MICE Trap to Employee Motivation


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To motivate your Employees and Channel Partners ...indulging in MICE Travel..Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions ..is one of the ideal options which will help Corporates achieve their goals.

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MICE Trap to Employee Motivation

  1. 1. Your Trap Employee Motivation!
  2. 2. Here are some pretty-heavy duty words  Corporate MICE  Corporate Travel  Dealer Conference  Employee Recognition  Group Travel  Motivational Travel  Group Tours
  3. 3. Confused? Think of it as just two little words … “Incentive Travel” motivational travel that is part of the M-I-C-E industry or the Meetings – Incentives – Conferences - Exhibitions industry
  4. 4. Incentive Travel is every employer’s Big-Ticket Motivator to incentivizing the workforce and channel partners
  5. 5. So just what is Incentive Travel? Is it just another junket? Is it a wasteful expense? Is it a bad idea during a recession?
  6. 6. Incentive Travel is about sending… your employees your channel partners your dealers your sales people …on a free trip
  7. 7. No kidding! It’s a trip with fun & focus It’s a trip that includes information modules to engage participants with their work… and YOUR business
  8. 8. But wait! Not everyone gets to go! Only employees or channel partners who exceed targets
  9. 9. What does an employer get in return? Research proves that Incentive Travel results in employee recognition higher productivity brand reinforcement
  10. 10. Incentive Travel converts a bunch of bored employees into motivated performers It turns channel partners into evangelists of your business
  11. 11. Did we say return? That’s ROI Or Return On Investment
  12. 12. Translated, that reads… better bottomlines focused sales strategy an edge over competitors Yes, we’re talking soft returns and hard returns
  13. 13. Now back to the fun part Incentive Travel Packages can be individual OR group packages open-ended or closed-ended and much, much more!
  14. 14. Here’s a valuable tip Never turn an Incentivized Trip into a boring Business Plan That’s asking for trouble
  15. 15. Is recession a bad time to spring a MICE Trap? Ask yourself: Can you put a price tag on valuable human assets?
  16. 16. For more on the science of Incentive Travel, Contact : Manoj Gursahani Chairman Travelmartindia.com Pvt. Ltd. at manoj@travelmartindia.com Bon Voyage!