Tuam 2010-2011 in Review


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Feedback from the Parish Pastoral Coucil, Baptism Team, Bethany Bereavement Support Group, Cluster Team, Bingo Team, etc

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Tuam 2010-2011 in Review

  1. 1. Parish Pastoral Council, Tuam <br />Thursday, 9th June 2011.<br />
  2. 2. Parish Pastoral <br />Council <br />Feedback<br />
  3. 3. What do you feel about your experience this year?<br />Positive -6<br />Good Commitment -1<br />Lack of Enthusiasm -1 <br />Good Enthusiasm -2 <br />Good Feeling of Community -1<br />
  4. 4. What has given the most satisfaction this year?<br />Dedication - 2 <br />Generosity re. time -1<br />New ideas were welcome and embraced, e.g. Lavally Lake Mass -2<br />Advent and Lenten Prayer Meeting -1<br />Contributing to the future of the Parish -11<br />Working together for the better of the Parish -1 1<br />The Way of the Cross on Good Friday -1<br />Co-operate for a bigger gain -1<br />Bethany Bereavement Group -1<br />The updated website, facebook, recording of liturgies in the Cathedral -1<br />Progress on Mass streaming on the internet -1 <br />Improvement in sound ion Cathedral, re. hearing the choir on the radio -1<br />
  5. 5. What has been disappointing for you this year?<br />Sub-groups focus on their goal, forgetting overall Parish goal -1 <br />Concentrated too much time on reports -1<br />Too much discussion, not enough time on making decisions/resolutions -1<br />WOW programme was not taken up -1<br />Slow progress re. the new Parish Centre -2 <br />Lack of communication between sub groups -1<br />Lack of interest between sub groups -1<br />Lack of vigourand progress -2<br />None -1<br />Continuing reports about abuse allegations -1<br />Lack of young people attending Mass and getting involved in the Parish -1<br />
  6. 6. What do you feel you or your sub-group can do as part of the preparation for the Eucharistic Congress?<br />Invite people to volunteer their time and ideas -2<br />Research and introduce new forms of Prayer-1<br />Half day or full day of reflection, maybe Sunday afternoon -1<br />Help with Liturgy from children and youth -1<br />Address issue re. Mass cards; signed Mass cards, stipends -1<br />Events that will heighten awareness of the Eucharistic Congress -2<br />Events to grow parishioner’s spirituality and knowledge, e.g. Bible reading, scripture discussion -2<br />Emphasise the importance of the Eucharist in the Church -1<br />Sub groups to work together as one team to promote the Eucharistic Congress -1<br />
  7. 7. Parishioners <br />Suggestions<br />
  8. 8. Parishioners suggestions?<br /><ul><li>Revert to old format for Misselet.
  9. 9. Mass on Sunday evening.
  10. 10. Mobile phones are a distraction.
  11. 11. Events on in the Cathedral, e.g. Prayer Group.
  12. 12. Funerals on Sunday – back to 12.30 Mass.
  13. 13. Youth Mass once a month.
  14. 14. Cup of tea once a month after Sunday Mass.
  15. 15. Ushers who have regular absences from rostered duty should be replaced.</li></li></ul><li>Report from <br />Liturgy Sub-group<br />
  16. 16. Report from Liturgy Sub-group<br /><ul><li>Alter preparation for Feast days, e.g. a display was done to show fruits of the Harvest.
  17. 17. 2 members prepare and arrange Readers for the weekly introduction to Sunday Masses.
  18. 18. Assisted in decorating the Cathedral for Christmas.
  19. 19. Helped in the preparation for Holy Week ceremonies.
  20. 20. A trial of Friday evening Stations of the Cross .
  21. 21. Disappointment and frustration was expressed with regard to the progress on new Parish Centre, and the County Council questioning its necessity. </li></li></ul><li>Report from<br />Building and Maintenance <br />Sub-group<br />
  22. 22. Report from Building and maintenance Sub-group<br /><ul><li>May 2010 – Architect submitted detailed draft plans w.r.t the new Parish Centre.
  23. 23. Gate Lodge - Must be brought into design of Parish Centre, and new design not overshadow the Gate Lodge.
  24. 24. November 2010- After must discussion with County Council, a new design was submitted.
  25. 25. Planning of a fundraising campaign.
  26. 26. February 2011 – Galway County Council returned, requesting an amendment to the design, a narrower Parish Centre.
  27. 27. A narrower Parish Centre was rejected by Parish Centre Committee.
  28. 28. After further discussion with County Council, there is confidence re. approval.</li></li></ul><li>Report from<br />Community Building and Hospitality <br />Sub-group<br />
  29. 29. REPORT FROM COMMUNITY BUILDING & HOSPITALITY SUB-GROUP<br /><ul><li>The purpose of the group is to contribute to the overall mission of the Parish Pastoral Council.
  30. 30. Welcoming Team - Students from local secondary schools have assisted in a number of events in the Parish.
  31. 31. Visitation Team for the Elderly in the Parish - Good response for volunteers in the team but few requests for visits from the elderly.
  32. 32. Hospitality Events –
  33. 33. Parish Mission
  34. 34. Gathering Mass
