Quiet times 4.23.12
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  • 1. This Week’s Quiet Times: April 23-27, 2012 Our Ministry of ReconciliationMONDAY“Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but theone who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (Matt. 24:12-13) This is such apowerful verse. The love of most will grow cold and they will be overcome butthose whose love does not grow cold will be saved!! Are you determined to keepyour love burning and growing? We know that God is love (1 Jn. 4:8, 16) and sotoday we will read Romans 12 and learn more about what we are to become if wedesire to remain in Him!! As we readv. 9-21 we need to become what weread. Write each of the qualities oflove you see in these verses onpaper - this will be our vision list!Before each quality write down “Love is...,”and then write thequality in present tense. For examplefrom v. 9 you can write: “Love issincere. Love hates what is evil.Love clings to what is good.”After you write this examine these verses and ask yourself questions such as:What is the first quality of love? Am I loving if I am not zealous in my service tothe Lord? Am I loving if I am not joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful inprayer? Go through the list you wrote and put your name in place of the wordlove. What areas are you the weakest in? Pray for God to show His powerthrough your weaknesses and to cause you to grow in love. Your growth will bereflected and manifested in your relationships!! Don’t allow your love to growcold - be among those who grow in love and are saved!!TUESDAYRead 1Corinthians 13: 4-8. Compare the list you made yesterday to this passage.As you read these verses put Jesus’ name in place of the word love. He fulfillseach quality perfectly because He is love!! Now do the same with your own name(It works better if you make a list and you see it in writing). Repeat this exercisefrequently as a spiritual workout!! Allow yourself to be transformed by the powerof God and become more like him as you practice and become love.
  • 2. WEDNESDAYThe Lord clearly teaches us what love is and that it is the fulfillment of all that Godhas commanded us (Read Romans 13). He also teaches us how we can becomestumbling blocks to one another when we don’t love. Today we will read Romans14. Read carefully and ask yourself if you have been or are a stumbling block tothose you have been called to love. If we act in a way which is destructive to abrother or sister are we acting in love (see v. 15)? Is it possible to destroy abrother or sister (for whom Christ died) through our own discouraging, unlovingbehavior according to this verse? What is the Kingdom of God all about in v. 17-18? In v. 19-21 what is required for great loving relationships (unity)? Read thevision list you wrote on Monday and pray for yourself that you may grow to fulfilllove!!THURSDAYIf you have offended someone and closed their spirit towards you (see Proverbs18:19) how will you open it again? How can you open someone’s spirit once youhave closed it? The Lord did not do anything wrong to any of us but we all hadclosed our spirits to Him at one time. He opened our spirits to Him again andrescued us with love (see Titus 3:4-5). Remember the qualities of love (i.e.patience, kindness and gentleness), these are the keys! Go once again toEphesians 4-5. Chapter 4 and verse 31 lists the qualities which close the spirit,hurt, offend and destroy. What does v. 32 teach? What is the motivation for us?From chap. 5 v. 1-2 what is our calling? We are to live lives of love as Jesus did!!Read 1 John 2:6 and 2 John 6. Dwell on these and pray to God to shape you andmold you to become more and more like Jesus so you can walk as He did!!FRIDAYRead Philippians 2:1-18. The calling of the Lord’s church is to love and to beunified in spirit and purpose (v. 2). Jesus, the author of our faith is our exampleand He shows that to love is to sacrifice. But our tendency when we sacrifice orexperience pain is to complain and argue. We have already learned how powerfulour words are (whether it be to build others up or tear them down). How can webe different? How will our relationships be different from worldly ones? Verses12-18 show us how we can become so different that we will shine like stars in theuniverse!! We will be more and more like Jesus if we become what we arereading here. What are the keys that you see in these passages. Practice theseand teach them to others!!