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Tips 041511


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Steno Swap on Diseases & Disorders

Steno Swap on Diseases & Disorders

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  • 1. Professional Development TipsApril 15, 2011 Steno Swap – Diseases & DisordersWord Brief Submitted ByAIDS A*EUDZ or A*EDZ Sue Styron, Veritext NJarteriosclerosis ART/SKLOES Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAarthritis THRAOEUTS Shameka Smith, Veritext Philadelphia & Janet Doyle, Veritext LA ART/RAOEUTS Janet Doyle, Veritext LA & Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LA ARPBLGS Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphiaatherosclerosis AGT/SKLOES Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAbronchitis BRAOEUTS or BRON/KAOEUTS Janet Doyle, Veritext LAcancer KRERN Deanna Deremo, Veritext LA K-NTS Sue Styron, Veritext NJcarpal tunnel KARP Sue Styron, Veritext NJ KUPBL Robin Clark, Veritext Philadelphiacarpal tunnel syndrome KARPS Sue Styron, Veritext NJ K-TS Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphia KUPBLS Robin Clark, Veritext Philadelphia KARPTS or KPTS Janet Doyle, Veritext LA KARP/TUPB Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LA*Any views or opinions presented in this e-mail are solely those of the reporter and do not necessarily representthose of Veritext.
  • 2. Word Brief Submitted Bycerebrovascular SRAOEB or SAOEB/FAS Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LA or FAZdepression TKPGS Janet Doyle, Veritext LA & Deanna Deremo, Veritext LAdiabetes TKEUAB/TAOES Sue Styron, Veritext NJ TKAOEUBS Lorinda Leon, Veritext NJ & Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LA TKAOEUBTS Shameka Smith, Veritext Philadelphia, Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphia & Robin Clark, Veritext Philadelphia TKAOEUB Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or TKAOEU/BAOETSdiabetes mellitus TKAOEUBTS/MEL Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphiaemphysema EM/SAOEM Janet Doyle, Veritext LAepilepsy EPS Lorinda Leon, Veritext NJ & Robin Clark, Veritext Philadelphia LEPS Janet Doyle, Veritext LAfibromyalgia FAOEUB/PHALG Deanna Cassio, Veritext NJ FRAOEULG or FALG Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or FRALG or FAOEUB/MALGhyperglycemia HAOEURP/GLAOEUS Sue Styron, Veritext NJ HAOEURP/GLAEM Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or HAOEURPGhypertension HOEUPGS Janet Doyle, Veritext LAhypoglycemia HOEUP/GLAEM or HOEUPG Janet Doyle, Veritext LAinflammatory bowel disease EUFBZ or EUFB/SDAOEZ Janet Doyle, Veritext LA
  • 3. Word Brief Submitted Byinflammatory bowel disorder EUFBD or EUFB/SDORD Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or EUFB/DORDinflammatory bowel syndrome EUFBS or EUFB/SDROEM Janet Doyle, Veritext LAirritable bowel disease EURBZ or EURB/SDAEZ Janet Doyle, Veritext LAirritable bowel disorder EURBD or EURB/SDORD Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or EURB/DORDirritable bowel syndrome EURBS or EURB/SDROEM Janet Doyle, Veritext LAmesothelioma MES/THAOEL Janet Doyle, Veritext LAobsessive compulsive SBOF/KPUF or BUF Janet Doyle, Veritext LAosteoarthritis OS/ART Janet Doyle, Veritext LA or OS/THRAOEUTS OS/ARTS Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAosteoporosis OS/PROES Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LApneumonia TPHAOUPL Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LApost-traumatic stress disorder P-T/S-D Janet Doyle, Veritext LATB T-B Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphiatennis elbow SNEUS/EBL Janet Doyle, Veritext LA TENS/EBL Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAtuberculosis T-B/T-B Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphia
  • 4. Related Words Brief Submitted Byarteriosclerotic ART/SKLOT Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAarthritic ART/REUBG Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAastrocytoma STRAPL/STRAPL Lisa Hartman, Veritext San Diegoatherosclerotic AGT/SKLOT Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAblood pressure BLOEUP or B/P Sue Styron, Veritext NJ or B*Pcardiac YAK Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAcoronary artery(ies) KORN/ART(S) Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAdepress TKP Deanna Deremo, Veritext LAdiabetic TKAOEUBT Lorinda Leon, Veritext NJ TKAOEU/PWEBG Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAdisease STKAES Deanna Deremo, Veritext LA TKAOEZ Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAheadache HAEUK Deanna Deremo, Veritext LA HAERK Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphia HAEUBG Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAheart attack HAURK Deanna Deremo, Veritext LA HARKT Janet Doyle, Veritext LAherniated disk HEUFBG Debbie Leonard, Veritext Philadelphiaosteomyelitis OS/MAOEULTS Sue Styron, Veritext NJosteoporotic OS/PROT Karen Pearson-Bell, Veritext LAPrepared by: Melissa HebrankSupervisor of ProofreadingVeritext Corporate Office