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Web 2.0 tools

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  • Open WordlePress CreateType in, or copy and paste or enter a Web addressPress GoNext a menu will show up that allows you to change the language, font, colors and layout.Open in a new screen window and do a print screen and paste into Word or PowerPoint or do a screen captureYou can also publish to the gallery and right click and save image as. When you do that, the image is very small and when you try to enlarge it, the words get blurred.
  • Press Load under WordsType in text , copy and paste words or enter a Web addressChoose color or themeChoose fontChoose shapePress save located under Words in the menu on the left.If you have a need for scrambled words whether in a word cloud or not, there is a word scrambler on the Internet called - TechMynd Word Scrambler - Like word cloud generators, all you have to do is type or copy and paste words into a box and press Scramble each words letters, or sort each words letters in ascending order or descending order.
  • Everything is drag and drop. Publish to the gallery and then right click and save image as to your computer. You can upload your own images so you are not limited to their images. There are other tools at the bottom such as paint.
  • In handling this situation, what questions should you ask?What do you need to consider?How are you going to resolve this issue?
  • When you get to Pictaculous, you are requested to upload a photo and press get my pallet. This is the pallet it generated based on a picture that I uploaded. It only provides the hex numbers of the one pallet but it works on your cell phone.
  • Color Hunter is similar to Pictaculous except that it give you a button to push to get an alternate subdued pallet with hex numbers. Yellowpipe Internet Services color converter.
  • Create a color scheme so that all the colors are uniform for an event that you are requested to organize. Or if you have the color numbers for a web page that you are creating, you can always match the colors at a later date.Color Scheme Designer When you run mouse over the colors it gives the hex numbers. There is an RGB link to activate that allows you to type in an RBG color and it will create a pallet around that color. As you select the different rules such as triad, the pallet changes but maintains the RGB color as the central color.COLOURlovers - Provides you with the Hex, RGB and HSV numbers for the chosen color and gives you other colors to go with it. As you run your mouse over the other colors, the hex number is provided.Adobe Kuler provides the HSV, RGB, HEX, CMYK and LAB and color numbers. You can upload an image and it will create a color pallet based on the image but I have not figured out how to get the RBG number or any numbers for that pallet.
  • Sumo Paint is a graphics creator and editor. It works with layers similar to Photoshop. What you see is a blank canvas and only one pallet of brushes. There are three. You can also upload your own photos and add filters.
  • Press create new poll and follow the prompts.Up to 30 people is free.Personal 31 to 50 people $15.00 per monthPresenter up to 250 people $65.00 per month and it goes up from there.
  • Evernote - Capture a screen shot, capture part of a Web page, photo, text note or audio note. Organize in notebooks, add tags and it is complete searchable. To get Premium it is $5.00 per month or $45.00 per year and you unlimited uploads up to 1 GB space per month. Maximum file size is 50 MB, can add a wider variety of file types and collaborate. Free version you only get 60 MB per month but unlimited uploads, files can read only (no collaboration). Maximum file size is 25 MB and it only supports, audio, text, pdf and images.Dropbox – you get 2 GB space free, can share documents and photos with friends and edit from your phone.50 GB is $9.00 per month, and 100 GB is 19.99 per month. Can share only specific files with specific people or make them available to all of your friends. You can check you spreadsheet from your cell phone for example.
