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Disruptive Innovation


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  • Gin & Tonic - Adding gin to suppress the taste of quinine = drastic improvement in anti-malarial prophylactic use in 19th century.Pagoda – Architectural style that is designed to provide earthquake resistant frame. Igloo –  unique in that it is a dome that can be raised out of independent blocks leaning on each other and polished to fit without an additional supporting structure during construction. An igloo that is built correctly will support the weight of a person standing on the roof.
  • Disruptive Innovation can be a 1) slow evolutionary process of adding efficiency to an already existing and well known technology 2) part of a well developed and defined strategy and process of a company that defines approach to market and business development. 3) One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for society or a business organization is prolonged success. It forces you into a continued mode of doing what you “know” is right, while your competition is forced to evolve and examine new approaches to the market.
  • Kinetic movement = movement over space, time and sound. First we needed to create common language to hunt together (sound), we learned to domesticate animals (physical space) which led to expansion of power, including Islamic conquest, and now we are combining further mastery of virtual space (location services + social media) which leads to even greater projection of kinetic movement, resulting in social unrest such as Tahrir Square demonstrations.
  • Going back to unmet needs of human kind, our ancient myths are full of desire for regeneration and eternal life. In today’s world we focus on “regenerative medicine” Top Left – Prometheus myth (Eagle tears his liver every day and every night it regenerates itself)Top Right – Hydra that is able to regenerate its headsCenter – Golem, Jewish inanimate being, who can regenerate himself from sandBottom Left – Biblical hero, Samson, whose power returned as his hair grewBottom Right – Jesus, returning Lazarus to life
  • Evolutionary Disruptive Innovation – From Gerontology (study of graceful aging) to Regenerative Medicine and regenerative medicine
  • Evolved Competition – is a relatively old concept, it’s about a power of disruptive social messaging. Messaging that has the ability to shape generations and in some cases divide entire world into diametrically opposed social systems
  • John George Kemeny - BASIC, Choh Hao Li - HGHStephanie Kowalek – Kevlar, Meredith Patterson – DIY BioSergey Brin – GoogleZuckenberg – Facebook
  • Disruptive Innovation can result from catalytic fusion of potentially complementary talents and ideas. The ideas by themselves are usually not enough, they often require an infusion of someone with marketing/business vision beyond the original understanding/vision of the idea’s founders.Escoffier + Ritz + Richard D’oyly= Fine Dining at Hotels; Bill Gates + Steve Ballmer + Paul Allen = MicrosoftSteve J + Steve W + Mike Markkula = Apple Computer; Kwolek + Blades + Morgan + Rivers = Kevlar
  • Invention is almost never disruptive by itself. Guttenburg’s bible was too big and costs a lot of money. Aldus Pius Manutius created first “pocket book” – octavo in 1514. The idea was picked up by German printers and in 1518 this innovation was successfully utilized to propagate Martin Luther’s “Theses” – It was cheaper to produce, easier to hide and accessible to all who could read.
  • Ability to recognize that an old concept can be augmented by powerful new technology is a key component of disruptive innovation
  • Another concept that is currently viewed as new – “crowdsourcing” In fact, the concept was used very successfully by the British to plan for the Normandy invasion. Combination of postcards and aerial imagery allowed them to identify that Normandy was the best possible landing area in coastal France.
  • Active Listening Skills in Any Environment!
  • Fulton = We know him as an inventor of steam engine, but before he was inventor of a failed submarineDe Gaulle = We know him as President of France, but before that he was a pioneer of French tank maneuver strategy that was ignored by French military elite in the pre-WWII period that was more interested in conventional cavalry, but recognized by Hitler.
  • Transference of ideas, concepts and technology from other disciplines is not new but requires a keen mind. In the top example, we show that the concept of percussion to diagnose internal diseases came from wine traders. A son of the wine trader, Dr. Auenbrugger recognized that wine traders were using percussion to understand the difference between empty and filled barrels of liquor and was able to apply it diagnose diseases of the thorax. Bottom example focuses on transference of early radars for peacetime microwave technology.
  • The past decade focused on development of technologies and social outlets for unprecedented empowerment of individual. The graph shows some of the social technologies that have been created for that purpose. From perspective of future, I’d like to focus on 4 major trends of 21st century listed in the top right corner. In particular, biometric API and total awareness are more likely to be top two trends. In the nearest future, we will be able to collect highly precise data on our emotional and physical states, including previously unavailable before mobile brain scans to check for anger or feeling of happiness. This data will provide unlimited access to people’s true attitudes about social behavior, individuals and governments and potentially will alter entire mode of social norms for humanity. As we see from Snowden’s case and the mini-trade of “smart cities” governments and powerful entities will be able to collect and correlate streaming data from our current social outlets. Following maturing state of biometric API, these same entities should be able to collect, process and correlate our biometric data as seamlessly as they currently process our written and spoken communication.
