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Quiet times devotional Monday through Friday

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Quiet times 31112

  1. 1. This weeks Quiet Times: March 12-16, 2012 Keeping Your Marriage IntactMondayExodus 20:14 says "Youshall not commitadultery". ReadLeviticus 20 and seehow serious the Lordwas about Israelkeeping his commands.Why do you think hewas so strong withIsrael? Think about theeffects of sin. Thinkabout how everyone isaffected by the sin ofadultery (the parties involved, the family, the community, as well as the Lord).Now read Psalm 51 and gain insight as David is convicted of adultery. Why doyou think God spared Davids life? What does this Psalm reveal to you about theheart of God?TuesdayRead Matthew 5:27-30. God holds us accountable as he did Israel. What part ofthe body is linked with the sin of adultery in these verses? Is adultery merely aphysical act of unfaithfulness that occurs when one of the marriage partnersvoluntarily engages in sexual intercourse outside of the marriage, or is thedefinition of adultery broader than that? What type of attitude is Jesus teachingus to have toward our sin? Was he teaching us to literally chop off our hands andgouge out our eyes? Obviously not or none of the disciples would have had anylimbs or eyes left! Jesus always targets the heart when he teaches. ReadMatthew 23 (particularly verses 23-26) and seek to understand what the Lord isteaching. What does he mean when he tells the Pharisees to "First clean theinside of the cup and dish, and then the outside will also be clean."? Read alsoMatthew 15:16-20 about the source of our sin. What is it that makes a manunclean? Do you see why we are always in need of Gods forgiveness and mercy?Psalm 103 teaches that God does not treat us as our sins deserve! Praise the Lordfor his love and let it be the motivation for each of us to please him in what wedo!
  2. 2. WednesdayIn Job 31:1 we read how Job made a pact with his eyes to not look lustfully at awoman. He understood that this is where adultery begins (2Peter 2:14). ReadMatthew 6:19-23 and Luke 11:33-36. What do you learn about your eyes fromthese verses? What role do they play in your spiritual life? Obviously the world isnot concerned with your spiritual welfare as each day you are bombarded withseductive images and pictures. Think about how dangerous this is in light of therole the eyes play in our spiritual lives! Next read 2Corinthians 4:18 and Hebrews12:2. Meditate on these verses and commit them to heart! Understand that Godloves you and is teaching you how to overcome the world and the influence of theevil one!! Pray that you be blessed with eyes full of light all of your days!!ThursdayRead Ezekiel 20:1-44. What was Israel doing to infuriate the Lord? What did hecall them to give up in verse 7? Do you see the heart of God in his dealings withIsrael? Over and over they forsake him and seek after the desires of their eyesinstead of doing what is good in the eyes of God. This is Israels downfall so let usnot follow in that example! God detests those with haughty, pride filled eyes (seeProv.5:7-11 and Prov. 21:4). He gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). WriteJohn 8:12 on an index card and commit it to heart. Fill your life with the light ofthe world - JESUS CHRIST!!!FridayOur motivation for obeying the gospel and for doing Gods will can be summed upin one word - JESUS!! "For Christs love compels us, because we are convincedthat one died for all, and therefore all died."(2 Cor. 5:14). This is why we arecalled to be faithful to God and to one another - because Jesus is faithful!! StudyPhilippians 2:1-18. Apply this to your life deeper and deeper each day and beblessed in the Lord forever!! Praise the Lord!!!