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New Additions in November 2010

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2010 (18) nov 1

  1. 1. LATEST ADDITIONS TO MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY LIBRARY New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books New Books November 2010 Computer Science, Library Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 005.453/ P8 Srikant, Y N, Ed The compiler design handbook. – 2nd ed. -CRC Press, 2008 006.7/ P9 Ahson, Syed A, Ed IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) handbook.-CRC Press,2009 021.2/ P0 Raman Nair, R People’s library movement.-Concept Publishing Com., 2000 025.341 4/ P0 Procter, Margaret Manual of archival description.- 3rd ed.- Gower, 2000 111.85/ P51 Berleant, Arnold Aesthetics and environment.- Ashgate, 2005 111.85/ P9 Ranciere, Jacques Aesthetics and its discontents.- Polity Press, 2009 150.195/ P71 Fromm, Erich The dogma of Christ and other essays on religion, psychology and culture.- Routledge, 2007 155.333/ P3 Jung, Carl Gustav Aspects of the feminine.- Routledge, 2009 170/ Q0 Mizzoni, John Ethics.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 174.2/ P91 Kuhse, Helga, Ed A companion to bioethics.- 2nd ed.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2009 179.1/ P2 Nicholsen, Shierry Weber The love of nature and the end of the world.- The MIT, 2002 180/ P6 Wardy, Robert Doing Greek philosophy.- Routledge, 2006 183.2/ P9 Rudebusch, George Socrates.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2009 201.43/ P7 Reid-Bowen, Paul Goddess as nature.- Ashgate, 2007 211/ P7 Byrne, Peter Kant on God.- Ashgate, 2007 220.6/ P4 Barton, John, Ed The Biblical world.- 2v.- Routledge, 2004 270.1/ P6 Humphries, Mark Early Christianity.- Routledge, 2007 292.211 3/ P6 Dougherty, Carol Prometheus.- Routledge, 2006 292.211 3/ P61 Dowden, Ken Zeus.- Routledge, 2006 292.211 3/ P9 Graf, Fritz Apollo.- Routledge, 2009 292.211 4/ P8 Deacy, Susan Athena.- Routledge, 2008 299.3121103/ P5 (R) Hart, George The Routledge dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2005 1 Encountering Nature Thomas Heyd Thomas Heyd in ‘Encountering Nature’ argues that an attentive encounter with nature is of key importance for the development of an environmentally appropriate culture. The fundamental idea is that the environmental degradation that we are increasingly experiencing is best conceived as the consequence of a cultural mismatch: Our cultures seems not to be appropriate to the natural environment in which we move and on which we depend in thoroughgoing ways. In addressing this problem Thomas Heyd weaves together a rich tapestry of perspectives on human interactions with the natural world, ranging from traditional modes of managing human communities that include the natural environment, in Latin America, to the consideration of poetic travelogues, ecological restoration and botanic gardens. The book considers the relation of human beings to nature in terms of ethics, aesthetics and culture. It engages the current literature in each of these areas with the help of inter-disciplinary approach. Hampshire: Ashgate, 2007 (Location: MG University Central Library, First Floor, Shelf – 304.201 P7)