  • This is a collection of potentially powerful disruptive technologies of the future. Some of these technologies and research avenues already exist, however their applications need a creative transference application. For example, currently drones serve the interests of counterterrorism, but I can see a day when my daughter goes to school protected by an “angel-protector” drone.
  • Transcript

    • 1. More often than not disruptive innovation is about figuring out ways to effectively “transfer” and apply existing approach and technology for greater communal good.
    • 2. • Organizational Attitudes toward Innovation • Conditions Resulting in Innovation • Qualities of Disruptive Innovators • Mini-Trends of Note
    • 3. “There is strong evidence that humans first began exploring the oceans by boat about 50 thousand years ago… What if our space probes and the Curiosity rover are the equivalent of those reed boats thousands of years ago? It’s worth pondering. We may be at the start of a long, slow journey whose climactic moment comes thousands of years from now.” Annalee Newitz Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. William Pollard Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation. Steve Jobs
    • 4. Conditions Resulting in Innovation
    • 5. What Conditions Result in Disruptive Innovation? • Need for Survival • Need for Kinetic Movement – movement over physical , sound and virtual space • Desire for Immortality • Desire for Compassion • Evolved Competition – Competition over ideological and spiritual space • Islands of Accumulated Wealth – Renaissance, Silicon Valley, Gates Foundation • Lack of Spiritual Fulfillment – New religion is an example of disruptive innovation • Temptations of Passion • Engagement of the “Other” Persistent Desires of the Humankind
    • 6. Desire for Kinetic Movement Increaseinkineticmovement
    • 7. Desire for Regeneration Immortality
    • 8. From Gerontology to Life Extension Science & Regenerative Medicine Avicenna’s Cannon of Medicine (1025) SENS (2005) “The Seven Deadly Sins” (1999) “Ending Aging” (2007) Ilya Mechnikoff – “Father” of Gerontology
    • 9. Evolved Competition • Belief Systems • Concepts • Imagery
    • 10. Qualities of Disruptive Innovators
    • 11. YOUNG – Majority under 35
    • 12. Combustive Talent Fusion Constrained by Time
    • 13. Disruptive Innovation is all about increasing utility and simplicity sold 300 copies sold 1,000s of copies
    • 14. Ability to Project from the Past
    • 15. In a 1942 broadcast BBC asks its listeners to send post cards of the shore of France 7M postcards collected
    • 16. Anyone Can Cook! Listen to All, Because Even The Stupid Ones Have Their Story To Tell A GREAT IDEA CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE Active Listening Skills in Any Environment!
    • 17. Ability to Accept Risk and Take “Leaps of Faith”
    • 18. Ability to “see” transference potential Approach to Problem Solving Technique/Method/Device
    • 19. • Ability to impute unrecognized or unspoken needs • Ability to accept/embrace risk • Active listening skills • Ability to disagree with consensus of experts • Ability to “see” transference potential • Ability to create a world that does not exist • Willingness to ask “stupid” questions • Ability to project from the past • Ability to “see” utility and simplify existing process/technique/technology • Curiosity/openness about “the other” Qualities of Disruptive Innovators
    • 20. Mini-Trends of Note
    • 21. No IT-based system is likely to stay secure, which may foster greater data transparency by default Unparalleled ability to build new religions/cults •Super Aging •Biometric API •Total State Awareness “shift of power toward amorphous networks that will form to influence state and global actions.” NIC 2030 Social and Genetic Empowerment of Individual will result in:
    • 22. Disruptive Technologies Mini-Trends • Cognitive Computing – Smell, Feel, Touch, Hear (IBM) – Driverless Cars (Google) • Remote Sensing Technologies – Remote Biometrics • Synthetic Biology – Tissue Engineering – Apoptosis Research – DIY Bio • 3D Printing – Intellectual Property? – Organ Printing • Nanomaterials – Cloaking Applications • MEG – PTSD/PTSS Detection • GIS for Masses (Location-based Services) – Crowd Mapping (Ushahidi) – Pervasive GPS – Emerging IPS • Augmented Reality – Translation (Google) – Contextual Mapping • Aerogels • Claytronics – Shape-shifting Robots • Performance Enhancing Drugs – Ampakine • UAVs – Humanitarian Relief – Law Enforcement/Counterterrorism – Angel Protector Blue – Potential Technical Breakthroughs/New Applications Green - Technology Available