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Diverse Company, Diverse People
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Diverse Company, Diverse People






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Diverse Company, Diverse People Diverse Company, Diverse People Presentation Transcript

  • Diverse Company, Diverse People Wed, May 20 2009 / 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET To Listen Over The Web: To listen, un-mute your computer speakers and turn up the volume, go to “Voice” on the menu bar at the top of your screen and click on “Join Audio”. If you do not have this option please use the Q&A interface for technical support. HCI is pleased to offer the slides for the following presentation exclusively to Professional Members. Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org
  • This presentation is made possible by: Manpower Business Solutions A global leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions www.us.manpower.com/rpo Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org
  • Today’s Agenda • Introduction - 5 minutes • Feature Presentation and Q&A - 50 minutes • Wrap Up and Tour of Track Page - 5 minutes Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org
  • Today’s Moderator Amy Lewis, Director Talent Acquisition Community Human Capital Institute www.thetalenteconomy.org Send email to amy.lewis@hci.org to connect on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter @amylewis http://blogs.humancapitalinstitute.org/acquisition Blog Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org
  • Today’s Guest Michael Hayden Manager, Diversity & Inclusion PwC Management Services LP michael.hayden@ca.pwc.com Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org
  • HCI Webcast: Diverse Company, Diverse People Michael Hayden Manager, Diversity & Inclusion PwC Management Services LP Page
  • Agenda What is Diversity & Inclusion? Why Diversity & Inclusion? Hire Employees, Not Candidates Make Job Spec = Real Job Performance is the Answer Developing a Proactive Diversity Pipeline The Key: Talent Centric Sourcing Understanding Where You Are Page
  • Agenda (continued) Employee Value Proposition & What Attracts Website Considerations Strategic vs. Tactical Hit Your Target / Be Proactive If Things Aren’t Working Sourcing Strategies The Importance of Diversity Your Turn Q&A Page
  • What is Diversity In broad terms, diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. It means respect for and appreciation of differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion. But it’s more than this. We all bring with us diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. As a source and driver of innovation, diversity is a “big idea” in business and in society. The power of diversity is unleashed when we respect and value differences. Page
  • What is Inclusion? Inclusion is a state of being valued, respected and supported. It’s about focusing on the needs of every individual and ensuring the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve his or her full potential. Inclusion should be reflected in an organization’s culture, practices and relationships that are in place to support a diverse workforce. In simple terms, diversity is the mix; inclusion is getting the mix to work well together. Page 1
  • Why Diversity & Inclusion? • Rapidly Changing Demographics • Diverse Workers Bring Diverse & Creative Ideas • Diverse Groups Tend to Be More Creative Problem Solvers • Diversity Programs Can Boost Morale by Doing the “Right Thing” • Diverse Organizations Attract Better Talent • Maintain & Increase Market Share Page 1
  • Hire Employees, Not Candidates Best Employees Selection Criteria PERFORMANCE 1. Job match Initiative Competent 2. Hiring manager Hard Working 3. Team Teamwork 4. Company 5. Compensation LOOK/DECIDE Less Active/Passive More Selective Long Term Major Step Job Match This is true for all top people, including diverse candidates! 1 Page
  • Make Job Spec = Real Job What are you looking for? What does the person need to do? Performance Job Description Profile Skills Build the team Experience Grow sales Academics Conduct analysis Industry Launch product Responsibilities Coordinate Competencies w/marketing Reduce costs Who would you rather hire …. Someone with the skills, or a person who can deliver results? Page 1
  • Performance is the Answer • Many diverse candidates will not have traditional experiences or education because they haven’t been given equal access to the “network” in the past • Performance must be the standard by which all candidates and employees will be evaluated • This is where the Performance Profile becomes critical Page 1
  • Developing a Proactive Diversity Pipeline • Filling the pipeline requires a broad reach • Need executions that are proactive and continuous • Build commitment across the organization • Key is to build an expanding pool of talent to draw upon before openings occur • Diversity is not about promoting one specific group at the expense of another Page 1
  • The Key: Talent Centric Sourcing • Talent centric sourcing leads to the proactive discovery of all top talent, capitalizing on windfall opportunities while minimizing missed opportunities • It is always vigilant and acknowledges the needs of the business as a whole must take priority • It must be understood that the timing of an opening may not always be in sync with the availability of top talent, especially top diverse talent Page 1