  2. 2. Sociology, Political Science, Economics 302.35/ P9 Adler, Paul S, Ed The Oxford handbook of sociology and organization studies.- OUP, 2009 303.372/ P9 Brock, Gillian Global justice: a cosmopolitan account.- OUP, 2009 303.483 3/ P3 Raman Nair, R, Ed Information technology for participatory development.-Concept, 2003 304.2/ P6 Redclift, Michael R Frontiers: histories of civil society and nature.-The MIT,2006 304.2/ P7 Costanza, Robert, Ed Sustainability or collapse: an integrated history and future of people on earth.- The MIT, 2007 304.2/ Q0 Penna, Anthony N The human footprint: a global environmental history.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 304.201/ P7 Heyd, Thomas Encountering nature: towards an environmental culture.- Ashgate, 2007 306.01/ Q0 Hughes, Geoffrey Political correctness: a history of semantics and culture.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 307.76/ P7 Bullard, Robert D, Ed Growing smarter: achieving livable communities, environmental justice and regional equity.- The MIT, 2007 320/ P9 Goodin, Robert E, Ed The Oxford handbook of political science.- OUP, 2009 320.01/ P81 Leopold, David, Ed Political theory: methods and approaches.- OUP, 2008 320.01/ P9 Boucher, David, Ed Political thinkers: from Socrates to the present.- 2nd ed.- OUP, 2009 320.951 5/ P8 Roemer, Stephanie The Tibetan government-in-exile.- Routledge, 2009 323/ P81 Ranstorp, Magnus, Ed Terrorism and human rights.- Routledge, 2009 327/ P8 Reus-Smit, Christian The Oxford handbook of international relations.-OUP,2008 332.041/ P3 Luxemberg, Rosa The accumulation of capital.- Routledge, 2003 333.7/ P83 Dauvergne, Peter The shadows of consumption: consequences for the global environment.- The MIT, 2008 333.72/ P91 Dowie, Mark Conservation refugees: the hundred year conflict between global conservation and native people.- The MIT, 2009 333.720 973/ P9 Mazmanian, Daniel A, Ed Towards sustainable communities.- 2nd ed.-The MIT,2009 333.91/ P6 Conca, Ken Governing waste: contentious transnational politics and global institution building.- The MIT, 2006 333.91/ P81 Whiteley, John M, Ed Water, place and equity.- The MIT, 2008 333.951 6/ P61 Meyer, Stephen M The end of the wild.- The MIT, 2006 338.2/ P9 Knetchtel, John, Ed Fuel.- The MIT, 2009 338.927/ P93;1 Mohamed Salih, M A, Ed Climate change and sustainable development.- Edward Elgar, 2009 338.927/ P95 Parr, Adrian Hijacking sustainability.- The MIT, 2009 338.927015118/ P9 Bosetti, Valentina, Ed Modelling sustainable development.- Edward Elgar, 2009 338.973091732/ P9 Hess, David J Localist movements in a global economy.- The MIT, 2009 Law, Social Services, Commerce, Language 340.03/ P81 (R) Cane, Peter, Ed The new Oxford companion to law.- OUP, 2008 340.1/ P9 Wacks, Raymond Understanding jurisprudence.- 2nd ed.- OUP, 2009 341.48/ P7 Steiner, Henry J International human rights in context: law, politics, morals.- 3rd ed. - OUP, 2007 342.540 2/ P9 Rajeev Bhargava, Ed Politics and ethics of the Indian constitution.- OUP, 2010 344.041 94/ P7 Nwabueze, Remigius N Biotechnology and the challenge of property: property rights in dead bodies, body parts and genetic information.-Ashgate,2007 346.410 48/ P9 Bently, L Intellectual property law.- 3rd ed.- OUP, 2009 362.58/ P9 Dias, Ayesha Kadwani Justice for the poor: perspectives on accelerating.-OUP,2009 363.1920973/ P8 Blatt, Harvey America’s food: what you don’t know about what you eat.- The MIT, 2008 363.34/ P82 Smil, Vaclav Global catastrophes and trends.- The MIT, 2008 363.345/ P9 Bullock, Jane A Global warming, natural hazards and emergency management. - CRC Press, 2009 363.7287091724/ P7 Pellow, David Naguib Resisting global toxics.- The MIT, 2007 363.738 74/ P7 Emanuel, Kerry What we know about climate change.- The MIT, 2007 2
