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Ganoderma therapy.pptx [autosaved]

  1. 1. GANODERMA THERAPYthe Miraculous King of Herbsby Dr. Lim Show Jin Ph. D.<br />Compiled by Maria Arlene V. Goyenechea ID # 065294500<br />
  2. 2. Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />In 1983, Dr. Lim Siow Jin started his research on Ganoderma and human health.<br />In 1993, authored the Ganotherapy after 10  years of extensive research on Ganoderma. <br />In 1994, established DXN Global as the Founder and CEO.<br />In 1997, conferred with Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.<br />In 2001, received BKM Award from Sultan Kedah of Malaysia.<br />
  3. 3. GANODERMA HISTORY<br />Ganodermalucidum has been treasured in China and Japan for many thousands of years<br />(Willard, 1990). <br />In Chinese, the mushroom is called "Ling Zhi",<br /> Japanese call it “Reishi, Mannentake or Sachitake”, and<br />Koreans call it “Youngzhi” <br />
  4. 4. GANODERMA HISTORY<br />Chinese tradition proclaims that Ganoderma is also called “miraculous zhi”, or “auspicious herb” and is considered to “symbolise happy augury, and to bespeak good fortune, good health and longevity, even immortality” (Wasson, 1968).<br />As early as 800 years ago in the Yuan Dynasty (A.D., 1280 – 1368) G. lucidum has been represented in paintings, carvings, furniture, carpet design, jewellery, perfume bottles and many more creative artworks (Wasser & Weis, 1999a).<br />In two famous Chinese herb medical books, ShenNong Ben Cao Jing (25-220 A.D., Eastern Han Dynasty) and Ben Cao Gang Mu (1590 A.D., Ming Dynasty), there were six know species of Ganoderma (Ling Zhi) in China at that time, whereas now more than 250 species have been described (Moncalvo et al., 1994; Ryvarden, 1994).<br />
  5. 5. GANODERMA (What is it?)<br />GANODERMA LUCIDUM - scientific name of LINGZHI mushroom.<br />Believed to be the most powerful herb or “King of Herbs” during the ancient times. <br />contains over 200 Nutraceutical, (the words “ nutrition ” and “ pharmaceutical ”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, ) and 50 Nutritional properties, the highest known in any one herb or plant. <br />The first historical mention of G. lucidum was during the rule of the first Chinese emperor, Shin-huag of the Ch'in Dynasty, when the fungus's medicinal uses are first described.<br />Assist in repairing and balancing our body system. It is not harmful even if one takes a lot of it as it stays in the body within 20 to 30 hours.<br />Proven to have no side effects and contains only beneficial nutrients. <br />It can be taken by people of all ages, young and old, even pregnant women.<br />
  6. 6. DXN’s GANODERMA<br />
  7. 7. What is ganotherapy?<br />Ganotherapy is a holistic (whole body) approach to alternative complementary medicine. <br />It consists of four (4) observation theories used to explain how Ganoderma or Red Mushrooms support the human body to overcome health problems on its own. <br />
  8. 8. GANODERMA (What is it?)<br />Lingzhi helps our body to fight disease, because it balances and puts the body back in order by cleansing toxins that has accumulated through the years. As a result, it fights diseases and heals itself in the process. Therefore, our body becomes its own healer. (Best doctor) because of the natural immune system.<br />Lingzhi addresses almost all problems regarding health in this modern times.<br />
  9. 9. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br /> 1. Illnesses are caused by 2 sources: TOXINS in our body and DISHARMONY in body functions. <br />TOXINS <br />Air : smoking, second hand smoke, motor vehicle emissions. (lung cancer)<br />Food: food coloring (linked to ADHD), burned meat, fast foods, too much sweets (diabetes,) alcohol consumption, contaminated with pesticides.<br />Water: contaminated water<br />
  10. 10. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br /> Toxins in our body- Anything in excess or not needed by the body are toxins. <br />virus, bacteria, dust, smoke, bad cholesterol, <br />contaminants from unfiltered drinking water, <br />pesticides absorbed by fruits & vegetables, <br />chemicals from toxic products and environment, etc.<br />
