewing coffee costs more than blow drying your hair. Pentagram created this dataviz-driven site that allows you to see which household appliances are the biggest energy suckers. Usage can be filtered by state and can be viewed per watts, dollars and gallons of gas. <ul><li> </li></ul>
  26. 28. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing the latest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Numantra is a very unique and results-driven advertising & marketing agency that was started on the crest of a tidal wave of change that ushered in the 21st Century. Our founding partners recognized the coming of this change and purposefully created a company shaped in the image of the unstoppable future. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. <ul><li>http://hire. numantra .com </li></ul>
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