SPC14 what we learned


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Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas NV between March 3-6 2014.

Presentation covers what we learned from Microsoft SharePoint Conference.
What new information was released around O365, SharePoint 2013, Yammer, SharePoint vNext and Development changes.

Presentation by Mike Henthorn & Bill Feldker.

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SPC14 what we learned

  1. 1. Mike Henthorn SPC14 Bill Feldker
  2. 2. Agenda Forms future..?Development SocialIT Pro Share Keynote(s)Conf Format QuestionsExpo & Vendors
  3. 3. Conference Format
  4. 4. Keynote(s)
  5. 5. Keynote speaker: Bill Clinton
  6. 6. SharePoint Keynote announcements
  7. 7. • Yammer fully integrated with Office365. For example: the “post to Yammer” button now available in a document library. A new Windows app Oslo App (still in concept) aggregates all information in one overview on desktop, tablet and mobile. • BI for the masses. Instead of using difficult queries or pivot- tables, I can just use a plain question: “Give me the average income of several countries”. SharePoint will present your answers in graphs, maps et cetera. Really cool. • Yep: YouTube via SharePoint Online. To be released later this year. Off course the Yammer integration is here as well. • Open source SDK for creating Office Android apps; • Compliancy Center. Basically the eDiscovery Center “on steroids”. Data protection, eDiscovery, auditing, encryption and archiving all managed using the Compliance Center. • Two-factor authentication for Office365 and in hybrid scenario’s. • Instant out of office (so you don’t have to send that e-mail, when the recipient is out of the office). • Policy tips: if you are not allowed to send sensitive information outside the organization, Outlook will show the tip and disallow you to send the email.
  8. 8. IT Professional
  9. 9. • This service pack includes performance, reliability, and security fixes. It also helps IT address some of the most common scenarios faced when moving to the cloud, helping them deploy cloud-based workloads in their organization faster and with less complexity, while providing them with the control they demand. • Seamless hybrid connection to OneDrive for Business in Office 365. • Support for Yammer as the chosen social network, making it easier to replace the default Newsfeed. • Support for JSON Light in OData v3 requests. • Hybrid implementations of on premise and O365 to include OneDrive abilities. • OWA SP1 • Microsoft Workflow Refresh • Service Pack 1 was pulled because of an issue. • Check KB Page for official notice. April 3rd, 2014 (Blog post) • Introduced problem on SharePoint Foundation with Search Results web part
  10. 10. • Yes • There were NO roadmaps outside this statement • Audience feedback: How can I use O365 and secure access only through my network? • Updates to cloud will start coming even faster leaving on premise or Dedicated environments behind the curve. • On premise patches will still be released as CU & SP1. • Microsoft recommends hybrid configurations with MS Azure. • On premise is supported also • And in O365 • Stop using term upgrade, everything is a migration.
  11. 11. OneDrive for business improvements and new subscription iOS Android Support for SAML 2.0 federation with Office 365 1 TB Site collections and unlimited tenant storage scale
  12. 12. • Administrators, if your not up to speed on supporting this new application process, get there, its coming. • DNS, New Domains, SSL’s.. • Developers, if your only using full trust solutions, time to start learning the App model • ….More under Development
  13. 13. Social
  14. 14. “Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.” - Gartner, September 2012 Transforming Culture
  15. 15. • Connect everyone • Rapid innovation • Connect everyone • Immediate adoption
  16. 16. Development
  17. 17. • K2 • Nintex • Research others..
  18. 18. Expo and Vendors
  19. 19. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/SharePoint-Conference/2014