  3. 3. 363.738 74/ P81 Volk, Tyler CO2 rising: the world’s greatest environmental challenge.- The MIT, 2008 363.73874526/ P9 Helm, Dieter, Ed The economics and politics of climate change.- OUP, 2009 363.809 54/ P8 Devi Sridhar The battle against hunger.- OUP, 2008 378.196 1/ P4 Barlett, Peggy F, Ed Sustainability on campus.- The MIT, 2004 382.41/ P9 Clapp, Jennifer, Ed Corporate power in global agrifood governance.-The MIT,2009 382.92/ P71 Hoekman, Bernard M The World Trade Organization: law, economics and politics.- Routledge, 2007 420.9/ Q0;1 Maybin, Janet, Ed The Routledge companion to English language studies.- Routledge, 2010 Pure Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Ecology 509/ P91 Fara, Patricia Science: a four thousand year history.- OUP, 2009 515.243 3/ N7 Benedetto, John J Harmonic analysis and applications.- CRC Press, 1997 530.44/ N2 Stix, Thomas Howard Waves in plasmas.- Springer, 1992 543.56/ P6 Lakowicz, Joseph R Principles of fluorescence spectroscopy.- 3rd ed.- Springer,2006 547.122 6/ P6;1 Ariga, Katsuhiko Supramolecular chemistry.- Springer, 2006 547.2/ P6.1-P6.2 Taber, Douglass F Organic synthesis.- 2v.- John Wiley, 2008 551/ Q0 Plummer, Charles C Physical geology.- 13th ed.- McGraw-Hill, 2010 551.41/ P2 Ritter, Dale F Process geomorphology.- 4th ed.- Waveland Press, 2006 551.7/ Q0 Prothero, Donald R Evolution of the earth.- 8th ed.- McGraw-Hill, 2010 569.986/ P9 Schrenk, Friedemann The Neanderthals.- Routledge, 2009 572.65/ Q0 Langel, Ulo Introduction to peptides and proteins.- CRC Press, 2010 577/ P3 Smil, Vaclav The earth’s biosphere.- The MIT, 2003 577.01/ P3 Volk, Tyler Gaia’s body: toward a physiology of earth.- The MIT, 2003 577.14/ P8 Neilson, Alasdair H Environmental degradation and transformation of organic chemicals.- CRC Press, 2008 577.22/ P7 DiMento, Joseph F C, Ed Climate change: what it means for us, our children and our grandchildren.- The MIT, 2007 577.681 4/ P8 Ramesh Reddy, K Biogeochemistry of wetlands.- CRC Press, 2008 577.786/ P9 Amirad-Triquet, Claude, Ed Environmental assessment of estuarine ecosystems.- CRC Press, 2009 Medicine, Engineering, Literature 610.93/ P5 Nutton, Vivian Ancient medicine.- Routledge, 2009 616.075 4/ P9 Demirkaya, Omer Image processing with MATLAB: applications in medicine and biology.- CRC Press, 2009 620.112 99/ P9 Weinberger, Peter Magnetic anisotropies in nanostructured matter.-CRC,2009 620.5/ P71 Pelesko, John A Self assembly.- CRC Press, 2007 620.5/ P93 Sellers, Kathleen Nanotechnology and the environment.- CRC Press, 2009 621.366/ P8 Svelto, Orazio Principles of lasers.- 4th ed.- Springer, 2008 628.550 287/ P9 Byrness, Mark Edward Field sampling methods for remedial investigations.- 2nd ed.- CRC Press, 2009 629.227 2/ P4 Wilson, David Gordon Bicycling science.- 3rd ed.- The MIT, 2004 641.300 2/ P9 Thiema, John, Ed The table is laid: the Oxford anthology of South Asian food writing.- OUP, 2009 704.042/ P3 Pollock, Griselda Vision and difference: feminism, femininity and histories of art.- Routledge, 2003 811 WHI 09/ P9 Kummings, Donald D, Ed A companion to Walt Whitman.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2009 820.9/ Q0 Whitla, William The English handbook.- Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 828.02/ P8 Gross, John, Ed The new Oxford book of literary anecdotes.- OUP, 2008 Biography, History 901/ P32 Southgate, Beverly Postmodernism in history.- Routledge, 2003 901/ P41 Munslow, Alun, Ed Experiments in rethinking history.- Routledge, 2004 901/ P6 Davies, Martin L Historics: why history dominates contemporary society.- Routledge, 2006 3
