HRM-Employees benefits, cessation of service


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HRM-Employees benefits, cessation of service

  1. 1. OBJECTIVESAt the end of the report, learners are expected to: 1. Determine the employees’ benefits and cessation of service. 2. Understand the nature of giving benefits and termination of service to employees. 3. Differentiate the policies of private and public sectors in giving benefits to employees. 4. Share one’s insight on how benefits can be accumulated by an employee.
  2. 2. Employees’ Benefits: Book 3 Labor Code of The Philippines Six Basic Employee Benefits SSS or GSIS Contributions Contribution to National Health Insurance ProgramContribution to Home Development and Mutual Fund The 13th Month Pay Service Incentive Leave Meal and Rest Periods
  3. 3. Employees’ Additional Benefits Private Sectarian Private Non-Sectarian Public School School School• Holiday/Premium Pay • Holiday/Premium Pay • Holiday/Premium Pay• Maternity Benefit • Maternity Leave Benefit • Maternity Leave• Paternity Leave • Paternity Leave • Paternity Leave• Retirement Benefit • Retirement Benefits • Retirement Benefits • Separation Pay• Uniform Allowance • Free Sets of Uniform • Clothing Allowance• Request for • Monthly Allowance for AllowanceInstructional Materials teaching materials and • Chalk Allowance structuring of classrooms• Study Leave forEducational Purposes • Study Leave• Educational Benefits(MA/Ph. D, Child/GranteeEducation) • Free Tuition Fees for Children of Married Employee• Funeral/Death Benefit • Death Aid
  4. 4. Employees’ Additional Benefits Private Sectarian Private Non-Sectarian Public School School School• Christmas/Love Gift •Official Chaperons to • City Share/Local/ Contest National Bonus • Summer Tutorial • Mid-Year and Year End • Regular School Days Bonus Tutorial• Salary Loan • Hardship/Localization• Sickness Benefits Allowance• Disability Benefit• Sabbatical Leave• Bereavement Leave• Wedding Leave• Service Awards• No Absence and NoTardy Insentive• Subsidy to Training • Free attendance to • Seminars for Selectedand Conferences Training and Conferences Teachers• Step by Step • Ladderized PromotionPromotion
  5. 5. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the Philippines Cessation of Service Termination by employer Closure of establishment and reduction of personnel Disease as ground for termination Termination by employee Retirement
  6. 6. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 282. Termination by employer. An employer may terminate an employment for any of the following causes:a. Serious misconduct or willful disobedienced. the employee a crime or orders of hisby Commission of of the lawfuloffense by theemployee against the personin connection withemployer or representative of his employer orany immediate member of his family or his dulyhis work;authorized representatives; andb. Gross and habitual neglect by the employeeof Other causes analogous to the foregoing.e. his duties;c. Fraud or willful breach by the employee ofthe trust reposed in him by his employer orduly authorized representative;
  7. 7. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 283. Closure of establishment andreduction of personnel.In case of termination due to the installation ofThe employer may also terminate thelabor-saving devices or redundancy, the workeremployment of shall be entitled to due to theaffected thereby any employee a separationinstallation to at least his one (1) month pay orpay equivalent of labor-saving devices,redundancy, retrenchment tofor every year ofto at least one (1) month pay prevent lossesor the closing or cessation of operation of theservice, whichever is higher. In case ofretrenchment to or undertakingestablishment prevent losses and unless the in cases ofclosuresclosing is or the purpose of operations of for cessation of circumventingestablishment or undertaking not by serving athe provisions of this Title, due to seriousbusiness losses the workers and the Ministrywritten notice on or financial reverses, theseparation pay shall be equivalent to one (1) monthof Labor and Employment at least one (1)pay or at least one-half (1/2) month pay for everymonth before the intended date thereof.year of service, whichever is higher. A fraction ofat least six (6) months shall be considered one (1)whole year.
  8. 8. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 284. Disease as ground for termination.An employer may terminate the services ofan employee who has been found to besuffering from any disease and whosecontinued employment is prohibited bylaw or is prejudicial to his health as wellas to the health of his co-employees:Provided, That he is paid separation payequivalent to at least one (1) month salaryor to one-half (1/2) month salary for everyyear of service, whichever is greater, afraction of at least six (6) months beingconsidered as one (1) whole year.
  9. 9. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 285. Termination by employee.b. An employee may put an end to the relationshipwithout serving any notice on the employer for anya. An employee may terminate without justof the following just causes:cause the employee-employer relationshipby serving a writtenby the on the employer 1. Serious insult notice employer or his representative on the honor and person of theatemployee; least one (1) month in advance. Theemployer upon whom no such notice wasserved may and unbearable treatment accorded 2. Inhuman hold the employee liable for the employee by the employer or hisdamages. representative; 3. Commission of a crime or offense by the employer or his representative against the person of the employee or any of the immediate members of his family; and 4. Other causes analogous to any of the foregoing.
  10. 10. Termination of Employment : Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 286. When employment not deemedterminated.The bona-fide suspension of the operation of abusiness or undertaking for a period notexceeding six (6) months, or the fulfillment bythe employee of a military or civic duty shallnot terminate employment. In all such cases,the employer shall reinstate the employee tohis former position without loss of seniorityrights if he indicates his desire to resume hiswork not later than one (1) month from theresumption of operations of his employer orfrom his relief from the military or civic duty.
  11. 11. Retirement from the Service: Book Six Labor Code of the PhilippinesArt. 287. Retirement. Any employee may be retired upon reachingthe retirement age established in the collectivebargaining agreement or other applicableemployment contract.In case of retirement, the employee shall beentitled to receive such retirement benefits ashe may have earned under existing laws andany collective bargaining agreement and otheragreements: Provided, however, That anemployee’s retirement benefits under anycollective bargaining and other agreementsshall not be less than those provided therein.
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