  • “Almost everyone with a smartphone can download a QR Code reader.  What are they?  It’s that square black-and-white image you see to your above left.  What does it do?  It simply contains an address to a website that can be anything from your homepage or to a course page.  It can also just be text, a phone number, or even SMS.  The one on the left takes you to, our big September Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo in Anaheim, CA.  Instead of typing all that information into your smartphone, the QR Code readers use the smartphone’s camera to decipher the code and offer up a link for you to click on.This is the best QR code generator that I have found, and it’s also very easy to use: Just put in any URL and it creates a QR code immediately.  Right click on the QR Code image generated, and you can save it on your computer. Most people can download a QR code reader to their smartphones, but you can also download a version that will turn your laptop or desktop camera into a reader. “ Go here for more information:
  • Astd coast

    1. 1. Beef up Your Training Toolbox with Web Tools<br />Mary E Green<br />
    2. 2. Wordle<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    3. 3. Tagxedo<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    4. 4. ToonDoo<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    5. 5. ToodDoo Samples<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Use as a discussion starter<br />
    6. 6. Pictaculous<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    7. 7. ColorHunter<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    8. 8. Color Pallet Creators<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Adobe Kuler<br />Color Scheme<br />Designer<br />COLOURlovers<br />
    9. 9. SumoPaint<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    10. 10. Sumo Paint Sample Filters<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Original<br />
    11. 11. Sumo Paint Sample Filters<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Liquid Waves<br />Emboss<br />
    12. 12. Zamzar<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />File Converter<br />Use Zamzar to convert files to a format that is compatible with the software or computer in use.<br />Once converted, download the converted file to the local computer or thumb drive for repeated use.<br />
    13. 13. Aviary<br />Image Editor<br />Screen Capture<br />Vector Editor<br />Effects Editor<br />Music Creator<br />Audio Editor<br />Image Markup<br />Swatch Editor<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    14. 14. American Society for Training and Development<br />AudienceParticipation<br />Poll Everywhere<br />Use of cell phones<br />Free for 30 participants<br />Show results on screen<br />Internet connection required<br />Login required by presenter<br />PowerPoint Games<br /><ul><li>Not a Web tool
    15. 15. Uses PowerPoint only
    16. 16. Free
    17. 17. Rely on show of hands
    18. 18. No Internet connection
    19. 19. required
    20. 20. No login required</li></li></ul><li>Poll Everywhere<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    21. 21. Productivity<br />Evernote<br />For saving ideas, reminders etc. on the go<br />Text or voice into phone<br />Retrieve notes from any Internet enabled device<br />Revisions are updated everywhere<br />Cross platform<br />DropBox<br />Backing up documents including multimedia<br />Cell Phone and PC<br />Retrieve documents from any Internet enabled device<br />Revisions are updated everywhere<br />Cross platform<br />Can share files<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    22. 22. SlideShare<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Upload your training documents, presentations and training videos to Slideshare making them accessible after the training session is over. <br />Add a QR code to your handouts.<br />
    23. 23. QRCodeGenerator<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    24. 24. Assignment<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />On sheet of paper, answer the following questions:<br />What is one thing that you learned today?<br />What did you find most useful?<br />What did you find the least useful?<br />What tool are you going to explore? Pick one and try it out.<br />
    25. 25. Bibliography<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Abcya -<br />Aviary -<br />Color Hunter -<br />Colorlovers -<br />Color Scheme Designer -<br />Dropbox -<br />Evernote -<br />Hex-to-RGB Conversion -<br />Kaywa QR Code -<br />Kuler -<br />Pictaculous -<br />Poll Everywhere -<br />PowerPoint Games -<br />
    26. 26. Bibliography<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />SlideShare -<br />Sumo Paint -<br />Tagxedo -<br />TechMynd Word Scrambler -<br />ToonDoo -<br />Wordle -<br />Zamzar -<br />Yellowpipe Internet Services color converter.<br /><br />
    27. 27. WebToolsDirectories<br />American Society for Training and Development<br /><ul><li>GO2WEB20
    28. 28. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies</li></ul>Free Book: A Quick Guide to Web 2.0 Tools in Education by Mohamed-Amin-Embi<br /><br />
    29. 29. PictureSearchEngines<br />Picsearch<br />Vezzle – Free stock photo search engines<br />Free Photo Bank<br />Open Clip Art Library<br />Find Icons<br />School Clip Art<br />Pics4Learning<br />Tag Galaxy Very fun to use however it only searches Flickr and many pictures are not free<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />
    30. 30. ThankYou<br />American Society for Training and Development<br />Mary E Green<br />Adjunct Instructor<br />The University of Southern Mississippi<br />601-266-4939<br /><br /><br />
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