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NTC 2014 IMAB tech talk 14.3.11 v3
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NTC 2014 IMAB tech talk 14.3.11 v3


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Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB), NTC Session, Grizzard, HJC and CDR co-present

Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB), NTC Session, Grizzard, HJC and CDR co-present

Published in: Marketing
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  • Infrastructure – focused
    Marketing/Interactive - focused
  • Not mutually exclusive – a small team could be very sophisticated with their use of technology – marketing& infrastructure-wise.
    Three Buckets: infrastructure, size of internal team, marketing mix/channels
    Let’s get the group to score themselves from 1-5 where they fit in on Infrastructure and Date, Staff and Facilities, Marketing Mix and Integration
  • Strategy maps – finding contingencies and building cross-functional teams - integration
  • Question is also partly how do you move from one of these areas to the next one up?
  • Question is also partly how do you move from one of these areas to the next one up?
  • Repurpose staff for manual, hand keying process
    Some troubleshooting with weekly reports – several provided
    Baby step towards integration – what is the best choice for your organization?
    Simple > Moderate. Incremental improvements to improve processes.
  • Each database/system at differing levels of sophistication. Limiting donor/supporter-focus or attribution
    Area of greatest need.
  • Time depends on level of complexity, size and scope, sophistication level of data, integration – build into process. Some departments may
  • Katy – SHOULD WE ASK PEOPLE TO SCORE THEMSELVES here? 1-5 where do you fall on each of these. Maybe this is point we get people to talk about these areas and how they fit in
  • Question is also partly how do you move from one of these areas to the next one up?
  • Transcript

    • 1. IMAB Tech Talk #14NTCIMAB Chris McKinley Katy Jordan Sheetal Persaud
    • 2. Meet the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board IMAB Tech Talk Slide 2
    • 3. Slide 3IMAB Tech Talk What does “technology” mean to you?
    • 4. Slide 4IMAB Tech Talk Technology in terms of integration Infrastructure & Data Staff & Facilities Marketing Mix & Integration
    • 5. Technology • Data quality • Data integration • Business intelligence • Data management
    • 6. Objective Success: Build a marketing mix, using technology that builds relationships with a prospect and turning them into a satisfied donor who will keep coming back to our organization and encourage their friends to do the same.
    • 7. The Changing Marketing Mix • Website – donor window • Email – mass marketing or event driven type of response mechanism • SEM/O is becoming more important – surgically targeting • Integrated marketing strategy – involving cross functional teams
    • 8. Define different levels of technology use Slide 8IMAB Tech Talk
    • 9. Slide 9IMAB Tech Talk Moderate Website communication Event management Volunteer management Email communication eCommerce Project Management 21-100 Emails Phone Direct Mail Some cross- channel reinforcement/coor dination Infrastructure & Data Staff & Facilities Marketing Mix & Integration
    • 10. Slide 10IMAB Tech Talk Complex Team CommunicationWebsite communication Event management eCommerce Project Management Email communication Constituent relationship management Peer 2 Peer Fundraising 100+ Integrated Emails Phone Mailings Media Digital advertising Infrastructure & Data Staff & Facilities Marketing Mix & Integration
    • 11. Slide 11IMAB Tech Talk How would you rate this organization? • Separate databases for each department (fundraising, advocacy, membership, major gifts, volunteers) • Data synchronized manually or through file transfers • 100+ staff and volunteers • Multiple office locations • Chapters throughout US • Over 90 years in business • Marketing mix -Email, website, social media, direct mail, Television, Telemarketing, print • Somewhat coordinated across departments Infrastructure & Data Staff & Facilities Marketing Mix & Integration
    • 12. Slide 12IMAB Tech Talk How would you rate this organization? • One large database of record for all marketing efforts • Data synchronized through file transfers • 60 staff members • Multiple office locations within region • 50 years in business • Marketing mix -Email, website, social media, direct mail, Television, Telemarketing, print, public relations • Integrated fundraising, somewhat coordinated across marketing and volunteer departments Infrastructure & Data Staff & Facilities Marketing Mix & Integration