  11. 11. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />(Taking Ganoderma regularly eliminates the stored toxins in the body.)<br />DISHARMONY in body functions - if the body is not functioning as it should, the body is in a state of IMBALANCE. This can be caused by stress, over-fatigue (lack of sleep or rest), lack of nutrients, physical trauma or injury that affect body organs and systems not to function properly causing untoward signs and symptoms<br />
  12. 12. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br /> Just like the TOXINS, an IMBALANCE of the body or any of its organs (heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas, etc.) can be  traced down to their cells, in which organs are made of. If there are cell imbalances, the body will have health problems. <br />Atherosclerosis<br />
  13. 13. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />
  14. 14. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />2. Ganoderma supports the body while the body takes care of its own.<br />
  15. 15. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />3. Any “reaction” that takes place is not caused by Ganoderma. It is caused by the body's improving immune system reacting (during the natural healing process) to its disease.<br />This is known as scanning. <br />
  16. 16. Four Observation Theories by Dr. Lim Siow Jin<br />A good example would be the itchiness (reaction) of the skin when a wound on it is healing. The reaction is temporary and disappears when the wound is totally healed. <br />4. The dosage of Ganoderma taken is irrelevant to disease. The "correct" dose of Ganotherapy is that which works for you.<br />The “1, 2, 4, 6” RG and GL Consumption Rule <br />
  17. 17. GANOTHERAPY (dosage)<br />
  18. 18. STAGES IN GANOTHERAPY<br />Stage 1: Scanning (1-30 days) Ganoderma helps to regulate the body functions. During the initial intake, the scanning effect will reflect several reactions of the body, through which we may identify the ailing areas of the body.<br />
  19. 19. STAGES IN GANOTHERAPY<br />Stage 2. Cleansing –Detoxification (1-30 weeks)<br />Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat and calcium deposit, bad tissue and other chemicals accumulated in our body are toxins.<br />The toxins are removed from our body by: Sweating. The circulation system. (kidney and liver and discharges from the body through urination and stool. Boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge may occur.<br />
  20. 20. STAGES IN GANOTHERAPY<br />Stage 3: Regulating (1-12 months)<br />Balancing effects of Ganoderma help to regulate the body functions.<br />Many reactions can be observed during regulation. This is a sign that the body is healing and one should not worry about it.<br />One should continue to consume ReishiGano (RG)<br />If the reaction is too vigorous, reduce the dosage and/ or increase intake of Ganocelium (GL)<br />After the reaction is reduced or over, resume normal dosage. The reaction may come back but proceed with the dosage.<br />
  21. 21. STAGES IN GANOTHERAPY<br />Stage 4: Building (6-24 months)<br />This is the process of building and healing body parts that have sustained injuries or damage. <br />Strengthening of the immune system, improving physical strength and mental calmness and getting more resistance to diseases.<br />Supplying essential elements to the body, such as minerals and triterpenoids for the recovery of bodily functions.<br />
  22. 22. STAGES IN GANOTHERAPY<br />Stage 5: Regenerating (1-3 years) <br />This is the ultimate aim of Ganotherapy.<br />It is the process where our body is functioning at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect (restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind).<br />
  23. 23. GANOTHERAPY (reactions)<br />Q: I am feeling hot flashes <br />A: Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses) to help eliminate TOXINS in the body and and eat fruits and vegetables with a high Vitamin C content to assist in the natural detoxification process. Remember to continue using Lingzhi. <br />
  24. 24. GANOTHERAPY (reactions)<br />Q: I am experiencing discomfort (as the body eliminates toxins.)<br />A: Reduce the daily intake by half.<br />