  • Understand Where You Are Successful diversity initiatives start by asking questions: • How do you measure success? – Hiring and turnover breakdown – Retention and promotion • What is your diversity makeup today? • Look to your past to make a new future: – How attractive is your organization? – Where do your hires come from? – What is your applicant pool? – What is your offer/acceptance ratio? – Are you reactive or proactive? Where’s the diversity push coming from in the organization? Page 1
  • Define Your Employee Value Proposition • Top diverse talent must know: – Why is this job better than competing jobs? – What can I learn, do and become? – What impact can I make? – If I perform well, will I be recognized? • Emphasize opportunities, minimize requirements • Do an analysis - look at current representation numbers • Analyze past hiring sources Success Breeds Success Page 1
  • What Attracts Diverse Candidates? • Career Advancement • Good Pay • Good Benefits • Emphasis on Work/Life Flexibility • Current Diversity Initiatives • Mentoring Programs • Company Image and reputation • Profiles or testimonials of Current Employees on Website • Internal Affinity/Resource Groups Page 1
  • Website Considerations • Is the careers section updated/fresh? • Does the homepage link directly to the careers section and diversity-related Information? • Are the terms “Diversity & Inclusion” defined? How? • Are there multicultural and other diverse images? • Are Affinity/Resource Groups showcased? • Are employee testimonials featured? Page 2
  • Strategic vs. Tactical • Diversity is a vital strategic resource for competitive advantage • Diversity has a direct impact on profit • A diverse workforce will allow you to attract and retain top talent • Reality is that you will have diversity as a major characteristic of your workforce • Talent Centric Sourcing enables the business by fulfilling the need to find, attract and hire top talent Page 2
  • Hit Your Target • Identify target groups within the existing talent pool – be specific • Understand targeted candidate availability in the marketplace • Identify expected hiring needs and turnover – be proactive • Set SMART goals that everyone can buy into • Direct involvement of decision makers is key • Successful diversity recruiting involves spending time with candidates, not just selling Page 2
  • It Takes More than Talk • Must be actively involved with diverse professional networks and alumni associations • Clear diversity goals must be established and communicated • Distribute company diversity progress reports regularly • Find a champion – someone must be accountable and own diversity • Upper management should be as diversified as stakeholders Page 2
  • Critical Success Factors • Executive Commitment – Process for incorporating diversity into a company can begin at any level, but must have C-Level commitment to survive – Must pay more than lip service • Diversity involves more than just showing up for a recruiting event once a year • Diversity recruiting doesn’t start and end with recruiters • Need to demonstrate your cultural commitment to diversity • Need line manager involvement Page 2
  • If What You Are Doing Today Isn’t Working • Talk to candidates that have said no and find out why • Focus groups • Referrals, referrals, referrals • Network with diversity colleges and organizations • Identify talent early and bring them in as interns • Target key companies, cold calling, LinkedIn, direct sourcing, search firms, career fairs, etc. Page 2
  • Identify Diversity Sources • General & Specific Job Boards • Organizations/Associations • Publications/Newsletters • Colleges General Top 2 Diversity Sites • HireDiversity.com • DiversityInc.com Job Boards – Top 10 sites (general): Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Job.com, Lapdog, Career.com, Salary.com, Dice, Net-Temps, Nation Job Page 2
  • To Help Build a Diverse Workforce, Know the Rules 1. It’s no longer a choice 2. Diversifying a workforce is a process, not a project 3. It takes a fully committed team 4. The key is demonstrated performance 5. Respect for diversity must be rooted in your culture 6. Diversity is not a zero-sum game Page 2
  • The Importance of Diversity What You Can Do Now Key Benefits • Make a strong business case for diversity and get the message out • Consistent flow of • Utilize referral system with more top diverse talent rewards • A stronger, more • Hold everyone accountable competitive and more • Promote advances made using vibrant company Website and other marketing tools • New perspectives and • May need to find a trailblazer insights • Improved bottom line Page 2
  • Your Turn 1. Can anything be done without senior management’s commitment? 2. How do I find candidates that fit our hiring requirements without compromising on candidate quality? 3. How can I assist to make a diversity initiative a priority within my company or business unit? 4. What are the most important reasons for implementing a diversity sourcing and recruiting initiative? Page 2
  • Page 3
  • Thank You! Michael Hayden Manager, Diversity & Inclusion PwC Management Services LP michael.hayden@ca.pwc.com www.pwc.com/ca LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/MichaelHaydenCA Page 3
  • Thank you! Want More? Blogs, Networking, Groups & more at www.humancapitalist.org For Speaking, Sponsorship and Educational Opportunities, please call (866) 538-1909 or support@hci.org Need assistance? Call Member Services (866) 538-1909 or email support@hci.org