Can I find refuge in Christ
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Can I find refuge in Christ



By Mike Smith

By Mike Smith



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Can I find refuge in Christ Can I find refuge in Christ Presentation Transcript

  • Can I Find Refuge in Christ?
    Psalm 9:7-10
  • The world is filled with trouble, everywhere people are seeking refuge.
    Let us study this little sentence and see what we can learn.
    This is a QUESTION.
    CAN I find refuge in Christ?
    Jesus tells us in Mt. 11:28…
    Jeremiah told of this… Jer. 6:16
    We can do something…1 Peter 5:7
    Yes, I CAN find refuge in Christ!
    CAN I Find Refuge In Christ?
  • Take away the can and now the sentence is an AFFIRMATION!
    Let us all tell the world, I have found refuge!
    Phillip told his nephew Jn. 1:43-45.
    Psalm 23 Let all the world know that the Lord is your shepherd.
    Take away the I and what do you have?
    I Find Refuge In Christ?
  • An EXHORTATION for others to do as you have done.
    Paul tells Felix the gospel story – Find refuge Felix. Acts 24-25
    Paul to Agrippa, “I know that you believe” Acts 26:27-29
    You will find true refuge in Christ!
    FIND refuge in Christ
  • Take away the FIND and you have refuge in Christ. That’s CONSOLATION!
    There is that consolation, nothing can compare!
    Christ with all authority will be with us always. Matthew 28:18-20
    Peter asked what do I get in return? Mark 10:28-30 Listen to Christ’s answer.
    In Hebrews 13:5 Christ says, I will never leave or forsake thee.
    REFUGE in Christ
  • Erase the word refuge and you have IN Christ!
    In Christ is EXALTATION! It’s the highest place man can be elevated to.
    Paul wrote about the difference. 2 Cor. 5:17
    Can share a mansion with the Christ. John 14:1-6
    IN Christ
    Erase the word in and all you have left is Christ.
    That’s SATISFACTION - above all.
    Christ says seek first my kingdom and all other things will be added. Mt. 6:33
    If in this life only we have hope we are of all men most miserable. 1 Cor. 15:19-20
    We have satisfaction in knowing Him. 1 Jn. 5:20
    Let us all live that at the end of life we will have nothing but Christ.
  • You can have refuge in Christ this hour!
    If you believe the gospel. 1 Cor. 15:3-4; Rom. 1:16-17
    When you repent of sin. Acts 2:38
    By confessing Christ. Acts 8:37; Rom. 10:10
    By being baptized into Christ through the watery grave of baptism, and raising to walk in newness of life. Romans 6:3-6
    By being faithful to Jesus, obeying His word. Hebrews 5:9; Rev. 2:10
    Have You Found Refuge in Christ?