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Activities year 1 secondary  final
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Activities year 1 secondary final


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"Plan to Preserve this Pretty Planet" …

"Plan to Preserve this Pretty Planet"
Comenius project 2012-2014
Activities year 1
C. Carminati Secndary school, Lonate P.lo (Va), Italy

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Comenius Project 2012-2014Planto Preservethis PrettyPlanet
  • 2. Meeting Lonate Pozzolo14-20 October 2012GUESTS: 14 teachers – 8 students
  • 3. Meeting Nivala (Finland)21-25 January 2013Mobilities: 3 teachers – 4 students
  • 4. Meeting Sliema – Malta 4-8March 2013Mobilities: 2 teachers
  • 5. Meeting Vigy – France20-25 May 3013Mobilities: 4 teachers – 10 students
  • 6. QuestionnaireLink on the school websiteStudents : allTeachers: allParents: mostResults shared with teachers
  • 7. Project BLOG and implementation:Country/School pagesLonate MeetingLogo selectionSustainable Christmas treesEaster greetings and photos selectionCreative writing: Calligrams e-bookPPT Activities year 1“Art and Landscape” e-book in progress
  • 8. LOGO contest
  • 9. Creative writingClass 1A - 1B Secondary schoolFinal product : E-Book event at school: Exhibition of calligrams + matching poem in mother tongue andEnglish translation
  • 10. Art and landscapeLet’s make our landscapeObjectives of the activity•To guide students/children analyze the main aspects oflocal/national landscape•To promote the knowledge of local/national artisticrepresentation of the landscape•To appreciate the benefits of a well preserved environment
  • 11. Art and landscapeClass 2B Secondary schoolFinal product : Joint E-bookFinal event at school: Exhibition of famous paintings or artworksrepresenting the local/national landscape + matching processed imagewith children comment in mother tongue and English translation
  • 12. Art and landscape
  • 13. “Separate collection” projectClass 2C – SecondaryFinal product: PPT and GameFinal event: exhibition and presentation of the activity to parents and tothe “University of the 3 ages” members (local cultural association)
  • 14. Craft bookletClass 2C - Secondary
  • 15. Photo e-bookyear 3 Classes – Secondary schoolSelection of the 4 most relevant monuments or sites in town withcomment in Italian and English
  • 16. Mapping “Via Gaggio”• 2 guided tours with local guides to take pictures of the pointsof interest• Workgroup in class: searching the Internet and books forhistorical/environmental information about Via Gaggio• Selection of information and text writing• Uploading texts and photos on the dedicated website• QR code insertion (IT experts support)Class 3A - Secondary schoolFinal product: Website dedicate do Gaggio road
  • 17. Mapping “Via Gaggio”Class 3 A - Secondary schoolIT support : Gullp associationFinal product: Logo and Website dedicated to “Gaggio road”QR code linked to points of interest
  • 18. The cleanest classroomcompetitionEvery day, at the end of the lessons, caretakers assess the cleanliness of theclassrooms3 points : tidy room2 points : almost tidy room1 point : untidy roomA “pizza” for all the children in the tidiest class at the end of each school term.
  • 19. Flower growingin springtime
  • 20. Horticulture in the classroom…
  • 21. … and outside
  • 22. Something left forNEXT YEAR…
  • 23. Adopt a siteStudents ‘s City CouncilInstalling a sink and atap to make wateravailable
  • 24. Revision of the ESD Curriculums.y. 2012-2013 - PrimaryClassAgeActivity1^6-7Adopt a tree: two seasonal outings (autumn – spring) in“Via del Gaggio”2^7-8Little gardeners: realization of a small vegetable gardenin the schoolyard3^8-9Let’s recycle: guided visit of the waste collection centre4^9-10Energy: guided visit of the water purifier inSant’Antonino Ticino5^10-11My Town: visit of Lonate Pozzolo; photo report;processing of photos (worsen and improved)
  • 25. Revision of the ESD Curriculums.y. 2012-2013 - SecondaryClassAgeScience InformationTechnologyGeography Mother tongue -EnglishHistory Art Music1°10-11Air, water,land,EcosystemsEnvironmental footprintRenewableresources.EnvironmentalresponsibilityRecycling anddisposal ofindustrialgarbageEuropeannaturalenvironment.Parks, protectedareas.Woods,deforestation,Protection ofthe territoryProtection andpromotion ofnature: readingcomprehension/writing texts andpoems concerningthe protection andpromotion ofnatureLocalhistory:The Gaggioroad andthe villagein theMiddleAgesGreek andRoman Art.Castles andMonasteriesin the MiddleAgesAcousticpollution
  • 26. Revision of the ESD Curriculums.y. 2012-2013 – SecondaryClassAgeScience InformationTechnologyGeography Mother tongue -EnglishHistory Art Music2°11-12Food anddietsAgriculturalproductionand respectof harvesttimeTag readingEnvironmental impact andeffects onhealthof themodern agroindustrialsystem.Foodeducation:Education fora sustainablefood cultureModels andlifestyles inEuropeancountriesReadingcomprehension/writing texts andpoems concerningthe cross curricularsubjectsLocalhistory:the Age ofCommunesandthe ruralculture.The pre-industrialcultureThe Roman,Gothic andRenaissanceart in thesurroundingarea
  • 27. Revision of the ESD Curriculums.y. 2012-2013 - SecondaryClassAgeScience InformationTechnologyGeography Mother tongue -EnglishHistory Art Music3°12-13Bio-technologyOGMRadio-activityPollutionCosts of thedifferentenergysources.EnergysavingWorld.Extra-Europeanenvironment.Developmentand underdevelopment.GlobalizationReadingcomprehension/writing textsand poemsconcerning thecross curricularsubjectsLocal history:the 19th and20th century.History ofaviation. The“Field of thepromise” andthe birth ofMalpensaairport.Industrialsettlements inthe areaPainters andartists of the19th and 20thcentury in thesurroundingarea
  • 28. Comenius Project 2012-2014Planto Preservethis PrettyPlanetIt has been a great pleasure to work with each of you!Thanks for such a pleasant cooperation!