How to Use Google Earth


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This presentation was presented to the Caldwell College 2012 Ed Tech Conference on October 26, 2012

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How to Use Google Earth

  1. 1. Google EarthPresented byMark Granito6th Grade Social StudiesHammarskjold Middle SchoolEast Brunswick, NJ 
  2. 2. Google Earth Why are you here?  What can Google Earth do? How can Google Earth help in  Where can I go to learn more? your classroom?
  3. 3. Tools to get you startedSearchingPlacemarks, Paths, andPolygonsLayersVirtual ToursFinding .kml files
  4. 4. Searching Type in a location: Country State City Landmark
  5. 5. Placemarks ool he ar T lb kT oo emar T eP lacTh Click it!
  6. 6. Placemarks
  7. 7. Placemarks
  8. 8. Searching Type in a location: Country State City Landmark
  9. 9. Paths he ar T lb ool Too Pa th TThe Click it!
  10. 10. Get Directions
  11. 11. Layers Layers allow you to choose what type of information is displayed on Google Earth.
  12. 12. Borders and Labels You can choose all of one category or just a single option.
  13. 13. Political Boundaries Laye rs
  14. 14. Political Boundaries
  15. 15. Weather Check the weather of a certain area.
  16. 16. Places Navigate through a wide variety of places.
  17. 17. Icons depend onthe layers youchoose to view
  18. 18. Click on icons formore information
  19. 19. Current Events Find Current Event articles in the area of the world you are studying.
  20. 20. Parks & RecreationDiscover Parks andRecreational sites inyour classroom’s areaof study
  21. 21. Parks are Outlined
  22. 22. Some parks havetheir own icons
  23. 23. Oceans Explore aspects of every major body of water.
  24. 24. Pictures Find amazing photos of landmarks from around the world.
  25. 25. These are photosthat users uploaded
  26. 26. Click icon formore information
  27. 27. And even more tochoose from by clickingthe Earth Gallery LayersThere are manylayers included inGoogle Earth.
  28. 28. Tokyo in1680
  29. 29. Lesson PlansThere is plenty to work with in any subject… 
  30. 30. Geographical Easy – Locate and Placemark the capitals of all 50 states Intermediate – Locate and Placemark the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers of WWII. Use different colored pins Advanced – Draw the path of Alexander the Great’s journey.
  31. 31. State Capitals• Placemark anylocation with the clickof a button.• Placemark based onLongitude and Latitude• Add descriptions too!
  32. 32. Allied v. Axis Powers
  33. 33. Cultural Emphasize different cultural regions of the world (Northern Africa vs. Sub-Saharan Africa Conduct a webquest highlighting different religious monuments/houses of worship
  34. 34. Current Events Map the BP oil spill Study the crisis in Darfur Analyze weather patterns
  35. 35. Virtual ToursTake your students fromplace to place on anautomatic or timed tour
  36. 36. Virtual Tours Right Click “My Places” Add > Folder Name Your Tour Begin adding “Push Pins” to that tour
  37. 37. Virtual Tours  Add locations of interest to your tour  Click Here to play tour Watch One
  38. 38. The Beauty of Google Search for a topic Click HERE for more advanced options
  39. 39. Don’t Reinvent the WheelSelect the types of files you want tosearch…KMZ or KML
  40. 40. Click one todownload
  41. 41. Don’t Reinvent the WheelUse what you like.Change what you don’t.Save it to “My Places”
  42. 42. Share with your ColleaguesRight Click on TourSave or Email the KMZ file
  43. 43. Google Earth Pinpoint Locations Take and Create Virtual Tours Expand the Layers Explore the Earth, Moon, Sky, and MARS!!