    • 13. Advanced marketing IMAB Tech Talk Slide 13
    • 14. Slide 14IMAB Tech Talk To help uncover what technology improvements are needed, organizations take a step back and map out constituent journeys…
    • 15. Slide 15IMAB Tech Talk Donor Lifecycles – Individual Donor
    • 16. Slide 16IMAB Tech Talk ..and then with these maps in hand, the need of improved technology to integrate becomes obvious
    • 17. Slide 17IMAB Tech Talk Integration
    • 18. Slide 18IMAB Tech Talk Why Marketing & Fundraising Departments Often Need Help with Integrating Technology mprovements… • Many balls in the air • Managing multiple communication channels and medias • Print Media, Social Media, Electronic Media, etc.. • New and changing environment • Bar has been raised. No more single message methodology • Target the right person with the right message at the right time
    • 19. Slide 19IMAB Tech Talk Online Database Survey Database Email Database Why Marketers & Fundraisers Need Integrated Technology Help Charity X Bob Direct Mail DonorServices Survey Call Center Email Bob Responds Direct Mail Database When Bob responded his information was placed into separate databases based on what media he had responded to. Call Center Database
    • 20. Slide 20IMAB Tech Talk Technology Solutions Charity X Bob Direct Mail DonorServices Survey Call Center Email Bob Respond s Unified Marketing Database When Bob responded his information was placed into one database.
    • 21. Slide 21IMAB Tech Talk Financial Perspective Customer Perspective Internal (Process) Perspective Learning & Growth Perspective 21 GrowthEfficiency BrandDonor Service Workflow Technology Skill Alignment Knowledge Management Mission Effectiveness Improve ROI Increase Revenue Improve Brand Perception Improve Donor Retention Implement new CRM Create Cross- functional teams Train staff on new CRM Improve Sharing & Collaboration
    • 22. Slide 22IMAB Tech Talk What happens when you invest in improved, integrated technology and then execute an integrated relationship management plan?
    • 23. Slide 23IMAB Tech Talk
    • 24. Ability to act and utilize advanced technology IMAB Tech Talk Slide 24
    • 25. What is advanced technology? • Simple • Moderate • Complex IMAB Tech Talk Slide 25
    • 26. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 26 #1: You need better web tools for marketing 26 WebsiteWebsite CMSCMS Transaction database Transaction database CRMCRM EMSEMS Updates Supporter, email & transactional data Email information Marketing/Comms Emails sent USERSUSERS USERSUSERS
    • 27. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 27 CMS – Lack of CMS makes website updates cumbersome and limited to very few staff – Those staff sit in Marketing, providing a barrier for other staff to update the website
    • 28. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 28 EMS – Disconnected from other tools so no email-automation possible – Disconnected from other tools so personalisation and segmentation is difficult
    • 29. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 29 ECS Time consuming to create new donation forms and limited number of staff who can do this
    • 30. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 30 Needs for Advanced Marketing • All web tools in one place • Easy for staff to manage • Variable access for different staff types • More robust and automated data connection to CRM • Scalability and change in line with online trends e.g. mobile, social etc... • Ability for additional functionalities like 3rd party fundraising • Profile management for donors
    • 31. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 31 What could technology look like? WebsiteWebsite eCRM, CMS, ECS, EMSeCRM, CMS, ECS, EMS CRMCRM Updates Supporter, email & transactional data Marketing/Comms Emails sent USERSUSERS USERSUSERS
    • 32. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 32 What will better web tools enable? • Variable email streams for different donor types • Automated email streams • Automatic renewals/reactivation emails • Highly personalised web experience • More data about online interactions
    • 33. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 33
    • 34. Budget and staffing resources IMAB Tech Talk Slide 35
    • 35. Slide 36IMAB Tech Talk Case Study – Incremental Approach The Situation: Mid-size nonprofit takes incremental approach to implementing cross- channel marketing for fundraising. Currently using email to reinforce some direct mail appeals. Little personalization online The Challenge: Small staff, wearing multiple hats, two database systems (online, offline) for direct response. The Goal: Improve approach to integrated marketing, balancing staff time and budget to be most effective.