  4. 4. 901/ P7 Jenkins, Keith, Ed Manifestations for history.- Routledge, 2007 907/ P3 Jenkins, Keith Re-thinking history.- Routledge, 2006 907.2/ P71 Burckhardt, Jacob Judgments on history and historians.- Routledge, 2007 922.1 THE/ P7 Russell, Norman Theophilus of Alexandria.- Routledge, 2007 923.1 AUG/ P5 Shotter, David Augustus Caesar.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2005 923.1 CAE/ P6 Kamm, Antony Julius Caesar: a life.- Routledge, 2006 923.1 NER/ P5 Shotter, David Nero.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2005 926.1 GRA/ P9 Richardson, Ruth The Making of Mr Gray’s anatomy: bodies, books, fortune, fame.- OUP, 2009 930/ P3 Gates, Charles Ancient cities: the archaeology of urban life in the Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome.- Routledge, 2007 930.1/ P41 Sauer, Eberhard W, Ed Archaeology and ancient history.- Routledge, 2004 930.1/ P6 Fagan, Garrett G, Ed Archaeological fantasies.- Routledge, 2006 932/ P5 Morkot, Robert G The Egyptians.- Routledge, 2010 932/ P7 Kemp, Barry J Ancient Egypt: anatomy of a civilization.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2007 937.01/ N5 Cornell, T J The beginnings of Rome.- Routledge, 2009 937.02/ P5 Dillon, Mathew Ancient Rome: from the early republic to the assassination of Julius Caesar.- Routledge, 2008 937.02/ P51 Shotter, David The fall of the Roman republic.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2008 937.02/ P8 Kamm, Antony The Romans.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2008 937.06/ P4 Potter, David S The Roman Empire at bay: A D 180-395.- Routledge, 2009 937.07/ N7 Goodman, Martin The Roman world: 44 B C-A D 180.- Routledge, 2009 937.7/ P4 Cooley, Alison E Pompeii: a sourcebook.- Routledge, 2004 938/ P2 Hornblower, Simon The Greek world: 479-323 B C.- 3rd ed.- Routledge, 2002 938/ P4 Osborne, Robin Greek history.- Routledge, 2006 938.003/ Q0 (R) Wilson, Nigel, Ed Encyclopedia of ancient Greece.- Routledge, 2010 938.01/ P9 Osborne, Robin Greece in the making, 1200-479 B C.-2nd ed.-Routledge,2009 938.07/ P4 Stoneman, Richard Alexander the Great.- 2nd ed.- Routledge, 2007 938.08/ P8 Shipley, Graham The Greek world after Alexander: 323-30 B C.-Routledge,2008 938.5/ P4 Lytton, Edward Bulwer Athens: its rise and fall.- Routledge, 2004 938.5/ P8 Harding, Phillip, Ed The story of Athens.- Routledge, 2008 938.8/ P5 Castleden, Rodney Mycenaeans.- Routledge, 2005 939.1/ P6 Dickinson, Oliver The Aegean from bronze age to iron age.- Routledge, 2008 939.21/ P6 Bryce, Trevor The Trojans and their neighbours.- Routledge, 2008 939.4/ N5 Kuhrt, Amelie The ancient Near East: c 3000-330 B C.-2v.-Routledge,2003 980/ Q0 Bakewell, Peter A history of Latin America to 1825.-3rd ed.-Wiley-Blackwell,2010 Book suggestions can be made using formats available at the MG University Library Websites. List of New Additions during earlier months also can be had from the library web site. We would like to receive your comments on the titles selected during the month. Your remarks on any book with content of inferior quality; (Given in writing or as e-mail to mgulibrary@gmail.com) can help us to control the quality of collection development. Please visit library news in sites mgu.ernet.in and mgu.net.tc for further details. Please participate in the qualitative improvement of collection development. Prepared by Technical Section, Mahatma Gandhi University Library, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam – 686560, Kerala India. URL: mgu.ernet.in, E-mail: mgulibrary@gmail.com. Telephone: 0481 2731018. 4 Full text of all Doctoral Dissertations accepted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 1983-2008 can be accessed at the web site: http://www.mgutheses.org All Research Guides and scholars are requested to check the site as well as the printed draft bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of MGU available at the University Library and provide data for updating the site and the bibliography