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Curriculum vitae.matthewhambleton

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Matthew D. Hambleton, MSA, AT, ATC 121 E. Jolly Rd. D3 Lansing, MI 48910 (517) 449-1835 mhambletonatc@hotmail.comACCOMPLISHED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL AND ADMINISTRATOR Licensed and certified healthcare professional with 12 years of combined, commensurate education and experience seeking an opportunity to take initiative, advance, and promote the goals and mission statement of an exceptional healthcare organization. Lead author of healthcare study, presently in publication process, concluding the implementation specific preventative measures could simultaneously create over 700 self sustaining jobs while saving the state of Michigan and healthcare insurance companies as much as $23,042,981 per year in healthcare costs.RELEVANT SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS Build rapport with co-workers, doctors, administrators, and the community; Conflict resolution; Building teamwork and coordination; Writing reports, documents, and articles; Presentations; Computer software including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; Maintaining a budget, inventory, and supplies; Strong attention to detail; Ability to multitask; Resourceful problem solver; Attention to detail; Adapting to new procedures; Reasoning skills; Research skills; Dedicated to achieving personal and professional goals; Motivated to learn new skills through on-the-job training; Promoted company programs and events; Managed statistical information.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, P. C. Jackson, Michigan Athletic Trainer, January 2000 – April 2008. Head of Jackson area high school sports medicine programs chosen to prevent, treat, and reduce sports related injuries. Leader of sports medicine division in producing patient referrals and profits for private healthcare clinic while challenged to proficiently manage a sports medicine program despite a limited budget. Developed and won school support for implementing a curriculum approved sports medicine program where students are granted class credit toward graduation. Directed, organized, and trained 30+ students per year enrolled in one of the largest sports medicine programs in the state. Effective in avoiding all actual or potential litigation threats due in part to diligence of detailed evaluations, treatments, referrals, and proper medical documentation and administration of all injuries and medical aspects. Entrusted to build rapport and confidence with area physicians and other medical professionals. Able to effectively engage in conflict resolution while engaged in delicate disputes. Southwest Little League Incorporated Jackson, Michigan Director of Safety, November 2003 – 2005. Produced and presented “A Safety Awareness Program” safety plan and manual to the forty-team membership of Southwest Little League officials of Little League Baseball Incorporated resulting in reduced insurance premiums for the organization. Physiotherapy Associates Lansing, Michigan Athletic Trainer, January 2001 – July 2002. Supervised, administered, and led numerous patients concurrently through their variant exercise rehabilitation plans in a fast paced clinic environment. Community Choice Michigan Okemos, Michigan Medical Insurance Processor, May 2000 – January 2001. Processed medical insurance authorization request claims utilizing ICD-9 codes for HMO Medicaid patients. Received delegated authority to formulate judgments to accept or deny insurance claims and to communicate correspondence to physicians’ offices.
  2. 2. EDUCATION Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, Michigan Master of Science in Administration, December 2010 GPA: 3.80 / 4.00 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine: Athletic Training, April 2000 GPA: 3.69 / 4.00 Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan Lansing, Michigan Associate Degree, General Studies, May 1995 GPA: 3.14 / 4.00RELEVANT COURSEWORK Graduate level coursework includes, but is not limited to, Integrative Analysis of Administration, Health Services Administration, Information Resources Management, Collective Bargaining and Labor Law, Communication in Conflict Management, Financial Management, Research Methods in Administration, Quantitative Applications in Decision Making, Marketing Administration, Public Personnel Administration, Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature and Evidence-Based Medicine, and General and Preventive Medicine.What is the difference between an MSA and an MBA? An MSA provides broad preparation for a variety of administrative positions in a wide range of organizations. An MBA provides more specialized preparation for positions that concentrate on finance and economics as well as other business- related jobs. An MSA pulls courses from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, economics, political science, computer science, as well as business administration. For an MBA, the majority of courses come from finance, accounting, marketing, economics and management.Master Level CoursesMaster of Science AdministrationACC 201 Principles of Accounting I / Concepts Financial Accounting Students gain an understanding of the accounting system used to develop financial statements. The emphasis is on interpreting financial data used in business decision making.BIS 634 Information Resources Management Overview and understanding of the issues involved in the management of information assets in organizations. Emphasis is placed on designing for convergent technologies as well as on inherent societal issues.COM 561 Communication in Conflict Management Theory, research, and practical application of managing conflicts through communication. Focuses on conflict between people in the contexts of family, group, and organizations.ECO 515 Collective Bargaining and Labor Law Development of various phases of labor law, especially under statutes such as the Wagner Act, Taft- Hartley Act, and Landrum-Griffin Act.