  25. 25. GANOTHERAPY (reactions)<br />Q: Why do I have to take both RG and GL?<br />A: RG and GL should be taken together for maximum results.<br />Q: I am taking medication, can I take RG/GL?<br />A: If you are taking medications, please continue to do so and consult with your medical practitioner to monitor your health, particularly those with blood pressure and blood sugar concerns. Only reduce your medications under the advice of a qualified health professional.<br />
  26. 26. GANOTHERAPY (reactions)<br />Q: What is my dosage? <br />A: You may need to vary the daily intake depending on your state of health, constitution, or particular needs.<br />
  27. 27. GANOTHERAPY<br />Taking Ganoderma regularly corrects and regulates all the body cells that make the organs and the natural immune system to function properly. If all the body organs and its natural immune system are functioning properly, the body would be healthy and free from diseases.<br />
  28. 28. GANOTHERAPY<br />RG (Reishi Gano)<br />Adds oxygen supply to the body by 1.5 times.<br />Helps in eliminating toxins or poisons in the body through cleansing o detoxification.<br />Strengthens the natural healing ability of the body.<br />
  29. 29. GANOTHERAPY<br />ReishiGano (RG) is a kind of mushroom essence formulated from Ganoderma lucidum. It contains a wide variety of nutrients such as<br /> polysaccharides which help to facilitate digestion and provide energy for the body<br />Adenosine. Adenosine is a substance produced in humans that helps protect against ischemia (lack of blood flow)<br />Triterpenoids-Helps to lower the blood cholesterol / Suppresses the spreading of cancerous cells / Improves allergic constitution and anti-inflammation<br />protein and fibre.The applied Ganoderma lucidum is harvested from a 90-day old red mushroom. Comes in capsule and powder forms, daily intake of ReishiGano (RG) helps in normalizing the entire body functions and maintains the healthy well being.Packaging size: 30, 90 and 360 capsules 15g powder/ bottle <br />Reishi Ganoderma (RG)<br />
  30. 30. GANOTHERAPY (Ganocelium)<br />Ganocelium® (GL) is produced from a 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum. The mycelium is rich in polysaccharides, adenosine, organic germanium, triterpenes, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. GL is effective in improving the general health of our body.Like RG, Ganocelium® is also available in both capsule and powder forms.Packaging size:30, 90 and 360 capsules30g powder / bottle <br />
  31. 31. Research on Ganoderma<br />Modern researches <br />Chinese scientists began investigating the chemical makeup and medicinal effects of GanodermaLucidum in 1950s. They supported their findings with clinical studies. Researcher from China, Japan, Korea and United States have also formed an international Ganoderma research association, bringing its research to global platform.<br />GanodermaLucidum Health Benefits<br />Scientists researched the special healing effects of Ganoderma herb on circulatory system, nervous system and immune system as well as its anti-cancer effects. Studies show it can significantly:<br />improve your blood circulation<br />calm your nerves<br />enhance your immune system<br />improve cancer healing chances<br />Your body operates on these major systems<br />
  32. 32. Research on Ganoderma<br />Detoxify and energize your body<br />Ganoderma can also eliminate toxins accumulated in your body through intake of various western medication, antibiotic, pain killer and anti inflammatory medicines. It thus achieves a strong detoxification effect to maintain your body balance.<br />And in this fast paced modern world, people are subjected to extensive pressure resulting in tension, insomnia, giddiness, fatigue and loss of appetite.<br />The Organic Germanium in Ganoderma helps to enhance your blood stream ability to take in oxygen by more than 1.5 times. It also increases your metabolism rate and slow down your aging.<br />According to research by Japanese doctor, the concentration of Organic Germanium in Ganoderma is about 800 to 2000 ppm (parts per million), which is 4 to 6 times much higher than Ginseng.<br /> <br />Slow down your aging<br />In addition, GanodermaLucidum also contains Polysaccharides which help to strengthen your immune system. Hence the stabilizing effects of Ganoderma can strengthen your health, improve your vitality and improve your immune system.<br />With this, GanodermaLucidum herb obviously help to slow down your aging process.<br />And this is the essence of ancient medical classic that states, "continuous consumption of Ganoderma makes your body light and young, lengthening life and making you like an immortal who never dies".<br />