    • 36. Slide 37IMAB Tech Talk Case Study – Status Quo Online transactions manually keyed into offline donor database Cross channel efforts require manual match back files and several versions of email Manual and general personalization Challenges: -human error -staff time - no real-time data
    • 37. Slide 38IMAB Tech Talk Case Study – Goal Automated transactional updates Cut down on staff time Utilize real-time personalization Challenges: -lack of experience knowledge internally (data operations and technology) -limited budget -approval by committee
    • 38. Slide 39IMAB Tech Talk Step by Step Approach Automated Data Sync Manual File Transfer Pros Cons Runs automatically, limited staff time Up front development costs Not much need for ongoing support Must update when changes occur No human/manual element Requires DM match back file Pros Cons No upfront investment Requires weekly staff time, multiple reports Automates transactional updates Requires DM match back file Semi-automated
    • 39. Slide 40IMAB Tech Talk Case Study - Conclusion Organization adopted manual file transfer option. Process improvements: Weekly file transfer and update Match back file requested to produce one version of email for DM-recipients Personalized ask amounts in email and on landing pages
    • 40. Slide 41IMAB Tech Talk Case Study – Moderate > Complex Situation: A 90+ year old organization realizing the need for integrated systems. Currently utilizing several databases across many locations and departments. Challenge: Difficult to integrate data across departments and systems. Cumbersome process across organization – need to prioritize Goal: one overarching database solution serving all departments.
    • 41. Slide 42IMAB Tech Talk Weigh the Options All-Encompassing Database/CRM solution Multiple systems, one central database Pros Cons All data in one place Limited Marketplace; risk Leverage data instantly, automatically Less cost flexibility Support and training centralized, only needed for one system Square Peg, Round Hole – customization necessary Multi-department/personnel buy in Pros Cons Pricing flexibility Data Integration processes Risk shared among systems; longevity Ongoing updates necessary related to multiple systems Best in Breed solutions – best functionality Training on each or multiple systems Appeal to internal comfort level & and goals Multiple support contacts, per system
    • 42. Slide 43IMAB Tech Talk Multi-year Timeline This organization decided to pursue an all-in-one CRM solution, with a 5 year implementation timeline
    • 43. Staff & Budget – Case Study • $5M organization • 1,000,000 people • Moderate – Complex organisation IMAB Tech Talk Slide 44
    • 44. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 46 Disparate geography, disparate data
    • 45. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 47 Constituent relationship management Email communication Project Management Team Communication eCommerce Website communication Event management Service delivery Peer 2 Peer Fundraising Volunteer management Technology reality
    • 46. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 48 The Vision • Single technology/CRM platform that would encompass everything
    • 47. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 49 Staff & budget challenges • Disinterested • Lack of understanding • Lack of time • Not knowing where they wanted to go • Not knowing what’s possible
    • 48. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 50 Agile development towards the vision
    • 49. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 51 Agile versus Waterfall Pros Cons Facilitates collaboration Hard to manage timeline and budget End goals don’t need to be known Time consuming due to collaboration Takes feedback into account throughout Risk of not using all resources spent AGILE Pros Cons Clear project plan – can launch in a certain timeframe Rigid and inflexible – do not adapt to changes in needs and feedback Cleary defined use of resources Extensive needs gathering required Individuals not as critical May need more post-development work WATERFALL
    • 50. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 52 Staff and budget • Don’t know what you don’t know • Can mitigate some issues with tech migrations by taking an iterative or agile approach
    • 51. How does your organization compare? IMAB Tech Talk Slide 53
    • 52. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 54 Technology Overhaul • Where do you see limitations to use of technology? – Infrastructure – Organizational – Marketing Mix • How do internal challenges affect each area?
    • 53. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 55 Overcoming Challenges • Data and Technology Infrastructure – Weigh your options – Budget – Prepare for today’s reality, tomorrow’s opportunity • What makes most sense today? How about in one year? 5 year?
    • 54. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 56 Overcoming Challenges • Organizational – Focus on the vision – Where can manual elements / redundancies be addressed? – Prove the benefit across departments
    • 55. IMAB Tech Talk Slide 57 Overcoming Challenges • Marketing Mix –Leverage free and low cost tools –Prioritize by biggest impact
    • 56. What did you think? Evaluate this session! Or, search by session title at When you evaluate a session, you will be entered to win a prize!