  3. 3. HSC 520 Health Services Administration Analysis of organizational patterns, planning procedures, fiscal management, personnel management, and other administrative concerns.IET 500 Production Concepts Comprehensive review of current factors which influence productivity. Emphasis is placed on the integration of people, methods, machines, materials, and management.MSA 600 Foundations of Research Methods in Administration An introduction to research methods designed to build the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct and interpret primary research in the field of administration.MSA 620 Effective Administration and Organizational Behavior To develop an understanding of human problems and processes which help or hinder successful task completion. To improve interpersonal and diagnostic skills as well as theoretical knowledge.MSA 635 Financial Management Study of financial management and financial management techniques for administrators of private and public organizations. Emphasis is on financial planning and control.MSA 640 Quantitative Applications in Decision Making This course studies stochastic and quantitative analytical tools and concepts which can be used to make optimal decisions in the pursuit of such organizational goals as cost efficiency, service delivery, and profit. Concepts include probability theory, statistics, decision theory, inventory control, linear models, linear programming, network analysis, and simulation.MSA 660 Marketing Administration This course is concerned with the application of appropriate marketing concepts and techniques to the private sector business and nonprofit organizations’ marketing and communication activities.PSC 711 Public Personnel Administration Practice This course is designed to provide an overview of public personnel administration including personal policy development, recruitment and selection, EEO laws, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, collective bargaining, and employee relations.MSA 685 Integrative Analysis of Administration MSA 685 builds upon the information and skills learned in the core and concentration course work, and the student’s employment experiences. The course trains the student in application of administrative theory and research to practical issues and problems found in occupational situations. In these senses of joining theory, research and practice with the practical workday world, the course is truly integrative of the student’s knowledge, skills, and professional life.Physician Assistant StudiesHSC 630A Regional Human Anatomy A regional approach to the structure of the human body, concentrating on the interrelationships of different anatomical structures and their clinical applications.
  4. 4. PHA 608 Clinical Medicine I Comprehensive survey course that studies prioritized medical topics within organ systems. The systems covered are otolaryngologic, ophthalmologic, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.PHA 609 Clinical Medicine II A comprehensive survey course that studies prioritized medical topics within organ systems. The systems covered are the gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, genitourinary, endocrine, hematological systems and oncology.PHA 612 Obstetrics / Gynecology Prioritized instruction in normal function and selected medical conditions in womens health including pregnancy, childbirth, neoplasm and endocrine changes.PHA 614 Pediatrics A survey course of growth, development and diseases from birth to adolescence. It prepares students for the primary care clinical setting.PHA 616 Surgery Survey course that focuses on pre-, peri- and postoperative care and medical considerations of the surgical patient and prepares the student for the clinical setting.PHA 618 Emergency Medicine Survey course that familiarizes the student with common emergency medicine problems and injuries utilizing a priority system.PHA 620 Infectious Diseases A comprehensive survey course on the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases seen in primary care medicine and organized by organ system.PHA 624 Issues in Practice Topics concerning physician assistant professional practice.PHA 625 Clinical Pharmacology I Survey clinical course that emphasizes principles of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapy as they relate to drugs in the treatment of common primary care conditions.PHA 626 Clinical Pharmacology II This clinical survey course continues instruction in pharmacology of select drugs, prescription essentials general pharmacology resources for the primary care practitioner.PHA 630 Clinical Procedures I Integrated didactic and laboratory course which develops medical procedural diagnostic and therapeutic skills. This prepares the student for the clinical setting.
  5. 5. PHA 631 Clinical Procedures II A two module course consisting of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.PHA 640 Clinical Problem Solving I Onsite interactive group problem solving sessions and offsite patient/student/preceptor clinical interactions. Both modes develop clinical diagnostic reasoning by focusing on a hypothetic-deductive approach.PHA 641 Clinical Problem Solving II Onsite interactive problem solving sessions and offsite patient/student/preceptor clinical interactions. Both modes develop clinical diagnostic reasoning by focusing on a hypothetic-deductive approach.PHA 645 Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature and Evidence-Based Medicine Students will develop the ability to critically analyze current and past medical research and publications, and apply those concepts to the practice of Evidence-Based Medicine.PHA 650 Diagnostic Tests I An introduction to the indications for and interpretation of the chest radiograph and electrocardiogram.PHA 651 Diagnostic Tests II Indications for and interpretation of laboratory, pulmonary function, and neurophysiologic testing.PHA 660 History & Physical Exam I Integrated didactic/laboratory course. This course teaches assessment via the medical history with focus on interviewing skill and technique. It prepares students for the clinical setting.PHA 661 History & Physical Exam II Integrated didactic/laboratory series that teaches patient assessment through the complete medical history and physical examination. It prepares students for the clinical setting.PHA 662 History & Physical Exam III Integrated didactic/laboratory series that teaches patient assessment through the complete medical history and physical examination. It prepares students for the clinical setting.PHA 671 Preventive Medicine This course introduces the principles of preventive medicine and methods for their incorporation into primary care on an individual, family and community basis.PHA 672 Applied Ethics Physician Assistant This course enables the student to examine the principles of medical ethics, develop an organized process to resolve clinical dilemmas, and to explore future professional roles.PHA 673 Psychiatry The course includes the identification and management of psychiatric disorders, with an emphasis on the pharmacological management of mood disorders.
