The Romans Road of Salvation


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The Romans Road of Salvation

  1. 1. The Romans Road Of Salvation How To Journey To Jesus
  2. 2. The Romans Road Of Salvation •Maps are great when used properly! •What happens if someone alters the map? •What will happen if you don’t read the map properly? •The New Testament is our map of salvation to our heavenly home. Hebrews 11:13-16 •Let us see where the Roman Road takes us on our way to heaven.
  3. 3. The Romans Road Of Salvation The Bible Map… •The Map is the Gospel of Christ. Rom.1:16-17 •The Destination is Salvation and Eternal Life Romans 6:22-23 •The Obstacle: Sin •All are sinners… Romans 3:9, 19, 23; 5:12 •Acquittal of sin to escape sin’s punishment… Romans 6:23
  4. 4. The Romans Road Of Salvation The Bible Map… •The Route: Jesus Christ. John 14:6 •God’s grace… Rom. 3:24-25 •Man's obedient faith to Christ’s law - Rom. 1:1617; 3:21-22, 26-28; 4:1-5. •Obedient faith is saving faith Rom.1:5,16:26;6:17-18 •Result of God's grace & man's obedient faith: •Righteousness - Rom. 1:17; 4:5 •Freed from sin - Rom. 6:17-18 •Justified from sin - Rom. 5:1, 9 •Saved & reconciled - Rom. 5:10 •Remain faithful to Christ - Rom. 6:1-2; 12:1; 11:22
  5. 5. The Romans Road Of Salvation THE "FAITH ONLY" ROAD & THE BIBLE ROAD. The “Faith Only” Roman Road Map Is Not Complete… •Believe Jesus died for you. Rom. 5; Jn.3:16 •Confess you are a sinner. ??? •Repent of your sins. Rom. 2:4 •Pray the 'sinner's prayer.’ (no scripture) •Some of it is the word of God, but it doesn't go all the way down the road!
  6. 6. The Romans Road Of Salvation God Commands Us To Do Something To Be Saved! •How does the Bible say to accept Christ as Savior & Lord? How do I "ask" for the free gift of salvation? •It is more than prayer & repentance - Acts 9:6, 9, 11, 18; 22:16. •The "faith only" map doesn't tell sinners everything they need to do to be saved! •This map is not an accurate reproduction of "The Roman Road!”
  7. 7. The Bible Map Of The 'Roman Road' •Hear the gospel - Rom. 10:17 •Believe in Christ’s gospel - Rom. 1:16-17; 10:9-11 death, burial, resurrection, ascension-5,6,8,14 •Repent of sins - Rom. 2:4 •Confess your faith in Christ as Lord - Romans 10:9-10 •Be Baptized into Christ - Rom. 6:3-5 --Saved, freed from sin, in Christ, no condemnation. Rom. 8:1-2 •Be faithful to Christ - Rom. 6:1-2; 11:22; 12:1-2
  8. 8. Take Your Journey To Jesus Today! •Which map will you follow: The Bible edition of the Roman Road map, or man's edited version of that road map? Romans 15:18-19 •Don't call Jesus Lord unless you are willing to do what He says! Luke 6:46; Rom. 2:13 •Be saved by Him now… Romans 2:3-4 …By your hearing, believing, repenting, confessing Christ, baptism into Christ, and remaining faithful!