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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Vmware Feasibility Report River Funding Corporation
  • 2. Overview
    • This report was done to see if VMware is a viable option for River Funding
    • They are currently at about 95% of capacity for physical space for servers
  • 3. What is VMware?
    • VMware is a software product that allows you to create a virtual computer inside of a physical computer.
  • 4. Steps Taken
    • Survey of IT professionals
    • Interviews
    • Background information on VMware
    • Journals on VMware
  • 5. Surveys
    • A survey was conducted by 4 IT professionals, Adam Maas, Corey Kleman, Don Thesing, and Scott Shie
  • 6. Interviews
    • Three interviews were conducted by Corey Kleman, Don Thesing, and Adam Maas
  • 7. Background Information
    • was the primary source for background information
    • Four major products:
      • VMware Player
      • VMware Workstation
      • VMware Server
      • VMware ESX Server
  • 8. Journal Articles Used
    • VMware: A No-Brainer
    • Deep Dive Into Vmware's Virtual Infrastructure
    • VMware Targets Server Management
  • 9. Player
    • Free Download
    • Runs virtual machines created by Workstation, Server, or ESX Server
    • Copy text and files between host and player.
    • Drag and drop between host and player
    • Will support Microsoft virtual machines
    • Run 32 bit and 64 bit machines
  • 10. Workstation
    • Made for use on workstations
    • Bridges hard drives, cd-roms, ethernet adapters, USB
    • Create virtual machines
    • Used for testing software, software development
    • Create snapshots
  • 11. VMware Server
    • Used on servers
    • Create virtual machines
    • Create snap shots
    • Run multiple machines
    • Select exactly how much hard drive space you want for that virtual machine
    • Free download
    • Annual tech support $350-$450
    • Runs on almost any server platform
  • 12. ESX Server
    • Like Server but a lot more features
    • Up to 128 separate operating systems on a machine that has 32 processors and 64 GB of RAM
    • Costs - $1,400-$2,800 per server
    • Create virtual switches to connect the virtual machines
    • Create virtual VLANs
    • Linux operating system so it runs on bare metal hardware
  • 13. ESX continued
    • Can come in a suite of software called Infrastructure which includes:
    • ESX, VirtualCenter, HA (high availability), Vmotion, DRS (distributed resource scheduler), and Consolidated Backup
  • 14. Survey Results
    • 50% of professionals surveyed use Vmware on a daily basis
    • Reasons to use Vmware:
      • Ease of administration
      • Saves on hardware costs
      • Great for testing
      • Great for classroom lab environments
  • 15. Interviews
    • VMware saves on cooling costs, physical space, and staff to maintain
    • A VMware machine is basically the same as a physical server, but you can put many machines on one physical server
    • Overall, it is a great product
  • 16. Conclusion
    • Found out that VMware can run on River Fundings existing machines
    • Other professionals use it on a daily basis and find it a great product to use
    • Multiple different products to choose from that would best suit their needs