Pizza Friday 106


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Bob Garfield is freaking out, Levis takes you searching, and a foley artist works socks it to the veggies. And so much more.

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Pizza Friday 106

  1. 2. The Media Revolution
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  5. 6. Innovation
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  7. 11. Creative
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  11. 16. IN THE NEWS <ul><li> </li></ul>IN THE NEWS
  12. 17. Windows 7 Developers Focused On User Experience Los Angeles Times, APMÂ's Marketplace Advance reviews for Microsoft's Window 7 operating system have trended positive, Dan Fost reports, and if it sells as well as expected, one big reason may be an effort by Jonathan Wiedemann, the former managing director of a film company that produced groundbreaking MTV videos as well as films such as &quot;Madonna: Truth or Dare.&quot; For the last three years, Wiedemann -- who also once modeled for Richard Avedon and was married to actress Isabella Rossellini -- has been leading a team responsible for efforts to improve the user experience on the new OS after Microsoft's widely publicized failures with Vista. Mike Angiulo, who helped to incorporate computer makers' suggestions into the new product, also gets a mention. But it was Windows division president Steven Sinofsky who put together the team and made a point of changing the way things are done at the Redmond, Wash., campus. &quot;Sinofsky's mantra was: &quot;Don't over-promise and under-deliver. Just promise and deliver. Tell us what you're going to do and do it,&quot; Wiedemann says. &quot;That was huge. That was new in Windows culture.&quot; Joe Moe, meanwhile, reports on Marketplace that Microsoft's widely mocked &quot;launch party&quot; ads may be hurting more than they are helping. A video of one -- I dare you to watch for more than 30 seconds without grimacing -- accompanies the transcript.
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  18. 23. Retail Social Media Expected To Drive Holiday Shoppers by Sarah Mahoney A report finds that consumers are much more engaged in talking products and deals in the social world. Facebook, with active users now averaging about 15 hours on the site per week, contributes more than 3% of all traffic to the top retail sites online, it says, and as many as 25% of social network users post links to other companies, products or services. <ul><li> </li></ul>
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  22. 27. Pizza Friday is Numantra’s weekly venue for reviewing the latest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Numantra is a very unique and results-driven advertising & marketing agency that was started on the crest of a tidal wave of change that ushered in the 21st Century. Our founding partners recognized the coming of this change and purposefully created a company shaped in the image of the unstoppable future. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information. <ul><li>http://hire. numantra .com </li></ul>
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