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Producing Effective Library Podcasts
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Producing Effective Library Podcasts


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Presented March 28, 2012 at Carnegie Library - Phoenix, Arizona …

Presented March 28, 2012 at Carnegie Library - Phoenix, Arizona

Digital Production Manger Matthew Harp presents a workshop defining the concept of podcasting (or netcasts) and walks through the production process from start to finish and offering suggestions on how to fit multimedia into your marketing and outreach strategy. In this session, we will produce a short interview with participants in three steps: 1) Conceptualization and Planning 2) Recording 3) Editing and Distribution

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Episodic: Regular Episodes!Downloaded: Digital Media you can put somewhere. These are known as enclosures and they can be anything from mp3 audio, videos, and even PDFs.Streaming media is a related mechanism but not podcastingYou must syndicate through RSS
  • Transcript

    • 1. Producing Effective Library podcastsas seen on Podcast planning, production, storage, and distribution Matthew Harp Digital Library Production Manager Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Services
    • 2. Workshop Outline
    • 3. the library channel click for video
    • 4. podcast basics podcast A type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication. Source: downloaded syndication
    • 5. click for video podcasts
    • 6. podcasts reviews instruction public / community Library Podcast Listing: outdated)
    • 7. everyone can contributeIdeas come from anywhere and anyone ideas we make it happen plan ahead
    • 8. “I hate when things are hard to understand or complicated. It needs to say what it is.”Keep itsimple
    • 9. Try it!Try It! Ideas Suggestions.... Take an idea and workshop it. 1.New Services 2.Exhibits Come up with a topic readings Choose participants 4.childrens books 5.Library Instruction What can you discuss in ten minutes? 6.New eBooks to read on your Kindle or Nook Planning and Scheduling can be the 7.Events hardest part 8.Helpful Tips Think: 9.Community Engagement Introductions, highlights and how you will close You have 20 minutes!
    • 10. record Record Fred McIlvain hostsFaculty and Librarians Team-Up for Success: Cancer and Heart Disease with Katherine O’Clair and Dr. Ken Mossman Episode 82
    • 11. Try it: RecordingTry it! • Pick talent (1 – 2 people) • Crew (rotate): 1Recording person, Mixer, Computer • Record opening, discussion, and closingHAVE FUNYou have 20 minutes!
    • 12. Editing edit refine till it’s right
    • 13. Process
    • 14. Try it!Try it! Editing What you should learn… Import audio Identify Garage Band Timelines Cut Clips Timeline basics Separate tracks Keyboard Shortcuts Adjust edit and repeat Adjusting Trims Add Music Fading Levels Remember to Save your Project “Ducking” background music You have 40 minutes! GarageBand Demo
    • 15. Export
    • 16. Try it!Try it! Export What you should learn… Metadata Basics •Save Project Locating exported file •Export AAC •Open iTunes •Add Metadata •(Transform to mp3) You have 20 minutes!
    • 17. finally…Distributedistribute and promote
    • 18. discover share and use
    • 19. Try it!Distribution Try • Load content to web • Discuss distribution option • Metadata:How would you describe? • Talk MarketingStrategies Basic Podcast Resources 1. Internet Archive 2. Blogger 3. Feedburner 4. iTunes Podcast Submission
    • 20. Integrationintegration
    • 21. descriptions/metadata tags resource links twitter feedleverage resources
    • 22. ASU brandBranding = library brand
    • 23. click for videovideo podcasts
    • 24. Library Minute example Minute 33: Exhibits View on YouTube
    • 25. lessonsbudgetkeep it realkeep it simple
    • 26. questionsMatthew /asulibraries @asulibraries Workshop Website