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NetApp Data ONTAP 8 Clustering for Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco 2012

NetApp Data ONTAP 8 Clustering for Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco 2012

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  • 1. Making Cloud and EnterpriseInfrastructure Agile for Oraclewith Data ONTAP 8 ClusteringOctober 2012Michael HardingData ONTAP Product Team 1
  • 2. Data Center Architectures in Transition Application-Based Virtualized Infrastructure/ Silos Private Cloud AppsServersNetworkStorage 2
  • 3. Traditional Storage Infrastructure Doesn’t Keep Up with Infrastructure DemandsWindows® Clustered Database UNIX® Future  Inflexible capacity silos  Performance bottleneck  Complexity at large scale  Insufficient availability 3
  • 4. Oracle Application Lifecycle Mgmt. Integrated native policy driven data management Develop Test Protect Deploy Solution Drivers and Priorities Provision1.Performance and Availability Clone Backup Manage 2.Manageability and Diagnosability Store3.Efficiency Create Backup & Automate More Virtual Restore in Analyze Data Copies Minutes Control Oracle Database DNFS & KNFS ASM Files Blocks NetApp Storage & Data Mgmt.Data Management Data Availability Data Scaling 4
  • 5. The Foundation of an Agile IT Infrastructure ERP Messaging VDI Dev & DB Test Clustered Database Data ONTAP™ ClusteringData Management Data Availability Data Scaling 5
  • 6. Agile Data Infrastructure Attributes Intelligent Immortal Infinite Service Automation Nondisruptive Seamless and Analytics Operations Scaling Storage Efficiency Embedded Data Security Unified ArchitectureVirtual Storage Tiering Integrated Data Protection Secure Multi-Tenancy 6
  • 7. Non-Disruptive OperationsERP Messaging DSS Apps online! Clustered Database These stay  Move data off old nodes Data OnTap™ 8 Clustering  Upgrade Data ONTAP software  Scale and load balance  No longer purchase for peak  No under/over provisioning 7
  • 8. Seamless Scaling Address data growth Non-disruptive growth Grow from small to largeERP Messaging DSS Respond immediately Simple, consistent management Clustered Database Scale in 3 dimensions Data ONTAP™ 8 Clustering 50PB PBs per admin Capacity a l tion ra Ope Linear Performance 8
  • 9. Automated & Efficient Dev/Test IT clients Developers App testers Rapidly provision production copiesERP Messaging DSS Automated cloning – virtual DB copies in minutes Toolset – SnapManager for Clustered Database Oracle or Oracle RMAN Reduce time-to-deployment Full Snapshot Data ONTAP™ 8 Clustering Image Vs. Restore Restore Traditional Approach Restore Test Restore Test Restore Test Restore Test NetApp Approach Test Test Test Test = 4 cycles in half the time 9
  • 10. Agile Data Infrastructure at CERNUsing Big Data on NetApp and Oracle to answerworld’s most fundamental questions Very big data: 25 PB per year (in files), 3.1 trillion rows (in DBs) Accelerator Databases on NetApp: 10GbE, D-NFS; SATA; Flash Cache; CERN, the European SnapRestore, cloning Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the Scalability, performance and flexibility world’s largest centers for with Data ONTAP 8 Clustering scientific research, operating the Large Oracle® 11g using Direct NFS; enables Hadron Collider to study multiple paths to storage, simple to use fundamental physics ~60% reduction in Database incidents including the origin of mass, dark matter and the big bang 10
  • 11. What’s New with NetApp NetApp Storage System Plug-in v1.0 Oracle Validated Integration Data ONTAP Clustering – Data ONTAP 8.1.1 released in June – Flash Pools, Infinite Volumes, 6 Node SAN Flash Accel and host-based cache partners Data ONTAP Edge 11
  • 12. “Simply put, NetApp Data ONTAP 8 Clustering is a game changer.”Luke Norris, CEO, PeakColo 12