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When Christians Become Discouraged
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When Christians Become Discouraged


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Sermon by Mike Smith

Sermon by Mike Smith

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. When Christians Become Discouraged
  • 2. Get Ready, Discouragement Will Come!
    The Problem of Discouragement:
    Israelites became discouraged… Num. 21:4
    God tells us not to grow discouraged… Gal. 6:9
    The Devil has an arsenal of weapons.
    Discouragement is one of the most productive and destructive weapons he uses. Ephesians 6:11; Romans 10:17; Luke 8:12
    2 Corinthians 2:11
    “that no advantage may be gained over us by Satan: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” ASV
  • 3. When We Become Discouraged, We Do Many Wrong Things…
    We Pray The Wrong Kind Of Prayers…
    Moses: Prayed to die - Numbers 11:15
    Elijah: Prayed to die – 1 Kings 19:3
    We Say The Wrong Things…
    Job: Cursed the day of his birth - Job 3:1
    David : Said, “All men are liars” Psalm 116:11
  • 4. When We Become Discouraged, We Do Many Wrong Things…
    We Think The Wrong Things…
    John: Doubted Jesus was the Christ – Matt. 11:2-3
    Mary and Martha: John 11:21
    We Do The Wrong Things…
    Moses: Smote the rock – Numbers 20:8-12
    Elijah: Ran away – 1 Kings 19:3
    We See The Wrong Things…
    Giants Instead of God - Num. 13:30-33
    Difficulties Instead of the Power of God
    Mark 5:30-31
  • 5. When We Become Discouraged, We Do Many Wrong Things…
    We Get Into The Wrong Place…
    Jonah: Went the wrong way and got into the big fish! Jonah 1:17
    Elijah: Under the broom tree – 1 Kings 19:4
    We Get Into The Wrong Spirit…
    Spirit of Defeatism: Romans 11:3; 1 Thes. 3:2
    Spirit of Murmurings: Phil. 2:14
    Spirit of Grouchiness: Opposite of cheer Jn. 16:33
    Spirit of Criticism: Luke 9:49-50
  • 6. The Cures For Discouragement
    Many things can get us down…
    One God can get us up! Phil. 4:4, 13
    When Discouraged we need to…
    Acknowledge that we are discouraged.
    Read and seek direction from the Bible.
    Pray truthfully, confessing discouragement to God.
    Speak with a close Christian friend, minister, etc. who can help guide you out of your discouragement.
    10 Rules For Getting Rid of Discouragement:
    Go do something good for someone else, then repeat it nine more times! Acts 20:35
  • 7. Be Encouraged In Jesus
    He will save you! Acts 16:30-31
    Be encouraged, through Christ - Col. 2:1-3
    Come to Jesus to be saved…
    Hear and believe the gospel – John 6:45
    Repent of sinning – Acts 2:38
    Confess Jesus – Acts 8:37
    Be Baptized into Christ - Gal. 3:27; 2 Tim. 2:10
    Be faithful to Jesus – Eph. 6:6; Rev. 2:10