Death Star


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A project I did for my Astronomy class.

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Death Star

  1. 1. Death StarBy Matt Henderson
  2. 2. 19 1.7 Million Years to build the personnel on 27,048 Death board Officers AT-STs Star 1,400160 Kilometers Crew of 342,953 7,000 Starfighters across 2,500 167,216 Pilots768 1 Ion Cannons Assault Superlaser ShuttlesTractorBeam 2,500 3,600Projectors Laser Cannons 2 Planets Turbolaser AT-ATs destroyed Batteries 10,0001,400 25,984 Stormtroopers
  3. 3. The DS-1 Orbital Battle Station (Death Star) wascreated by the Galactic Empire after the end of the Raith Sienar created plans for aClone Wars Expeditionary Battle Planetoid, which he turned over toThese plans were given to Geonosian Wilhuff TarkinIndustries and improved on under thewatch of Count Dooku and theConfederacy of Independent Systems Construction began in 21 BBY above the After the end of the Clone planet Geonosis Wars and the Declaration of a New Order, the Empire The Empire moved the Death Star’s took over construction construction to the penal planet Despayre To construct the Death Star, the Empire used prisoners and Wookiee slaves from Construction was the planet Kashyyyk completed in 0 BBY To test this new battle station, the first target selected for the superlaser was Despayre After three low power blasts, the planet Despayre ceased to exist, along with all the prisoners on the planet
  4. 4. Don’t be so proud of this technological terroryou’ve constructed, the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force – Darth Vader
  5. 5. Main Exhaust Port Superlaser Thermal Exhaust PortMain PowerGenerator Hyperdrive Hypermatter Central Reactor Computer Core
  6. 6. "Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data theyve obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it!" ― Motti Command Triumvirate Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin Admiral Conan Antonio Motti High General Cassio Tagge "I find your lack of faith disturbing." ― Darth Vader
  7. 7. Defenses
  8. 8. Thermal Exhaust Port The thermal exhaust port on the Death Star allows for excess exhaust to be released from the main reactor This is just a secondary port, the main exhaust port is heavily guarded against attacks Due to it’s small size, this port was given less protection; it only used ray shielding against laser attacksThis port was only two meters across, the same size as a womp rat from TatooineCan’t we board it up, or you know put some plywood over it or something? – Darth Stewie
  9. 9. Estimated to use more than 24 nonillion watts Superlaser One shot at full power Eight tributary beams focus could take hours to into one super powerful recharge beam
  10. 10. "You may fire when ready." ― Grand Moff Tarkin Destruction of Alderaan Originally a threat to PrincessLeia, the Destruction of Alderaan was the first public display of the Death Star This was also the first time a full power shot had been used The remains of the planet left a large region of asteroids that became known as The Graveyard
  11. 11. "Attacking that battle station aint my idea of courage. Its more like suicide." ― Han Solo Battle of Yavin Tarkin and Vader were able to find the Rebellion’s hidden base on the moon Yavin IV after planting a homing beacon aboard the Millennium Falcon After discovering the Death Star’s exhaust portvulnerability, the Rebels used snubfighters to skim along the equatorial trench and fire proton torpedoes into the port While implementing this plan, Darth Vader took the station’s defense into his own hands Rebel pilot, Luke Skywalker, successfully fired two proton torpedoes into the exposed exhaust port which destroyed the Death Star
  12. 12. Soon after the Death Star was destroyed, the Empire began construction on a new Death Star, this even more powerful than the last
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