Launching Global Classroom: 2011-12

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Slide notes for the Official Launch of The Global Classroom Project: 2011-12. …

Slide notes for the Official Launch of The Global Classroom Project: 2011-12.

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  • global organising team developed through engagement with PLN provide opportuniteis for people to get invovled in global proejcts for the very first time, etc


  • 1. Deb Frazier (@frazierde ) Global Classroom Creator Ohio, USA Michael Graffin ( @mgraffin ) Global Classroom Coordinator Perth, Western Australia Launch Webinar September 30 / October 1, 2011 [email_address]
  • 2. Aims of the Session
      • To explore our history, philosophy, and community goals for Global Classroom 2011-12
      • To explain how you can join & participate in our online community & discussion platforms
      • To provide an opportunity to connect, share, and talk with other teachers around the world.
      • To celebrate the launch of our very first global projects!
  • 3. Poll: Where are we at? 
    • A
    • B 
    • C
    • D
    I've just heard about the Global Classroom Project , and I'm here to learn more about it! I've signed up, but I'm wondering where to start. I'm keen to start making connections & collaborate with other teachers and classes around the world!  I'm familiar with global projects, and can't wait to share my project ideas with my fellow teachers!
  • 4. Our History
    • "While sharing new learning about India, Puja, whose family is from India, commented “My dad says that’s not really true.” 
    • From there we knew we needed more than books . We needed to talk with people i n other cultures to discover the ways in which they meet their needs."
    • A Global Learning Community Is Born (23/9/2011)
      • Through the power of a single blog post, Primary Perspective, and a single Tweet, GlobalClassroom came to be.
      • VoiceThread extended our classroom walls, opened our ears, and shared our voices to the world.
  • 5. We're building a  Global Learning Community Did you know?   The  Global Classroom Manifesto was written by 40 teachers from 15 countries?  
  • 6. Getting Involved In Global Classroom 2011-12 "Global Classroom is about encouraging global connections and conversations between teachers and students around the world ..."
    • You could: 
      • Join an existing project
      • Participate in a mascot / Flat Stanley Exchange
      • Establish connections with teachers and classes in other countries via blogging, penpal, or skype exchanges
      • Share and build  your  global project ideas 
    Sign Up Here:  Teacher Registration Forms
  • 7. Global Classroom - Web 2.0
    • The Global Classroom Blog
      • Latest news and projects
      • Guest posts from experts
      • A place to share your stories, projects, photos, and learning
    • Global Classroom 2011-12 Wiki
      • Project Overviews 
      • ICT Help
      • Class Pages 
      • Student Pages, Videos, Photos, Writing, etc
  • 8. Global Classroom  Teachers' Communities "We're building the online spaces where teachers can engage in global conversations with teachers around the world" We also provide Contact Directories for our K-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-12 Groups (shared via email)
  • 9. Edmodo &  Global Classroom  2011-12
    • What is Edmodo?
      • definition
      • benefits for teachers/students
    • Getting Started/User Info  
      • Teacher/Student Set Up                      
      • Moderation      
      • Grouping 
      • Global Classroom Teacher 
    •       Group - Code di7r4m                                                     
    Theresa Allen Edmodo Manager Illinois, USA @tdallen5 [email_address] Tina Schmidt Edmodo Manager Pennsylvania, USA @MrsSchmidtB4 [email_address]
  • 10. Our First Projects!  Let the conversations and the learning begin ...
  • 11. "Kids Speak"  (K-3 Project)
    • Goals of the Project:
      • To allow students to create authentic work that represents the thoughts of and voices of children around the world.
      • To provide students an opportunity to develop global awareness in the ways cultures meet their needs.
      • To give students a global audience and learning community.
    Students around the globe will work collaboratively in ONE VoiceThread to share and learn about the ways others live.   Deb Frazier (@frazierde ) Ohio, USA DM @frazierde /  email to join
  • 12.
    • A Glimpse Around the World A global classroom photo project for 8 to 11 year olds
    Using photography as a medium to reflect upon and understand culture, community, and environments at home and around the world.
      • Monthly theme suggested by students. 
      • Photos taken by students. 
      • Monthly slide shows.
      • Creation of a book as a final project.
    DM @sarah_wg or join the discussion over on the Grades 4-6 Google group.
  • 13. Authentic Global Voices Grades 7-12 Project
    • "I like your poem because it shows how someone (you) changes in life. It also shows how you changed your attitude from good to bad. This stands out because a lot of people go through changes from bad to good or from greedy to generous.”
    • - New York City student in response to a composition from a student in Virginia
    • Goals of this project:
      • to provide adolescents with a global writing community
      • to give students an authentic audience for their writing
      • to offer opportunities for students to practice giving meaningful feedback to other authors
      • to learn about cultures and communities different from one’s own
    Kyle Dunbar @edtechdunny Alexandria, Virginia Authentic Global Voices Wiki:  Changes Poem
  • 14. Authentic Global Voices (7-12 Project)
    • Topics and Themes:
    • My life -- Change
    • Family -- Friends -- Choices
    • Fairness -- Courage -- Survival
    • Ways to become a part of Authentic Global Voices:
      • Listen and read
      • Comment
      • Contribute
      • Collaborate
    By db Photography | Demi-Brooke By John LeGear Join the conversation!
  • 15. Questions? Feedback? 
  • 16. Quick Links 
    • Sign Up:  Teacher Registration Forms
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog:
    • Wiki:
    • Please read our  Global Classroom Participant's Guide (shared in our Welcome Email ) for further details and links to our (members-only)  Contact Directories .