  6. 6. Activities Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training, 2009 Pediatric Advanced Life Support, 2009 Central Michigan University, Physician Assistant Program, 2008-2009 Physician Assistant Rotations, Attending to Patients with Dr. Yonder, 2008-2009 – Mt. Pleasant, MI AAU Folk style Wrestling World Championships Medical Coverage, 2007 - Detroit, MI NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships Medical Coverage, 2007 – Detroit, MI Jennie Ritter 2005 USA Softball Player of the Year, “One Pitch at a Time” Pitching Clinic, 2007 – Jackson, MI Surgery Observation of shoulder labrum, knee ACL, and knee meniscus repair, Sparrow Hospital (MSU), Dr. Julie Dodds, 2007 – Lansing, MI Performance Testing of Jackson area High School athletes, 2006-2007 Speed, agility, and conditioning summer camps, 2002-2007 – Jackson, MI First Annual High School Sports Medicine Games at Jackson High School, 2006 – Jackson, MI Tony Dungy (NFL Coach of the Indianapolis Colts) Mighty Men of Valor Youth Football Camp, 2005-2006 – Jackson, MI Quarterback & Receiver Camps, Albion College and Kalamazoo College, 2003-2006 Tri-State Track Meet – Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, 2006 – Jackson, MI Coordinator of Jackson High School student athletic trainer program consisting of 30+ students, 2002-2006 Student trainer camps, 2002-2006 Speed, agility, and conditioning summer camps, 2002-2006 – Jackson, MI Physician Assistant shadowing, Lansing Pediatrics (Stefanie Nassar, PA-C, ATC), 2005 – Lansing, MI Physician Assistant shadowing, MSU Health Team Sports Medicine Clinic (Michael Strauss, PA-C, ATC), 2005 – East Lansing, MI Physician Assistant shadowing, family practice (Jeff Brenner, PA-C), 2005 – Eaton Rapids, MI Physician Assistant shadowing, family practice (Bill Jordan, PA-C) – Eaton Rapids, MI Football Functional Training Camp - Body Weight Training, Jackson High School, 2005 Jackson Race Week Twenty Four, Race for Charity at Jackson Speedway, 2005 “Career Day” at Parkside Middle School, 2004-2005 A Safety Awareness Program “Safety Plan” Manual and Presentation, Little League Baseball Incorporated, 2004- 2005 – Jackson, MI
  7. 7. Activities Cont… Jackson High School nutrition liaison, 2003-2005 MHSAA Certified Body Fat Assessor, 2002-2005 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training, 2003 Whitney Albertson Memorial Volleyball Scrimmage and Speed & Agility Seminar, 2001-2003 – Jackson, MI MHSAA State Cross Country Meet (largest high school event in the country), 2000-2005 – Brooklyn, MI Grass Lake High School “Fitness for Life” Education in Sports Medicine, 2000 Gus Macker basketball tournament medical coverage, 2000 – Jackson, MI Oakwood Hospital, Beyer Center Clinical Laboratory Phlebotomy Internship, 1999 – Ypsilanti, MI Eastern Michigan University volleyball camp medical coverage, 1999 Eastern Michigan University research participant of nutritional supplementation studies headed by Timothy Ziegenfus, PhD, CSCS, 1998-1999 Eastern Michigan University varsity wrestling team member athlete, 1995-1996 Assessment Rehabilitation Management volunteer, assist with daily tasks, 1995 – Lansing, MI Greater Lansing Rehabilitation Agency volunteer, assist with daily tasks. 1994 – Lansing, MIConferences / Seminars Attended Concussion: ImPACT on your mind - MSU, Dr. Michael Collins, 2007 - East Lansing, MI Impact, The Best Approach To Concussion Management, 2006 – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pittsburgh, PA Perform Better Functional Training Summit, 2006 – Chicago, IL Management of Potentially Catastrophic Injuries in Athletics, Sports Medicine Concepts, 2004 & 2008 – Jackson, MI Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association (GLATA) Conferences, 2003 & 2004 Michigan Athletic Trainers Society (MATS) Conferences. 2001 & 2003 Fundamentals of Spinal Evaluation and Management, MSU Clinical Seminar, 2003 – East Lansing, MI “Concussion in Athletes” Seminar, Henry Ford Health Systems, 1998 – Detroit, MI