  35. 35. Christmas Choir Mass
  36. 36. Parish Social
  37. 37. Mass for Sick and Elderly
  38. 38. Baptism celebration ceremony
  39. 39. Set up the venue for the parish end of year BBQ
  40. 40. Corpus Christi Procession - The group will assist in its preparations.</li></li></ul><li>Report from<br /> Communications <br />Sub-group<br />
  41. 41. Report from Communications Sub-group<br /><ul><li>Newsletter – New A3 Mass leaflet and newsletter format.
  42. 42. Internet Streaming –Progress w.r.t broadcasting Cathedral Ceremonies.
  43. 43. Spiorad – There were 3 publications during the year.
  44. 44. Microphones – 2 additional microphones in the gallery enabled the Parish Choir to be heard on the Parish Radio.
  45. 45. Parish Website – Continues to be updated and developed.
  46. 46. Facebook – Used as an aid to connect with younger age groups in the Parish.
  47. 47. Cathedral Pamphlet – Work is ongoing on Cathedral visitor souvenir booklet.</li></li></ul><li>Report from<br />Faith Formation <br />Sub-group<br />
  48. 48. Report from Faith Formation Sub-group<br /><ul><li> John Paul II Awards took place in the Cathedral.
  49. 49. 18th, 19th, 20th Oct 2010 - Parish Retreat -Cathal Galligan led Guided Prayer.
  50. 50. November 2010 - Diocesan Mass – In preparation for the Eucharistic Congress.
  51. 51. Advent – Abundance Prayer – led by Mary Trench.
  52. 52. Lent – Lenten Talks – Prayer With The Scriptures in the Parish Centre.
  53. 53. Lent – Fr. Denis McBride CDs – Played in the Cathedral in the evening.
  54. 54. National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland – is being worked on by the team.
  55. 55. March 4th - International Day of Prayer for Women in the Cathedral.
  56. 56. Spiorad – International day of Prayer for Women - Anne Quinn’s contribution.
  57. 57. Love is for Life – David Breslin is working on organising “24 hour prayer”.
  58. 58. Eucharistic Bell – The Bell will be in Cathedral on the Sunday evening after Corpus Christi and the following morning.</li></li></ul><li>Report from<br />Cluster Group<br />
  59. 59. REPORT FROM CLUSTER GROUP<br /><ul><li> The group met 8 times during the last 2 years.
  60. 60. There is a growing awareness, in the various Parishes, of the existence of the Cluster. This has been helped by:
  61. 61. Mention at Mass by the Clergy
  62. 62. Need for emergency cover when a priest gets sick suddenly
  63. 63. Publicity surrounding events e.g. the Dawn Mass
  64. 64. Articles and updates in “Spiorad” magazine in Tuam
  65. 65. In preparing lay people to undertake Ministries, the Cluster has organised
  66. 66. Training for readers of Liturgy of the Word
  67. 67. Baptism training teams
  68. 68. An initial evening with Mary Connolly on “Liturgies in the absence of a priest</li></li></ul><li>Report from<br /> Baptism Team<br />
  69. 69. REPORT FROM BAPTISM TEAM<br /><ul><li>February - Fr Pat Farragher & Mary Connell trained new member of the team.
  70. 70. New members to assist in Tuam, Lavally and Cortoon.
  71. 71. Dates for Baptism –
  72. 72. Tuam - 1st Sunday & 3rd Saturday of each month.
  73. 73. Cortoon – 2nd Sunday of each month.
  74. 74. Lavally – 4th Sunday of each month.
  75. 75. April - Baptism of 2 teenagers at the Vigil Mass on Easter Saturday.
  76. 76. May - Annual Baptism Blessing took place in St. Jarlath’s College, attended by families and friends from Baptisms that took place the previous year.
  77. 77. May – Baptism Enrichment evening, for members in the Diocese, was hosted by the Ballyhaunis Baptism Team. </li></li></ul><li>Report from <br />Bethany Bereavement <br />Support Group<br />
  78. 78. REPORT FROM BETHANY BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP <br /><ul><li>In operation for 3 years - has 15 members - meet once a month.
  79. 79. Presence - 2 members attend the reception of the remains and help the family prepare the liturgy.
  80. 80. Visitation -The same 2 members visit the bereaved family 2 months after the bereavement.
  81. 81. Listening Support - Available to all and has been availed of numerous times.
  82. 82. Funeral Home – A member accompanies the Priest at the funeral home and assists by reciting a decade of the Rosary.
  83. 83. By Advent, it is intended that the group will be responsible for Prayers at the funeral home.
  84. 84. Feedback – Positive and encouraging. </li></li></ul><li>Report from<br />Bingo Team<br />
  85. 85. REPORT FROM BINGO TEAM <br /><ul><li>7 years in operation – 15 team members.
  86. 86. Despite the downturn, support remains strong from local and surrounding players.
  87. 87. Average weekly prize €2,500.
  88. 88. Rent paid to date is approx. €25,000.
  89. 89. Funds are deposited in St. Jarlath's Credit Union, in the names of Fr. Stephen Farragher and Tony McGrath, of the finance committee.
  90. 90. Current statement shows a balance of €85,217, and there is an operating float of approx €1,500.
  91. 91. New members are needed and if interested, contact 093-24490 / 25001.</li></li></ul><li>ANY QUESTIONS…..?????<br />
  92. 92. THE END…….<br />