  33. 33. Research on Ganoderma<br />GanodermaLucidum as herbs for circulationc<br />contains Triterpenes which can improve blood circulation and significantly reduce the amount of fatty substances such as cholesterol and triglyceride. This in turn helps to prevent:<br />heart disease<br />hypertension<br />hardening of coronary artery<br />and other coronary heart diseases.<br />Studies on mice given intravenous injection of GanodermaLucidum herb shown that it can indeed improve blood circulation of cardiac muscle.<br />Ganoderma herb also helps overcoming cardiac muscle deficiency. Furthermore, it significantly reduce the symptoms of angina pectoris and provide protection for the heart.<br />The effects mentioned above are consistent with the records of ancient ShengNong Herbal Classic “that it cures the accumulation of pathogenic factors in the chest, provides vital energy for heart and mental activity"<br /> <br />Herbs for Immune System<br />Researches showed that GanodermaLucidum herb is high in Organic Germanium, Triterpenes and Polysaccharides. These are active components that strengthen your immune system.<br />T-lymphocyte and Macrophage are your important immunity cells<br />The active components of GanodermaLucidum herb can strengthen Lymphocyte and Macrophage to destroy abnormal cells like cancer cells. As a result, it helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer.<br />Besides, Organic Germanium, Triterpenes and Polysaccharides can also enhance the composite of Lymphocyte and Macrophage cells individually to release Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) and interferon, which further destroy cancer cell.<br />Research proved that GanodermaLucidum herb effectively increase alpha interferon and gamma interferon level in human body to further strengthen and regulate immune system, improving cancer.<br />
  34. 34. Research on Ganoderma<br />Other health benefits<br />Besides preventing diseases, the strengthening effects of Ganoderma are particularly effective in prevention and improvement of chronic diseases especially common symptoms such as:<br />High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)<br />Diabetes<br />Headache<br />Kidney disease<br />Liver disease<br />This herb also supports the improvement of:<br />Insomnia<br />Asthma<br />Acne<br />Menopause<br />Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout<br />
  35. 35. SPIRULINA<br />Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae which is full of life-giving nutrients such as protein, beta carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B complex, minerals, essential fatty acids and other important nutrients that our body needs.It is different from other algae because it is easily digested and absorbed by the body. It is also known as one of the best alkaline food, which helps to change weak acidic body condition to a healthy alkaline one.DXN is the first MLM company in Malaysia to produce Spirulina from the cultivation process to finished goods. DXN Spirulina is naturally cultivated using selected best species. It is cultivated in a clean pond and no pesticides or herbicides are applied . It is available in tablet and capsule forms to suit your needs.Packaging size:120, 300, 500 and 1500 tablets<br />
  36. 36. Spirulina: health benefits <br />Boost the Immune System<br />Improve Digestion<br />Reduce fatigue <br />Build Endurance <br />Nature's Detoxifier - Cleanse the body<br />Boost Energy Levels<br />Control Appetite<br />Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular function<br />Support the Liver and Kidneys <br />Reduce Inflammation<br />Benefit People Who Suffer from Allergies<br /><ul><li>Assists in reversing the signs of aging
  37. 37. Assists in reversing the signs of aging</li></li></ul><li>SPIRULINA<br />Spirulina is found to increase natural cancer fighting substances in the body<br />Scientists at the Osaka Institute of Public Health in Japan have found that Spirulina promoted the activation of natural cancer-fighting substances in the body. The study was reported at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology held in November 2000.<br />Spirulina has been labeled as the “best food for the future” by the United Nations since 1974 partly because it is one of the most nutrient rich foods known to man.<br />World'sHealthiest Super Food. –UN.<br />
