To The Word And Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog


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This presentation looks at novel and unique ways to use WordPress beyond a simple blog or website by using BuddyPress, bbPress, and P2. Ever think of using WordPress to manage a project, be a private communication board, or even have a forum? We’ll cover these and more uses that truly push WordPress to its limits. Bonus: 3 Plugins to help streamline your Dashboard experience!

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To The Word And Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog

  1. 1. To the Word and Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog WordCamp Montreal 2014 Meagan Hanes @mhanes
  2. 2. A Bit About Myself ● Meagan Hanes - @mhanes ● Digital Designer for over 15 years ● Own and Operate Love Digimedia, Ottawa- based design shop ● Been using WordPress for over 8 years ● Speaker at WordCamp Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa ● Favourite Colour: Rainbow :)
  3. 3. This Session Covers... ● WordPress Dashboard Plugins ● Social Networks using BuddyPress ● Forums using bbPress ● Project Management/Communications using P2
  4. 4. Dashboard Plugins ● Most plugins provide external functionality for the website (adding a Twitter Widget, an image slider, etc) ● But Dashboard Plugins provide internal functionality ● They change the way the Admin Dashboard looks and works!
  5. 5. Note: Screen Options
  6. 6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP ● Integrates Google Analytics account with your WordPress site ● Displays charts, reports, etc directly on Admin Dashboard ● Allows you to monitor website's usage without loading up full GA application
  7. 7. Dashboard Notes ● Handy way of leaving little admin notes! ● Multiple colours and options available
  8. 8. Editorial Calendar ● Makes it easy to manage timing of posts ● Uses click-and-drag interface for simplicity
  9. 9. Plugin List ● Google Analytics Dashboard: ● Dashboard Notes: ● Editorial Calendar:
  10. 10. BuddyPress WordPress-based Social Network System
  11. 11. Extending WP: BuddyPress ● BuddyPress brings Social Networking features to WordPress ● WP Users can make posts on their profile page, follow other users, join groups, have group discussions, receive notifications of new content, and more.
  12. 12. BuddyPress in Action
  13. 13. Extending BuddyPress: Plugins ● Easily extendable with BuddyPress Plugins: – Add Chat Rooms (iFlyChat) – Gamify your site with Achievements (Achievements for WordPress) – Make profiles more Facebook- like (BuddyPress Wall) – Create a Dropbox-style file repo (BuddyPress Docs) Achievements for WordPress
  14. 14. BuddyPress In The Wild
  15. 15. BuddyPress Links ● BuddyPress Core: ● iFlyChat: ● Achievements for WordPress: ● BuddyPress Wall: ● BuddyPress Docs:
  16. 16. bbPress Forums: The WordPress Way
  17. 17. Forums using bbPress ● bbPress is a forum solution for WordPress
  18. 18. bbPress: Forums Made Easy ● Creates a customizable bulletin board system ● Full spam protection via Akismet ● Links with your site's existing user accounts
  19. 19. bbPress In Action ● Create a new discussion topic ● Browse existing discussions ● Displays last post's time and author ● Allows for subscribing (sends an email)
  20. 20. bbPress Plugins Rating Widget GD bbPress Attachments
  21. 21. wp-Monalisa bbPress Plugins
  22. 22. Plugin Links ● bbPress Plugin: ● bbPress Go To First Unread Post: ● Rating Widget: ● GD bbPress Attachments: ● wp-Monalisa:
  23. 23. P2
  24. 24. Communications using P2 ● P2 is a WordPress-based complete conversion – NOT for your current WordPress website! ● Creates a Communication Ecosystem ● If Twitter and Basecamp had a software baby!
  25. 25. P2 in Action ● Eliminates the need to use the Post Editor ● Instead, post directly on the site itself! ● Smaller posts = more communication
  26. 26. P2 for Internal Communications ● Use MentionMe plugin to enable @namings ● Perfect for assigning tasks, asking questions ● Extend with P2 By Email to close the loop – Now a Fully Functional Notification system! ● Organize projects/assignments with tags ● Configure widgets to show top posts, currently logged in users, latest posts, etc ● Enable or Disable public viewing
  27. 27. P2 in Action
  28. 28. Plugin Links ● P2 Core Theme: ● MentionMe: ● P2 Post Feedback: ● P2 Resolved Posts: ● P2 Likes:
  29. 29. To the Word and Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog Slides: WordCamp Montreal 2014 Meagan Hanes @mhanes