  8. 8. Organizations / Memberships American Academy of Physician Assistants, 2008-2009 National Council of Strength & Fitness, 2001-2003 American Academy of Physician Assistants, 2001-2002 Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society, 2000-2008 National Athletic Trainers’ Association, 1998-2008 Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association, 1998-2008 Student Athletic Trainers’ Club Eastern Michigan University, 1998-2000Publications Hambleton, M. (2005, September). SOAP notes and H.I.P.Fun.L.S.N.S. (hip fun lessons!). NATA News, 35. Hambleton, M. (2004, October). Mobile athletic training room. NATA News, 30. Hambleton, M. (2003, November). Wrestler headgear pad relieves cauliflower ear. NATA News, 32.Featured Articles Hunt, V. (2007, November). Games build rapport, impart knowledge. NATA News, 38. Jackson, T. (2006, June). Medicinal purposes. Jackson Citizen Patriot, A5. Hunt, V. (2005, September). Awards pile up across districts. Nata News, 54-55. Pryson, M. (2005, August). Coaches, players, tackle heat concerns. Jackson Citizen Patriot, pp. A1, A2. Kissman, T. (2005, July). Fit features. Healthy & Fit, 6. Mundy, C. (2005, July). Athletic trainer at Jackson honored. Jackson Citizen Patriot.
  9. 9. Community Newsletters and Marketing Features Jackson Public Schools (2007, Summer). JHS athletic trainer worked NCAA wrestling championships. Success Standard. Chamberlain, A. (2006, July). High school sports medicine games. ORS Blast, 3(7), 3 Hambleton, M. (2006, June). Preventing heat illness. ORS Blast, 3(6), 2-3. Jackson Public Schools (2006, Spring).High school sports medicine Olympics. Success Standard. Jackson Public Schools (2005, Winter). Meet Matt Hambleton, certified athletic trainer and trainer of trainers. Success Standard. Jackson Public Schools (2005, Fall). Matt Hambleton, athletic trainer of the year. Success Standard. Jackson Public Schools (2005, Fall). Michigan, athletic trainer of the year. Success Standard. Hambleton, M. (2005, June). Athletic trainer of the year. ORS Blast, 2(6), 1. Hambleton, M. (2005, May). NCAA Wrestling. ORS Blast, 4(5), 1-2. Hambleton, M. (2005, May). High school sports medicine games. ORS Blast, 3(5), 3. Staff Editor (2005). Sexton grad named trainer of year. Lansing State Journal. Szink, J. (2004, October). Student trainers wrap up the season. Reflector News.Television Appearances “The Locker Room” on JTV (2006, October) “The Sports Med Triad” on JTV, Dental Injuries (2006, August) “The Sports Med Triad” on JTV, Infectious Diseases (2006, August) “Bart Hawley Show” on JTV, Jackson Vs. Lumen Christi Football (2005, September) “Bart Hawley Show” on JTV, High School Athletic Trainer of the Year (2005, July) “Bart Hawley Show” on JTV, High School Sports Medicine Games (2005, May) “The Locker Room” on JTV (2005, May) “Viking Pride”, a documentary featured on a Jackson local television station (2004-2005)Radio Appearances 105.3 FM / 970AM - High School Sports Medicine Games (2006, May) ESPN Radio 1450 AM WIBM – Greg O’ Connor, Jackson Vs. Lumen Christi Football (2005, August)Invention “Auricle Bridge” from “Wrestler Headgear Pad Relieves Cauliflower Ear,” 2004
  10. 10. Honors and Awards Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society (MATS) - High School Athletic Trainer of the Year 2005 “For Exceptional and Unique Contributions to The Profession of Athletic Training within The State of Michigan” The National Dean’s List (two) Golden Key National Honor Society Eastern Michigan University Dean’s List Chloe Todd and Elton J. Rynearson Scholarship Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award (three) Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Scholar Awards (two) Richard Schaible Memorial Scholarship Employee of the Month (2003, March)Degrees / Certification / License Master of Science Administration, General Administration (Degree) Bachelor of Science, Sports Medicine / Athletic Training (Degree) Licensed Athletic Trainer (AT) Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Certified CPR / First Aid / Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Advanced Cardiac Life Support Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified Phlebotomist (CLPlb) Certified Health Fitness Instructor MHSAA Certified Body Fat Assessor