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Festive tweets


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Presentation given at the JISC Winter Fayre on 25th February 2011 in Edinburgh. …

Presentation given at the JISC Winter Fayre on 25th February 2011 in Edinburgh.

This presentation looks at some of the ways Twitter can be used to support different aspects of teaching and learning

Published in: Education

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  • [twitter]Festive Tweets: Broadcasting live from Slides Link bundle #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Mark Sample’s Twitter Adoption Matrix #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Pedagogical Communication: Auto tweeting slide notes using SAP WEB 2.0 FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Instructor Communication: Using to turn RSS feeds into tweets. Easy to setup looks after itself #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Users on vodafone, o2, 3 and orange can get free SMS updates from people they follow on Twitter. Saves you 4p/msg #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]A number of SMS/Web voting services already allow voting via twitter. It’s not that hard to do. Here’s mine #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Why use twitter for voting? Flexibility mainly. E.g. types of questions, devices used, timing #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]iTitle: Using the in-class twitter backchannel to enhance lecture capture making it more searchable and allow resource discovery #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Lightly Structured Activities: using to monitor and respond to student feedback #jiscwf #s3[/twitter]
  • Transcript

    • 1. Festive Tweets Martin Hawksey or @mhawksey e-Learning Advisor (Higher Education) Tweets #jiscwf #s3 RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning
    • 2. Thinks you need to know Hashtag for the session ‘#jiscwf #s3’ Tweeting links/resources as I go (bundled at you can follow via ) Slides available from Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 3. Dialogic In-class Backchannel Outside of Class Discussions In-class Directed Discussion Uses: ad hoc class discussion, Uses: extend class Uses: Open or guided real-time commenting, discussions, exchange questions with student recording divergent comments about readings or responses collected for later viewpoints questions about assignments analysis Benefits: engages less vocal Benefits: community Benefits: engages all students, archives otherwise building, continuity between students in discussions in ephemeral comments class sessions large lecture classes Tracking Activities Lightly Structured Activities Metacognitive/Reflective Activities Uses: find and follow Uses: solicit course Uses: students report on self instructor experts in the feedback, offer ambient learning, articulate their field, or key topics office hours, poll difficulties, recap the most class, language or writing valuable lesson of the day Benefits: exposure to the practice lager cultural conversation Benefits: fosters critical about the class material Benefits: thinking flexibility, availability, scalabil ity Institutional communication Instructor Communication Pedagogical Communication Monologic Uses: community outreach, Uses: announcements, Uses: sharing timely links alerts, announcements syllabus changes, reminders and resources Passive Student Activity Active Mark Sample’s Twitter Adoption MatrixFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 4. Pedagogical Communication: Autotweet SAP WEB 2.0 FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools powerpoint-twitter-tools/ (other tools including: feedback, voting and more)Festive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 5. Instructor Communication: Using to turn RSS feeds into tweets Alternatively there are othersFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 6. Instructor Communication: SMS Free SMS updates (saves 4p/msg from institutional systems)Festive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 7. In or out of class directed discussions: Electronic voting (EVS) Question: Are you watching this presentation remotely via Livestream? For yes tweet ‘#jiscwfq1 yes’ No tweet ‘#jiscwfq1 no’ Option to provide context if you like with message + hashtag + response e.g. ‘I got the train down from Inverness #jiscwfq1 yes’ Result Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 8. In or out of class directed discussions: Electronic voting (EVS) If you don’t have handsets can vote via mobile Possibility to get more information (context for answer) Voting not just restricted to in-classFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 9. In-class Backchannel: Lecture capture enhancement iTitle – playing back video of live events with what was said in the twitter backchannel http://www.rsc-ne- More information http://www.rsc-ne- Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 10. Lightly Structured Activities: inboxq.comFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 11. Why Mobility – crossing the dived between in and out of classFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 12. Why Flexibility – not hard to add functionality and interface with Twitter serviceFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 13. Why Learner communities – opportunity to share learning within cohort and further afieldFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 14. Why Light intervention – brevity of 140 characters allows less but more oftenFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 15. Why Lifelong – connections made in the class can support further independent learningFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 16. Why not Distraction Reliance on 3rd party services Privacy Educational value Equality [Facebook]Festive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 17. Funding Opportunity Want to develop some of these ideas further? JISC Grant 04/08: Learning and teaching innovation - £50k 1 year More info & insider tips Piles of Money by Thomas HawkCost, Reach and Engagement #jiscwf #n2
    • 18. @mhawksey RSC MASHe Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 19. Feedback tweetsFestive Tweets #jiscwf #s3
    • 20. Using Twitter to augmenting other educational resources Lecture capture enhancement – iTitle – playing back video of live events with what was said in the back channel – uTitle – letting students make timeline based comments on video resources http://www.rsc-ne- Tweets #jiscwf #s3