  38. 38. Food & Beverages Product Series<br />DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is specially blended with finest quality coffee beans and 100% pure Lingzhi with no artificial colouring, flavoring and preservatives.<br />
  39. 39. Food & Beverages Product Series<br />Roselle Juice is specially made from the extract of Roselle calyces. It is rich in vitamin C (potent antioxidant), beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 (essential co-enzymes in metabolic process).<br />Roselle Juice is a healthy refreshment suitable for all.<br />MEDICINAL USES<br />It is pleasant and refreshing, and when used in high quantities has a good diuretic effect, and causes an increase in bile production and transpiration.<br /> It detoxifies the body and helps remove dead disease organisms and toxins from the body (cleans the blood). Anti Dengue<br />It is a mild sedative and therefore good for reducing stress and helping ensure good sleep.<br />
  40. 40. Roselle chewable candy<br />Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. (common name Roselle ) is a medicinal plant in the Malvaceae family that originated in Egypt<br />Benefits :<br />- soothes cold<br />- opens blocked nose<br />- clears up mucuos<br />- promotes proper kidney functions<br />- helps digestion<br />- general tonic<br />- diuretic<br />- helps reduce fever<br />- good skin complexion<br />
  41. 41. GANOZHI TOOTHPASTE<br />(Also known as the Wonder Toothpaste)<br />May taglaynaGanoderma extract, menthol food gel, food flavoring angsangkapnito.<br />Walangflouridenangayo’ynapatunayannanagigingsanhingpaninilawngngipin at nakadadagdagng toxins sakatawanayonsamgapagaaral.<br />Nakakapagpagalingsamgadumudugonggilagid at pyorrhea at gingivitis.<br />Pinipigilanangpagkabuhayng bacteria sabibignatin at angresultanito ay walang bad breath.<br />Pampaalisngsingaw.<br />Nakakaputingngipin.<br />Pwedenggamitinbilang topical ointment, pampahidsakagatnginsekto, makatingbalat, paso, sugat at galis at iba pang sakitsabalat.<br />Pampaalisng pimples, rashes, sakitngulo at chicken pox.<br />Sa sakitngtiyan at pagtatae (tunawinsamaligamgamnatubig.<br />Pang-alisngmgasakit at kirotdulotngtra<br />Ginagamit din sa age spots, skin cancers, warts, migraine, diarrhea, at iba pa.<br />Hindi kagayangibang toothpaste, ito ay walang Fluoride, Aluminium Dioxide, Aspartame (Saccharin), Phenylalanine or Potassium Nitrate.<br />
  42. 42. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION<br />Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use in a Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Implications for Oncology. Oncologists are aware that their patients use (CAM). As cancer incidence rates and survival time increase, use of CAM will likely increase.<br />Ganoderma lucidum extract inhibits proliferation of human colorectal cancer cells and possesses antioxidant properties.<br />(Exp Oncol. 2006 Mar;28(1):25-9) <br />Ganoderma lucidum extract protects DNA from strand breakage caused by hydroxyl radical and UV irradiation. Our data suggest that Ganoderma mushroom merits investigation as a potential preventive agent in humans.<br />Why DXN? <br />Top Network Marketing Companies in the Philippines (MLM)<br />DXN International Private Ltd<br />Forever Living Products Philippines, Inc.<br />Nu Skin Philippines, Inc.<br />Herbalife<br />Usana<br />Read more:<br />
  43. 43. Why DXN?<br />The first MLM company to launch the ONE WORLD, ONE MARKET<br />
  44. 44. WHY DXN?<br />Your health is your wealth.<br />DXN is your partner in attaining optimal health and achieving enviable wealth.<br />DXN products are making a difference in people’s lives.<br />Gano In Action"...on ruptured internal organs, amputation, dropping red blood count and high blood-sugar level”<br />Spared from Dialysis<br />The Life of Elizha Mae "A Struggle for Survival"Please go to this site:<br />
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  46. 46. REFERENCES:<br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  47. 47. Thank you God..<br />