Genealogy Apps for Android Tablets


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Presentation by Michael Helmantoler at the Family History Expo in St. George Utah. February 24, 2012. Presents the top 10 Genealogy apps researched by GeneaDroid.

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Genealogy Apps for Android Tablets

  1. 1. Presented byMichael C. Helmantoler
  2. 2.  Access, update, & share data during field research Replaces laptop in libraries & camera in cemeteries Thousands of apps for Android phones & tablets Enable database updates on field research trips Synchronize with data on desktop PCs at home Document cemetery headstones and fragile books Findings are available to fellow researchers for instant collaboration and advice
  3. 3.  Apps – software that performs a user function Android – Google’s free operating system Cloud computing – programs & data on web Field Research – away from your desktop PC GPS – Satellite service that shows our location Smartphone – cell phone with internet plan Tablet – a 7” or 10” touch screen computer Research calendar – list to look for in field Research log – list of what was found
  4. 4.  Cloud computing is storing data on an internet site Reading email attachments is cloud-computing on a mobile device, desktop & on web Verizon Motorola DROID Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” screen & netbook keyboard Some tablet devices are WiFi only Rural research locations = full coverage mobile plan $20 per month data plan or an unlimited data plan Use phone for GPS navigation and inbound phone calls
  5. 5. 1. Less expensive than the iPxd devices.2. Dozen vendor choices for hardware configurations3. Open Source operating system software4. Google services like translate, chat and email5. Market has 700,000 free mobile applications6. Personalization of home screens widgets & tools7. Access to Adobe Flash enabled websites.8. One place for Bluetooth, WiFi, Network and GPS9. Quick PC connection to SD card to drag & drop files10. Notifications of updates, messages in easy-to-find place
  6. 6.  August 2010 -Windows laptop & Android smartphone  The laptop was unwieldy in the passenger seat of the SUV  Smartphone navigation and location searching was invaluable March 2011 -Netbook PC & Smartphone  Genealogy database and research planners  Smartphone note taking apps and web searching April 2011 – tablet with Families and Legacy database  Relied on data in Dropbox application  Tablet performed admirably as a laptop replacement. July 2011 - Tablet and smartphone  Location services to find libraries and historical societies  Coverage in over 30 counties in the states of WY, NE, MO, IL, KY, TN, VA, MD, DC, and PA.
  7. 7.  Reviewing family group sheets from the car passenger seat as you approach new locations Record, review & communicate research results to your collaborators or advisors Maps to choose historic routes ancestors used from one location to another Find old churches, schools & stores just off the road that provide historical context Follow Legacy Family Tree location reports Research calendar questions for local folk List of records needed by location
  8. 8.  Discover new clues & alternate locations  Use Internet to check the Family History Library catalog  What records are available for in that location Cut & paste text from browser into research calendar. Voice recorder to take notes in the library stacks Built in 5 mpx camera for microfilm reader images If copier is down use scanner application Voice command to Google navigation for detailed driving directions.
  9. 9.  We used the built in camera to capture images in books, manuscripts, and on microfilm. Google Maps & Navigation w/verbal driving directions Access DropBox for research notes on computer at home Checking dates, places, & names in a family group sheet Use genealogy app to view pedigree charts for relationships Viewing chronology reports to check event locations. Camera to capture images of books, manuscripts, & microfilm images Updating research calendars and research logs
  10. 10.  Locations were provided by “Families” application which provided access to our Legacy Family Tree database to check  dates, places and names in family group sheets,  pedigree charts  timeline displays.
  11. 11.  Ancestry by BillionGraves by AppTime Catch by Evernote by Evernote FamilySeek by TreeSeek FamilySearch Indexing by FamilySearch Families by Telgen FindGrave(beta) by jkworth Genedroid by Mobiwolf My Heritage by
  12. 12.  Ancestry by BillionGraves by AppTime Catch by Evernote by FamilySeek by TreeSeek FamilySearch Indexing by FamilySearch Families by Telgen FindGrave(beta) by jkworth Genedroid by Mobiwolf My Heritage by
  13. 13. * Display your family tree* Start a new family tree* Zoom in and out on family tree* View details for individuals* Add, edit and delete people* Add, edit & delete events &facts*Add location info using GPS* Search for people in your familytree* View historical docs & indexedinformation
  14. 14.  for tombstone projects, used this to get my tombstones transcribed
  15. 15.  Uses phone GPS
  16. 16.  a research log that lets you instantly share your research “stream” consisting of notes that have HTML tags whether they are text, voice or images
  17. 17.  Streams to share or keep private Multimedia next to text
  18. 18.  is a web clipping tool which captures in your own files articles that you find on the internet. You can also use it as a research log but you cannot see landscape pages such as census record transcriptions.
  19. 19.  shows relationships between any two individuals on your shared tree on Shows relationships between your ancestors and a list of famous people
  20. 20.  just released at rootsTech. Serves snippets of original record images so that volunteers can transcribe the handwritten names to readable type
  21. 21.  Full page context
  22. 22.  Uses Legacy Family Tree data on an Android device Families Sync, can be downloaded free of charge from Pictures, including adding photos from camera or photo album Portrait and landscape mode on all views
  23. 23.  History Guide Statistics Zoom in view of snippit
  24. 24.  Detailed citations Source notes Relationships, events, and to-do lists Master & detail sources Locations & addresses, w/geo- location using Google Maps
  25. 25.  View by decendants Access to multiple family files Create new family files Views of family group, pedigree, descen dant and timeline Index, searchable by Given Name, Surname, or RIN
  26. 26.  provides search and upload access to the FindAGrave database
  27. 27.  access your on-line family tree stored on
  28. 28.  Connect to full detail through web view
  29. 29.  Global application Desktop version Paid website account
  30. 30.  a huge program and runs slowly on a single processor phone
  31. 31.  collaborative family history Stores digital copies of source documents Distributing a Legacy Family Tree database Keeps files accessible on all devices Backup copy of data on your desktop PC is not a mobile app  Free site for backing up your PAF, RootsMagic, Legacy, GEDCOM etc. files to the cloud  Backs them up anytime you change the file
  32. 32.  Get your our genealogy and family history research data into the cloud Treat yourself to a new large screen smartphone or WiFi tablet device Learn to work from multiple devices on the same project Spend your spare time waiting for the doctor by doing FamilySearch indexing on your Android device. Don’t leave home with-out it
  33. 33.  The Education Wins (Edwin) Foundation Epesitec, called “Tablastic Four” [Tab4] We are called “GeneaDroids” Sign up & commit to only use the CherryPad Edwin tablet computer for the next 90 days  No cell phone, laptop or desktop computer.  Just a fully loaded Android 2.3 tablet computer with full phone features, mini-keyboard and bluetooth earbuds. One device for everything, pedigree charts, indexing, research logs, Internet browsing, emails, youtubing, facebooking, photos, phone calls, that’s it
  34. 34.  Contact Michael Helmantoler at or these other sites:  RootsTech 2012   FamilySearch TechTips  WordPress Blog  Genlighten Lookup Services